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  1. And here's all the wee Airfix Stangs. And yes, I did raid Aldi's just before Christmas!!
  2. Had a delivery today that made old Grumps smile... Honestly, I did. Broadly!! This base was specially designed by Gary Morton at Coastal Kits, and it is a thing of beauty. It's also the final element of project Stang. So here in all their glory are the finished articles. 1 Revell 1/32 P-51D and 6 Airfix 1/72 D's. Markings for the big fella are for a 352nd FG machine flown by Maj John 'Muscles' Bennett by EagleCal. I'll post individual pics of the wee Stangs in a separate post to avoid photo saturation on this one! Now originally a was planning to take the big pony along to this year's shows and place 4 of the smaller examples on the base with her. After taking these pics, I've decided this is definitely a case of 'less is more', and I will now just place the 2 wee US Ponies on there with the big girl. 1st outing will be this weekends Southern Expo at Hornchurch (y)
  3. Yet another gem added to the collection (y)
  4. Now that is really rather splendid! (y)
  5. I'm sure Sean will be more than happy with that, old boy (y)
  6. Cracking good job old son (y)
  7. Very nice indeed matey (y)
  8. The big Revell Stang is no longer all nice and shiny! I wanted a more war weary look for the old girl. So after a panel wash, I dulled down the paint job with a coat of Humbrol Mattcote. Then exhaust stains with pastels applied with a cotton bud. Decals on the last 4 Airfix 1/72 Stangs are on and sealed in place. My eyes ache after some of the tiny stencils! The group is now coming together rather nicely. Next job will be the undercarts and props.
  9. Super job on that one old boy. We'll have to get an extra table in at the shows to sit her on
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