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  1. Kevin

    No aircraft

    thought i was going to get all excited about seeing a sludgemachine, but nah even my thoughts of building one (kit wise) have gone
  2. i had one of his earlier versions but it was to easy to use the substandard thread provided, and never learnt how to use it properly, i now have the right threads
  3. good evening everyone the Bowsprit is presently being built up and seams to be going together ok
  4. my life is full of disappointments Steve VR 3.1 Rope making machine | <br>(HD adaptable rope making machine. Former Ropewalk "Prosak") | Domanoffs Workshop (shipworkshop.com)
  5. very nice Steve love the wheel sets, recently watched a video on building replica wheels for the Airfix Bentley supercharger How to make a metal-tension spoke wheel - Great Guide Plastic Models - Bing video
  6. very nice build, i had pondered that in a larger scale, i seam to have lost the details of who made it in wood, but she was converted from a minesweeper anyway so might ponder that idea in the future
  7. Good evening everyone today the main parts of the bowsprit were made up, a 3mm block is required under the mast support to get the requited angle 33 degs i think a few of the dustbin for you @Mad Steve
  8. This chris watton design is a very nice kit and your doing a very nice job
  9. thank you Steve, it might not work, and have to be redone this is the build im following and the cage is on the fore mast between the 3rd and 4th sail from the top
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