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  1. if the ship was square it would help the bow cannons would have to be rolled back some distance to enable that, being parallel to the centre line in this layout, the bow cannons are already a few degrees towards yr next target
  2. good evening everyone thank you for comments and likes day 90-2 a bit of progress since my last update we now have a full gundeck, cannon allowance hatches, with cannon balls are made up and fitted all the deck beams are in i may have a couple of beam supports to place into position although these will never be seen, i am at present putting in hanging and lodging knees,
  3. i will miss these updates, when its all complete
  4. The Modelling News: Border Models 1/35th scale Akagi Bridge W/flight Deck & Nakajima & B5N2 Kate test shot build.
  5. you made and very nice job of this build, i loved seeing the later Tribals in Pompy during the 70's
  6. very nice, have you managed more progress on the build since this update
  7. the stern davits look great over the 1/4 galleries
  8. good evening everyone day 83-2 keeping to the instructions has seen this build progress quite fast, other builds i would have made bits, put them away and it would all come together as some time in the distant future, perhaps returning to it after i get bored, like on some of my larger builds cannon carriages, are the thing that is stopping even faster progress, plus gardening and Assassins creed odyssey but its not a race, it is however, the most enjoyable build i have ever done, everyhting does exactly what its meant to do, perfect fits, and great quality materia
  9. good evening everyone thank you for comment and likes day 79-2 i have now put another couple of coats on the yellow banding and repainted the gunports linings all the gun carriages have been made up, but only six have been fully completed with wheels and metal fittings the tabs that enable accurate fitting onto the deck were removed as the boxwood deck was to hard to get a decent slot, so the wheels have now been sanded slightly to enable a good 4 point contact to the deck and will be held in place with PVA the ships oven is a lovely piece of resin an
  10. it was a fashion ,that just took off, before this it was just red ochre
  11. one side in the correct colours,, although more coats are required, also the banding has gone a bit narrow at the bow above the cheeks, to be sorted
  12. good evening everyone thank you for comments and likes day 74-2 you can blame Assassins creed Odyssey, for my lack of progress the hull went to black as part of the preps for banding, the yellow has had about 5 coats, i will now redo the gunports before adding any more the cheeks are now fitted, each one is 3 pieces in layers, i went for this colour scheme, as personally i think it looks better things still need to be touched up
  13. when i say i just bought it, i wasnt being exactly truthful
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