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  1. Good morning everyone thank you for comments and likes very much appreciated well the deck planking is done, just a couple of edges that need sorting, as it got quite thin on the edges for over sanding so far, every thing that was messed up last time has sorted its self out, although the boat seams to have got 10mm longer in 12 years, still growing maybe the main porthole strips on the port side went on with out any fuss, but i put an extra infill in to cover the 10mm gap i want to be brave and do a different colour scheme on her, any suggestions, as the decking is quite light, i was thinking about renaming her now and taking her a very different vessel I like her in this scheme will be interesting to find out how others feel, maybe now is the time to take to just a composite 3 master
  2. good evening everyone took a break from the Dorade for a couple weeks, as i wanted to progress the AV the hull has been sanded and primed 3 times now and as a result, it is much better, deck planking in 3mm lime, means she will look totally different to the real thing, thats by choice and intentional
  3. lol im still waiting for someone to prove me wrong, and that tractors are beautiful things
  4. nothing wrong with what you doi love your work., but to be honest lol, there are not a lot of beautiful tractors out there
  5. Thank you, dont quite know how that happened. but was past my bedtime
  6. thats going to look very nice, when completed, lol wish i had a few small kits to make (no you dont) in brackets written by the wife
  7. Good evening everyone Deck fittings continue, and now heavily into the mast work, i am still getting 10/10 from this build
  8. will be nice to follow this build, from the 1/72 corvette, 1/30 ish Fife and down to 1/700 here . i take it the subject is more important than scale size, or are they mag/commission work?
  9. im sorry @Toolmaker i actually missed this build, which is a real shame, as i have been following discussions of this kit and followers of this vessel with the designer of the kit on MSW, i normally follow your work, but as stated i missed this you made a lovey job out of this
  10. thank you, but i wanted her to look clean and tidy, i seam to be more natural at the weathered look without trying, oh well i will have to try harder on the next one oh did you hear that a Royal George @ 1/64 is on the cards from designer @Chris Watton years ahead but something to look forward as i head towards my final breath
  11. Good evening everyone thank you for the comments dont think i have ever built anything, quite like this, yes the box art is very different to the kit, but for an OOB kit the instructions are good, the material is good, everything fits, and it is certainly a nice looking subject, would be even better if i was a half decent builder the deck fittings have had attention today, the cockpit breakwater, cabin hosing and various bits are in progress on the table, including making your own blocks
  12. lol surely, its not that bad is it?
  13. Good afternoon everyone Waterline stripe went on ok, it called for 8mm i could only get 6mm i might put a go faster one on at a later date, i bought them in 10m rolls of ebay, car pin stripes rails fitted went ok the mast, it calls for the mast to be chamfered to fit a 10mm hole in the lower deck, i decided to pin a 10mm dowel to the mast, which worked ok, it was then checked for height, and then adapting to fit the various brass bit, which took a while to get right
  14. good afternoon everyone hawse holes, i have decided to leave in brass, rather than paint them the hull colour yet again the box art shows a difference to the kit contents, the glosst pictures show a overhang of the capping rail , unfortunately even i i did not put a overhang on they would not have fitted, so and infill was put in at the pointy end these photo def show the capping rail overhanging the hull
  15. the admiral loves it, and it has gone on ok as well
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