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  1. much better thank you, back to wanting his food, walking and barking lol
  2. steve she looks fantastic, its nice to be able to look through the build logs again
  3. good evening everyone i thought i was going to loose my boi this week went to the vets for one reason on the Wednesday, which was solved and not related to another visit two days later, he had a very high temp 40+ and blood tests came back to confirm he had pancreatic itus with a reading of over 4000 but is now well on the mend to full recovery, with new low fat diet food, only a few things i live for and he is joint number 1 on my list the hull has been faired, and the plank test show good coverage along all the bulkheads, i have not done muck to the internal sid
  4. its a shame that the quality of the wood is pants, which is always the case when a manufacture takes over a kit. that is the reason the 1/64 Victory is delayed again, a lovely well designed kit with poor quality wood to save costs, to such an extent the test builder refuses to work on it
  5. ok rather than me try to explain Cutting a Rabbet Line - The Suburban Ship Modeler
  6. Good evening everyone although this build will be shelved on arrival of the Indefatigable, i wanted to use it as a test piece to improve my hull planking quite pleased with the progress made without any issues but i did find the basswood bulkhead former very fragile, it is very easy to form the rabbet, keel fixed, false keel taped on, and bulkheads temp in position, they now need to be shaped
  7. USS Syren (later Siren) was a brig of the United States Navy built at Philadelphia in 1803. She served during the First Barbary War and the War of 1812 until the Royal Navy captured her in 1814. The British never commissioned her but apparently used her for a year or so as a lazaretto, or a prison vessel. She then disappears from records. Description[edit] Syren was designed by Benjamin Hutton, Jr. of Philadelphia and built for the Navy in 1803 at Philadelphia by shipwright Nathaniel Hutton and launched on 6 August 1803. She was commissioned in September and Lieutenant Charles S
  8. Good Morning everyone Thank you for comments and likes This is something i dont say very often I finished something The Lady Eleanor is finished just over 4 weeks, OOB Halfords rattle cans Everbuild C/A Titebond - quick and thick wood glue Thank you @chris watton
  9. it s called Ascent - the space game a big sandbox space trading game - a low cast version of EVE developed in 2013 it was going in the right direction and had a decent fan base, but the Dev then went in the wrong direction with game play, then needed to work on other projects Hover the rumours are it may be going for a relaunch so I among 10 other players are here making the universe a safer place to be The Space Game
  10. good evening everyone thank you so much for comments and likes, lets hope you like the Indefatigable when i start her possibly in early March both sails are ready to be rigged, although i seam to have a problem with them being saggy, but then again so are bits of me hopefully they will sort themself out when in place properly, which is more than can be said for myself
  11. good evening everyone thank you for comments and likes hope to finish this week, would have done so, had i not discovered a new PC game, which has me hooked- nothing to do with fishing though. The rudder - the big steerie thing at the back that i forgot about is on -(dont tell Chris) i also forgot about the holes in the hull to feed the ropes through, even though it says dont forget about them in the instructions all the deck furniture is completed and masts done, a bit of varnish and some rudder hinges to sort the sails are coloured with a chocolate brown, i t
  12. good afternoon thank you for comments and likes well i managed the painting without making a meal of it but did all three colours twice. but very little clean up required and im quite happy how it turned out the deck has also been put on, fitting without any issue
  13. its always a tough choice, but i dont think it would have looked that brilliant under varnish
  14. good evening everyone and happy new year well the pear planking was completed without to much fuss, (ok its a bit of a mess to tell the truth) and i hope to do much better by the time the Indy hits me mancave Primed then sanded and repeat I will be doing her in red below the waterline, white boot and black on top
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