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  1. Good evening everyone, Thank you for the comments i have had a delay on completing her, last week i started to watch Game of Thrones Season 1, the wife was not interested in it what so ever, she told me many times what she thought of it was having never seen any of it, however she sat down and watched episode 10 with me, instantly liked it and started asking what happened in the previous episodes, so we started watching them from the start, she is hooked, and we are on 4 episodes a day, and well into season 2
  2. Foremast rigging Good morning everyone i wasnt happy with the white metal deadeyes and assembly, so i made my own please dont ask where the missing one is the one on the left is the replacement using the white metal deadeye
  3. good morning, its me again we have lights, phots are poor, but we have lights,
  4. Good morning everyone, worked late last night, sorting the wiring out, the power supply connections are now in position, each connection brings another ray of light into the build, hopefully today, subject to DIY projects the top section will be powered up at the same time as the hull for the first time
  5. very nice, sorry i dont visits as many peoples builds as often as i should, i will try to do better,
  6. another week or so, then s bit of wood for a couple of years, im sure you will make another 100 kits in that time
  7. good morning everyone getting the hull ready to accept the superstructure, prop shaft and rudder fitted but they are removable, in case someone else takes the hull in the future and wants to make her water tight, they will also have to fill another couple of holes as the power supply connectors are going to be fitted into the hull just under the bilge keel, this will be the same side as the dock side when in its diorama, most likely port side to, that way no wires will be seen
  8. good evening everyone its been a strange few months, i thought that being retired, life would be great, and it is, but obvious things outside my garden are not, But after a couple of weeks feeling quite low/fed up, i have pulled myself back together and the St Nectan continues i have gone back to the superstructure now and have sorted the bridge wings, and today most of the lighting has been commissioned, all working for the first time, i will work on no flash photos in the next few days, i have a remote built in that will control the brightness, navigation lights will have there own power supply
  9. recd today, back to wood, mast and rigging, not clever enough for a full scratch, i intend to follow the Longbridge books as best i can
  10. good evening everyone starting from the front i am now working aft to ensure everything is where it should be, but not necessarily complete, taking her outside has allowed me to look for some missing bits and to clean her off again i never did find the otter board hinges, so make some glazing of some of the windows using white pva glue steam winch mounting board is now pinned into position, the winch will be one of the last items to be fitted and the boat deck supports get a yellow coat, these will be cut to size when the superstructure get fixed on, as they sit on top of the capping rail
  11. why not, its just a big kit, big enough to show some decent detail, but a pain, in the amount of time to complete, LOL, the amount of times i ask myself why do i do it to myself , and within seconds "because i enjoy it"
  12. good evening everyone the waledeck is nearly complete apart from touch ups and weathering i added the chain stopper, but have no idea if it is correct or not, deck portholes are glazed with PVA glue, tomorrow i will tidy up the main deck and think about rigging
  13. Good evening everyone thank you for comments and likes slowly the front end is looking like a, well, a front end, a very light weathering so far, not sure how far i will take that, railings and anchor capstan are secured, as well as the ladder, next the bollards, cleats, anchor and associated gear, and securing points for the stays will be hopefully in place by tomorrow night some of the remaing bits to be identified, cleaned up and a home on the build found for them
  14. Good morning everyone Waleback fitting out getting the pointy end over the finishing line, the railings are still to be trimmed to size, nothing is fitted yet, i may use this area as a dumping fround when in the diorama setting, boxes, bikes, ropes, lol my mind runs riot with ideas, actually doing it is a different thing altogether my next build will be the Talisman Paddle steamer in cutaway, having failed to do it on here as promised
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