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  1. dont say that, they will think that everything they havent got right is OK
  2. Good afternoon everyone thank you for comments and likes DAY 18 revisited the enclosed after deck and sorted the hatch truckways and the new 2nd class gymnasium also on the top deck is a childrens play room this still needs work, im not happy with it at all i think some primer is required the primer has stopped the lightbleed both sides of the hull are now with topcoats, been deliberatly left looking pants to ease the weathering (which is the same as i hate airbrushing)
  3. that looks brilliant, lol i would need a salt mine to do a 1/200
  4. so you give him a R1 and youy do another bike well thats a great result, god i thought you were going to do a fly thing
  5. Kevin


    lol im quite happy in the 5%wont see me building a fly thing after 1970, oh apart from the thing on the back of the Bismarck, the Avacardo (something like that)
  6. Kevin


    do you mean @Mad Steve?
  7. Today I laid my boss of 33 years to rest God Bless the Queen Long live Charles III God Save the King
  8. i missed the next set on the same deck level, as they are not mentioned in the KA upgrade set of instructions thank you
  9. Good afternoon everyone thank you for comments and likes day 16 i not going to go on about airbrushing, other than i remember why i dont do it preshading, well thats enouth of that deck work continues, yet again KA dont put in where everything goes, and hence i missed some of trhe stain glass window detals, to late now lighting conrinues, i will most likely be running three feeds
  10. i looked twice and thought it was a tv remote seriously though, the build lookd great but it wont change the TV channel
  11. good afternoon everyone thank you for comments and likes day 14 lots of little projects going on Portholes, i dont want to spend several hundred pounds sorting out the rivets and portholes, but i can make a couple of changes so some of the kit widows are being filled in to make her look a bit like the Britannic internal decks are haing PE windows fitted lighting is ongoing filling windows
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