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  1. Good evening everyone with the exception of weathering, the steam winch is now completed
  2. Good evening everyone i have left the Bluebell for now, i dont have a way ahead for her, and feel shamed that my work is not as good as i would have liked anyway i went back to the steam trawler as i have a weeks holiday, and as a result, perhaps the best days modelling i have done for some time The more i do on this winch the more i find to do, not from instructions but from real life photos and other build logs, lots of anti twist/bracing bars to go in still
  3. i dont have a shelf big enough for my builds of doom, but i do ask myself why your work is on there,
  4. I am perhaps wrong in thinking acrylics would be easier to work with to achieve the desired results, as for the time scale lol i have plenty of projects that i could be doing, but so enjoying this
  5. Paul the reason for doubting my initial choice of using enamals is the possibility of putting her into a dockyard/ drydock setting, with the corvette as he centre piece, so was looking at some heavy weathering below the deck level Having the build in a maintenance setup will allow me to test some weathering techniques
  6. Lovely work, i continue to follow your work, i was kind of hoping lifecolour did the paints for my build, im not 100% sure about usuing enamals (colourcoats)
  7. My christmas pressie to myself, so cannot start before then, OR until the Flower Corvette or the St Nectan are completed
  8. lol more work for me, just loving the extra detail
  9. fANTASTIC, I still keep finding new detail on yours that i have still to build,
  10. Paul did you know there is a dinosaur on your window shelf
  11. Good evening everyone i purchased the St Nectan from Mountfleet Models Last November, having not been able to find a hull for a Paddle steamer, as i dont want to make one myself today i found one and guess what it is also made by mountfleet models under there hull only section. at 1/48 scale it comes in at about 1400mm so i will be ordering on to be built in the near future, when the st nectan or the Bluebell are completed
  12. good evening everyone, its me again back to the 2 pdr qf mk viii gun with bandstand i wasnt confident enough a few weeks ago to put this brass strip onto the platform, but as i feel my soldering has improved a little i attempted it this weekend, it is slightly off centre, but im happy with it the rivit belt was also added as was the the top ring, the photos are very glarey, and make it look far worse than it is two 2nd hand books and photo etch bits
  13. Good evening everyone i am the one who has spent £700 on the Jotika Caldercraft 1/72 HMS Victory, and over a 7 years period, with paints glues books and new tools i quess the price doubled, but then i spent over close to 2000 hours on her which in fact still works out less than the price of a pint during happy hour, the Mountfleet Models St Nectan was quite expensive as well, but a long term build my present build the 1/72 Revell Flower class corvette, wont work out cheap either, with the ebay kit price and the full Great Little Ships upgrade costing £300 more then the kit, hopefully she will be on and off the build table for the next couple of years there are other builds i would like to do, so i will continue to work to allow my self to buy something that i want, i look at the price and how long they take to complete to justify the initial cost the Victory when she was about half way through the build
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