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  1. good evening, progress made sine i last updated Spent hours making this look ok, struggling with stable doors, nothing is fixed in position (this is the cod liver oil house and water tank Anchor winch the casting of this was quite bad in places so i will be doing a lot more work on it prior to primer looks wonky and is, wont be when i have spent more time on it Otterboards pair of boards or metal plates, attached to each side of the mouth of a trawl net at an angle which keeps the net open as it is pulled through the water. 6 of these are have to be made up, basically two halves sandwiching a plank of wood, these have been cleaned up during the week after work primed with rattle can grey then being painted with the IDF Green (bought for the D9R) the boards is 2mm ply scored to represent planks and a Flory Grime wash to age it some are better than others, but all required cleaning up some of the cleaned off swarf ready for primer the paint gets darker as it dries various stains to find one im happy with Otter Boards continued i went for the Flory Dark dirt, but a couple are in just grime, so i have a few options when it comes to putting everything in place i read after last nights post, that the outside edges were sheathed in metal to prevent damage to the wood when being dragged on the seabed, having scored one side of the wood to represent planks and then stained it i super glued the frame to it, then drilled holes though, turned it over, scored and stained then lined the other frame to the holes to represent the metal sheathing i cut a thin piece of card, attached it all round and painted now putting the bolts through and secure the heads on the opposite side next will be the brackets which will be this weeks work i not 100% sure where they fit, but here they are for tonight
  2. good evening everyone well i finished the main deck bulkhead braces this weekend was spent working aft, the stern light white metal moulding has been adapted to accept a 3mm led the boat deck supports have been adapted to fit and removed again, as they will be getting in the way, but they are marked where they fit as they are all slightly different, and have finally decided what colour's the build is going to be other than the hull boat deck edges being fitted now i have an idea of end colours lifeboat stations are pinned and marked out where the final position will be
  3. here is the progress made whilst i had a week off from work fitting the Whale Back this is one of those jobs where i could have done with being outside with plenty of space and another set of hands, but it was pouring with wain and on me own lol thank god for superglue and activator/accelerator i had earlier fitted a sheet roughly the right shape to the underside and strip wood on the inside of the hull to double the amount of contact area i spread ca on the white plasticard and held it against the hull and bonded it with a quick spay, 1/2 hour later all done, the sanding down has revealed a gap at the bow, other than that im very happy with it more hand rails made ready for painting, if u ever decide what could to finish the build in the bulkhead are nearly ready for the whale back, still to be adapted to accept the deck, Hawse hole for the single anchor and now making the bulkhead stiffeners i finished the supports to the port side bulkheads, i will prime these and then paint red orche later typical not wained today and high pressure moving in, lol im back to work tomorrow any way time to dust the build off and let her get some Vitamin S
  4. Good evening everyone work on the stern around the cod liver house, the rudder chains pass along the superstructure and then through a block along a skid and dissappear under the cod liver house. thats fine, BUT the superstructure is removable the chains on the blocks are not, so i had to think of a way to allow that i have created a dummy tubes that passes over the one fixed to the superstructure then made up the hans rail on top of the cod liver house
  5. Good evening everyone with the exception of weathering, the steam winch is now completed
  6. Good evening everyone i have left the Bluebell for now, i dont have a way ahead for her, and feel shamed that my work is not as good as i would have liked anyway i went back to the steam trawler as i have a weeks holiday, and as a result, perhaps the best days modelling i have done for some time The more i do on this winch the more i find to do, not from instructions but from real life photos and other build logs, lots of anti twist/bracing bars to go in still
  7. i dont have a shelf big enough for my builds of doom, but i do ask myself why your work is on there,
  8. I am perhaps wrong in thinking acrylics would be easier to work with to achieve the desired results, as for the time scale lol i have plenty of projects that i could be doing, but so enjoying this
  9. Paul the reason for doubting my initial choice of using enamals is the possibility of putting her into a dockyard/ drydock setting, with the corvette as he centre piece, so was looking at some heavy weathering below the deck level Having the build in a maintenance setup will allow me to test some weathering techniques
  10. Lovely work, i continue to follow your work, i was kind of hoping lifecolour did the paints for my build, im not 100% sure about usuing enamals (colourcoats)
  11. My christmas pressie to myself, so cannot start before then, OR until the Flower Corvette or the St Nectan are completed
  12. lol more work for me, just loving the extra detail
  13. fANTASTIC, I still keep finding new detail on yours that i have still to build,
  14. Paul did you know there is a dinosaur on your window shelf
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