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  1. thank you i have been just reading up on a build log of my kit on a site where piracy of kits is not condoned, so on my main site i use Model Ship World , im not allowed to mention it, but the person concerned is building a legitimate kit and is making a very nice job of it Piracy of wooden kits is well known and Model Ship World has a list of over 20 manufactures that knock cheap imitations of peoples work. these kits are not allowed on the forum, failure to comply is quite basic, you are shot these kits tend to be flogged on fleabay a lot cheaper, no postage, and
  2. Very nice Honda CBX 1000 6?
  3. @Mad Steve kwak Z1300 you got one?
  4. i did but took it back out for the meter
  5. good evening everyone well she made it back to the work bench, it took most of yesterday and this morning to get back into it and sorting out But i have done something wrong real wrong I made up deck beams 1 to 4, sanded them down, milled the notches and located the correct position, and they fitted, with out any agro, that is just so not right (well not for me anyway) i need to think carefully now as i am going to have to adapt the lower deck to accept ladders and hatches now, but i am so happy, i could skip new dec
  6. wonderful i love the latest photos, it appears to blend in very nice But i also like the more contrasting phots on the previous page is your intention to make the detail pop out?
  7. i will put in me diary - lol
  8. oh god please dont tell me to finish anything
  9. i would do it in 1/96, im still not sure if i would do a deans marine kit though
  10. good afternoon everyone my latest update will be the last one for a while, so she has been put to bed with the rest of my builds as much as i know I need to complete her, the desire to get back on with the Enterprise, is stronger
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