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  1. good evening everyone thank you for comments and likes day 68 the illusion continues the pipe loadout continues and I now have something that resembles a image i had in me mind so now the frames for the port side can go in straps are elastic bands styrene rods with the glass from the Amerigo Vespucci port holes as post caps
  2. good evening everyone thank you for comments and likes day 67 its just an illusion having completed the after and midships section web frames (port) i need to start closing in the stbd side, i am not sure how to do this, in the cutaway format however before that CARGO last night i decided she would basically be a builders merchant carrier, and carry items of that nature, so to keep the weight down aft i went for pipes leaving the shaft tunnel free, as i want that to be seen this is the best i can think of for now
  3. another wow from me, please dont make me pick a favourite, I hold me head in shame, i feel worthless
  4. it would, but its the valve hand wheels i was more concerned about, i was wondering if PE would work
  5. badly written by me, sorry, i will correct that now
  6. wow, thats one of my fav dioramas of the year
  7. wow, thats fantastic and i hate guns
  8. it is the Marcle Models 1/70 SD14 kit, a link to the build is in my signature
  9. it's that time when i need to be thinking about detailing the engine room on my SD14, yes a lot of it will be artistic licence, its the effect im after, not rivet counting on the market there is a refinery pipe fitting kit, which is quite expensive for what it is the same item from America is much cheaper, but with postage the price doubles Walthers Cornerstone 933-3114 Refinery Piping Kit 616374016358 | eBay does anyone know of anything else like that, the build is 1/70 pipe kit is HO 1/87 so quite close
  10. good evening everyone thank you for comments and likes i was trying to reduce my updates to every other day, but i miss the being part of the community (if that makes any sense), yep i miss someone to talk to other than the wife or the dog, one of them is not that interested in what im building, the other one is asleep under the desk day 66 midships upper deck box girders with port and stbd transverse beams done 3 hours cutting out, cutting slots and folding the upper deck consists of about 180 pieces and took me two days build time (about 8
  11. thank you for sharing this might come in very handy on my current build
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