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  1. good evening everyone day 3 since restart the left side of the river bridge is complete for now, i bulked out the base of the span to look a little more realistic the city entrance wall is on the table now, with two arch entries, and will be defended by watch towers on either side the base carcase is balsa covered with card inside the arches is wood, for a contrast as i only have 20,000 grey bricks, i need to find out if they can re coloured/stained
  2. 3000 bricks from Spain costs £38 plus £17 postage, a kit here in the uk with 8000 bricks is £64 and free delivery, so the bricks are from kits
  3. 3000 bricks from Spain costs £38 plus £17 postage, a kit here in the uk with 8000 bricks is £64 and free delivery, so the bricks are from kits
  4. good evening everyone thank you for comments and likes day 2 after reset well i made a start , i wanted to incorporate the bridge, as it was 99% complete, the base from the kit was stored away for another day, and another one built in its place i am working in scale 1/160 to 1/180 1/160= N scale and 1 foot=1.9mm if im correct the new wall is 41 feet high once this corner is sorted (not necessary complete) i will have a good idea on a how things are going to work
  5. good evening everyone well it had to happen, not happy with just the kit, i had to expand my project a little i have been following a few logs on Model Ship World and they have inspired me to do something different for a change, i have always been happy with building ships and thoroughly enjoy it, but in the last few months i have realised that there are other things i would love to try, this was brought to a head a few weeks ago when the wife suggested trying something different and the Stari Most Bridge was started so here i am with a 48x 30 inch base board and a town to build, i have no time frame to work to, but would like to get the Dorade build completed within the next six months, inspire by Game of Thrones i did try basing the idea on the city Of Dubronik, but the harbour was taking to much room, so i have scaled it at present to the fortification of a river valley with high walls on two sides still very much in the planning stage, and would love any ideas and take any criticism
  6. good afternoon everyone day 10 the roof tiles are very oversized will address that on the next project
  7. Good evening everyone day 9 who would have thought a few brick some cardboard, glue and some imagination could be such fun yes i have made a few mistakes, i need to get in a better routine for windows and corners i hope to finish this building tomorrow, and then back onto the 1/2 round house
  8. good evening everyone day 8 the work continues, at a quess i would think at about 150 to 200 bricks a day
  9. wont have time for building new extensions lol got kits to build - im retired
  10. just look, select,, file, glue, apply, sand and repeat 7360 times
  11. good evening eveyone Day 4 and 5 Bridge the reason starting this, was so that the admiral could have something on the shelf, started and completed, by me, very quickly we both realised this was not going to be a weekend job, so i put it to one side and built up a cheap lego kit, and thoroughly enjoyed it, with a couple 1000 pieces, took sat evening and Sunday to build up (about 8 hours), yep looks like a toy anyway having gained a bit of confidence over the last couple days, i started the bridge, and tonight have most of it done, i might be cleaning the pieces up to much, as they are quite smooth
  12. good evening everyone day 3 and pretty well the same as day 2 i now have more than one area being worked on at a time so as time to let glue dry
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