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  1. Wish I could upload my piles Giving me some right gyp, so they are. Noticed the Frog Dewotine in a baggy! That takes me back many years when it would have been started about time the football results started and finished before the Scottish League Division 2 got a mention Forfar 5 v East Fife 4
  2. Cool! What is with that red camouflage pattern? It looks to have the red and white British ID markings too. Edit: 12th Regiment HAC Regiment (RHA) Cassino, Italy. May 1944 I see the instructions call for "Tank Grey" and Brown. Seems a very odd scheme for British armour. Not heard of such a scheme in use before. Can anyone confirm this scheme please?
  3. Built the Scorpion c1975/6. Was one of my faves too. And it really is tiny! lol Nice one Steve. I have a 1/72 vehicle thread started waaay back in the early days of the forum Did I ever mention how much I detest macro photos?
  4. Blu-tacked on the rear to give an impression of what it looks like as a whole. Added some of those stylised spikey samurai horns seen on gundam mechs just because it thought it looked cool. Fashioned them out of some pylons found in the gribbly boxes Other bits of plastic added to cover joints in awkward places and because it's less hassle that filling and sanding (and more fun!) Eat yer heart out @Madhatter Mk2 😛 I do have some more tiny bits of styrene to stick on here and there, but Si needn't fear the "competition". Premier League team vs Sunday afternoon pub team
  5. Sounds like a very harsh weight loss instructor talking to someone who has lost a few pounds that week. You're still medium fat. Hard cheese! What a jerk. Should be sacked imho
  6. Larger photos can be found HERE and in HERE The second picture is not that large but has high resolution if you zoom in HTH
  7. No joy from my brother unfortunately. However he did mention a similar dual navigation and formation light on the Fairey Fulmar. My hypothesis is that it could be a pre war requirement of Admiralty specs for carrier based aircraft. While I haven't done an exhaustive search of tail lights to disprove this, it is interesting that the Fairey Battle has a single rear nav light whereas the Fulmar has the double lights, so too the Blackburn Skua. The Gloster Gladiator also has a single unit. The Fairey Albacore does away with the dual bulb system and afaik no s
  8. You're right, Miko Wearing a red kipper is a tad weird. But that's okay. No kink shaming from me! Consenting adults and all that... I'm assuming the kipper was alright about this?
  9. Going to be needing a decal sheet. The Law of Sod states that Airfix will release the kits with markings on the decal sheet! lol Have to say that I appreciate how the likes of KP show in advance the various boxings and markings that will become available.
  10. Best I could find My brother went down to Yeovilton a couple of weeks ago and sat in the Stringbag's cockpit He took a few pics so will ask if he has any of the arse end. It's a long shot but it might just work!
  11. The WW1 kits appeal to me and the Canadian Alpha Jet is purdy! I would really like a Dolphin in 1/48 since I have acquired a collection of WW1 aircraft in that scale but I can settle for a 1/72 model
  12. Thanks @Miggers My knees went and I done my back in doing the Space Twist Maybe it's a dance only to be done in zero gravity Or more likely I'm just too old for that sort of thing.
  13. I thought he was a mate of Steve Zodiac Maybe he was in the band who did the theme tune
  14. Si, you are either insane or a genius. Maybe an insane genius. Can't make my mind up. But it's jolly good!
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