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  1. Okay Just go to the MiniArt site if you want to see the bloody things Sorry, I don't have the energy to save a ton of pictures to my laptop, upload to a host and then post from there
  2. OKAY OKAY I GET THE MESSAGE ALREADY!!! The photos should be back in all their glory From the MiniArt web site Some photos of a weathered model have been added From the Yellow House WW1 Facebook group I saw this chap who looks like he might go quite nicely with the tractor Also MiniArt have some French Civilians which include L'Eclair and the Polocemun from 'Allo 'Allo
  3. I've not had problems with the host. The pictures not showing are those where I've copy pasted the image address in "insert other media" The pictures in the OP were from Facebook iirc and that may be the problem. I noticed some pics in the F-5 thread in Industry News have also disappeared. They too were from Farcebook
  4. I'm still seeing the pic Loopers. I've tried saving then uploading to my host site but it's going crazy so no I don't bleedin well lurve tecknologie
  5. I know. I'll stick to 1/72 aircraft I said, Then it was, well little armoured cars are still 1/70 something scale that won't hurt. Oh well just one 1/35 kit won't hurt... I sub-stash of 1/35 kits later.... Model kits are crafty like that. They weedle their way into your heart and soul! By chance found the two versions But discovered another conundrum. The colour chart calls for Vallejo 71:266 Dark Blue Dunkelblau RLM 24 which looks a lot darker and a lot bluer on the screen. @Grunhertz any thoughts please Darren. I realise that colours on the screen can be very different than irl but the Vallejo and the colours of the tractor in pics that I've seen are not in the same field of dreams.
  6. Apologies for the disappearing photos. Will try to sort it out later Hope this one doesn't go awol. MiniArt have another version of the tractor Think I might need one
  7. Came across this gorgeous scratch built model of Howl's Moving Castle on Facebook IMHO it is far more practical than Jehlik's Giant, although it needs magic and a flame demon to power the construction One for @Dr Loopy
  8. A team of 12 large dirigibles that would then flown over the enemy HQ and dropped thereby flattening the enemy command It's the only practical use for the thing imho Operation Santa Express
  9. I went out with a baker's daughter once. She had big beautiful dough eyes. It was such a long time ago, but I can remember those eyes as though it was just yeasterday *sigh*
  10. Great stuff Mark! I'm still extremely impressed by the complete lack of practicality in the design, which your model really brings to life as it takes form.
  11. Looking good Tanks aren't for claustrophobic cowards. It's why I would have volunteered to join the Land Girls in WW2
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