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  1. Walrus

    Pioneer Twins.

    When Richard starts another WIP thread, I'm instantly reminded of Humphrey Littleton introducing the "One Song To The Tune Of Another" round on "Sorry I Haven't A Clue!" Good luck Richard. Hammer and filler time again. When will you ever learn?
  2. I would have gone home with a Twix and a colouring book with free wax crayons
  3. Sorry I should have specified, I have the RAF set if you still want them. Don't worry about postage I don't build Luftie stuff but thanks for the offer Anil, I'll pass.
  4. Executive decision made Anil. I have the Revell set as stated above. I'll snip off the ground crew and standing figures and parts and send you the seated aircrew, gratis. It might take a while to figure out which figure's part is which, and then not sure when I will be getting to the post office (if it's open due to lockdown) I already have your address The figures are BIG for 1/72 pilots, ie probably more in scale than pilots provided in the kits, so you may need to adjust the seat Might be fun to show a comparison of the pilot from the Airfix Spitfire Vc and the Revell crew lol
  5. The Good News: I made a replacement part after much fiddlesome effort. The Bad News: I lost the replacement part. The Good News: I found the original part that was lost. The Superfluous News: I found the replacement part that was lost. The Bad News: My back aches and I have housemaid's knee. The replacement was near the original. Moral of the Tale: If you lost a part, spend ages making replacement then drop it on the floor It will seek out the original part. Also. Hire a housemaid.
  6. @Paul Brown Take care when removing the cupola from the sprue. The attachment points are on the underside of some brackets, the rear one being for the antenna attachment Being a klutz I damaged them. About to make repairs. Also being a klutz I pinged one of the small gas bottles/fire extinguishers into oblivion and am having to convert a rocket from a Tiffie Hope to be able to post some updates soon (ish)
  7. I bought the Airfix figures but gave them away to a lad on Facebook who wanted some The plastic is not the best. I kept the starter unit to base a scratchbuilt version on, but bought the Flightpath set. Also have the Revell set which is far superior imho Kept a few of the figures which you are welcome to. Drop me a PM with your addy and will try and send them gratis if you want them.
  8. I have to confess to showing uncharacteristic restraint and maturity when this video popped up in my notifications. It is safe for work, honest
  9. Fake news! The Lame Stream Media are always making up mean things about me! Sad! I want to finish the Scammell first and then I'll see how I go from there. Haven't been able to do much of anything this week but with luck can get on with my under a tenner build to help get back into things Today is the first day in over a week when I haven't slept through the daytime. Desperately hoping I can become diurnal for a change.
  10. Actually I don't think I'll bother with this one. Got too much I need to catch up on.
  11. No probs Steve As said I have a red racing car to build So still count me in When's the likely start date?
  12. Poop poop I has cars Will military motors be permitted? eg Tilly/Humber Snipe If not have a red racing car to build
  13. Walrus

    AIRFIX 2021

    Scales? Oh...must be a fish cake!
  14. Walrus

    AIRFIX 2021

    After all, Mr Airfix does make exceedingly good cakes.
  15. No, it's legit Revell have the dog kennel 6" too short, and lined up the wing root accordingly, so they are both out. The radiator bath neds to be raised. Revell provide a slot for it which makes it too low. Also the radiator mouth is the wrong shape. TBH I have a Revell Hurri built OOB and it doesn't look too bad at all. Most people won't care. The Airfix MkIIC is an abomination unto God, however and anyone building it will suffer for all eternity at the hands of demons wielding red hot Trumpeter riveting tools! And there shall be the wailing and gnashing of teeth I really need to finish off a Revell Hurricane started many years ago for a GB from next door which included the fixes Tony O'Toole did an article in MAM on how to fix the Revell and Academy Hunters.
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