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  1. Airfix 1:72 Tiger Moth

    The angle of the hinge line doesn't look to bad after the correction imho. While possibly still exaggerated, looking at photos online, shows that the hinge points slightly upwards towards the nose, as can be seen from the angle of deviation from the cheat lines on your photo above. The new alignment will probably be a few degrees off, pending what it looks like once attached. The hinge looks a tad clunky now that you have pointed it out. In 1/72 it maybe enough to simply sand it down and rescribe. Though I can't help wondering that some stretched sprue or even some rigging set into a scribed line might be better. Thanks for posting this build. I'm going to have to try and remember to bookmark it for reference
  2. Sword kits, not very good sellers???

    Okay point taken, maybe I should have chosen my words more carefully I'm only guessing as I don't have any numbers but it seems fair to suggest that a production run by Sword is not going to be on the scale of one of the mainstream companies. In which case the expected sales for aftermarket products may not justify production for those kits, especially if they already contain multimedia components. I can certainly see a lot more Airfix Stuks being shifted than Sword Fiat G55s so the subject may have also had a bearing on Eduard's decision. Again I'm only presuming, but the Ju87 is always going to be more popular than a Fiat G55 even if the latter has some really groovy camouflage schemes.
  3. Bottle of Tamiya X-7 Red for my Porsche tractor. Envy factor: Second Airfix Phantom to be modelled on the catapult. Envy factor: Alley Cat 1/72 AEW Gannet wot a mate picked up at Huddersfield for a song and gave to me cos he's a good egg. Envy factor: Today was a good day.
  4. Sword kits, not very good sellers???

    Was talking to a friend about this topic Apparently some of the Sword PE frets are made by Eduard. It is possible that what was meant in the letter was that Sword kits have low production runs so it is not viable for Eduard to produce aftermarket sets I'm not sure but do Eduard make AM sets for other short run kits?
  5. Sword kits, not very good sellers???

    Not sure I've seen that many twin seat Harriers in progress/built (one of mine is scheduled for a FAA trainer scheme) Nor for that matter have I seen a lot of Lightning trainers. Would have expected both to be very popular. Fair enough, though one can get a sense of a kit's presence. Or lack thereof. Sword aren't mainstream so that there is less likelihood of people building them, but not posting on forums. I can't recall seeing any Sword kits built in the Facebook pages I frequent.
  6. Sword kits, not very good sellers???

    Could be a polite way of suggesting Eduard wouldn't touch a rival Czech company's plastic, not with their tweezers? Anything is possible with the politics of the weird and wonderful world of East European model manufacturers. I came across this comparative review of the MkXIV kits while s looking for a TAC aircraft for the immediate post war occupation of Germany. Review here HTH
  7. Airfix Sea Fury quality problems?

    Point is it would have been more constructive to have posted your picture with its comment rather than the initial comment which implies there is a big problem: As for being all over the Airfix Forum, I can't find a single comment. Nor is it mentioned on the Airfix Facebook page. I'm not convinced that the issue is as extensive as implied, until someone provides credible evidence. Yes it's a pain, and yes it may well cost Airfix. It's annoying because it is avoidable. But I don't see any value in spreading rumours Most importantly, you are off topic. Short shot fins aren't going to make anyone jealous!
  8. Airfix Sea Fury quality problems?

    Not heard any other complaints. Couple of kits with QC = Sky falling in. But hey, it's Airfix so it must be the end of the world.
  9. Oh no not again

    Given how random and unconventional the paint schemes are, it could be that that non-standard paints were used too. Despite the vast wealth of resources available to the USAAF, I'm not sure that tins of paint would be the highest priority for logistics in theatre. I'm not suggesting you are wrong Col, because I haven't a clue. Just saying that it is possible and I understand your reluctance to accept the use of blue paint without conclusive evidence is reasonable. I'd go with the blue because it would be pretty!
  10. Nothing to make anyone jealous, but a spare part arrived has arrived from Revell for my Porsche Tractor. Taken about 5 weeks as my original email went awol presumably due to staff being on their Christmas hols. 3 weeks from my second email. Not bad service imho So thumbs up to Sarah at the Revell Customer Care department.
  11. Tamiya quality

    It could be car-boniferous but doesn't like like a Sprue tree to me. And it's not a Leylandii I'm seeing signs of leaf cutter bee activity along the bottom, which is harmless enough That's easy for me to say, I don't have to sit down on it. Looks like the rest of the body has suffered from a severe case of rust. Which is chronically iron-ic. Should be treated seriously HTH Yours etc Percy Throwup.
  12. Spitfire FR XIV

    Great job Len, with a spiffing spinner. Looks fab!
  13. Oh no not again

    You were closer than me Daz I always thought Dana Bell was a five and dime that served tacos.
  14. British Phantoms

    I prefer them without the RWR box on top of the fin. Looks sleeker without the lines being abruptly interrupted. Which is better, with or without the RWR box? There's only one way to find out.... On second thoughts... where is that chicken emoji when I need it?
  15. I didn't finish my model today- because...

    Can't help wondering if the self-inflicted coma was whisky induced. I've heard Glasgow General Hospital gets many such cases on Jan 25th so they set up a special Burns Unit to cope. If you get a pain in the chest from eating haggis too quickly is it called heartburns?