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  1. Walrus

    Boeing P-12E, Matchbox, 1:72

    Sweet! Built this kit when it came out and loved it Might not be the latest tooling but I wish Revell would rebox the little cutie.
  2. Walrus

    Arma Hobby Hawker Hurricane I, 1/72 (70019)

    Some of the PE is optional but some such as the PE part for the stirrup housing looks like it could have been moulded on. Must admit I'd rather have to shave off plastic than add iddy bits of metal like the louvres (PE33) or the pip on the antenna mast lol Only have one of the Expert set but 3 of the "Junior sets without the PE With the announcement of the forthcoming Tropical Hurri with Aussie markings I reckon the number will increase BTW the engineering around the tail is first rate which enabled the metal panel that wraps around the base of the fin and tailplanes to be recreated beautifully
  3. haha thanks RW! What about a Joey and a Farthing? (both even before my time!) Strewth! Took me a while to find them WW1 chaps! They could both go play hide and seek in the AN-22! lol I'm pretty sure Andrew E took one to a Sheffield Group meet It's a real beast! (The kit, not Andrew, he's a gent!)
  4. But of course, I'd be a tanner better off!
  5. Nah, if it had been a florin I would agree, but it's a 10p piece of a nation without an Empire. Well not since they knocked down the old picture house on the high street to make way for a vape store
  6. Well done to have got through the travails! Disappointed in the coinage though. The standard for using currency of the empire has been set!
  7. Walrus


    It seemed a jolly good idea until the greyhounds caught wind of a rabbit! Link for this and more interesting large res photos from WW1 Edit: When I say "more interesting" I mean, "more interesting", not "more interesting". Hope that clears it up
  8. Walrus

    Meng 1/35 Whippet

    Apologies for the lack of updates. I've spent most of the week in bed hoping to recover some energy but the plan has backfired as the wooziness has increased. That's not how it's supposed to work! I made some rivets and popped them on the damaged panel and the wheel units are now on. Need to do all the fiddly hooks and protruding delicate things that will inevitably get crushed during handling! Also need to sort out the tiny ejection pin marks on the sides of the wooden blocks. Looking forward to that! Will dry fit them first though. With luck most of the pins won't be visible Was hoping to be priming the kit but hey the ho.
  9. Walrus

    Xtrakit Sea Vixen

    Well done Dan Not got a good reputation (the kit not you) but you've done a grand job! Got 2 of the buggers and some resin but never been brave enough to tackle one yet
  10. Totally I'm jealous of you going to the coast, for sure Been a few years since I last had a paddle. Been up a certain creek often enough without a paddle, mind you, sadly not at the seaside! Have a good time
  11. Someone's in for a very fun Valentine's Day!
  12. If only the same could be said for wet panters and power coaters there'd be hope for me and my Joan Collins jacket
  13. Walrus

    Steam train restoration yard

    See what you did there
  14. What Duncan said It's a fascinating, complex and much overlooked period The Armistice didn't end hostilities that flared either as a direct result of the hostilities or indirectly from the fall out of the war. Good luck Brad! Nice start on the old kit.
  15. Like the tour of the office, especially the child seat... Looking really good Gorby!