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  1. The USA didn't have bipedal tanks in 'Nam but they did have some Walkers in Korea. Anyway, isn't an ewok a frying pan for making a Yorkshire stir fry?
  2. Wot Invictag said! ^^ Well done Richard!
  3. I can't wait that long! I insist you drive home and jolly well let me know PDQ! Thanks Gorbs much appreciated I'll have to make an order online for a wide range of sizes Hope you are having a great time in Northumberland
  4. Only popped into my LHS for a cup of tea and a chat and came out with a copy of the Tamiya Model Magazine and Irene Leroi Irene, goodnight, Irene, goodnight, Goodnight, Irene, Goodnight, Irene, I'll see you in my dreams. I may, depending on how things go, try and make her up for the Sci-fi GB And turn out well it did, indeed! What grass did you use, please Gorbs? Am thinking 4mm and 6mm FWIW I had another little play with some 2mm flock and it worked okay My first attempt fail was probably due to the stuff I tried out, which comes in long strands and is possibly nylon
  5. Walrus

    Sea Venom FAW22

    Excellent walkaround. Much better than my photos from Newark. If only the markings had all aged exactly the same as my Matchbox decals
  6. Couldn't find the "Burn the Heretic" emoji so a jolly good old fashioned arse thrashing will have to do! (to paraphrase Tom Brown's Schooldays) I'll let you off if the ramp actually works! That would be soo cool!
  7. I know, but when they fight and trash Tokyo, they leave a right mess in their wake! lol Looks even cooler now I've seen the flying configuration. Wish I did read Japanese. Have the same issue with all the fluff that came with the Vanship.
  8. 00 Celestial Being Raiser Mobile Suit GN-0000+GNR-010 is a bit of a mouthful. I'd have just called it an Angelbot 5000. Think that would have more commercial appeal if I'm being totally honest and frank. Nice one Mutters, look forward to seeing it progress
  9. Thanks Ian I think I see the full extent of the issue now, presuming there are two sets of clear wing tips Is it not possible to clip the wing to the correct length and shape. cut out the lights and make the nav lights from some clear sprue?
  10. TBH I would rather snip off than snap on Never found wing tips that have fitted well, which if I understand correctly, is borne out by the clear parts.
  11. Resisting urge to make an obvious joke about the Dark Side
  12. Great job Paul Looking superb
  13. I tried really hard to stop myself, but was unable to cling on and the words escaped Good grief it's getting worse. Beam me up Scottie, I'm wearing a red shirt
  14. Can't wait to see the look on Luke's face when Bark tells him he is his father!
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