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  1. Thanks for the excellent in-box review Paul. I'm definitely going to order one from my LHS Snap kitve has come a long way. Academy's 1/72 Phantom F-4J looks fantastic. I've just about finished the Heller Little Grey Fergie. I wouldn't mind building another one tbh It was an enjoyable project and left me wanting more tractors, and wishing that there were more mainstream kitmakers producing them.
  2. I'm interested in the Porsche Junior so hoping you will be able to post some pics, Paul. As the thread title suggests am jealous of the Scammell Tempted to try and get one but may just settle for the recovery vehicle
  3. I didn't finish my model today- because...

    *doubletake* Ah, my bad. Notes to self 1. Book appointment with opticians 2. For the love of Sanity let me have regular sleep patterns!!
  4. Looking for Scottish Aviation Bulldog RAF Trainer 1/72 Decals Especially stencils and school badge etc
  5. I got absolutely nothing. Zip zilch zero. Even though a friend offered to collect if I put something on his Hannants order from Telford. Aren't you all incredibly envious that my stash hasn't grown while you have all spent a small fortune at the Nationals?
  6. Mr Hobby Advice wanted

    Thanks for replies, the information is very much appreciated. I put everything in water as soon as I have finished spraying with Klear so it doesn't start to harden, then use the airbrush brushes to start removing the Klear. Then use isopropyl to give a proper clean Seems to work fine and not had any problems with that method.
  7. Mr Hobby Advice wanted

    Duncan and Jockster That is helpful very helpful, thank you both. Going to have a little play with the primer tomorrow all being well. Was concerned that the Mr Tool would eat away at the rubber seals inside the airbrush.
  8. Would I be correct in thinking that Mr Tool cleaner is not intended for cleaning the insides of the airbrush due to its aggressive nature? If it is not suitable for putting through an airbrush, what would be the best airbrush cleaner? Please could you recommend a proprietary product rather than general laqueur thinners. With regard to Mr Surfacer, there are several types of finish and a couple of thinners. Which are the best for filling small gaps and scratches? Would using Mr Hobby levelling and thinner negate the effect of filling and would ordinary thinner best be used for filling? Apologies for asking what must be basic questions. I've never used these products, have looked at the internet for answers but my woozy head is struggling to find any answers. Many thanks
  9. Ooh that does look interesting. However I don't want to add to the stash so i'm going to scratch build an airship out of a pop bottle and sticky backed plastic.
  10. Must admit to feeling the same. I haven't finished one of their kits because I come up against a tricky problem or several. On that basis I haven't started on for ages either. The problem is that the East European companies as a whole put out some great subjects that I couldn't resist!
  11. AZ Models are releasing some Fairey Fulmars. While the MkI (iirc) is their own kit they are reboxing the Vista Kit with resin and presumably PE for a MkII and MkII NF I think I have recalled that correctly. Will edit in the link Fulmar MKII NF Fulmar MKII I've got and Airfix boxing of this kit but I'm tempted to get one or both of these For it's age it holds up pretty well
  12. I'm not looking forward to any new kits as they will be added to a dust gathering pile of cardboard boxes. My inability to do a great deal of anything this month just highlights the fact that buying more kits would be very irrational. Which still means that at least one Phantom, probably the Sea Fury will be purchased plus I have my eye on the Thunder Scammel recovery truck or maybe the tank transporter because who said reason had any bearing on purchases where shiny shiny stuff is involved
  13. I didn't finish my model today- because...

    When I moved up here 20 odd years ago, and they have been very odd years, half of the shops in town were closed. They good news is that those shops that were closed are now open! The bad news is the shops that were open are now closed
  14. Building the Old Bill Bus: Then and Now

    Sweet! That is very nice Andy! Haha yup kit bought and finished before the soccer results! that sounds familiar! I didn't paint my Old Bill Bus. Green plastic and cardboard! Totally relate to that. I have some kits to build for family members so hopefully I will get those as near as perfect as possible. One thing to try and bear in mind is that when we are fully immersed in something we can become preoccupied with it, and every single slight flaw is foregrounded into our conscious. We become hyper aware of the faults. I've started telling myself that the flaws won't bother me after the completed model has been put on the shelf for a month or so. Partly in combination with that, is I've started to ask if the time taken to fix a problem and getting wound up by it outweighs the benefits of the flaw being remedied. If I won't notice the flaw after it has been on the shelf for a while, why stress myself out about it, or to put it another way, if I worry about a flaw will that detract from the enjoyment I otherwise would have had Hope that makes sense.
  15. When Airfix released the two versions of the 1910 Type B Omnibus to commemorate the centenary of the start of the First World War I just had to get one. As the military version was packaged as a gift set, and being a cheapskate, I opted for the civvie version to save a fiver as the paints etc would be superfluous. On opening the box, I was confronted by plenty of flash and more ejection pin marks than craters on the fields of Flanders. I kept the box in the living room with the intention of just having a whittle here and there while chilling out, but it wasn't until last week that I finally had a bit of a fettle. One of the reasons why I wanted an Old Bill Bus was because I built it as young lad, after being given the kit as a Christmas present from my grandparents. I was overjoyed. Nan would tell us of her brothers who fought in the Great War so it became a link to family history. What struck me while filing away extraneous plastic (and so far twice filing off non-extraneous plastic because it was difficult to distinguish between the over large seams from misaligned moulds) was, how the bloody hell did I build this kit with not a lot of experience and no tools?! Some of the attachment points are minimal. I could use a couple of extra pairs of hands to hold parts together while dry fitting. I guess the answer to my question is, a hell of a lot of glue! I loved the completed model, which was probably a complete a mess, but it sure was a joy for my younger self to build. Since getting back into the hobby there have been times when all I can remember of a project are the irritations and annoyances! These days I am starting realise that I will always make gaffs no matter how hard I try and to take a lesson or two from mini-me. Once the kit is built and on the shelf I forget the mistakes even if they drove me up the wall at the time. I admire people with the skill to finish kits having done a ton of research and build wonderful replicas. There is little chance I will ever attain such heights, but so what. I got back into the hobby because it was relaxing and fun and need to keep that in mind. Sadly all those ejection pin marks will have to go so the preparation before I even begin to start putting it all together is going to take a while Ah for the innocence of youth when I was oblivious of such blights. Ignorance surely is bliss.