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  1. Sweet! Nice one Steve, looks fab! Was expecting the British WW2 armoured car! lol
  2. Gorby has given me an idea! Meet Eeyore Anything I try and do within 48 hours is going to turn out Pooh
  3. BYKIT But you know it's there! lol Good work Muttley
  4. This is why I don't build ships. You have to do algebra.
  5. So when do we get to see a 1/72 sized Jack Hawkins? Tremendous work TM
  6. Thanks for the heads up Muttley TAMIYA PRICE INCREASE - UK IMPORTER - Will be implementing a PRICE INCREASE on the Tamiya Range imported into the UK as follows on 01/01/2020. AVERAGE = 6% – but some items don’t change while others rise more. A rough guide by category is below, with some BIG increases on "key items"! ""Stage 2 of the price increase will be reviewed after 31/01 Brexit deadline and will take account of any further weakening of the Pound evident at this time."" Cars / bikes 7% 1/48 Military 7-8% 1/35 Military 6-10% 1/32 Air 7% 1/48 air 6% Tools 6% Ships 7% Mini acryl 6% LP Sprays 2% TS Sprays 4% PS Sprays 4% Primer 3% Masking tape 4% RC Tanks 5% RC Trucks 9% Truck acc 4% RC kits 6% Spares 6-10%
  7. MiniArt have just announced a civilian boxing of the kit This one is being driven by the milkman, Goodness knows how he mistook the bus for his milk float, Maybe it was the milk churn fire extinguisher? Lovely box art
  8. For me the B word is Type "B" Old Bill Bus! lol Coming to my LHS soon with a bit of luck Had my eye on the new tool Tamiya Achilles, which looks really nice, but the last one has been snaffled. I was determined not to buy another unless at least one gets built first. Not sure I'll bother now Oh how will I cope without another kit? The Hase 1/72 Avenger has been reboxed for about £20 by a new company (to me at least) Hobby2000
  9. My LHS has started to get Tamiya in again after a Hiatus and also can get some Hasegawa kits. It's not easy going for small bricks and mortar stores and I like to support them if I can. But also Tamiya Extra Thin Cement has now become available to me which isn't going to happen if he stops ordering Tamiya. It is sad and I do mind because if the shop closes who is there to offer me a chair a chin wag and a cup of tea on the way back from the supermarket?
  10. I was at my LHS this afternoon when the owner read a message from Tamiya (possibly the letter was from the distributor) Tamiya have announced a 6-15% increase in prices because of...Brexit. I'm thinking that Brexit hasn't actually happened yet. There is still a possibility that it won't happen. Either way, if this is the "reason" given, I find it astonishing that a price hike is being announced on what MAY happen. Can't help feeling that (if true) Tamiya are pulling a fast one. nb I don't want this to be about Brexit Just baffled by this announcement
  11. He was barmy. Tried to teach his pet spider to suck seed. (Parrots hadn't been invented in Scotland at that time.)
  12. In that case, depending on how my preparations go and how much energy I have at the time, I may be able to attempt a cheeky Chipmunk before Christmas!
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