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  1. Walrus

    1:35 Soviet Ball Tank ‘Sharotank’

    Was the balltank made by Dukes or Kookaburra? Thanks for the review James. Too cool. Would very much like one
  2. Walrus

    Smer 1/32 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost

    Lime flavoured plastic. My favourite Yum yum! Good luck Ken, hope you stocked up on filler!
  3. Walrus

    Happy Birthday Betty Windsor's Airline

    Me too! Start with the straight edges and corners! TBH I'm jealous as I don't have access to a MDF merchant! Although, ironically, the foot of our stairs is made of MDF
  4. Walrus

    1/32 1929 Orient Express Sleeping Car No.3533 LX

    Is there an aftermarket 1/32 Hercule Poirot available? Wow. That is an incredible amount of content. And a mammoth upload Thank you for taking the time to show the contents James.
  5. Walrus

    Happy Birthday Betty Windsor's Airline

    If all else fails you will have a really cool icing bag! Good luck Duncan!
  6. *The France's ??? Apologies for the grammatical error. That should have read the French's 1902 "Trip to the Moon" What was I thinking? Yup "First Men in the Moon" was an adaptation of the HG Wells' novel Apparently Trip to the Moon was based on several sources including Jules Verne
  7. Actually it was Lionel Jeffries in the First Men on the Moon, claiming the silver orb for Queen Victoria and thereby predating the France's 1902 Trip to the Moon. Which was one in the eye for the French!
  8. Nicely done Andrew, as always! Love the display too
  9. Looking well Andrew. Which paint did you use for the uniforms?
  10. Walrus

    Hurricane IIc Trop

    Sweet Don't build 1/32 kits but I would make an exception for a Hurricane. Will you be doing the scheme depicted on the box?
  11. Walrus

    GB Chat

    Firstly an apology by way of a "Didn't finish my Group Build today because..." post. Life has got in the way with a bad period of ME/CFS, and having to tidy the house for an inspection by the landlords' agents. When I have tried to do any modelling my concentration has been poor and as a consequence made a right bog's dollocks of everything I touched! Where's the violins emoji?! A guitar will have to do Trying to slowly get back into the groove again Made some progress on the Bedford Refueler and will try and update with some pics later. Moany rubbish out of the road. been catching up with what everyone else as been doing and am loving it! Rather than clog up the gallery with comments of admiration would like to be a lazy git and say well done all here. Great stuff which will inspire me to do my best!
  12. Beautiful! Nice one Darren!!
  13. TBH, others have paid far more than I did for a Jetstream conversion set, so I am unable to take any credit for improving the lot of the modelling community I will have to reject any nominations for the Nobel Modelling Prize Which is a great pity. I certainly won't be receiving any nominations based on my modelling skills!
  14. Would that be one of the thimble nose Jetstreams, Skwonk? I have the old Airfix kit and a conversion set. The latter I had waited ages for until I found one on ebay that wasn't going for silly money. Then A Model bring their Jetstrams out Curse that Mr Murphy and is confounded law!