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  1. Nice work Sprocket! Coming along nicely. fwiw thought I was subbed to Mark Felton's channel He makes some cool content. Must have been on my other account so have subbed on my main account now.
  2. Never understood why Elvis wanted a tender to love him. He was a good looking dude. He could have had any part of a train fall for him. Love me tender Love me do, Because you're full of coal. Oh my darling I'll love you, You make my wheels roll. Nice one Sprocket.
  3. erm...Charlie Chaplain? Ah! Maybe that explains Gorilla Glue Girl Turns out she's a 40 yo teacher. Now I know are going to be thinking she must be a very silly 40 yo teach, but dammit, she looks half her age. I'd take looking like a 30 cos I'm sexagenarian who looks twice my age and am very silly anyway
  4. Looking good, Bob! Something about the Quad appeals to me. My local plastic crack dealer still has one of these on his shelves and it keeps singing siren songs at me! lol
  5. Looks like he is playing footsie with himself too. It's a lost cause, Mark. Do you have a 1/72 retriever? I think he's going to need it!
  6. That's not true Darren, you rightly said that Skwonk is making good progress That's a positive thing to say! lol
  7. I bet @RWG686 has tons of tins of pineapple tartan paint
  8. Some piccies at last. Hopefully will give the parts a jolly good clean up and get some primer on the sub assemblies soon.
  9. I don't remember it like it was yesterday, Miggers. My short term memory is so bad, I can't remember what happened yesterday!
  10. I can't be the only one thinking that Kate Winslet has been dropped into the briny because of the theropod's iddy biddy forelimbs. Can see why he was replaced by Leo de Caprio for the male lead. Looking good Steve. Photographing minis is tricky. I could give you plenty of advice. All of it useless, unfortunately.
  11. Just seen it on your VVS blog Sebastijan Excellent work.
  12. The previous cancellation info has been taken down. Looks like the kit is going to be produced after all.
  13. Helldrivers!!! There's a jolly option in blue black and red for a Coventry tipper! Has to be done or @Gorby will never forgive me! lol
  14. Would like to say you are crazy, Kevin... well I guess you are crazy...crazy good! lol
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