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  1. Some other new arrivals for Spring

    My bad Duncan...it was a jest. As in lo-viz aircraft markings but on a Panther tank, hence the washed out box art I hate it when I have to explain a joke ... Especially when the joke wasn't at all good to start with *crickets*
  2. Some other new arrivals for Spring

    Is it the Wehrmacht lo-viz scheme in the box, Duncan?
  3. Decal Jig?

    I find tha tipping the model with just one wing on the jig really helps with fuselage decals, especially those placed on the lower half of the fuselage side. Attaching landing gear on untul most of the handling has been done is the order of the day for me. Otherwise it's guaranteed I will break them! Looking good Michael btw
  4. Sale of Revell

    Black Mike just shared a post on his Facebook page which doesn't sound so good for those working for Revell USA With thanks to Duncan for sharing the post.
  5. Finally! Got myself the Attack 1/72 Special Edition Tatra V855 Aerosan kit aka Bubble Cars on Skis! And a Tatra T97 for good measure. The former comes with a resin engine! So will be doing 2 civvie versions, one with engine displayed. Will ignore the T97 box schemes of German camo or black, because this:
  6. Sale of Revell

    The links aren't working, Paul Just keep returning to this page Hoping for the best for Revell's future.
  7. GB Chat

    PM sent Jessie It's the simplified uprated 200HP engine built by Wolseley for the SE5
  8. GB Chat

    Struggling to get motivated and the ME/CFS is leaving me with little to no energy also have had conceptual problems with the theme of the GB. It's not that there is anything intrinsically wrong with celebrating the centennial anniversary of the RAF with a group build, but with such a broad choice, and having loads of RAF subjects, it doesn't feel as though I would be doing anything special from my normal dabblings. So while stuck in bed thinking I have decided to try and get hold of an Eduard 1/48 SE5 Wolseley Viper. This will make the project more personal and specific to the GB; firstly it is an aircraft the RAF had at its inception, and secondly, being built by Wolseley, it is a subject that I have a (tenuous) connection with, having worked many years ago at the site of the Wolseley Sheep Shearing Company (1901) factory at Drews Lane, Birmingham. I've sent a message to my LHS to order the kit but it may be some time before it arrives. That will potentially give me time to get a project or two out of the road.
  9. Hello

    Welcome! Already following you on Facebook and happy to have a couple of RN post war carrier decks. I was especially impressed that you downsided the 1/48 Victorious deck to 1/72 after I made an enquiry. It was in my hand with a week of asking! Fantastic service.
  10. Revell box art for 2018

    Can't say the box art stopped me buying several of both variants. The box art isn't particularly bad. But it seems to follow a formula that does a job showcasing the subject but nothing more. The subject is generally depicted more or less at 3/4 profile and overlapping the side infographic, which gives a semblance of coming out of the picture plane. That said, the second (?) boxing of the Airfix BE2 (checkerboard scheme) is essentially nothing more than the Hunter art above; ie an aircraft flying above the cloud. Airfix also use the same breaking the frame device on the box. Maybe having seen the uncropped version of the artwork before that on the box, but the use of lighting and dark clouds gives a more poetic enhancement to the image, and is therefore more appealing. Any road, may get another Hunter or two, to make sure I can do all the variants/schemes I would like. Also the Texan, the Camel and SE5 may be of interest to me but it depends on the provenance and or age of the kits The Unimog is very appealing but will depend on price and whether I can finish my Porsche Tractor.
  11. 1/48 I-153 Winter version

    So lovely. I think I need one in my life! Very nicely done, Darren!
  12. What's your build philosophy?

    I'm a Descartian potterer. I tinker, therefore I am
  13. Congratulations Duncan. Good luck with full time Black Mike
  14. GB Chat

    Just received a couple of Spitfires so may enter them into the GB. Though given my record of GBs they will probably just end up on the Shelf of Doom!
  15. Arrived this morning: Eduard 1/72 Spitfire XVI Combo set. I wanted something to go with the Attack 1/72 Tatra car commandeered and used as a staff car in the immediate post war occupation of Germany (Received a few months ago.) Can't remember if I posted it on this thread or not, so stuck it in the pic regardless, as they will all be living together.