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  1. From the sublime to the ridiculous... I think it's cool. I believe they were used by the Royal Navy for transporting XXXL barrels of rum for the fleet.
  2. Looks a real state of the art kit! or rather, that kit is in a real state. Good luck, Goon, I'm sure you have the art to do a good job
  3. Thanks Darren Confession time. TBH I have done very little modelling over the last month due to spending most of my time in bed, where it has been more comfortable and at times warmer. I have a very important form to fill in next week and a lot of housework to catch up on which will leave me with very little time and energy for anything else. What I have been able to do is a wash with oils and I'm waiting to put another coat of varnish on before the ID markings and decals go on It's looking like I am unlikely to hit the deadline all things being equal, but I'll do my best. At least it's been very enjoyable taking part and watching everybody else do such fabulous work, as well as all the nonsensical chit chat that has helped keep me sane So thank you all.
  4. Amazingly it all happened to land exactly in the right place I'm going to give up using an airbrush and start chucking paint around now! Good work Duncan!
  5. Great work Gorbs, very impressive! But odsbodkins, I see we are back to the Easter theme and stigmata again
  6. Always wondered why it was called Palm Sunday And lo! He did keep vigil all night to bodgeth with the bodgering tool for unto maketh four score and plenty rivets. And He did look upon his works and sayeth, "The job it be a goodly one!" The Gospel According to St. Mark. 9:11 (King James Version)
  7. Hi Duncan I need to borrow your time machine, so I can go back a couple or three days to thank you for the rigging thread. Sorry I'm late with the commendation for your service. Also had delivery of a couple of items from Japan and a set of resin 1/72 oil drums which I forgot to include Thought I had a spare engine to backdate Porco's Savoia S21 but it was the upgraded version which means I had to order another kit Curses Hoping to make a vignette of Porco's cove, hence the oil barrels for his little jetty Couldn't resist the 1/35 Maschinen Krieger figures.
  8. Good stuff Duncan It's coming on really well
  9. He has to be in Scotland because of all the dalex. Dalex Ferguson, Dalexander Graham Bell, Dalex Fleming, Dalex McIcecream and Dalex Malolly-Ayelnutye
  10. haha Maybe I should have been more careful how I phrased that As long as the rigging line gets here by last week I'll be happy You do have a time machine delivery service, Duncan?
  11. Only popped in for a cuppa My LHS had some stuff in I asked for Just ordered some rigging from Duncan but sadly won't realistically get one of my Eduard WW1 German kites finished by the deadline of the GB Way things are atm will be lucky to finish the Whippet! lol
  12. Sorry I'm late dr_g with a response and presume you've sorted it out already but just in case IIRC the early scheme for biplanes had four colours for the disruptive camouflage so adding white wouldn't be appropriate. I'll dig out my Warpaint volume on the swordfish to provide the colour names. I've picked up some Vallejo Model Colours with given service names, (eg Barley Grey) and I'm not convinced. I think AK Interactive do a FAA set and possibly Hakata The former reckon they have adjusted tone for scale effect
  13. Been using Stynylrez primer since it was recommended to me by someone on this forum in response to my thread about Vallejo primers and paint pulling off. The bumf on the bottle recommends a 0.6mm needle, something I only recently noticed (yeah I know...) Been using primarily the black thinned with Vallejo thinner which is all I have, though I was surprised to see IPA mentioned above. Have also had clogging with my 0.4mm needle, which given the about recommendation it is perhaps not too surprising There has been some gunk collecting in the nozzle. Cleaning hasn't been too much of an issue, perhaps because the primer has been thinned down. The gunk is like a thin film of the stuff. Overall it works pretty well enough. I'm not wanting a hot primer as I'm working in the kitchen and don't have a spray booth set up. Might have to invest in a larger nozzle and needle
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