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  1. Technically he's my daughter's half brother, but it doesn't seem right so I prefer to round up even though it causes confusion! Very proud of him. And just received another book
  2. Surprise package from my daughter's brother yesterday btw Stoner refers to the name of the protagonist, not his recreational herbal usage Enjoying The Hunters. Nice easy reading and the cold of Korea is well described offering some relief from the heat! It's sad that The Korean War gets forgotten. This year is the 70th anniversary and I haven't heard a peep about it
  3. Ah just build it. If it's "wrong" build another with the correct markings Because Spitfires are like Pringles*, once you build one Spitfire, you just can't stop. *Other slithers of hydrogenated fat coated in salt and E numbers are available.
  4. Ah I was wondering what it was. I thought it was a mecha with all the arm cannons and weapons and legs removed
  5. I'll see if I can find some drawings in my old files Cliff I'm pretty sure the Bentley drawings show the framework but I no longer have a scanner In lieu of good drawings there should be some photos of a naked Hurricane fromm restoration projects Google Hawker Hurricane Restorations There may be some on the Facebook Hurricane Appreciation Soc Group page if you do FB Unless you want to be 100% accurate it should be pretty easy to get a good approximation.
  6. Flaps down for inspection by the ground crew so they can check the kit's extra level of detailing That was always my go to excuse in the days when i could be bothered to cut the flaps out and scratch build the ribs
  7. Some images posted this evening on ICM's Facebook page.
  8. Well so have I I recognised a kindred spirit and wanted to give it a home.
  9. Twas my birthday last week and so today on my fortnightly lockdown jaunt into the wide world beyond the confines of the house it was treat time!
  10. Cool! Thanks Miggers. Who would have thought you'd have to spliff up to get a tractor started
  11. Yeah They are some of the best if not the best WW1 British tankers I've seen so far (imho) Hope I can do them justice like you did! I don't bother with eyeballs at this scale, Also, if the Germans can't see the whites of their eyes, they may hold off shooting at them! That's how it works in warfare, I've seen the movies .
  12. Is Biltong Afrikaans for dried cow poo? (I'm asking for a friend) Moving swiftly on... Yesterday I received a box of Stalingrad 1/35 British WW1 tank crew (5 figures) I wasn't gonna but it was too good a price posted to turn down. Though it will cost me the price of a Meng MkV to go with them. Don't think I have yet got the hang of this bargain hunting game. Anyone else thinking there are more chiefs than warriors in this set?
  13. Apart from the inherent problems with the Revell kit I don't know enough about the conversion to say! I do know that I'm very jelly and it looks wonderful. The windscreen looks like it's from a Spitfire and the bombs are the 250lb bombs supplied with the kit which may not be the same as actually used by the Soviets #PickingOfNits
  14. Think it was @Kevin asked to be proved wrong about the lack of aesthetic appeal of agricultural machinery. MiniArt have just released some pictures of their forthcoming German Agricultural Tractor, D8500 Mod 1938 that might just do that! You pop into the farmhouse for a quick ploughman's lunch and when you come back some bugger's nicked the tyres! Surely you have to agree she's a beauty... Help me out here @Gorby Well she gets some love from me ❤️
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