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  1. A howling Scottish wind so strong it will blow away your 'kin tyres
  2. You have a mudguard wallah? Blimey. You can call me PC gorn mad all you want, but having a local cover the wheel stop the mud spraying in your face is an affront to the poor chap's humanity! SMH Good work Steve Looking really good.
  3. Back in Brum I was walking my dog and on one of the side streets was a car on house bricks. Next day the bricks had gone.
  4. Yes another Legofix VW Beetle Was thinking of getting one as surely I couldn't take longer than 3 months to build one, right? Well Jessie got there first so the idea was abandoned But I want to learn how to do all that fancy dan weathering stuff So here we are. Something that is not expensive, built in 5 minutes and if I screw it up it's not much of a loss. Quick fit to give me some idea of what may be need changing on the interior.
  5. The more holes in a Tiger tank the better.
  6. I might kick myself if I don't buy one! lol Thanks for the in box review Mark.
  7. Worse, it's another bloody yellow nosed whatsit Bleh!
  8. Thanks everyone! I'm plodding on very slowly with clean up so nothing new to show. However, thinking ahead, there is a sinkhole on the bonnet right in the louvres I either put up with the damned spot on a glossy finish or do something about it. If I do something about it I'm probably going to end up replacing all the louvres Any ideas as the best way to make replacements would be welcomed.
  9. Cool! Those figures look pretty good Must admit I would like a Renault FT17 at some point AFAIK the Char Bs never actually saw any action and were used for propaganda purposes. Looking forward to seeing the finished diorama
  10. Sorry to hear the Golden Hind has run aground Wonder if a Fifie was a fishing boat associated with the little fishing villages of Fife?
  11. Good stuff Vaastav! ICM and MiniArt are using multiple sections for wheels now. It's the best design solution imho.
  12. I grew up with tales of the Gurkhas and their Khukris It was too hard not to resist punning with cookery Probably only works with my Brummie accent
  13. You do realise that will all be wanting khukri lessons on how to prepare Indian cuisine? Nice one Vaastav. Looking forward to seeing the finished model!
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