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  1. Thanks Gorbs haha yeah Or got carried away in the spray tan booth! lol
  2. Painting the pilot was going well until I finally noticed some crud on the inside of the arms the left arm back to the resin. Being Vallejo a simple polishing out was not going to work. Also primed the machine bodies which need a bit of touching up
  3. When a heart like just isn't sufficient
  4. Bloody show off Gorbs! Yeah, wot Darren sed! ^^
  5. Nice one Steve, looks well! hope you won't be diagnosed as the cause of the missus's hypertension and she makes a full recovery.
  6. Thanks Richard. Cool! Have seen a couple of these kits made as post war civvie trucks and they looked really sweet. Wouldn't mind doing one myself in more colourful livery
  7. Walrus

    Combat Magnum

    Combat Magnum makes me think of dualling with chocolate ice creams If people carried ice creams instead of guns and knives the world would be a much nicer, though slightly stickier, place.
  8. Haha It feels like working with 1/72 aircraft which isn't as bad as making 1/72 cars Eventually I want to get the 1/35 Lunadiver
  9. I've made a start. The assembly went well apart from not putting a part in the front of the machine before cementing the halves together. Also broke an antenna/optics device at the top of one of the units. One oddity is that there are two such gizmos to attach, which consist of two halves each. I can't think of any reason why they couldn't have been moulded as single parts! (You can see the instructions for parts SC2 and SC12 on the instructions below the pilot on the last pic, previous post) All the pieces, bits and pieces! (New earworm of the week DOH!) Have progressed since these photos were taken and the chaps are on their feet. After a couple of weeks away from the bench I intend to push on to make the deadline. More photos soon. Thanks as always for looking
  10. Really dig the style of the Machinen Krieger and ended up getting a couple of the 1/35 sets from Japan. Box art and packaging A neat little package in a sturdy box. The overall presentation is good imho. The only downside is that I can't read the Japanese text. Am sure the fluff would enhance the experience. The sets come with some colour schemes for different units on a pretty decent quality card stock Instructions Clear instructions on an A$ folded sheet, with some tips for less experienced modellers. Though if one is stupid, parts to be inserted before closing the shell halves together can be missed. Not that I would ever do such a thing having failed to drill holes on a previous set. Fool me once...oh... erm... never mind Sprues Two (x2) sand coloured sprues of hard plastic, which also contain common parts for another set which sits on a shelf in my LHS, tempting me every time I visit. There are some weapons options provided. Nicely moulded with little to no flash or seam lines Decals Well printed with loads of options and spares which is appreciated For some reason the sheet also includes the decals for the 1/20 version, which I'm happy about in case I need them for a base that i may get around to building one day. And finally the pilot If I have time I hope to paint the figure below She was given to me by a friend which prompted me to get the kits. Now that my LHS also has started stocking them (though ironically it would be cheaper to keep buying them from Japan) I'm no doubt going to acquire a few more of these cool suits of armour. .
  11. Nice one Muttley. Saw one completed on a Facebook group Looked fab! A birthday treat
  12. Useless off topic fact of the day: My current earworm is "Song of a Baker" by the Small Faces Apologies for not being able to remember which thread the earworms are on
  13. Definitely not that As said, this is Gerry Anderson. Why use a door when something cooler and more convoluted will do Remember the with rear facing driver and TV screen?
  14. Case closed. No further discussion required! Great stuff Gorbs. Bob Blob might be one of the UFO aliens except he isn't wearing a motorcycle helmet
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