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  1. Walrus


    "Flymo operations" and "grass you up" I see what you did there Miggers!
  2. Looking good Richard. Wish you would stop it, though. You are making me think I need to add bits of plastic to the cockpit at a time when I'm struggling to get some harnesses made. lol
  3. Nice one, Mac Really like the painted out RAF markings to break up the overall black Is the wing an A or a B? (4 or 6 gun respectively)
  4. Great stuff Bob Super scooper!
  5. That seems a long gap between production runs How will I cope going so long without the opportunity to buy another? Not that I will have finished the one I've started or started either of my two old tool Buccaneers!
  6. According to my LHS the Airfix rep told him there won't be any more Buccaneers until February! That is open to interpretation imho and could refer to the next boxing or there won't be any more of the current kits available for 4 months + Would hope the former if the rep speaks sooth.
  7. Good work Richard. I wish that the details were moulded on to the office furniture rather than smooth surfaces for decals "Texture" makes the cockpit look busy
  8. Watched a documentary about the Buccaneer. A former pilot mentioned how people make the assumption that landing on a moving ship is difficult and was very blaise about the feat! Not sure if he was being genuine or showboating. As a layman, I'm of the opinion that there's only one thing more difficult than carrier landings, and that is carrier landings at night! lol Thanks for the walkaround pics!
  9. Somehow missed your reply, thanks for the information Bill. Disappointed that "Comrades" wasn't actually painted on the bus But it's an option so it needs to be done and Gorby gets his wish! +1 It would be good to see some Indian Army figures too. A lot of pictures in an update from MiniArt!
  10. Certainly looks like the green areas have been painted black. (cue The Fast Show painter) Found this via The FAA Buccaneer Association on Facebook
  11. What about "Squirrel Grey" And if so what is Squirrel Grey? or EDSG over SQ? Link to source site Pics first published in Would love to make a model of the Torrey Canyon bomber
  12. +1 Come on Richard less wittering and more whittling! Wait, please also keep wittering. I will need pointers! lol
  13. What is this thing of which ye speak?
  14. haha glad to be of service! If you don't have at least 20 kits on the go then you aren't a real modeller. Where's the fun in finishing kits?
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