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  1. Not something I'd be interested in doing myself (either scale or subject matter) but I still enjoy seeing other guys' builds, and that's a great finish you've achieved on both vehicles. And I doff my optivisor to anyone patient and skilled enough to mess with fiddly etch and tiny modifications in 1/76. Great work!
  2. Great job. Haven't seen this particular scheme before. I love the sleek lines of the F-16. Definitely one of the most beautiful modern aircraft.
  3. Nice job. Good to see this one again. I painted it myself way back in the late '90s when I was just getting back into the hobby. Long gone now though, except for the head and the sword hand which are still knocking around in my spares box.
  4. I finished this one a while back. It's a large 1/10 scale bust from a company called TGB Miniatures which sadly folded maybe 3 or 4 years back following the death of its very talented founder/owner/sculptor Greeny Ahn. Done in oils over acrylics, and it was a really enjoyable paint.
  5. What can I say apart from "Outstanding". Top Gun ... Top Job!
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