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  1. Excuse me?! What?! So I say that about every new Tamiya kit, eh? Yeah, well if I have, that's because the ones that I build - and I only every include aircraft within those plaudits, never armour - is because each one is often the best at that time. I levelled that at the 1:32 Spitfire and Corsair, so you tell me, which 1:32 kits currently available are better engineered, detailed, have better fit, features and packaging? I'll wait. That's why they are the best. I actually stated earlier this year that the Eduard Me109G was the best 1:48 kit I had ever built (which I even repeat in my video if you were paying attention) until the Tomcat arrived. Now that the Tomcat is here, that's the best. Simple. As. That. But I have never once said that a 1:48 Tamiya aircraft kit is the best I have ever built - and If I am wrong and I have said that, please show me. In fact, I can't remember the last one I built... I just don't get this idea that just because I do this for a living, my opinion cannot be trusted. I even showed the parts of this kit in sub-assemblies, painted and weathered to prove how good the kit was - and then after they were all brought perfectly together. Was that not enough? Did you not believe me that this kit was perfect. Do you think I Photoshopped the images somehow? And now you have Drewe saying the same thing, but still his opinion matters more than mine (which actually I'm okay with...). How many more times do I have to say this before you start to understand: if it was a poor kit I would say so; if AMK's is all-singing, all dancing, I will say so. So I will repeat this once more: at the moment, today, having built the Tamiya Tomcat, it is the best 1:48 aircraft kit I have ever put together. Period. And as for one company having love for a product and another, not, do me a favour. The sheer number of clever design ideas, detail and overall feel of the Tamiya F-14 proves that they went for it with this one. I have no doubt that AMK are doing the same, but just because one has a more public approach to development than the other (Tamiya has never involved outside influence to dictate design, or direction and never will...) doesn't mean that they love their kit less. And frankly that's so preposterous an idea, it makes my head hurt. Jeez... Spence
  2. Hi everyone, here are my first impressions of Tamiya's brand-new 1:48 F-14 Tomcat, the kit, its contents and some of the discussions that have taken place over its release... This should put the cat amongst the pigeons! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpUvWYd0Brc
  3. Hi everyone! My first project to be shared on this here new forum! Cool! Over the last few months I've been working on my dream project, one that I've wanted to do for around 30 years, convert the ancient 1:24 Airfix Harrier into a two-seat T.2 trainer. Those of you who ever tried to build even the basic kit will know just how tricky that can be(!), so adding to the load with a scratchbuilt nose, tail, tail fin and a complete redetailing job, is bordering on insane! Still, I've started and now there's no turning back! So far I've lengthened the nose, and started to scratchbuild all of the cockpit detail. I've also reworked the intakes and started work on the stinger extension and the new tail fin. Most of this work involves basic tools, techniques and materials as well as not only a huge number of photographs (around 350 and counting just for the details...), but also the help of some very generous people, without whom this project would not be possible. So thank you to Nick Greenall, Dave Fleming, David Haggas and Tim Perry! Here are some images to show you what I've done so far. Also, if you would like to see me explaining how I've proceeded with this project, here are links to the so far three videos that I've created for it as part of my YouTube channel... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfQeFAMdUVY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwdnUcZldFA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWs1lMxWZmQ I hope that you like it! Spence
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