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  1. good luck cos the sides are different lol
  2. ive tried a white wash a few times............the first i didnt have a clue what i was doing and it worked a treat...........then i read how to do it and never got it right again! 🤪 good luck, going to enjoy seeing you have a crack at this
  3. so i tried spraying it green again and got an even worse result than the first time im blaming myself as i used Tamiya paint which is not my usual choice so im on a learning curve with it so its gone red .......needs another coat of gloss clear yet, then im going to let it harden off for a few days as im thinking of trying BMF for the trim ....which is something ive only used twice before, and not for this sort of thing
  4. gracias, mein kliener tarte l'ananas con crema pasticcera
  5. pardonez moi, oh learned keeper of the GB scrolls, font of all GB knowledge, Grand Master of GB wizardry, initiator of all things GB and admirer of pineapple tarts but i have a minor insignificant question that i must crave of your indulgence is this restricted to wingy things or does it include whirley whirley things too 😁🥧🏍️
  6. hmmm....no idea what id do for the civvie aircraft......ive got an ancient airfix 737 but ive always had a military whatif idea for it will have to see what comes along thats cheap lol but the kitty kat one has a few candidates in the stash......1 floaty boaty, 3 cars and 4 afv's
  7. part of the RAF Funny Noses Squadron
  8. nice one......one of my fave kits too (cept for the moulded words on the tank) i like the trick of overspraying the chrome, works a treat no mirrors?
  9. only time i use enamels is when i want to make a wash with white spirit, certainly dont paint with them, and deffo not thro an airbrush i think everyone has switched on to acrylics of which every man and his dog in the modelling world is making
  10. they were on that recent one where it hit a fire truck and all they think of is taking a selfie!!
  11. very nice! that must have been a tricky one to land!
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