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  1. this is a great kit but be warned, if you want to use the driver he must be put in before the front goes on, no room otherwise
  2. thin paint here and there (you can see it on the rear wing) and the gloss varnish i used was rattle can, pressure is a little low and its gone a bit orange peely
  3. PaulT

    RAF Daguerre

    funny but it was one i never did as a kid for some reason.....i can remember doing blenheim and mossie several times but never this one
  4. PaulT

    RAF Daguerre

    since ive done a few extra vehicles recently i thought i had better do another aircraft so found this in the stash not sure how well this is going to go as it was new tool back in 1968!!.....its definatly showing its age but im always up for the challenge lol Airfix HP Hampden
  5. PaulT

    RAF Daguerre

    forgot to add a pic of the finished recovery truck
  6. well its gone green but it might just go in the paint stripper and get redone, im not too impressed it it all, going to leave it a few days to really harden off and then have a think about if i should
  7. started off with plane jane Alberts then got sidetracked onto the Flying Castle of Doom
  8. designed by an Italian who also did a lot of classic Ferraris and Maseratis...........................................and the Triumph Herald! 😧
  9. a few bits and bobs in the hobby craft black friday sale
  10. so you remember the Yamato?....Japanese ww2 warship.....had the biggest guns ever fitted to a warship well, the lathe that turned the barrels of the guns is still in use! id hate to see the chuck key for that 😆
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