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  1. snap!......and a few other bits and bobs couldnt believe the humbrol rack was so empty.......especially the one colour i went for!!!
  2. ive hardly been online the last few days or i would have seen this and i could have sent you the perfect material!!! at work we have this 'stuff'.......its for protecting parts from scratch damage........its basically a very fine fuzzy felt thats self adhesive but its great for 1/24 carpets...............some of it just followed me home once upon a time
  3. ive got something similar in the stash but keep chickening out cos ive never done anything like it before so i watch with a great interest
  4. well this should be interesting and i think x-acto could learn a thing or too in designing blades from your modelling knife 😂
  5. outstanding! just shows you dont need an expensive wonderkit to get a cracking result
  6. beowulf

    'I drink..

    looks nothing like Luke Skywalker!! lol im assuming its that feller from GOT?
  7. if you get a lid stuck on a glass bottle like tamiya or mr hobby simply up end the bottle and use a pippette to put a some of the suitable thinners in the gap tween jar and lid........leave it 5 mins to soften off then open........just make sure to clean the rim before putting the lid back on
  8. its a pair of brake discs (or rotors if you are of the Amurican persuasion ) and a rear transaxle in a subframe
  9. nice pics.......could spend hours walking round that one i like the display of handguns.....a few things really stand out........i see a gorgeous Bergmann-Bayard, a couple of Nagents, multiple Steyrs and Roth-Steyrs, theres even Reichrevolver M1879!..........and that Artillery Luger is worth a pretty penny!
  10. thats a pair of whatchamacallits and a doohickey mounted in wotsit 😁
  11. was hoping to get a lot done today, spent most of it sorting the parts out in to piles ready for painting..........did a little bit of assembling and a light priming to show up any mould lines i need to get rid of.....not sure if i will use the light pod yet
  12. well my plans are out the window cos i found this in the stash........so thats saved some beer tokens
  13. beowulf

    Honda NSX

    nice you get the option of making it left hand or correct hand drive 😉
  14. its HobbyDesign...................hiroboy sells them in the uk but they are expensive!
  15. id send you an engine if i had anything suitable in the spares box.......dont think a chevy big block V8 would fit lol
  16. depends.......im looking for something suitable needs to be 1/48, cheap and not ICM
  17. im provisionally in.........................need to go and see what prices these things are lol
  18. i thought McDulux had a Scottish subsidiary which had been making that for ages 🙃
  19. thought have a crack at this had it in the stash for a while but had problems getting the right paint, i dislike tamiya paint but found i can mix 2 Mr Hobby colours to get the right shade why mould it in roughly the right colour? its got flow lines all over it so its not as if you could just put a coat of clear over it! cant wait to prime it all, just looks horrible lol im going to use some seats with pe seat belts which i did for a Corolla a while back which ended up on the shelf of doom as i damaged the body shell
  20. that looks nice does the back lift to expose the engine?
  21. i like old cars too, proper race car
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