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  1. most i ever paid was about 10 years ago......£35 for a Revell Car Transporter trailer which was cheap as at the time they were going for 45 to 50 quid........but then there was 20 quid for the truck and 10 to 20 quid for each of the cars on the back was a long time ago and my skills have improved somewhat............my plan is to build a new truck (already got it....a Euro style truck, a Merc) and 6 new cars (cant decide weather to do 'ordinary' cars or supercars or race cars or what)....then build a display case around it the trailer was getting rare when i bought it, even rarer now......when they did limited reissue a few years ago it sold out in a few days, dont know why they dont do it again since theres such a demand
  2. so since im having this ongoing loss of confidence i want to do something to try and restore it a little...........something with simple painting and no weathering lol had this in the stash for about 2 years and its pretty straight forward comes with two sprues of 'chrome'....one is shiney for the exhaust and a few little bits......the other is a matt chrome for things like the discs and forks etc not too impressed with the shiney one so the zorst might just go matt black
  3. its funny how the RAF gets called the Cinderella Service cos its the newest............ive always maintained its cos its got two ugly sisters 😁😁😁 Per Ardua 👍
  4. its one of those kits that i have a distinct memory of from when i was a nipper over 50 years ago......i can vividly remember not being able to get the rotor blades to stick to the hub.......probably youthful impatience id love another to do for old times sake but not at the silly prices they go for......i once made a list of kits that i had memories of to do again.......once i looked at prices that idea soon got shelved lol how about one in air sea rescue yellow with a winch next to the hatch?
  5. yes, but i was thinking of more of a gunship and something more exciting than the grey and green not a design i know well........that silver 'box' under the pilot....good place for gun pod.......couple of forward facing 7.62s or 50 cals
  6. so its a helo of the 60s.....what if it was a better success than it actually was......what if the UK had got drawn into the Viet Nam conflict by committing help to the yanks yanks would had Hueys, we would have had Belvederes either an overall junglie green colour.......or a suitably junglie camo scheme...........its got a big hatch so a door gunner leaning out, rocket pods between the front undercart
  7. thats a running gag with a mate of mine, he builds mostly german stuff and has a thing for Stugs especially......he has this habit of always hanging a bucket off the back somewhere 😁
  8. im only a 'possible'......cant commit to anything 100% at the minute
  9. Stug III, Dragon/Italerai repop, 1/35 scale.......done in early WW2 panzer grey an ok kit, decals were a bit iffy, tracks were dreadful so i bought some Miniart aftermarket ones which i found to be great........was possible to get that slack track 'sag' very easily, id use them again, especially considering they are a third the price of Fruil tracks im calling this done.......for the time being.....i will be returning to this at some point like ive said, im having a loss of confidence at the minute and i dont want to go and feck this up at the mud stage by doing it all wrong..........ive also got an idea on something different to make a tarp to go over some stowage on the back but i need something i can use as a dark green dye....so i will return to this later on
  10. slow progress i will admit to a rapidly vanishing mojo at the minute....its not the kit, just life in general having an effect.....i had all sorts planned for this build, i was going to try a few different weathering tweeks, plus having a go at scratching a load of gubbins under a tarp on the back, cos i have an idea of something to use for the tarp.....dont think any of that will be happening now next step is to see if those Miniart tracks fit
  11. lucky bugger......had a great idea for a what if for a belvedere for years
  12. will join in if i can but im not promising
  13. 1......i always use cheapo automotive primer in a rattle can.....never had any problems 2......i had the same problem with the doors, had to do mine with the doors open....i like your bodge......erm, workaround 3......i agree with the execution of the moulding......and ive worked in plastic injection moulding!.......just feel they could have done it a little better
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