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  1. that and the SRX are two that ive always wanted, just never see even on evilbay
  2. its definatly fun but its not as easy as you would think
  3. stunning, really really nice
  4. this is proving to be fun just to give an idea of how big this is going to be
  5. was going to say it looks like someone whos colourblind playing tetris lol i quite like that but its a bit 'deserty' for what i have in mind..................planning on 4 or 5 PLA vehicles all in a row........make a change to see something different at a show (remember those?) instead of endless panzers/shermans/leopards etc etc
  6. not a chance! lol one of the options is an all over green together with a hard top actually i have looked at how the PLA do their digicam and its a bit rough!, im thinking of a type 99 tank next which is pretty flat sided and might have a go at making masks for digicam
  7. did a different version of the ZSL a while back and really enjoyed it and fancied doing something else PLA............these were on Creatives websites weekly bargains list and a friend gets discount from them so it would have been rude not to......both for less than £16 total!
  8. and now for something completely different...............
  9. and finished........ really enjoyed doing this even with the problems i made for myself done this twice before in the dim and distant past, and thought id address a few things that always bugged me sanded off any raised logos and dechromed a few things to reduce the bling.............both fenders and exhaust and a few other things and one for scale
  10. next time im in the Long Term Stash Storage Facility aka the loft im going to pull out the Elefant, fancy doing something rather big
  11. so about 18 months ago i acquired an Italerai 1/35 Elefant for nothing, but with no tracks or decals......now decals are easy but not so much the tracks, but just picked these up for 7 quid.......any one used them before?
  12. motor in and the zorst on
  13. finally making progress.......front, back and middle bits mostly done.......just need to join them together!! next thing is what to do with the tank......i sanded off the raised yamaha logo cos its a bit crappy, i was going to use some stripes but now ive got it painted they just done suit it, however i found these in the spares......thinking of the big one down the centre of the tank, and the two little ones on the sides...................or should i leave the tank plain since ive got it nice and shiny?......whats everyone think?
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