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  1. time for a bit of armour again an ancient kit!..............this was new tool back in 1971 and it shows......kit is very basic by modern standards, but that dosnt bother me too much since i got it for nothing dont know what sort of camo its going to get yet.........might try putting some cargo on the back deck cos theres something i want to try as a tarpuline
  2. '32 Ford High Boy 5 window, 1/25, Revell Pretty good kit but i was sort of pushed into making it as the High Boy rather than a rodded Coupe, cos i didnt like the fit of the fenders/running boards......lots of options in the box such as engines, wheels, body bits, etc so its a bit of a mix and match paint is 'madder red' by Mr Hobby and is a bit shiney!!......hard to take pics without reflections no matter what the angle! wiring up the engine was as far as i went in dressing it up made it so i can take off the hood to show off the motor
  3. beowulf

    Ten bob

    definatly one i remember from way back when!
  4. shall mark it on the calendar đź‘Ť
  5. found the 74/75 for download but not 75/76 https://archive.org/details/revell-1974-75-model-kit-catalog
  6. was it decided when this one starts?
  7. probably find that a third of it is in the 2021 catalogue 🤣
  8. that looks positively airworthy compares to this!
  9. cant wait to get it on its wheels might have to leave the bonnet off in true High Boy style since ive got a slight shade mismatch, even though everything got painted at the same time, and all got the same number of coats, but its no big deal
  10. this is Don Garlits car from mid 60s......the one that replaced this he had a major accident in, transmission exploded and took off half his foot.....thats when he designed one of the first rear engined dragsters
  11. suppose id better see whats in the stash thats suitable lol
  12. so engine is in the frame along with the axles........insides ready to go in the shell
  13. i like the revell filler in a tube, seems quite smooth if i need something extra hard then its super glue and talc powder
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