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  1. improvised some harnesses
  2. a guy in my IPMS Branch also runs the Star Wars SIG...........he wanted to do the trench run from Episode one using finemolds x wing and tie fighters........brought in a load of poster board cut into 70mm squares and asked if we wanted to help by adding stuff from our spares boxes (which is pretty much what they did in the original film!)....he then painted the squares and made bigger squares from them......this pic is only half the length of the finished thing!!......its great watching people at shows trying to recognise all the bits, working out what kit they came from
  3. problem with that is those of us that have served wouldnt want these little scroates around.....you need people you can depend on, would you want to put a rifle in to the hands of one of these and expect him to watch your back? im still in favour of a system where they are in prison but like DC said, well and truely basic, get them out doing hard labour...............but then you would have the do-gooders going on about 'their rights'.....well what about the rights of the victims?
  4. it says '4 youths arrested and charged with burglary' no doubt get a slap on the wrist and told not to do it again oh how i would like a 5 minute 'chat' with each of them......just to show them the error of their ways you understand
  5. saw a 962 at a show recently, didnt take note of the price cos i wasnt inerested
  6. Going to be keeping this one simple as its a stripped out street legal racer What tamiya cars are you after btw?
  7. so after doing the street rod i fancy doing another car, pulled this out of the stash Tamiya's venerable Porsche 911 GT2 i did this a very long time ago and as i remember it went together with no drama, back then i did it in a metallic grey, this time i plan on doing it in a colour, not sure what yet, possibly red, maybe electric blue.......it dosnt come with any number plates but the spares box will come up with something
  8. roughly whats the start date going to be?
  9. Revell 1/24th scale Ford Model T Street Rod apologies for dark pics, having a lot of problems taking pics recently, think my camera is on the way out and one for scale
  10. didnt bother with the rag top as its dosnt fit properly, scratchbuilt dizzy added, windscreen was a pain, not the best of profiles to fit the frame more pics in the finished thread
  11. by eck, thats nice!
  12. nice! look forward to seeing this progress
  13. didnt like the chrome on the firewall so i dechromed it then sanded off the details, tried spraying a chrome colour but didnt like it so used some silver sticky foil i had........body tub attached.......next job is get the exhausts on cos then i can add the dizzy and wire up the engine
  14. Well done Sorry i missed out on this gb would have like to have joined in on this one
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