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  1. nice project......ive done that CBR, nice kit as i remember ive got a list somewhere of kits that i definatly remember doing as a nipper, will work my way through it one day....anyone got an Airfix Belvedere? lol
  2. so finally managed to start putting it together spent the last week painting all the bits and bobs had some problems with the body work, had to strip the paint 3 times cos the green wouldnt go on right, not sure why but i got tired of it and its been sprayed Honda orange with some Tamiya rattlecan
  3. that is outstanding! love any thing like this
  4. i remember Claveworks doing a series of race inspired schemes, was sure he had done a JPS Spit...had to go and look......was wrong, was a javelin
  5. i am findng im building for GB's more and more just lately............im on 4 forums and in my IPMS Branch......so theres normally something going on that interests me.......i tend to know what im doing a month or 3 in advance lol..................as one is nearly completion, i start gathering reference info, sorting paint, getting bits and bobs ready for the next...but i wont start until whats on the bench is done (or at the most a day away from being done)......hate having more than one on the go, feels like a production line, find i start rushing to get them done
  6. thats what you call a good friend!! Ive been after an SRX for years, getting as rare rocking horse droppings (back in the day i wanted a real one too but never officially available in the UK only on the grey market) the MHR builds up nice as you would expect but how the hell you are supposes to get the green and red to meet at the right place for the white stripe decal i dont know!.......but then on mine the decals were gash anyway so couldnt use them
  7. not quite plastic but something that will help with it........finally bought a pe bender
  8. what an interesting photo as an aside......those lights hanging from the ceiling.......worth a fortune on the 'interior design' market!!
  9. Outstanding!
  10. BUY 12 (and BUY 1) were real race cars from the early 60s, British Saloon Car Championships
  11. i like that......nice to see some WW1 stuff for a change a civvie one would be very nice indeed
  12. thats hell of a lot bigger than i thought it would be! i love to see different stuff like this
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