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  1. Steves not the only one that likes braille scale lol this is Revells offering of an old Matchbox kit...........one i never did back in the day ive heard it has some fit issues so we shall see as it goes together it was only known as a Priest when in British/Commonweath use.......all of their SPG had similar names......Priest, Deacon, Sexton, Bishop
  2. that i like a lot......always liked inter war stuff
  3. yes.....ive got a few different ones for different things to use for taking pics on from this place https://www.coastalkits.co.uk/
  4. and finished........ nice enough little kit, went together with no drama, just me being lousy at figures had a play around with black and white settings just to see what they came out like one for scale....
  5. a couple of bargains......fiver for the flavierling and tenner for the jackal
  6. i like the tractor, but id like to see them do some trailers or equipment to go on the back
  7. youre kidding? you really need to watch it.......i binged watched both series in a week, and have gone back and rewatched it again its how the last trilogy should have been made, not the mess they were
  8. the tank looks like 80s era GSX250 or 400..............that was a twin
  9. well......it was designed for lardy americans only going in a straight line ūü§£ wasnt it advertised as a 'boulevard cruiser'?
  10. next step is a good matt coat over all, then try adding a mist of mud colour to the lower half cant attach the drivers door til the driver has a matt coat, dont know how far it needs to be open til he can sit in his seat im not going to able to use von Smallhausen in the way i planned........he was going to be stood in the back pointing the way to go but theres simply not enough room
  11. its not just the quality, its the quantity!........where do they all go?????? lol
  12. very nice indeed nice to see a japanese bird that isnt white or green overall
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