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  1. building this for a Stug GB elsewhere going to try a few things with this, if it all goes to plan although sold by Italerai it is actually an older Dragon kit and an awful lot of these things!
  2. Finished at last.......surprised just how long it has took........i picked this up for a fiver and its been incredible value for money i used some left over laminate for the bullet proof glass on the turret, found some 1/35 stowage that was small enough to look right and one for scale
  3. and finished.......more pics in the completed thread
  4. Nobody makes it .... Airfix never did
  5. beowulf

    V-8 Supercars

    you mean the Aussie racing series?
  6. bar armour fitted.....bit of a pain to attach be honest, i will be glad when this is finished but the end is in sight
  7. need to sort out the weathering a bit, matt coat on top of it all, then i can crack on with the bar armour this really is a good value kit for Airfix
  8. some purchases on ebay i couldnt pass up 23 quid for them both
  9. beowulf

    Wish lists

    its just we always get chocolate anyway, so any more dosnt really count im actually looking at about £150 worth of chocolate on the other side of the room.......dont ask, memsahibs little project
  10. beowulf

    Wish lists

    any thing that isnt socks, smellies or chocolate 😁 ive actually drawn up a big list of kits on ebay, given it to the memshaib and said if the kids are going to get me something let it be off that list!.......that way i get some thing i want but it will still be a surprise
  11. Have you seen the speed iwork at? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  12. need to do something a little different......the Warrior is at that point where i need to leave alone for a little while another forum im on is having a 'Trainer GB' and i picked this up recently the Miles Magister was a RAF trainer introduced in the late 30s and used in WW2 not much to the kit, the decals were gash and have been consigned to the bin https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miles_Magister
  13. 1/48 airfix bae warrior 1/76 airfix bofors and truck and about to start 1/72 Novo/Frog magister
  14. that gazelle will be nice
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