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  1. beowulf

    Combat Magnum

    trying to remember what else i had.........a Colt Single Action, a Colt cap and ball, ........and a blunderbus! i do have a Pirates Flintlock in the stash somewhere
  2. beowulf

    Combat Magnum

    most excellent i can remember back in the day before we had all the BS i had quite a few LS guns......i do remember this and a model 29, a Luger, 1911A1 and a Walther PPK (one of my fave guns ever, i had a PP Sport in 22LR, broke my heart to surrender that after they fecked up the laws after Dunblaine)
  3. that looks very interesting, especially in 1/72 cant wait to see it built
  4. nice i love da vinci stuff......ive done a wooden catapualt and an Academy clock
  5. i like that a lot early jets look so much more interesting than todays offerings
  6. ive got a few different bases from them......use them for all sorts of things when taking pics
  7. beowulf


    thats a thing of beauty!
  8. thanks, not the easiest kit to do but it was fun
  9. Anakin Skywalkers Pod Racer Boonta Eve Classic Tatooine 32 BBY ‘I built a Pod racer……..its the fastest ever!’ Old AMT kit, roughly 1/32 in scale, not the best of kits for a variety of reasons, decals were iffy, instructions were misleading Binned the base that came in the box and made one with a wooden base instead Difficult to take pics cos its so long!....as you can see from the Tamiya bottle in the pic for scale
  10. awesome is the word i will use very nice indeed
  11. wow! cant wait to see this come together
  12. i like the look of this!....never seen it before
  13. beowulf

    Shelf of doom.

    only two things on my shelf of doom...........both for the same reason!.......crappy painting skills! the porsche is ready to get resprayed.....the chassis is fully built so its got to be red the other is a GMC pickup.......its been red twice and blue once...............going to prime in black to get rid of any chance of colour variation then got to think of what colour its going to be
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