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  1. as i remember they had 4 or 5 of each plus a ARV Samson
  2. silver is technically the only colour they did it in.......later on they did some red/silver and blue/silver but they are not that common did find some pics of repainted ones that look rather nice but i want to stay standard-ish.....specially since the only decals ive got are in red
  3. this kit is getting on a bit, was new tool in 1983 and its starting to show a little.........theres some parting lines and even a little flash but i know it will build ok i think this is the third time ive had a go at this........i know ive got an old one in bits waiting to transplant the 4 pot engine into a Revell chopper frame...once i work out the little problem of changing a left hand belt drive into a chain drive this one im planning on doing almost standard......almost cos i never liked the idea of the 2 tone seat, or that the tail end of the body work is a different colour to
  4. outstanding! that really did turn out nice
  5. so rather than airbrushing it again i went old school and used a hairy stick when i airbrushed it i did the green, then put an edge of brown either side,.....i think the over spray from the brown drowned out the green, so i used a flat paint brush to go over the top of the green, taking away the overspray......hope that made sense the wheels have had some pigment added in the treads,,,,,vehicle has had some dark wash inside and some mud added to the floor..........outside has had a oil spot filter im now going to leave it well alone for a few days for the
  6. been having some problems spraying the camo.......this is the third attempt and im still thinking of chucking it in brake fluid to strip it and start again!.............not happy about how the brown seems to drown out the green i know why, i think i need a new nozzle for my airbrush so had to break out my old Aztek for this 3rd attempt, i havnt used it for years, its a different knack to a 'normal air brush going to leave it til tomorrow so i can look at it in daylight to decide if it gets stripped or clear coated so i can put a wash on it
  7. looking at Hannants they do some interesting 1/35 stuff too
  8. yes but i prefer 1/12 so they all look the same in the display case
  9. and a laverda jota or mirage
  10. bikes..........classic road bikes like BSA Gold Star, Triumph Bonneville......some modern trail bikes and 'adventure' bikes.......Dakar KTM cars.........modern caterham 7 in 1/24...........triumph stag........dolly sprint.........a beach buggy.......some Dakar cars and trucks armour.........cant really think of anything wingy things............nope
  11. acupuncture is brilliant.........loved it when i had a ruptured disc........only thing i found that gave pain relief
  12. for the first time in ages im doing a model that i just want to sit and build, build, build!......really enjoying this kit......fortunatly today was a 'working at home' day 😉 Rupert seems ok but Otto has nodded off and will be off to the Eastern Front if hes not careful
  13. thought id make a start on the flak gun first, knew it wouldnt take long but it only took an hour!! wheels not attached cos i need to paint them seperatly, and ive not attached the front shields since im planning a splash of camo whilst everything else will be dunkelgelb it was 'new tool' back in 1978 whilst the Steyr dates from 1988
  14. next things on the bench..... must have bought the Steyr at a show cos it has a Beatties price tag on it..........................and once i looked in the box i find its missing the clear plastic for the windscreen and the mesh for grilles, both easy fixes got a 20mm flak gun for it to tow
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