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  1. Well finished after three months or so of work. Part one of a three part article was published in this months MAI magazine. It's pretty much out of the box apart from, seat harness, resin wheels and brass turned barrels.Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed building it. Nigel.
  2. With the engines done it was time for the cockpit. A little test fit of the nose sections, just to ensure no nasty surprises later. Just pushed together, no glue or other stickiness used. Nige.
  3. Cheers Bob, Proper chuffed with how they turned out. Then there were two!
  4. I'v e purchased a few ZM kits per the years. Got home and opened the box, only to be intimidated by its contents. Worried that I wouldn't do it justice. But I was handed this by the editor of MAI and asked to review and build it, so my hand was forced I couldn't put the lid back on and put it in the loft. Boy what a great kit. I've only built one engine up so far, but it went so well I felt the need to share. I hope you like them. Nige.
  5. First one for the decade. Kinetic's all new F-104G Starfighter in 1/48. The only things not from the box are the seat and pitot. The main camouflage is Mr. Paint, applied by airbrush freehand. The national markings and serial numbers are painted on using masks I made myself. Just need the F-104J to hit the UK now. Hope you like it. Nige.
  6. Cheers guys. Yeah an aircraft that pretty much shaped Cold War aircraft development. NATO completely overestimated it’s abilities. Which made the U.S demand the F-15 be far more than what the original design specs required.
  7. Another one finished . Number five for the year I think. It's the Revell 1/72 MiG-25 RBT "Foxbat B". Which is essentially the ICM kit rebooted. Out of the box apart from the nose pitot from Master and a bang seat from Eduard's Brassin range. Painted with MR. Paint and Tamiya's new lacquer range, weathered with Mig Oil Brushers. https://flic.kr/p/2hP7WDM https://flic.kr/p/2hPbvgt Hope you like it and I think it's going to be published in Decembers edition of Model Airplane International. All the best Nige.
  8. Well I entered in the end and it did ok. picked up the Airfix Trophy for it as well. Nige.
  9. That's fantastic, I love the weathering on the floats. It's really wet my appetite to build one as featured in the Peter O'Toole movie, Murphys War. Nige.
  10. Most of you frequent Facebook, so have probably already seen this is in all the usual places. Thi is the new Eduard Tempest in 1/48th. With a fair bit of resin hanging from the nose, as well as some more squeezed into the cockpit. Just to ensure the undercarriage wouldn’t collapse, the plastic parts were swapped for brass. I effectively trebled the part count of the base kit with aftermarket bits! The main markings are sprayed on from masks I made. One could class it as a fiddly build. IMG_7473 by Nigel Poole, on Flickr IMG_7472 by Nigel Poole, on Flickr IMG_7470 by Nigel Poole, on Flickr IMG_7463 by Nigel Poole, on Flickr IMG_7459 by Nigel Poole, on Flickr IMG_7458 by Nigel Poole, on Flickr IMG_7457 by Nigel Poole, on Flickr IMG_7369 by Nigel Poole, on Flickr IMG_7370 by Nigel Poole, on Flickr IMG_7373 by Nigel Poole, on Flickr IMG_7496 by Nigel Poole, on FlickrIMG_7491 by Nigel Poole, on Flickr Thanks for looking. Nigel.
  11. I'll be there with Paul (Toolmaker). However, being younger I will be spending more time at the bar than the loo, than he does. Nige
  12. I’ll take it To Telford Paul, but as for the competition, I’m not so sure.
  13. Cheers everybody. I can’t recommend this kit enough. Just go buy one!
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