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  1. Humbrol make paint now? The coloured custard market must have disappeared then...
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DXM-Decals-for-1-72-JASDF-F-15DJ-Aggressor-2013/303747202236?hash=item46b8be7cbc:g:wZkAAOSwhL1fnQ84 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/dxm-decals-51-7116-decals-jasdf-f-15dj-eagle-aggressor-2013--1017706
  3. Magnets? Inside models? It'll never catch on...
  4. Hola ,Senor Che, no doubt about how pretty it is (wait till you fly one) but what you have photographed is a DA-42, the 40 is a single engine..
  5. That's utterly stupid and unbelievable unlike this ūü§£:
  6. well I never... And count me in, I quite fancy doing an SF260 or the 3d printed Mooney M20
  7. And yet another Amazon review freebie...interestingly this has a two piece wing unlike most of the easy builds and apparently must have been a trainer has it has two forward facing seats with control columnsūü§£ The odd thing is Amazon don't appear to actually sell them, have I just been "brushed"?
  8. That'll be the DA20 or 40, absolute dreams of planes to fly compared the Cirrus/Cessna/Piper equivalents, only off putting thing is a lot of them have adapted Mercedes 4 pot diesels which work brilliantly and run on cheap Jet A1 but man do they make a combine harvester sound.
  9. Lived in Durban harbour near what is the Marine world enclave now, from 1994 to 96: Was fascinated by the "rabbit" curry much loved by locals so investigated ...was rabbit free but rather tasty in the loaf container and infinitely less fuss and more portable than naans, chappattis and parothas.
  10. Well its based locally and I'm one of its two charter pilots so I might need to do some more type familiarisation... You'll get your bunny chow but it will be served with a scowl....
  11. Now now Mr ground hugger modeller ( who may get a commission to build a replica of my beloved 75/76 Z1 cos I don't do bikes..) you are talking 'bout one of the prettiest and nimble planes ever built ( even with oil burners for engines)..see here and looky what it grew up to be, Man, the 42 I flew as a charter in 2019 was the Tamiya of airplanes, it did everything by itself and was screwed together with proper German Zeal. Anymore anti airplane guff from yourself and its no Azureglo homemade Bunny Chow for you at the inaugural Brexitmodeller barbecue...
  12. A 27" 1440p monitor so I can analyse vast spreadsheets for my new contract: There may possibly be a 1/72 Pink Panther Land Rover in this bag, as for the paint, its an enamel made for painting 1:1 versions, should be interesting…
  13. In my defence all of those have been built and sent to new homes...and I've now got a mini hoard of Hobby2000 HG reissues (complete with "wrong" fuselage") that are being steadily worked through as BoB birds. I've got a couple of Arma hobby Mk1 expert sets which seem to have a lot of teeny tiny bits...
  14. Wait till you get a load of @Grunhertz 2021 Xmas present...
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