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  1. Yeah wait till it gets to this. And we're not even counting the assorted basses and older guitars still in their cases... Basic theory for music making: Kids 0 + Wife 0 = Musical Happiness 10
  2. In every persons life comes a moment when they finally admit they really need at least 9CFM: Yes, its loud, and sprays at 50 PSI day long and drinks oil...the Norton Commando of Compressors. In other news, look at this, pretty or what? Just wanted the neck but rest of it is too pretty to get rid of..Also bought a load weird of kits from the Big H but they will be put up when Thunderbird 2 delivers them. Peace A
  3. Hey Mish, I do remote sessions on guitar/bass for producers & DJs as well write /produce originals (pop/soul/neo soul). Just sold four songs to Sony Publishing who gave me a 12 month contract and the new stuff was bought with the advance. I was a session studio/touring guitarist for well over a decade in the 80/90s so it back to my roots but digital, my days of analogue desks and multi-track tape machines are a distant memory, and I'd like to keep it that way. -Anil
  4. I pity the fool who uses his/her/their mouse to control Logic: I'm fully motorised baby, dig it. And something to put in funky bass lines, Studio all set up, waiting for the outboard synths and compressors et al to be all wired up, after that all I have to do learn is Logic Studio X, making a model kit will be a pleasant distraction from the rocket science.
  5. Missed this one totally: Makes sense, most of the T-38s are well past their sell by date and a lot of folk still fly the F-5, including the land of my birth, Kenya ( they have an air force?!). Boeing–Saab T-7 Red Hawk - Wikipedia Sweet little plane, especially in this livery, is it too soon to wish for a kit?
  6. azureglo

    Jungle Yacht

    I don't do vehicles as general rule but this, this is a thing now, oy! I imagine someone, somewhere has a kit of this... @Mad Steve?
  7. Well tired of the dreadful crap that passes for the apple mouse and Bluetooth keyboard: Used these at a studio last week and was blown away so were duly Amazoned:
  8. Already had one that was earmarked to become "Berlin Express" from Catch 22 to accompany the Airfix B as "Dumbo" but when you mentioned that the decals let you do a machine Heller flew in, that clinched it for a fraction of the price of what just HG plastic goes for. The Revell pilots also sell for stupid money ( seen eBay auctions end at £48) and this actually has two complete sets of pilots..
  9. And I have the Wolfpack release with a gazillion decals... Edit: Wait a gold darned minute did you say £25 for the OLD ESCI KIT!! Infamy, infamy!! They've all got it for me!!!
  10. Beer/Paul Brown rocket propellant materials. 9%, what could possibly go wrong? A newish modeller I met at Poole Vikings decided that this was not the hobby for him and asked if wanted these. How much, I asked ? £25 cash, he replied, were in my car boot in under thirty seconds... Neck, bridge and pickups for mellow lightweight Telecaster that will only be used for jazz and soul Body for mellow lightweight Telecaster
  11. If you're nice to @Grunhertz, he'll lend you his bicycle pump to inflate it🤣
  12. Nothing to see here , just a mild case of fat finger, move along now.
  13. Probably old news , but I freaked out when I heard you cant get Alclad any more in the UK...turns out you can its just going to be called something different. Alclad II Brand Splits from UK Producer - Wonderland Models Finishes (hrhobbies.co.uk) Seeing as a major part of my modelling is finding improbable things and spraying them various shades of Alclad , this is comforting.
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