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  1. Hmmm good thing none of these (E555s) cost more than £15 at show vendors etc...their investment value will shortly plummet:
  2. Build some. Build one. Stick it up a magnetised pole.
  3. There are a plethora of tools that make it easier, I use these ludicrously expensive scribers that I bought cheaply when I was visiting Tokyo for work regularly a few years back: Not essential but they are in a different league to the cheap and cheerful versions and glide through the plastic taking out out beautiful even spirals of plastic in thicknesses from 0.1-0.9 mm Much more affordable is this stuff: Beats the Dymo tapes et al hands down, well worth seeking out. Lastly there are a whole load of scribing templates and soft brass rulers out there l
  4. Courtesy of the very generous @Gorby Just the thing for one of these that I bought for the ample greebling spares that have nowt but the plastic..."Joy Pack" sounds so much more fun than "Overtrees".
  5. A very nervous courier handed me this , love pseudo hazmat police tape Which had these inside. Ignore the nacreous lurid tin colours, these are nearly indentical to Mr Colors USAF Cockpit green, RAF Interior green, RLM 02 & 66. The primer is gorgeous and the varnishes are excellent, cheap and work beautifully using a medium/low pressure valve. Best of all with cheap delivery they work out at about £3.90 per 400ml can. And these, some fine caps that work down 0.5cm, rotating "flat" heads that cover 2-3 inches in a spray gun chisel pattern and some wonderful decanting c
  6. This is your lucky day, I'll let you have them for £149.99! Dont say anything,I know I'm kinder than Jesus,but that's just who I am...
  7. Actually these were a bargain: £10 at the local village charity shop, the top left CB is still shrinkwrapped: The CB wont need any improving unlike the Beezer and Ariel...My second bike after passing my test was oldest brothers 1970 CB450, several centuries ahead of my "Wheezer" Bantam. PS did you see the sticker on the bottom CB450? 85 pence and I paid £2.50 by my reckoning, daylight robbery!
  8. Budget was tight for the pinny: Because I was the only one who could get the printer to work
  9. I got mine in a job lot with these : Chap said make me an offer and I said £30 which he accepted...I know what you're thinking. I was done but he was a nice chap and the extra thin milk of human kindness runs through my veins...
  10. Seen it, done it and dusted the Vampire and retouched the Spitfire cockpit while I was there:
  11. Take ye the path of Mr Finishing Surfacer 1500, Mr Color lacquer, Super GX varnish, all anointed with the Sacred Mr Levelling Thinner: And damn the respiratory ailments, for ye shall have a fine, durable finish unto your plastic! Praise be.
  12. Because George might ask you to build him a spaceship: And dont forget the Hasegawa Anzio Annie for your "greebles" and a 1/24 Airfix Harrier just in case...and y'all thought @Mad Steve was just...er. mad?
  13. Hmm, I've got this: Perhaps I'll make mine without the North Sea sized puddle of oil under the centre stand and and the totally rusted chromework after a light shower of my 1977 "daily ride" (when, and if , I managed to kick the brute into life)
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