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  1. I see there's a show on at Elstree on the 10th of October, anyone from ASM going?
  2. Cool, a TV as well? The GIB can watch an episode of I Love Lucy as a Sam streaks towards him...If there's pilots and can be done wheels up, I'm in.
  3. Well he liked my Triebflugel ( even though he complained that I didn't do any soldering or put in the required fire extinguisher though I did think of scratching a new underwear dispenser which would have been far more useful for the hapless pilot) and the Kolibri is the exact type of improbable engineering he loved so much. My money would be on the Kolibri and try to do some soldering and use brass tubes/rods, he liked those.
  4. Yup, he told me back in NYC in 1979 when I went to signing of Good as Gold. Remarkably dry, intelligent and funny man with a prodigious capacity for bourbon, like his good friend and co-conspirator Kurt Vonnegut who was there on the same night emptying Simon & Schuster's hospitably account at the Waldorf Astoria... Of course we all know about Mr Tallmantz and his gathering of a near squadron for the Mike Nichols film...Alan Arkin's finest moment.
  5. Man that's a bargain, been looking for one for absolutely years for a a reasonable price to do Yossarian' s plane from Catch -22 (courtesy of the Kits World decals). Pre-ordered mine from Jadlam and got a £5 off to boot from one their rewards vouchers. Plus "free" masks, etch (though mine will be using the decal IP) and useable stencils, not the Hasegawa flame proof vinyl. Its been a good day.
  6. From the Bovington Show yesterday: The Tam 190D was a ridiculous £10 and the Zvezda was a mere £7. I have a 144 Minicraft BUFF and have been looking for the Vietnam era 1/200 for ages and this one was still shrink wrapped. Revell pilots are must for us in flight boys and these were nice and cheap as was the Huma at £10. Ice cider? Who could resist? In guitar related news, trying new pickups from a nice chap in Rutland (wasn't that a place in an Eric Idle show?) and having 15 guitars and 5 basses means an awful lot of string changes hence the automation.
  7. Well I went and had a jolly good time: Bought a few cheap kits, met some jolly nice chaps with jolly nice beards and still don't get tanks ...but here's some choice moments (BTW the £15 entrance lets you come as many times as you want in a year). There was a small food market and I even impressed one of the beards when a child asked his parent what the funny ripples on the Tiger were and I explained it was called Zimmerit , a type of anti magnetic paste that stopped magnetic mines sticking to the hull...see I know one thing about tanks at least,
  8. Pity about the FAA Museum, I remember going to a show there many moons ago and buying a shrink wrapped Revell Babylon 5 Station and an immaculate Airfix SRN4 for the princely sum of £40 after some haggling..plus the wonderful Haynes museum nearby, just the place if you want see a large hall of sports cars painted the same Ferrari red because Mr Haynes had bought a job lot of said paint.
  9. There are model shows there soon?
  10. I think there is still some Covid-19 inertia, double jabbed doesn't mean immune as many of us are of a "certain age" I can see folk not rushing all at once. That said Nigel's local club are exhibiting and I was thinking of joining so its a good chance to meet them plus there's a local food market on Saurday, bring on the home made piccalilli! That said, I really, really, don't get tanks., mind you a flying one, up a magnetised acrylic pole, that I could get excited about...
  11. Its working so well, there is a positive avalanche of replies from folk going or even vaguely interested..🤣
  12. I can't see a thread for this: https://tankmuseum.org/events/autumn-model-show?fbclid=IwAR3lff369kMG709B2KH2X62vu7mKF98rZIrDxe7Rm53_GYokBmQmBb7g5J4#1626861581020-3ce785f1-1ae7 I'm wandering down in few weeks mainly as I live nearby and have never "got" tanks so a fun day out me thinks. Anyone else going? I know the £14 entrance fee is considered steep (but hey, you get to see some rusty tanks as well) and the traders are few so I guess that will put some off. Anil
  13. Yup, definitely getting closer to low earth orbit with each new ingredient...
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