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  1. Y'know I used to wince at postage till I figured out the grief involved on "experimenting": here's what you do, buy lots of said paint, use some to be build any four engine FAA craft, shove it on Fleabay and watch people pay silly money, thus recouping your costs, make Jamie happy and get Stew a new apron...
  2. Going back to your original problem don't @sovereignhobbies do a Dark Slate? https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/products/acrn06-dark-slate-grey-bs634 Like you I use MLT with a variety of paints usually Gunze but the few times I used Sovereign stuff, it was beautiful even with standard enamel thinners and some Rustins dryers. That said being sold it at Telford by an apron clad chap named Stew Dapple may have permanently mentally scarred me. As for acrylics through an airbrush, gave up on that a long time ago unless its mixed with MLT.
  3. In flight and up a piece of acrylic rod? It'll never catch on...
  4. Amazingly enough less than I was offered on eBay, where a punter weighed in with an offer well over over three figures but my most avid collector could only muster up a little shy of said three figures but he has bought over twenty of mine so that's where it went and hang the extra profit...I must be developing a soul after all
  5. azureglo


    Rather spiffing old chap, now what about doing a nice Channel Dash version?
  6. Nice to see these early kits gets some love for a change.
  7. Righteous Spook there Mac, deserving of nice big pictures for those of us with failing sight 👓
  8. Well you gotta build something that aint another 109...I'll probably offer it to one my regulars first as it is pretty spectacular in real life Cheers Darren, it was going to be a camo Grunherz till I noticed the lurid lime green on the AH decals
  9. Well, here's something you don't see everyday: The Triebflugel that manages to combine the worst aspects of a helicopter and a plane then adds the terror of ramjets. This got the full Man in The High Castle treatment as I wanted to practice using Alclad shades that worked well and its definitely a case of subtle variations between the aluminium, stainless steel, steel and airframe aluminium, Main insignia were painted with decals from the Sky's 1/48 109 sheet which I seem to a have a few of. Added a spurious warning beacon and a sorta gyroscope orientation thing in front of the windscreen. Pitot was 0.3mm tube and I practised my drilling skills by inserting it in a 0.6mm plastic rod, amazingly without piercing any flesh. As usual the detached no hole magnetic stand is present Not the nicest kit I've ever worked but nothing too hard to remedy, they're relatively cheap so worth giving a go, but man do they look extra-fugly in landing position WIP here Aviation madness here:
  10. After an epic day of assembly, retouching and even more retouching its done awaiting gallery beauty shots, Here's a quick preview:
  11. That sucks Duncan, I do it as routine with the sprues laid out and the postage label in shot, and the chancers still try it on. BTW save a search in your eBay for the missing bits with lots of terms, I found a buyer who claimed something similar about a built model not arriving then selling the one I sent , even with the same pix two months after I refunded him! Your scrote will likely list his booty on eBay sooner or later and its a rare item. eBay refunded my postage, took the money for the original sale from his bank linked PayPal account paid me so you might yet have a happy ending
  12. I I would strongly dispute that as I had one that I swapped for a Cricut Explore back in 2018, that eats it for fine detail, accurate lettering etc and is doddle to set up for up to 20 thou card: That said the Explore has the worst software suite I've ever seen and and requires you to use its web based software to perform a cut (until recently) but like you I use either AutoCAD or illustrator to trace & create shapes. That said I would still recommend the Silhouette if you don't use something else to create your shapes as its own software is dire and connection is via a very flaky Bluetooth setup. You can improve the Cameos ability to cut plastic etc by using the Graphtec blades: https://www.silhouetteschoolblog.com/2015/10/how-and-why-to-use-graphtec-cb09-blade.html Get some Oramask 810 in as well as you'll find the Tamiya tape sheet material is not that great for things like Balkenkreusz, RAF roundels, letter/numbers etc as it distorts easily but then the Oramask wont easily conform to deep curves but is perfect for wings and flat fuselages , and occasionally curved ones: Read this, its few years old but will give you an idea of what a cameo can do: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/79025-a-guide-to-using-the-silhouette-cameo-cutter/&/topic/79025-a-guide-to-using-the-silhouette-cameo-cutter/?p=1241172 My Circuit is my workhorse and creates canopy masks, camo, insignia etc with ease and even did these very fiddly exhausts and custom doors in1/72 using 10 thou card: The Cameo will pretty much match it except for the ultra fine details Anil
  13. As some one who trades a lot on eBay, I have come across this and eBay are quite aggressive: If you do this you need to provide a very good reason (i.e. sold on another site with proof, item was broken/damaged with proof) or they freeze your PayPal account for 30 days while they investigate. If you bitch about it they point out their T&Cs which in you have agreed that the seller cant retract an item after a bid has been placed or cancel a sold item without paying eBay the final value fee...do it more than once they take their money then close your account and wont let you open another one with same bank or PayPal details.. My ex tried this and got herself duly banned and attempts to open a new account and link it her PayPal were blocked. On the sellers side I get driven crazy by last minute offers on surplus kits that offer more than the reserve, but literally five minutes before the auction ends, eBay's email system takes up to an hour to forward the offer email...
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