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  1. Some folk here might know the name Victor Woodason but if you don't, then here's a fascinating read for your Americano and biscotti break. http://collectair.org/woodason.html
  2. Snap, same kit same markings from the Skymodels sheet( but with a few colour liberties..)
  3. Today's front door haul: The codes are for this commision build: The masks for another commission build of the sword RF84, and the Techmod decals are for the ancient, cheap but serviceable Tamiya 1/48 A6M3 that I got for pennies at Telford a few years back and thought I'd bang it out as its worth nada as an eBay disposal but decent built 1/48s up a magnetised pole fetch good money. Shame it'll be wheels up, I really fancied blasting some Aotake metallic turquoise on to something. The strings are for my open E slide Strat, I use roundwound 12s on a Tele for my Jazz moments.
  4. It's more of needle straightener/grinder/polisher for when you damage the tip of the needle. I get through 2-3 needles & nozzles for my H&S workhouses a year and don't find them particularly expensive to replace but then again it's a business for me and I write off the cost against sales. I have one as a freebie from Amazon Vine but TBH @£9.00 ish for a new H&S needle I've only used it to polish my needles and it works no better than a piece of 4000 grit micromesh taped to a tile.
  5. Meh, you'd need more than an angle grinder and butane torch to do an A Model kit.
  6. Now this floats my boat ( if not my X wing). I can see the next house's workshop being put to something fun more than endless Bf109s. Spits and FW190s. I could definitely get into this kind of modelling...and think how much more productive I would be without those plastic fingernails...
  7. Whatever (you want).
  8. You strike me as more of a Well Adjusted Stephen than a Mad Steve from your picture, now if you want unhinged try this, now this is what bat sh1t crazy looks like, baby...
  9. You might if someone offered you £350 to do it...mind you, you'd be using the Trumper 1/24 Vb so most of it would go on prozac.
  10. Not through choice, I was "volunteered" by the owner of my local flying club to accompany a newly qualified pilot on her hour building and touch and go's...gah the worst and most terrifying flying experience of my life when the rains started lashing down on the used plastic cup with a ceiling fan that is the Robinson R22. She panicked and I ended up taking that hideous leaky and badly built starfix kit to the airfield. Have vowed never to set foot in one again and if I'm injured and they call an air ambulance, I'm going to ask for the last rites there and then. Hmm, well I have a tiny 1/72 Ace Citroen Light 15 ...some railway scenics stuff and that could be a hoot for mini Villa Savoye. Of course I'll need to visit the real thing for research purposes and have a glass or two of wine in any nearby bistros to plan this properly..
  11. That said I do wonder how much fun folk are having when I see the angst about warped parts, poor fit etc. Its a collection of basic parts to me, some are good, some bad its the skill and the persistence that counts. Looked at that way I don't see any difference between ships, TIE fighters and Spitfires, it's the end goal of something convincing and beautifully built sitting on a shelf giving someone pleasure thats counts. My aim is to look at someone whose work I admire and try up my game to their level be it with an airbrush or a Telecaster, we're all wired differently but for me I feel best when my skills improve and my efforts look/sound better. As an example I've always been baffled by the folk who come to the blues jam I run (prior to lockdown) who after 20 years of trying cant even play a straight twelve bar in A and then complain about their guitar ( or in our case complain about paint/primer/decal/airbrushes/etc)... Back to @RWG686 original sentiment , I love the idea that I can build pretty much anything I'd like for personal use: when & if I decide to: I have started acquiring things like the Wright flyer, CMR Spitfire prototype, MPM Bf 109 Prototype (god help me) , the lovely MPM Fw190V1 and various first flight jets simply for a display of the milestones in flight. I've started a similar collection for space, from V2 to Saturn V just to have important milestones in our history and now I've started to think about architectural modelling, a scale model of the Villa Savoye, the Falling Water house and Mies' Farnsworth house. None of which would make a compelling forum build but would mean a lot to me personally. What's great is the feeling that I can easily achieve a high quality results and the skills I've acquired are transferable to guitar building, helping a friend create a model of her architect fathers first commission, beginning craft woodwork etc. Hobby or not, it a great set of skills that can learned from applying oneself...or you can slather acrylic paint on 1/72 kit with a ten year old caked brush, might be fun for the slatheree but doesn't do anything for me. Each to their own but I'm with @Drichc, I know what badly built , poorly finished models look like, it's the good stuff I want see. As for what folk build, vive la difference, when I'm feeling a bit bored I'll look at something @Gorby has cooked up and its guaranteed to put a smile on my face. One day I hope to be able to look at a tank and say something other than " Meh" and he may be the key to that. That said having flown a few helos and despised every millisecond, I don't see anything with rotor-y in my future unless I start a collection of remembering days I thought I was definitely going to die. Then a Robinson R22 would be top off my list: hint, try landing one in cross winds with heavy rain... Hell I might even do one of that brute of a Sea Vixen at Solent Sky I used to clean and would relieve me of copious amounts of soft tissue if I was not paying attention. A
  12. azureglo

    Airfix 1/24 P51-D

    A bit of a long shot but I'm after a complete unmolested Airfix 1/24 P51D and/or the decal sheet from this boxing: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/airfix-14001-2-p-51d-mustang--170977 Cheers Anil
  13. As the Well the question being inferred is why folk would build something oob or not: as it does not differentiate from paid or hobby, I chipped in my ten cents. It was a hobby until July of last year but the reason I do it is I really enjoy doing it: the skill, the craft and the the appreciation from the customers. I chose to actually go from a a ridiculously highly paid consultant to this and cut back on my lifestyle so I'd have to say hobby or not it gives me a lot of the same pleasure and satisfaction but with the added benefit that anytime I buy anything from a guitar to a loaf of sourdough, its being paid for with my skill as a craftsman. Trust me , in world where most folks income comes from doing a job one tolerates and is resigned to, to make a living with your own hands and skills is something way beyond winning a rosette in a model show, then going back to driving a bus/powerpoint/pneumatic drill/ etc., could ever give you! Funnily the only other time I enjoyed my income generating work is playing guitars which started off as a hobby and ended up being how I paid for my first house outright. I think I once read that one is successful one loves what one does and on that scale, I'm a grinning besotted fool: The only thing is I don't really care what I build as long as I build, Anil
  14. And here she is , in her new home in La Habra, LA, shortly to be joined by a Spitfire VB, hopefully smaller that the brute next it currently: It's a great feeling to see your work in someone's home!
  15. Courtesy of @Walrus some 1/48 aircrew, including one who obviously went to a tanning salon...big thanks Paul! Not really a purchase but one of my own kits which was bought by a regular commissions customer who asked me to build it .I've built one prior and found them to be trouble free and quite attractive when built. It should be making an appearance here in the gallery shortly:
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