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  1. That's what I'm talking about, brilliant,what the hell does that mean!
  2. The Jaguar duo look interesting, are these new kits or repops boxed together?
  3. Not from me it won't, don't drift anymore since we got serious modellers ( or maybe it was just the one) on the site who called in the Drift Police, the subsequent admonishment from the drift police not to drift and upset the serious modeller(s) made me see the error of my ways, causing me to abandon the ways of the drift, the pursuit of the laugh and the banter for a path of pure, serious, humorless modelling. Now, where did I put my colour charts?
  4. Enjoying this. What was it like onboard the Truman, what was different & what was the same, which bits were better & which the same etc. etc.
  5. That's what I'm talking about.
  6. No No No Paul, don't translate, keep on talking navy gibberish.
  7. Love reading your mostly unintelligible Andrew speak.
  8. Another cracking post Leo, well done, keep em cumin!
  9. This is not reet, there's nee filla yet, whit ave ye dun wi 686
  10. DC3

    No aircraft

    Tide class tanker / logistical support ship.
  11. DC3

    No aircraft

    Is this the Durdle Door or this
  12. Some rare & interesting subjects there, and most of excellent clarity and quality.
  13. Daughter 2 had Terrapins for a while, had a gob like a JCB bucket, whole bottom half of heed just dropped 90 degrees, loved worms.
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