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  1. DC3

    No aircraft

    That's a sentence you don't see very often.
  2. Hi Mad, what's your chrome stripper of choice? ps think we can give upon the Mary Rose yet?
  3. Flippin heck,you can't go around saying stuff like that when 686 is around, you could set his recovery back years.
  4. Gotta love a low flyer.
  5. RG686 is our resident filler expert, you need to speak to him, I expect he'll be along soon.
  6. I had a Halcyon Power Loader on the branch stand at one of the Nationals and when I came back from a recce the lads said a bloke had got all aerated 'cos I had used the wrong yellow.
  7. Good point, what I can't understand is how, being Jocks, you haven't used them yet.
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