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  1. Belay that. Was looking for the SPG which is not what you meant at all.
  2. Went to the site but I don't got no nuffink, have you sold them already?
  3. DC3

    1/72 Whirlwind

    Have Airfix released a revised edition of the ancient kit or just the one?
  4. You have plenty of time and plenty of choice. Your 48th scale Hawk doesn't have to be a Red Arrow, there are plenty of decal sheets out there with alternate markings. There are also many iterations of Red Arrow schemes out there, both for the Hawk and the Gnat. Don't limit yourself unless you really want to, just enjoy yourself, do what you want, too many modellers are led by what they think they should do.
  5. DC3


    I'm a tight bastard and I don't care about accuracy or ease of construction or buying the latest shiny toy. If I manage to find a cheap oldy and I build it it will look like a Vulcan, and I'll be happy.
  6. I'm really sad to see this post. There are so many brilliant kits of different genres and different scales that you are cutting off your nose to spite your face if you only stick to one scale.
  7. Welcome. To help you in your search for your next subject can I suggest you check out the websites of Black Mike Models,Kits For Sale, Wonderland Models, Hannants and KingKit for starters. All of these sites have a massive selection of kits, accs. paints etc. both new and second hand in some cases.
  8. No cars or bikes but they do have an excellent selection of Spitfires in various scales.* Are you sure ? * that was sarcasm
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