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  1. DC3

    FMA IA 58A Pucará

    I should think so too, a whole new world of garden centres, tea shops & farmers markets awaits, lucky you.
  2. DC3

    No aircraft

    Just been outside & the moon is just like that.
  3. DC3


    Thanks chaps.
  4. DC3

    No aircraft

    I'll second that, more like Jaffa Buttons than Cakes.
  5. DC3


    Any chance you could delete the old shows from the shows thread & just leave the future shows or if not arrange them chronologically?
  6. DC3

    Black Dragon

    Not bad for a geordie fisherman
  7. Lucky you, if there's anything better than models & aeroplanes it's rugs, enjoy.
  8. Love all these pikshas. Got a bit of a random question for you all. Round about the time of all the Balkan malarky I blimped a Canadian F-18 at a Cottesmore open day with an extensive mission tally on the nose & was intrigued by the silhouette of a fish in the midst of all the lgb's & slicks. Anybody got any idea what this was for?
  9. 30% was at Peterborough,didn't buy anything off him, thought he looked a bit ropey.
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