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  1. So what is it? If you are one of The Boys from the dwarf you may get this otherwise, I'm just being a dick
  2. When are you getting them in?
  3. What kit is in the unmarked white box.?
  4. DC3

    No aircraft

    That's what I'm talking about.
  5. There is at least one German trailer out there but not sure who does it. Hold the bus, it's MiniArt, do tractors as well, also Riich Models.
  6. You'd think that but at one of the Nationals I had an Aliens Power Loader on the branch stand, I was on a wander so I didn't see the bloke but when I came back one of the lads told me he had a right go at it because it wasn't the right shade of yellow. Worlds full of arseholes.
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