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  1. DC3

    Paint Shaker

    Have you got it yet?
  2. Obviously this doesn't apply to Audi or BMW drivers.
  3. I wonder what tales she could tell.
  4. The only Locarno I know is the one that used to be in Sunderland. Saw my first ever band there, The Who, got a pair of Keith Moons drumstcks, still got'em. The Locarno was a ballroom/dance hall, had false palm trees as part of the decor.
  5. One of the last re-enactments that you attended
  6. DC3

    low level Pumas

    Don't know why they should be playing around here unless it's something to do with the army camps in Rutland, We haven't had anything like it for maybe 5 or 10 years.
  7. DC3

    low level Pumas

    had a look but didn't see anything. Had low flying Wokkas for the last few days.
  8. Bit of a tidy up & move on, life's too short
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