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  1. Your box of junk wouldn't have an Airfix (or anyones really) P-39 tailplane by any chance?
  2. Greetings Revolting Che, as an alternative to your hardened glue technique may I offer a trick I got from John Adams. Apply superglue to the part then add baking soda. It cures instantaneously, repeat until you have sufficient bulk then just sand to shape. If you already knew this apologies.
  3. DC3

    P-39 Tail plane

    Looking for a tail plane for an Airfix P-39.
  4. Following this with great interest as I have one but I have to confess to adolescent sniggering every time I see the title, I know, pathetic but what ya gonna do?
  5. small steps 686, small steps.
  6. When I saw the title of your thread I almost lost all respect for you but then I saw it was a paraphrase of Mrs. Skwonk. No man should ever utter or use the word cute, especially anybody from North of Hartlepool.
  7. DC3

    AIRFIX 2021

    I know but I don't suppose you could try to enjoy that fact a little bit less.
  8. DC3

    AIRFIX 2021

    I wouldn't mind but Leo's got a legit thread running.
  9. DC3

    AIRFIX 2021

    I'm not happy, ( I know, hard to believe right?), there are more and more "proper next door modelling type" posts appearing in this thread, let's try to get a grip of this muchachos, I don't want to have to get the mods involved due to excessive thread drift.
  10. DC3

    AIRFIX 2021

    Well said, a brilliant example of pure, honest self interest. We need more people like this. I feel your best bet will be Trumpeter or Hobbyboss which fact will be even more satisfying due to the fact that you'll be able to slag them off to the back end of next week as they will be completly inaccurate in every possible way, completely unbuildable and will come in the wrong kind of box. This last will hit swonk the hardest as we all know how important the packaging is to him.
  11. DC3

    Airfix Live

    No doubt you almost have it back up to full strength by now.
  12. DC3

    Airfix Live

    Jist tryin tae help, ya walloper
  13. DC3

    Airfix Live

    I am now seriously worried about 686, it's obvious he's no longer taking any of his meds and is rapidly descending into a state of complete bamness. I think it's time for an intervention.
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