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  1. DC3

    V-8 Supercars

    yep, Stralian touring cars. currently Fords & Holdens with a few Nissans thrown in but there have been other marques in the past. Brilliant series, some really good circuits especially Mount Panorama, host of the Bathurst 1000. Proper racing, proper cars, give it a google or YouTube. Brilliant subjects for models.
  2. You don't have a pic of the underside of the starboard wing by any chance?
  3. Thanks anyway, I didn't think there were any but cars aren't my main subject & I thought you would know if there was anything to know, cheers, dave
  4. They are pretty good but you have to be careful what you lob in there. While I've got your attention can I tap into your internal car modelling database & ask if you know of anyone who makes V-8 Supercar kits?
  5. DC3

    V-8 Supercars

    Hi autopeeps, does anyone know if anybody makes any V-8 Supercar models?
  6. Have I missed your holly daze report or have you not posted yet?
  7. The antibiotics for you or the 4 day old underskegs?
  8. A new telly, which is nice, & a new chair for the computer/model room/command bunker, which is also nice.
  9. DC3

    Italeri Ju86E

    It might get dunkeller once it's dry.
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