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  1. Probably after a really heavy sesh.
  2. I too look at it and think Bleh. Good call
  3. Hi Steve, who makes these gundammarkers?
  4. cheers, which alternate would you recommend.?
  5. Just shows how naive I am, always thought Tamiya were bombproof. What are the issues please Duncan?
  6. DC3

    No aircraft

    That's outstanding, even with the scaffolding.
  7. I know, Hasegawa levels.
  8. The B-21 is much smaller than the B-2.
  9. A most acceptable post. When I was in the Merchant I had a couple of Pirelli calenders (71 and 72 I think) but I left them on the ships for the next inmates.
  10. No defense needed, didn't say I had anything against them, just that they are weird. I've been to Japan several times and I love it and them.
  11. DC3

    RAF Daguerre

    That may be a 70's boxing but the kit dates from the 60's, possibly even the late fifties.I have the 4th edition Airfix catalogue and the Control Tower's in there as a series 2 kit which, according to the pricing notes I made at the time, was the princely sum of 3/6d or 17.5 pence for modern man. Series 1 were 2/3d, Series 3 were 5/-, Series 4 were 7/-, Series 5 8/6, I didn't make a note of Series 6 (Sunderland) or Series 7 (B-29) probably because I thought there was no chance I'd ever have that much money. Just had a google and the 4th edition dates from 1966. Just googled again and
  12. The Japanese are weird.
  13. Knew I'd snare you, obsessed with cars now you are, there's nee ganinn back.
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