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  1. Maryland/Baltimore & a Polish job, m,aybe a Wilk?
  2. Just out of general interest thought I'd mention that the Nelson was built in my home town of Hebburn, County Durham, my grandad was a riveter & worked on her & the Kelly.
  3. Do you know which subject you are going to use yet?
  4. Hi Warren, I'm not 100% sure but I think I may have at least some of the kits decals in better nick than yours, I could have a look if you'd be interested but bear in mind there would be a delay as I'd be posting from the UK & you do seem to be on a speed thing atm, cheers, Dave
  5. Never heard that before, is it a sarf afrikan thing?
  6. Morning Mad, A "hose"? not being pedantic just curious. Good job, cheers, spad, err no not spad, DC3, definitely DC3, don't know who that other bloke is.
  7. DC3


    Ola Ricardo, I've been melting what's left of my brain trying to recognize the tail unit in the foreground of the first photo, ya gotta tell me man, I'm losin' it.
  8. DC3

    T-BIRD 2

    Hi, I'm looking for a Thunderbird 2 kit, I know there are several available in different sizes but the one I'm looking for would be the one closest in size to a 72nd scale F-16 or F-15. Any peeps got one they want to sell or could point me in the right direction?
  9. Hi Rich, what's the story with the Bf108?
  10. If you have an air brush & compressor try putting the acetone on then, having jacked up the air pressure, blast the grill which should blow the glue/acetone out of the grill onto the backing plate. Worth a try?
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