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  1. Looks like he's having a crap.
  2. Yeh it's not bad.
  3. Superglue purchase is always a hard act to follow, afraid a shiny thing just doesn't cut it, sorry.
  4. Type "needle threader " into the googleator & see what you think. Might be something there useful, obviously size of hole may be too small but I have used this method before.
  5. Looking mighty fine & the pilots pretty nifty too for a first attempt at a figure, boy's got skills.
  6. He's right to be scared, my sister lived there for a while and now she's screwed up.
  7. DC3


    Isn't that a bit dangerous, probably best not to have another one for a while.
  8. DC3

    Show Attendance 2020

    Where will you be?
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