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  1. Tasty. As there was no reaction to my post in the WIP I will mention again my reference to the Border Reiver, a Mark Knopfler song which, should you hunt it out on youtube or some such, you may find a pleasant way to spend a few minutes.
  2. I knew that, and yes he is.
  3. Watching normally.
  4. I just stick the whatever in a big enough food bag and spray in a load of oven cleaner, seal the bag for a day or so and usually bob's your granda. If all the paint aint come of yet repeat, don't think I've ever had to do it more than twice, and your bits don't fall off.
  5. Thanks Leo, would I be right in thinking that's an old cavalry stable? I know Brazil had some M3 Grants or Lees and was wondering are any of those preserved?
  6. I've often thought that was a very unfortunate name for a model company, can't decide if the bloke's just being ironic or extremely naive.
  7. Looks like a modern day Hobbiton.
  8. It is a tad loud. but I like it.
  9. It looks much more vintage in civilian guise.
  10. Maybe that's why our aud heeds are now turning to mince.
  11. DC3

    The Stash.

    Stupid boy.
  12. DC3

    The Stash.

    Add it to the pile please
  13. DC3

    The Stash.

    Is the Tamiya Vertol the civil or military version?
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