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  1. https://modelingtime.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=328&t=19099 grazie
  2. bellissimo modello. Mi consigli l'acquisto di questo kit? beautiful model. Do you recommend the purchase of this kit?
  3. ho anche io questo kit. E' facile da montare? Bel lavoro! I also have this kit. Is it easy to assemble? Good job!
  5. Un F-14 Tomcat specialmente dei jolly rogers è sembre bellissimo da vedere. Si nota dalle immagini che c'è una piccola sbavatura lungo il canopy e poi lo trovo troppo lucido come trasparente finale! Ottimo lavoro comunque An F-14 Tomcat especially of the jolly rogers is beautiful to look at. You can see from the images that there is a small burr along the canopy and then I find it too glossy as a final transparent! Good job anyway
  6. Scusami azureglo ma il mio inglese è tradotto dal traduttore di google. Non volevo dire "vergogna" ma volevo dire che a questo bel modello mancava il pilota. Poi, volevo farti i complimenti per tutti i modelli pitturati con colori metallici. Sorry azureglo but my english is translated by the google translator. I didn't mean 'shame' but I wanted to say that the pilot was missing from this beautiful model. Then, I wanted to compliment you on all the models painted with metallic colors.
  7. Thanks, guys. I am glad you liked it.
  8. nice lightning this F-100
  9. really beautiful. excellent assembly and coloring
  10. precise and clean. well done
  11. a really good achievement. The 'in flight' pose is very realistic. Good boy
  12. Very beautifull. Japanese fighters are always fascinating. Personally I would have 'dirty' at the bottom. Didn't you reproduce the exhaust fumes? Compliments! 👍
  13. Then the compliments are double 💪
  14. Good evening people of model makers. Here is my latest effort: the Flanker of the Russian aerobatic team. The kit is the infamous 1/48 scale Academy and these are the aftermarket in the kit: -Air intake grilles (Metallic Details MD4804) -Exaust nozzle set (North Star Models NS48030) -Decals "Russian Knight Flanker's" (Begemot BT48006) -Correct nose (Quikboost QB48116) -Pitot tube (Master 48-066) -Static Discargers (Master 48-113) -Pitot tubes (Quickboost QB48856) -Antennas (Quickboost QB48129) -Flaperons (Quickboost QB48310) -Exterior (Eduard 48507) -Wheel bay (Aires 4549) -Cockpit (Aires 4262) I had to make several corrections and add details such as sub-wing pylons. The colors used are the really beautiful Akah; they are easily sprayed but they are very delicate: they only scratch when looking at them but they have really realistic colors. I show you some photos of the construction and the finished model. Thanks for watching and for your comments. Now the stages of painting. Cockpit Alclad II: aluminium, steel, jet exahust e tamiya trasparent blu, green and yellow Lower light blue color Masking with tamiya tape for red color Masking for dark blue Finished model. I hope you enjoy Thanks for your patience! 💪
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