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  1. great work on the corner of the wing. The cockpit is poor in detail, too bad!
  2. The P-51D always has its charm and is the "cadillac" of the skies. Beautiful coloring and impatient look that you finish it!
  3. impressive amount of detail. you have applied the PE in a professional way. Good boy!
  4. I like the wear you've given to the model. really beautiful
  5. bonovox

    BAe Hawk

    The seats gave a touch of life to the cockpit. Great scratch on the flaps and well done wash on the wheel bay. Excellent result with the vacuform: well done windscreen. The color is very clean and precise and it is not easy to use red. Congratulations, I can not wait for you to apply declas. :-SBAV
  6. I feel projected back in time. very but very realistic.
  7. the armored vehicle and the soldiers are a show. The terrain is realistic. congratulations
  8. aaarrrgggg .... what a fear, never seen a branch so original and unique. You are great.
  9. Good morning friends. I present you another Phantom. The kit is in 1/72 scale by Italeri. The cockpit is Aires dedicated to the "E" version and has been modified for the "D" version. The pilots are from the PJ and the Eduard missiles. Gunze acrylic paint colors and masking made with patafix. On the wooden base I attached a photo of the Vietnamese landscape and the model is suspended in the air with a transparent plasticard strip. Here are some photos, I hope you like it. ...some vintage photos thanks for the comments 😉
  10. a model of great charm. good boy
  11. the models are all beautiful but I prefer the viper
  12. beautiful coloring. did you paint camouflage with masks or freehand?
  13. The more I look at it, the more I like it. This is a gold medal job. You are a great one.
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