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  1. A little difficult, nowadays almost everything is available as a kit, in different scales. I like 1/72 scale, so maybe a truly injection-molded L-188 Electra (late version with long fuselage). Welsh Models has a "multi-media" one with a vacuum-formed fuselage (you have to cut out all the passenger windows...). A 1/72 Consolidated C-109 tanker (full kit, or a conversion for existing B-24 kits?). A 1/72 Boeing XB-38, in case of conversion kit only new wings with Allison engines required, for use with one of the various (Airfix, Revell, Academy, etc.) existing fuselages (a new nose, B-1
  2. Very nice model. I liked the blue paint on the nose, it's different. The "scottish bands" reminded me of a scarf . The mk-82 bombs are also very cool.
  3. Hey, that's different, a "british" Marsupiale. Very well built and painted model, congratulations.
  4. Very nice model. I liked the effects on the painting (covering the original british colours, etc.).
  5. A beautiful silver Tempest. I have 2 Heller kits, I think I'll make one the same. Inspiring. Do you have a photo of the underside of the model?
  6. So I'll take a little longer to start putting my C-117 together .
  7. I was going to say exactly that
  8. What a cool model!
  9. I have this same Airmodel conversion kit. Good luck and congratulations.
  10. Nice model, congratulations. I love these ancient kits.
  11. OK, everything is fine... :-)
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