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  1. They do, don't they? I was a bit unsure at first and thought about toning them down, but I rather like them now. I've been busy with the command module decalling, next. I did the underside first to see how the anti glare decals would work...luckily they were a very good fit. Don't know why they didn't include any decals for the blacked out underside windows though - I had to mask and spray those: Then I finished off the top side: The inside won't be seen much through the tiny windows, so this is probably sufficient: I've got the decals on the engines too, but I haven't taken photos of that until the plumbing is all connected up. Current decal count - 324, and a few more coloured bands to go on the spine yet! Getting there, Dean
  2. Right, I've been away but I've not been idle. As reported above, I had a minor disaster with the command module. I think I invented three new swearwords that evening. Anyway, after a good sanding and repaint, it's looking good again: The decalling process began using the weathering decal sheet, which has three and a half million small squares and rectangles in different shades to add life to an otherwise white model. I spent a while trying them out on the passenger pod: It's just slow going, that's all. I next turned my attention to the undercarriage pods...each one has over 30 decals and took an hour and a half: And I've done all four now: The command module is half decalled, so I'll post up pics of that when it's done. I've counted 286 decals on this so far! More when it happens, Dean
  3. For those not aware, I recently dropped my freshly glosscoated command module, whereupon it rolled under the workbench and attracted more particles than most credible scientists believe exist. If astronomers are looking for the lost 'dark matter' which makes up 90% of the universe, they have only to look at my flock effect command module... In other news, I've now applied 260 decals to the model so far. There are more decals than parts... Pictures when I get round to it. Dean
  4. Right scale on the Seasprite. Starfix? Give me a break, I didn't build it THAT badly did I? 😉 Dean
  5. Right car Steve, but it's just a standard Pontiac Firebird, not KITT. It's not Ertl either. No to everything about the pickup... Dean
  6. Sorry Gorby, my little quiz seems to have hijacked your thread. Would you like me to move it to one of it's own? Dean
  7. Yep. Still a few foxing people though... Dean
  8. Good try, old boy...B+ I'd say, even though you did put TWO manufacturers down sometimes to hedge your bets! 😉 Good spot on the Stuka engine, too. The stuff highlighted in bold is correct, so 1, 7, 9, 10, 12, 15, 17, 22, 23, 24, 27, 29, 34, 39, 40 and 41 still to complete or correct. Anyone else? Dean
  9. Yes to no. 9, no to the other two... looks like this is harder than I thought!
  10. Interesting topic...when I was at college, I was talking to a friend who wanted to see the models I'd built. I photographed them all the next time I was home, and these are the results, taken circa 1986. All of these were built before I was out of my teens, I recently posted them on another website with the offer of prizes if anyone could identify all subjects, scales and manufacturers correctly - nobody even tried! Feel free to try... Dean
  11. Right, progress. I've finally got the ladder section spine together, and the massive passenger pod. Both have been given a squirt of white primer to show up areas of concern: The forward and rear walkways, with their undercarriage pods added: Connecting the two temporarily with the spine gives this: And adding the passenger pod gives an idea of how bulky the finished article will be: The engine bells have been assembled and painted with AK Xtreme metal paints, and some streaking has been added to their interiors, just visible here: They were painted in dark aluminium for the narrower sections, polished aluminium for the rest, and pale burnt metal near the rims, all freehanded: The rest of the vertical thruster bells were painted in polished aluminium too: Next step is to get the command module together, and sand the filler on the awful gaps on the landing gear feet. More when it happens, Dean
  12. I wouldn't know, chaps...but I can recognise quite a few bits from the Airfix Apollo Saturn V rocket kit! Look at the lunar module halves on top of the two box sections... 🙂
  13. Cheers chaps. Steve, if it was an episode from season two, most 1999 fans dismiss that as a great steaming pile. Season one was the better, but even that is ham acted and hokey. The Eagles were the best things in it... Anyway, as promised, here's a couple of pics of the progress. First, the rear section and engines...none of this structure is glued yet, it's all just held together by the engineering of the kit. Pretty impressive that the manufacturers can do this on the one hand, and can't get some relatively simple bits to fit properly: Both front and rear walkways; The bits inside the walkways were highly detailed, but looked stark when painted in Mr Surfacer White Primer 1000: So I slapped on some pastel wash to bring out the details, an added a few decals from the spares box: Good job I didn't go mad - once these bits are encased in their cages not a lot of it is visible, but it all adds to the general busyness of the thing: Need to get the cages painted next, so I can glue all these bits together permanently. More when it happens, Dean
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