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  1. Cheers folks...one more in natural daylight:
  2. Tamiya XF paints... Dark Green and Dark Sea Grey. The green was lightened by overspraying it with thinned NATO Green, I think... She certainly is, down there with XX894 in naval uniform.
  3. I'm not THAT heavy... 😉
  4. Here's the finished article, my reminder of a nice day out... 🙂 And it's goodbye from me... Cheers, Dean
  5. Right, this is the last WIP update, as I've forgotten to take any more photos! Here it is at the end of the weathering stage, with the matt coat on and various stains and scuffs added. Most of them were done according to my reference photos, so if you think it looks overdone, I can assure you it isn't! I've literally just put the finishing touches onto it, and I'll edit the photos tonight and post a RFI thread tomorrow sometime. 85 hours work wrestling this into submission...so I've wave goodbye for now: Cheers, Dean
  6. Hopefully, mate. Because you're buying, remember..? 😉
  7. Cheeky bugger...I was looking about as svelte as I get, on the day: 😉
  8. Cheers folks. Latest progress- I got the decals on, a mixture of the kit decals, an aftermarket sheet for the squadron markings, and some self made decals. Compounding the problem was that some of the kit stencils were the wrong colour, being black whereas the Brunty versions were white, so I had to cobble some markings together from spares. Glossed over, they looked ok: The serial number on the fuselage was cobbled together from an aftermarket sheet, but for the large serials under the wings I had to get creative. The decal sheet I had had the serial XW529 on it, so I carefully drew up a pair of '4's the same size and style, cut them out of masking tape, and airbrushed them onto the wings in the correct places: Then I cut the '29' off the decals, and positioned the 'XW5's in the right places...I think they blended in well: I've now started adding the panel line wash, grey on the grey parts and black on the green parts and the hinge points: Some tidying up needed yet, and then on with the matt coat. In other news, the undercarriage has been assembled and is ready to fit: More when it happens... Dean
  9. More has happened...first off, I got the Dark Sea Grey on: Then I tried masking off the camouflage pattern with tape. No chance with all those wiggly curves, so even though it was a hard edged camo I was looking for, I went back to the Blu-Tack sausages method: The problem is that the camo pattern is slightly non standard on this airframe, very few photos exist of its topside, and none of its underside. Consequently, much poring over of reference photos from the day and trying to square that with the Airfix painting guide meant that the total masking time on this was about three and a half hours. The underside was a bit of a puzzle: It took a couple of repaints before I found the right green to use, and as the green on the real thing has weathered and faded heavily, it was decided to replicate this while the masking was still in place. The aircraft is always parked outside with the wings folded, and the shadow cast by the wings over the fuselage has produced a noticeable protection against fading by the sun. Also, a canopy cover is used, and the bleaching effect on the uncovered versus covered areas is quite pronounced. This was achieved with a lighter green strategically airbrushed on the appropriate areas: Once the green was finished, it was time to see how it looked against the grey, and the laborious process of removing all the Blu-Tack started. It was at this point that the leading edge of the starboard wing cracked open again. Ooh, the language. I think I invented a couple of new swear words at this point. The plastic Airfix used on this kit is soft, delaminated, pebbly, warped and doesn't take glue well. Other than that, it's a perfect material for making kits with. After a few touch ups to unsatisfactory areas of the camouflage, and a super glue repair to the wing, overall the thing wasn't looking too bad. I even uncovered the decals for the pilot's name and the yellow warnings, touched up the paint around these, and painted and weathered the nose cone: Then the time had come to make it shiny so I could handle it and not worry about leaving fingerprints on the green, which was particularly prone to them. Klear was airbrushed on over two sittings, one for the top and one for the bottom: Then it was time to add the roundels and fin flashes. These were quite faded and bashed about on the real aeroplane, so I couldn't use the decals which were too dark and pristine looking. I masked off the appropriate areas, and sprayed a base coat of white. The red and blue areas were then added in a blotchy and uneven manner, taking care not to completely blot out the white. I also masked and sprayed the aluminium leading edges of the wings at this point: If anybody is looking at the roundels and thinking I've done a rough job on them... ...you're right, I have. And it's intentional! Look at the real ones: 😉 Next step is to mask and paint: wheel wells, fin top bullets and stabiliser leading edges. After that, it's on to the decalling stage... More when it happens, Dean
  10. Thanks for wishing my Dad well, folks. Happy to report that he's doing fine now. 🙂 Further (slow) progress...the wingtip navigation lights were moulded solid, so I but them out and replaced them with bits of clear sprue with a hole drilled inside to simulate the bulb. A lot of painstaking research was needed to find out whether the bulb inside pointed outwards or forwards! This pic shows the red light installed and sanded to shape, while the green light is still just rough sprue: Both lights completed: One strange bit of moulding is this oval depression on the port engine cover- the starboard one has an oval panel there with fasteners on the cover. Had to make a cover for that...the fasteners don't show up in this pic, but they're there: Then, I could finally get the wings and windscreen on, not without their own trials: The yellow and white areas on the fuselage are where I've had to add some home made decals to match the markings on the real thing. The coloured background was first painted on, and the black and transparent decal was placed over it. Masking has been placed over the two yellow ones to protect them for when the camo goes on. A quick look at the underside: After a bit of rescribing here and there, it's just about ready for painting now. More when it happens... Dean
  11. Happy New Year all... currently on sale is the February edition of Airfix Model World magazine with my Lockheed Vega on the front cover. Here's a couple of teasers... 😉 Cheers, Dean
  12. Right, I'm back. It's been a bit manic at this end lately, not least of which was the fact that my Dad had two strokes within a week. 😞 Progress report...the rear end of the fuselage is too narrow to meet flush with the closed airbrakes, and had to be built up with successive layers of putty until it met. Best I can do: The rear exhaust shrouds were an appalling fit: As was the fin to the spine, despite shimming it out earlier: So it was out with the putty again: After two rounds of putty-sand-repeat, it looked like this...not quite good enough: After a total of five rounds of PSR, it was good enough to have a coat of metallic and a few rivets added, along with the exhaust pipe: Then it was time to add the intakes. They were first masked off inside, as it would be easier to do it now than in situ, and glued on as best they could fit. Which was not good: More puttying and sanding followed: Surprisingly, the intakes only needed two rounds of PSR before the primer coat showed the joints to be acceptable: I also built some scratchbuilt details to go under the missing wing fold panels, just to busy things up there: All being well, after a bit of tidying up and rescribing here and there, the wings will be next to go on... More when it happens, Dean
  13. Hi all, Just a couple of teaser pics of my 1/48 Spitfire racer, the cover feature of this month's AMW... Cheers, Dean
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