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  1. Deanflyer

    Ki-45 Toryu

    Thanks for the comments, chaps. 🙂 More comments than 'likes'? Blimey, are they on ration or something..? 😉
  2. I don't know what kit this is for, but I want to go out and buy one now, just so you can print these for me... 😉 Nice work, both of you!
  3. Deanflyer

    Ki-45 Toryu

    Hi all, I'm now able to show you the Zoukei-Mura 1/32 Ki-45 Toryu I recently built completely out-of-the-box for AMW magazine. It was painted in Tamiya acrylics and Mr Color lacquers were used for the freehanded reticulated camo pattern. First, a few walk around shots... ...followed by a few flyaround shots from the magazine article, some showing the cowlings removed... ...and a few in-progress shots showing the internal detail which in most cases is now hidden away forever... Cheers, Dean
  4. Deanflyer

    My First Jet

    Thanks...it was a great experience! 🙂 I only take my flying suit when I know I'm going flying...I knew I was doing it before I left England so I packed it in my case. As for the gloves- I've been flying in them for 27 years, and I'm only on my second pair. I'm only 1/48 scale... 😉 Thanks. 🙂 Dean
  5. Deanflyer

    My First Jet

    Hi all, now that the July issue of Airfix Model World has finished selling, I can finally show you this... Last year whilst on holiday in Australia, I finally managed to get a jet in my flying log book. It's an L-39C Albatros belonging to a company at Archerfield Airport in Brisbane, and I managed to hire it for a while along with a pilot to keep an eye on it while I played with it. Returning home, I built a copy of it as a keepsake, using the Trumpeter 1/48 kit as a base, but incorporating scratch built parts, self made decals, and masks for some of the markings cut by my mate Nige. Hope you like it. Photos from the day: It's all good fun. Cheers, Dean
  6. Cheers Duncan... the paints were AK Interactive acrylics, AK-2021 and AK-2022. They're the right colours, but incredibly delicate once on, and rubbed off easily unless protected. Dean
  7. Hi all, Now that the magazine it was published in is no longer available, I can show pictures of the Revell 1/32 Arado 196 that was built for Airfix Model World, where it made the front cover. It was done using the Eduard PE set for the exterior, and was mounted on an aftermarket resin beaching trolley. Some 'beach scene' photos first, followed by a few shots from the in-progress stages. Hope you like it... Cheers, Dean
  8. I meant the one in the film was a Super Hornet, so I didn't think Airfix would be releasing the wrong kit...obviously I was wrong, and they would. 🙄 I was misled by this: Dean
  9. I doubt it...I think that's the Super Hornet, isn't it? Thanks for the comments folks, it's appreciated. Dean
  10. Hi all, here's my 3rd prototype Hornet, built from the 40 year old Airfix 1/72 kit, and using the kit decals. It was done for a nostalgia Group Build elsewhere, so was done entirely out of the box except for the seat straps. The decals had yellowed a bit and needed a coat of liquid decal film to hold them together, but if you don't look too closely they don't look too bad... Sadly, this aircraft crashed on 16th March 1981 so this is by way of bringing it back to life...hope you like it. :-)
  11. Deanflyer

    Sea Fury

    Thanks folks... :-)
  12. Deanflyer

    Sea Fury

    Hello all, I'm back. Did you miss me? I've been unable to show anything new since about last August as I've been busy building stuff that can't be shown before publication. Just finished something for myself though, the Trumpeter 1/48 Sea Fury. Yes I know it's got a lot of inaccuracies, but I wanted something basic after all the super detailed stuff I've been doing lately. Here it is... Cheers, Dean
  13. Bwahahahaha.... 🙂 Neat little thing...L-39C, registered VH-UKR and based at Archerfield Airport in Brisbane: Dean
  14. When I worked in Saudi Arabia, with it being a dry country (no booze allowed) they had tins of Budweiser on sale that didn't say beer on them. It was a 'non-alcoholic malt based beverage'. So it was exactly the opposite of this thread's title: something I demolished which was exactly what it said on the tin...
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