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  1. I used an airbrush at work for retouching and illustration (as a graphic designer) from about 1972 until the first practical graphics computers came in in the late 80's followed by Photoshop. What an advance - a photo-retouch could be done in minutes not hours, an illustration in days not weeks. Another advantage was not going home with purple nostrils and leaving a studio layered in paint dust. I like brushes with hair, though there are effects you can't achieve without an airbrush (I'm thinking of a particular civvie Hawker Hunter, and there was a Gazelle I fancied replicating too), but not many in 1/72 scale. When i get past my historic loft stash, beyond my daughters' old toys to reach my redundant art stuff, maybe I'll haul out my Devilbis Aerograph 63 and give it a blow-through! I hope I cleaned it out before I put it away. By the way, I used to get mask-bleed back then too, and cleaning the build up of paint if using anything but water-colour or gouach was a real pain.
  2. .....so anyway..... I've been doing tedious stuff, masking frames, watching paint dry, masking frames etc etc Tdious prgress is still progression though. First of all, tried masking the white cheat line on the Gazelle, but got so much paint bleed I had to wet'n'dry the area and touch up the blue and red to within the intended white stripe. I tried cutting strips of blank white decal sheet but it just wriggled, wiggled and niggled me till I gave up. But not for long! I'd had a wave of the brain - I cut a sized slice from a bit of the white decal sheet I'd already printed and sprayed over with fix. Now it worked reasonably well (see above). I had the same trouble with the Scout (below). Not sure why the problem, unless its because of the masking being so close together the paint surface tension is making it pool on the painted area. I may or may not try some red decal sheets over a repainted Scout. I'll try touching up first though. The others are progressing, though I haven't made much progress sourcing a replacement for the horrible kit decals on the Rapide. Its painted though, and I'll probably rig it as well in the interim. I'm still experimenting with the door/window frame decal for the Griffon - I've yet to get the decal black as dense as the paint color. However, the Gazelle is ready now for the 'just crack on and finish it' treatment, so it'll be over in the Gallery next with the Vampire. Onwards and upwards.....
  3. I've just found this thread. Is it too late to have a vote? I vote Spitfire and claim the prize. I've just found this thread. Is it too late to have a vote? I vote Phantom and claim the prize.
  4. Pretty sure we've got blue food colouring - my daughter does a good Republican version of the Empire biscuit (incidently, they were known as 'German Biscuits' pre-1914!) with a Saltire on the top. (Mmmmm - Co-op Empire biscuits - major loss due to lockdown) RWG's suggestion is good too, but since the invention of the graphics computer (over 30 years ago - I was an early adopter) all my lovely expensive coloured inks have turned to concrete. Might try a blue marker pen though, Also, Inkjet printer ink might be worth a try - it sure tints my fingers, desk, floor, various articles of clothing and random body parts whenever I'm changing a cartridge.
  5. Just looked at some other Scouts tintings - I think I'm wrong, they seem to be the same shade. Maybe.
  6. Naaaaa. Too easy! Which bring me to a question......what's the best way of doing a tinted canopy? I was going to a mix of blue and clear varnish on a scrap canopy (the inside?). By the way - on those Scouts the overhead front panels look a blue lighter tint than the near-black back ones - am I correct?
  7. Maybe they'll introduce a deposit scheme on sprue, like lemonade bottles - you could hansomely supplement your income as a schoolboy going round building sites and looking in hedges for discarded Irn Bru bottles. Then down to Woolworths for an Airfix Spitfire and some glue and paint
  8. Yup. And the Russians (or Ukranians, Khazaks or Klingons - whoever has the moulds now) could teach us a thing or two about keeping costs down - poly bag (no box), instructions one sheet cheaply digitally printed on the sort of stock used for toilet paper in schools in the fifties, no decals (that might be down to Mr.686 - he knows I wouldn't be using those funny round target thingies), and plastic recycled from redundent ladies toiletry containers. Only what we need - plastic. And yet, aside from a little flash the mouldings are really quite good.
  9. Thank Airfix for that one! Really nice quality and detail - though I did find the nosewheel side door lying on the blue paper when I tidied up. - some parts have very, very small surface area to glue. I honestly am amazed at the detail for the low price. I've often said I'm easily pleased, but I'm rarely amazed!
  10. So anyway...... Started last, finished first (well, nearly). Airfix's Vampire is such a straight forward build, I decided just to bash ahead and get all the annoying final bits on. I opted to paint the canopy framing while still attached to the sprue (each individual frame elements at a time between drying) so not yet attached. I'll finish the aircraft as the civilian registered (of course!) demonstrator G-ANVF. I've prepared the decal artwork, but I'll print it out when I can put together more on to the one sheet - just appears in black on the yellow band on the tailbooms and above and below the wings. Silver really shows up the excellent detail of the Airfix mouldings, every dodgy join and bit of oose and stoor (Scottish words - look 'em up!). Decals required for the next 10 years! Printed out on paper to check size and accuracy. Meanwhile, the Vampire has moved to the 'finished build' section. Hurrah! So obviously, now I'll start something else.....you know it makes sense! But its PINK! Should make an interesting comparison with the Airfix Vampire in mould quality 50 years on!
  11. Bit slow going due to the wrong kind of sunshine. Trying simultaneously concurrent at-the-same-time builds. I'm glad the plastics are two different colours, that at least limits some of the confusion.
  12. Actually got something finished......Civvie (apologies to you sensitive millitary sorts) Vampire! Ta-raaaaa! Home produced decals worked out ok - the no-step red polygons and ejector seat warning triangle came from the kit sheet. And yet, is it finished? Oops - still to paint the nav-lights on the wing tips!
  13. Mission creep. We'll be bombing Tuvalu next.
  14. Had to look it up..... " A "point defense interceptor" is of a lightweight design, intended to spend most of its time on the ground located at the defended target, and able to launch on demand, climb to altitude, manoeuvre and then attack the bomber in a very short time, before the bomber can deploy its weapons. " An aeroplane concept that could fairly, and concisely, be described as 'too little, and too late'! 😂 Pretty much as the Luftwaffe's folly during the BofB of acceding to the bomber pilot's demands to have the fighters close by the formation 'for protection' instead of off elsewhere preventing the defenders actually reaching the bomber formation.
  15. I appreciate all military aircraft. How else would foolish wealthy chaps source their surplus ex-military machines, paint them yellow, or red, or yellow AND red, and fly them about as if they knew how?
  16. So happy I'm considering building a modern military aeroplane (that is anything after 1919). No ordinance though, only fully loaded pineapple tarts.
  17. Curse this good weather - not in my build plans.
  18. .....I'm actually this far on... ...and am drawing up the decal artwork... The registration letters on the tailboom will be printed on white stock/black print and I'll try and match the surround to some panel lines. The doors are being painted white, so the decal will be black print on transparent decal paper covering the whole door so the white lettering will show through. I want to include the white outline of the windows too. Boring pic of doors painted white..
  19. No, I've not scraped all the paint of and started again....I forgot to press 'submit' on this last week! Chevrons. Paint an area of the underside larger than the chevrons, feathering the edges. Scale and print out something I found on the internet. Place sheet of transparent polycarb over print and secure with Sellotape. Attach masking tape to poly over the chevrons and cut to shape. These masks will be peeled off the polycarbonate sheet and applied in position on the model, thus when the black paint is applied, 4 nice sharp yellow chevrons will magically appear when the tape is lifted. In theory.
  20. ...so anyway. I opened the Gazelle box and.....well.....its RED!!!!
  21. Yes, but not necessarily in the right order (to paraphrase Eric Morecambe)
  22. Who knowns what's in there, or indeed not in there? Note the bag professionally sealed with bits of pre-used masking tape. That's comforting.
  23. It the shortages, I tell you. I did run out of just about all useful paints, but a mail order replenishment was delivered eventually (well, the postie lobbed it from an imaginary 20 yard line through the open front door) on Saturday, so I'm kinda painting everything at once. I do like to do a model in sections, because if I try and paint one area while an opposite area is still wet or tacky, I will grip it. Hence the 'alf 'Udson semi-camo. I steamed (metaphorically) the awful decals off the Dragon Rapide. This let me repaint since I was unhappy with the out-of-the-tin colours - Humbrol gk green and Revell dk earth. New Revell dark green seemed much 'greener' than the previous Humbrol, so I used it straight out the tin, while the new dark earth seemed too dark in comparison so I lightened it with a bit of Trainer Yellow. Happy now. I will paint the lower wings a lighter shade of pale, , as per military recommendations for biplanes in 1939. I have an idea about decals - more info later. The Griffon is coming on well - tailskid AWOL though. I'll need to maky my own decals - havent figured out the best route yet. Vampire is presenting no probs at all - I definitely like Airfix new-tool stuff. The next projects are announced over on the Helicopter Group Build!
  24. .....and this is why (well, why not?)
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