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  1. I hate to think what comparison you will use for your next Spit.
  2. Hold the front page! These are looking pretty good. Wight Quadriplane next perhaps?
  3. And so, 'tis time to open up Aifix's 2f1. Last time I saw this re-released it was in the new series one red box range - that whole range suffers badly from 'box inflation', and this must have been one of the most disappointing to the unaware - so much box, so little plastic. The poly bag/header card packaging makes sense. Wings: Top wing; slghtly curved, easily fixed. Lower wing; almost no dihedral, easily fixed. Fuselage: Surprisingly nice, good surface detail. No internal detail. Engine: Rotary reasonably detailed, though no cylinders showing at cut-out. No attempt at distinctive Bentley cowling shape. Replace: both guns, wheels, undercarriage struts, interplane struts, propeller.......hmmmm!
  4. OK. Had to pause for a bit of a think. No, I couldn't leave the Academy Camel with the top wing squeue-wiff (I've never seen that word written down before!), so, deep breath and cut the front mainplane struts off at the top wing join, cut a milli-smidgin (I have the official ruller an' evythin'} from the length, pulled the wing forward, re-attached and held it in position for about a week-and-a-half till the glue set. Honest, it looks better in real life. (wonky wheel on the right hand Camel is just because the glue wasn't quite set when i sat it on its wheels - from a DH4 - to take the pic. Does the left hand (Revel) Camel look like it has too much dihedral on the lower wing? That's how it came out the box. Oh dear. I fear another strut-snipping episode is coming on. My 'never knowingly built out the box' ethos has once again taken over and I have ordered a set of 'colourful Camels' decals of gaudy training machines - well, RWG stole the decals from my Revell kit, and the Academy blue of the roundels is way too dark, so there's my excuse.
  5. I'll do one window a month.
  6. Just been reading RWG's Camel build, so as not to be completely outdone.... .....and to prove the power of coincidence, this is what I've been whittling away at while awaiting Academy and Revel to reveal their next trap for the unwary. Actually donated by RWG just a few weeks ago as a surplus 'crashed' KC-something-or-other, I will of course be attempting to complete it as a civvie.....this is by far the biggest model I've ever worked on (until I get my scratch-built 1/72 scale R-34 airship started of course ) Oh, and I found a Revell Tripe too.
  7. So anyway, what was I doing? Oh yes, Camels....... ...add some rudimentary detail to the cockpit of the Academy, none to the Revel then get with the glueing..... ....Ahaaa! The struts. Grrrr.... I honestly have had less trouble assembling scratch-built biplanes than this pair. I thoroughly dislike the 'easybild' strut system both kits use - joining pairs together to leave a disfiguring trench in the wing. But hey, somebody must have thought its a good idea so I'll give it a try. As an experiment, I cut the cross support from the lower part of the strut assembly and glued it into the lower wing (so i could eliminate the join) and left the top wing support in place to see if the joint could be hidden while the strut was in situ. Not easily it can't. On the Academy one, I left all the strut assemblies uncut...... Aside from making it near-impossible to hide the joins, this method makes it difficult to correct any inaccuracy - so the beige Academy Camel ended up with too much positive incidence in the top wing, and the Revel one seems to have a bit too much dihedral in the lower one. Incidently, the Revel Camel has been corrected with the Academy wheels! The project seems to be developing into one of those 'giant tests' the car magazines do so you can compare cars you can't afford, to see which one is best that you won't buy anyway. So to jog my memory, I bought an Airfix 2f1 and I'll add it to the build. Good old Airfix do individual wing stuts! The old ways are sometimes the best. Incidently, I spotted this on ebay - obviously in the current 'red box' styling, yet in a card/poly bag package like the very first issue way back in the previous century. And at just £4 inc postage!! Delighted, even though the original price was probably about 1/3d (Oh no, I'm not starting all that equivalence calculation again!)
  8. You will remember that I had a Reliant Scimitar as daily transport that was pretty much made out of a giant tube of filler, and it qualified as a car, or the RAC wouldn't have towed it home so often.
  9. I wouldn't if I was you.... due to an unfortunate typo of mine, Physio the rapist is now on 24 hrs police watch and the sex offender's register.
  10. Only if you don't count the ones you gave me! Get an Airfix 2f1. Start again. Weird you mentioned the Denny-Mumford. I had rhe references in front of me an hour ago. Can't draw stuff yet though.
  11. Up our way, 'legal tender' was the railway wagon that wasn't a couple of ton underweight by being looted by the denizens of the local housing scheme as it halted on the line by an 'accidental' object on the line. We were warm all that winter. us kids. Would that be an interesting tableau addition to a model rail layout😀
  12. I think you are right about that. it does look smaller, but maybe that's because the outer cowling is bigger. I'll see what I can find. That Bentley cowling is a really subtle shape - never noticed before!
  13. We could do the fuel capaciity in olympic-sized swimming pools, and the paper requirements for the in-flight magazine in Quarto, Half-Imperial, Full-Imperial or even Double Elephant sheet sizes.
  14. Set it on auto. If it wants to flash, let it flash - if that is over-exposed, get some decent daylight on it and set it to 'landscape' to disable the flash. Let the auto focus and auto exposure get on with its work. I just use the standard 18-55 lens, set to full magnification, keep quite far back and remember, you've got oodles of resolution, so you don't have to fill the frame, use an editing tool to crop it down later.
  15. Greet idea ower kid.....howzabout expressing the wingspan of the Bristol Brabazon in furlongs and chains, its height in hands, and its length in football pitches?
  16. Just bring it to Stirling, I seem to have opened a care-home for aged and disabled kits.
  17. Ha! You young snipperwhappers think you know it aaaaallllll. I can remember finding a farthing in the street and being able to spend it. I got a single sweet from the man in the shop! I think that coin was about the size of the late unlamented new halfpenny. Value? Well, 2.4pence = 1p. and there were 4 farthings to the old penny, so about 10 farthings in one of those useless 1 new pence coins. Isn't inflation wonderful. Whew....quantum physics next, I think! 😨 The farthing had a Wren embossed on it so that Britain's smallest coin had Britain's smallest bird on it.....except it isn't, its the Goldcrest!!! See the fascinating rubbish you learn on here....... I'll get me coat.
  18. I did say 'straight out the box', but I might regret taking them out the bag too.... ....as you can see, the Revel one is slightly smaller than the Academy - handy if you are doing a diorama and want to introduce a bit of distance perspective by parking the Revel one behind. Surprisingly, the ancient Revell moulding is quite crisp compared to the merely old-school Academy. An age-related 1/2p piece is quite uselessly shown for comparison - I mean, who remembers what size they were? Working on the principal that the even-tinier cockpit opening of the Revell kit will show very little of the interior and the rest of the kit really isn't worth the bother, I just started glueing as many bit together as I could at one go to make a start! Here, I successfully hid the very prominent circular ejector marks under some scale seagull droppings . I have yet to decide how to attack the Somme-like trenches into which the strut assembly is meant to be concealed...... A bit of wet-n-drying will work wonders (I hope). I fully intended to add the undercarriage right after dealing with the joint-lines, but look here at the different sizes of the wheels supplied with the kits. The beige Academy one is correct. Even allowing for the Revell moulding being under-size, those little wheels will look ridiculous. A rummage in the spares box approaches. The drainpipe Revell used as a reference for the Vickers guns is pretty poor, I might replaceif I can find a good substitute; the cowl has the mock-Clerget moulded as one (I'll settle for that though - it has the correct number of push-rod tubes to keep the rivet-counters happy). Now back to school......
  19. Inspired (maybe not the correct word) by RWG's Bentley Camel, I opted for a TimeTeam-type excavation of my historic stash and uncovered two little gems from the polystyrene period. I've decided to build them straight out the box as nature intended, adding as little detail and correction as necessary to avoid vilification, humiliation and new glasses. The Revel kit has been with us in various iterations since about 1964 (anyone know for sure?), while the Academy seems to have learned a lot from an older ESCI original. These kits are less state-of-the-art, more state-of-the-Ark. I suppose I should take 'em out of the polybag now......
  20. Purely in the interests of plagiarism, i thought this might be helpful, certainly to me.....
  21. Who said nostalgia ain't what it used to be? (Oh wait, it might have been neuralgia.), Since its been about 50 years since I built a Camel kit, I'll be watching this plagiaristically.
  22. WW1 is well inside my comfort zone, so do I have to stand on one leg or something? Please put me on the list before I fall over.
  23. Hey! I'm quoting me now! What occurred to me was - would building those four veterans of the moulder's art be an interesting project? Maybe straight from the box/bag/blister with minimal re-detailing. Amazing to think they have still been available within the last few years - 50 years on! Amazing too, that they havent been replaced by Airfix with more modern mouldings in at least last 30!! Those moulds must have paid for themselves 10 times over. A fitting tribute to a long-lasting brand. We could call it the Airfix Tribute Four(um)
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