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  1. Tidy job. Not the workshop.
  2. There was a time I waited for an Argus kit to come out so I could convert it to a Britannia!
  3. I think it was only the fairly long TMAC ones that were UK reigstered. No Guppies unfortunately! Havent kept up, so no idea about the Heavy Lift ones. Britannia 300 will do me fine, otherwise I'll need to fit a bay window in the studio for extra space for the long ones.
  4. Great photo - yes Caledonian or Donaldson, both 3m longer, so an approx inch and a half 'spare' extension would be useful. Some 6ft of B&Q white plastic sink drainpipe might be necessary for a CL-44 though.
  5. So anyway........nice job on the Scoothawk.
  6. Have you got the kit'n'conversion now?
  7. Luton Minor G-AXGR taxying out as we were about to breakfast in the old Turhouse Airport terminal building (was that about 8am?). Windsock horizontal in 'brisk' westerly. Minor turns into wind. lift off in about 3 yards, climbs near vertically to about two hundred feet and follows the main runway at about walkiing speed for 20 minutes (we decided at one point as he got to about 300ft he was actually flying backwards - hence the clue 'What goes zzub?' 'A bee flying backwards!'). He then gave up half way down the runway,, turned downwind now at 150mph back to where he started, turned wiindward and landed like a Harrier on a Carrier. Never flew the rest of the day! Mind you, I don't remember the Norwegian F.5s! Spotting tales - good idea. I'll lift the Luton tale and start in.
  8. You must be wearing yours backwards.
  9. We travelled there by bus I think, not by rail, yet following Bradshaw's, to a capital terminal that wasn't there yet. Any inkling?
  10. I don't remember that one!!! Was I there? The actual one would be the first one you ever saw. It was a windy morning.
  11. I think you just lift it over your head and pull it on like a Fred Perry. And then you run like a Fred Flintstone.
  12. Such a great loss to the diplomatic corps. That there 'Elf an' Softy Expletive' for wot you work don't appreciate you near enuff, in my 'umble wotsit.
  13. When are we doing a group build entitled 'Over £9.99 but under £10.01'?
  14. No. But thanks anyway....
  15. Point of order, Mr Chairpersonage. Is 'under a tenner' actually £9.99 or less, or does it include the eponymous tenner of the proposed group build? Nother point of order, Sub-Committee Chairhuman. Does the total include or exclude postage? Do we have to include the cost of paint, glue, filler (you know who you are!) plus heating, lighting (winter build, init) and any intervening snacks and liquid sustenance? Will spreadsheets be required, detailing total expenditure, for tax purposes?
  16. Yup, that's it....a Slingsby Saliva 😛
  17. More power than the real one then? The real ones are probably re-built many times too. I'll wait to see if RWG686 comes up with the registration and story.
  18. or maybe this will finally give the game away? Still to add: tailwheel, main struts (wing is just sitting in place), cylinder barrels and propellor. Just found some useable white enamel, but can't do much more till I get some new paints and eyesight.
  19. More Saddo masochist, I think. Just buy it. Money can't buy you wealth, you know.
  20. Just in case its of interest to the more well-heeled among us, There's an S&M resin Andover on ebay with a day or so to go at £50 just now. Might be a bargain (too bad its not a 748!)
  21. Less than a tenner!! I'm in. I'll dig into the historic stash - I reckon I've got 10-15 kits that'll come in under a tenner - combined, though whether I'll have time to build them all in the time available is questionable. 😣
  22. I hate him. If I couldn't afford a Tiger Moth, I'd have an Auster. If I could afford one. Yep, on FaceBoak.
  23. Wow! Cygnet and Ace are both on my scratch-build list (Ace maybe by hacked-about Auster). I've read that the Ace had 'innovative' and 'simplified' controls! I imagine jumping into an Ace for a flight straight from a Cesspipe or somesuch ordinary flapper might be a bit disorientating. Having driven some vintage motors with pre-selector box and centre throttle pedal, I know changing the habits of a lifetime can be a life-threatening experience. You know what just driving an auto box is like after a stick-stirrer the first time you have to press the brake pedal (American drivers look away now)!
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