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  1. ISIHAC has been broadcast contuously since then! Hosted by Jazzman Humphrey Lyttl;eton till he died 2-3 years ago. Now Jack Dee. New series starts next week.
  2. Yeh that works too. Just remember to unplug the wire from the wall socket first. Actually, now I think about it, the smoke might have nothing to do with it, just the heat from the nearby match!
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I'm_Sorry_I_Haven't_a_Clue https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I'm_Sorry,_I'll_Read_That_Again I'll just leave this here for young 'uns.
  4. Its actually "The smoke'n'matches" trick. Hold biplane in left hand. Light match. Blow out match Let smoke from match permeate the sagging wire Wire should gently shink till taut. or Beat out plastic flames with damp towel
  5. No, that would refer to me. I once saw an amusing misprint on a radio schedules page which read "I'm Sorry I Haven't a Club!", though on second thoughts, the writer may just not have been a Barry Crier fan.
  6. At the risk of diverting this post from @RWG686's excellent build, can anyone recommend a fabric winged Hurricane Mk1 kit (1/72 of course), with the aim of me building it as 'FKX? Is Airfix's Mk.1 a new tool kit, and with fabric wings?
  7. I don't know if you remember, but I converted the prototype from somebody's kit back in about '65-'66. Probably one of the last military aircraft I built (I was always a sucker for prototypes though!). Pretty sure I made a hash of trying to cover the front in baco-foil and had to clean it off again. I used a Hart propellor because I had a spare when i put a Jupiter on the Hart. Then a Mercury on the Bulldog the Jupiter came from. Wonder where the 3-blade prop went? Remember the technique for getting the silver fabric texture? Add talcum powder to the paint. Looked horrible but smelt nice.
  8. Yep, it is nice, lacking only in the obligatory time-wasting pointless detail on current kits like tiny ickle rudder pedals and moulded-in fuselage internal structures that are invisible when the kit is glued up. Get up to that loft....some of the '36-'38 quasi-civil Nazi schemes are pretty impressive, though the Swastikas were only on the extreme right wing.
  9. Silver Hurricane? Sorry to disappoint all you war-mongers, but Hurricane Mk1, G-AFKX (ex L1606) was flying in an all-silver scheme in January 1939
  10. I found this in a slightly dilapidated state in a box in the loft (luft?) a few weeks ago. Built when new - late 1960s maybe - its probably time I finished it. 1. Unpainted cockpit. (Why didn't you paint it in 1968, you lazy git?) 2 Lost Propellor. (Look for lost propellor. Duh) 3 Missing starboard wheel. (Ah well, its actually the port one that's wrong) 4 No rigging wires. (Obviously) 5 The dry transfer typefont Letraset Univers 57 Bold Condensed is not quite right. (Leaving it alone for historical/sentimental reasons!) 6 Strangely familiar hand-painted Teutonic Heraldry on the tail is too indistinct. (Make replacement decal, or transfer as they used to be called back then.) 7 Needs a wash (so does the Jungmeister) Well, this should be easy, it's far too near finished to be on the Get it Finished section, but nowhere near finished enough for the Gallery of Old Meisters.
  11. Yes, I learned all my mistakes from RWG686. Then forgot them so I can do them all over again. This will be my next one...
  12. Have you tried making one out of the clear packaging you get with four custard tarts from Greggs?
  13. Awfly nice, what? Spiffing. (Ah dunno whit happens, when ah see a Spitfire ah go aw' posh 'n that)
  14. ....then finished off some of the detail - and the third rudder (no, I'm not building an Avro Manchester). Not supplied in the kit were the wing 'skids', probably cane or bamboo half-hoops to keep the wing tips out the mud. Trusty stretched sprue wrapped around the shaft of a paint brush and taped on, run under some hot water, immediately dipped in cold to set.....except I didn't allow for the slight taper of the brush handle being noticeable at this size! Never mind, a bit of brutal bending sorted the unco-operative component out. Added the leather cockpit combing from more stretched sprue... And there you have it......except, when I opened the box right at the start, I noticed the windscreen transparency sprue was missing (no, I didn't lose it...though I do have previous on that sort of thing), I wasn't bothered as I prefer to add those with some snippets of clear polyethylene terephthalate (oh, all right, custard tart packaging). The big finish will follow, with new underwing transfers and the 'G' on the rudder, plus the windscreens just as soon as I can get down to Greggs bakery.
  15. Running out of filler is maybe a blessing in disguise (see 'Electrafication') so I'll turn back to completing this... ...however, working on the undercarriage, I noticed a corner of the (home-made) decal was lifting. I was able to peel it right off. I'll have to clear gloss varnish the silver areas before I reapply. Still have't found the rudder I made, my guess is its glued somewhere inside the tail of the Electra!
  16. Did the rivets on Airfix kits get progressively bigger from about 1960 for the following 20 years or so? I can remember not being bothered about them on Dak, Hudson and Catalina etc, but by the time we got the Chimpmuck thinking - really? When did John Brown's Clydeside yard get the contract for building these? I think that was the first model I ever sanded them off because I couldn't get the masking (civvie scheme, natch!). to stick because of the bumps!
  17. Was it? Must remember to send that £1.50 donation to Band Aid.
  18. Just a quick note for the hundreds of BxM members who will be building one of these. Deciding not to second guess the assembly pictograms provided, I followed them slavishly. However, with the top wing on, putting the side windows in was a fiddle. I think they'd have easier to fit before the wing assembly went on, instead of afterwards as in the instructions. This has been a public service announcement.
  19. As an easily pleased oldie, every one of these new-tool Airfixes looks absolutely brill, especially for the price, eg the Tiger Moth and BE2c. I've got one of the new JPs too which hasn't even been opened yet. It does look very good though, I actually had to scoll back to see if it was 1/48th scale!
  20. I used to have a spare bedroom too, till you brought the last delivery.
  21. Always like John's practical advice. He's responsible for the perfect technique of releasing vacforms from their plastic sheet accurately. His 'smoke and no mirrors' trick on sagging stretched sprue rigging is a magic trick better than pigeons out a sleeve! Not tried this one though, sounds like a good 'un. The tube glue took awfully long to solidify. Duly filed in the old grey stuff.
  22. I don't think anyone is getting to travel just now, possibly not for some time.
  23. Hey...its got a Barbarella-type prop spinner (ok, Madonna-type for you young folks). Mine didn't have one!
  24. Some fiddly progress. First, three thin coats of grey primer on the filled joint, with a bit of a rubdown between coats. Incidently, that 'not as bad as it looks' gap took an unfeasibly large ammount of filler - I kept looking inside the fuselage to see where it was all going! ...meanwhile, gradually building up the missing elevator tip with tube glue and letting it harden... ...while replacing the missing undercart leg with a bit of stretched sprue.... .....then sticking some more bits on.... The tailplane was odd, having a slot in it that, supposedly, fitted over the fin. It didn't unless the slot was carefully tapered so the lower was bigger than the top to fit over properly without a gap. Took awhile of carefully removing microns of plastic till it fitted sniggly (that's like snuggly, but with more niggles). I think I was just lucky.
  25. I see a potential import business. How big a suitcase can you fill with 'gifts' (no extra taxes,see)?
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