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  1. For some reason, he was never in my top five although I was a Taste fan I never followed his solo stuff. My missus is a fan from way back, and she got me into him via her vinyl collection (!) and finally persuaded me to go to last year's event. I'm definitely not a fan of open air festivals - the last one I was at was in 1972 - but the RoryFest is great - it just takes over a wee Irish town and fills every pub with bands. Tremendous. Great bands, Great event. move it to the top of your bucket list. When you're doing that, score off bungee-jumping, paragliging, and eating the world's hottest chillie - you'll have more money for Guiness., and you'll probably not die.
  2. Have you been to the Rory Gallagher annual festival in Ballyshannon? Cos you've just missed it, it was last weekend. Damn fine Guiness too.
  3. Whenever visiting the West Country, i can recommend a technique to avoid annoying the locals of whichever sectarian jam/cream cream/jam persuasion. If you find in your grokkle confusion you have committed the gross social gaff of layering the scone in the wrong order to the accompanying intake of breath followed by deafening silence in the tearoom ..... just turn the damn thing upside down. Job done, moy luvver!
  4. Hey gringo, ya que la palabra aficionado es español, el plural es aficionados, ¿capisce? (eso es italiano!)
  5. reminds me of the Glasgow glazier's joke.... "What do you use for putting in widows?" "A brick, if you don't pay by the end of the week."
  6. Ahh! Triumph Herald. My first car. Would do 65 if pushed. I had two handes fitted to the boot-lid for that very reason, until I could afford a new battery. I thought about finishing my Vitesse conversion (might still!) but I'd prefer to stick to 1/72 and keep it simple this time - not a snap-together effort but maybe a 'starter' kit.
  7. Ach, go on - put my name down......but how about this for RWG686 - I know how he loves biplanes.....
  8. I think there was an all-terrain multi-use version of this, the F-K All/Use Mk IIIOOOIOIOIII (This was during the brief time Featherstone-Kite switched from Roman to Binary nomenclature - the subsequent hexidecimal numbering system was much simpler)
  9. Magnificent! All that rigging practice on the Camel'll come in handy after all.
  10. Oh dear. How'm I supposed to remember that at my age - what is it again? Right! You asked for it. Here goes, in no particular order.... Frog R100 Airship, Vimy in trailblazer box brand new, when just released (I bought it in Goldberg's Department Store in Glasgow age about 12 'cos I desperately wanted a WW1 bomber but didn't know how to do a conversion. Never got around to it). Original Frog Viscount. 1/144th 'Lincoln' models Super Constellation and DC7c Now the 'modern' stuff..... Novo (Frog reissue) Comet, Britannia, and Herald which RWG686 discovered in the course of his enquiries in a wee shop in Hamilton about 1972. These three I know I have but I just haven't managed to get the JCB into the loft to help look for it. I think the Vimy is the oldest, and the one I've had the longest too.
  11. Yes please, Mr Hertz.
  12. In conclusion (as they say on giant road tests) which is the best kit? All three are capable of being good models in the hands of a good modeller. But the amount of remedial work, sourcing of replacements for inadequate or incorrect components (engines really should be fixed too), and in one case replacing the decals, makes it more of a case of choosing the least worst. The Revell is slighly underscale. The Academy is the least 'crisp' in the moulding dept. I like the Airfix offering since it was the first (or second, i might have built a Spifire first) kit i ever built, and I'm suprised it still holds up well today. Mind you, the lower wing having ribs'n'canvas all the way under the fuselage is weird - did they design the kit with only the top-surface three-view drawing out of a Harbourough source? Anyway, my recommendation is........
  13. But colorful Camels not so nearly..... .....because, while the decals are well printed and adhere well, they don't fit all that well, particularly the 'sunburst' one. I think i'd have preferred to have masked and painted the pattern. There will have to be a serious amount of touching up, and matching the red will be tricky. The other thing is though - they are just so gaudy! I don't think I like the schemes!!! So, I think i'll press pause on these two for now. (These home training base bods must have had far too much time on their hands, and too much spare paint.)
  14. Airfix 2f1 nearly finished..... .....wing and undercarriage rigging done - stretched silver sprue. Rudder stripes fell off while i was rigging, so stuck them back on with PVA glue! Need to trim them, so didn't want to do the tail rigging or control wires yet. Serial number positioned near tail as per instructions - the real aircraft has the serial further forward...doh! Might try to remove and reposition it, or make a new one as the type seems a bit weak. Oh yeh, and add prop from spares (ha!) box.
  15. 2f1 new undercarriage struts made. Got rid of the giant 'brake drums' of the original and gave me a chance to replicate the split swing-axles in the weighted position. (sorry about the juddery pic - there was a nuclear convoy going past the house!)
  16. Completely off topic - RWG...I sent you a message!!!!!
  17. Ah yes. There was "Colin Scott and his continental organ" - he also played the keyboard with "collar and tie". Was 'Lucy Lastick' the lingerie brand of choice among the local floozies?
  18. Nope. They bunched up under Jodhpurs. I'll stick to my dhoti.
  19. Are you kidding? The bloomer-elastic those Edwardian ladies wore was strong enough to launch a Saturn 5.
  20. You've obviously never seen any of my old cars.
  21. Its got four wheels and flies. Is it a bin-lorry?
  22. And even more progress.... Decals from the kit. Lewis guns from Eastern Express Sopwith Strutter Interceptor (I had robbed this kit for the wings for a scratch-built DH1a, but loads of other useful bits - vickers guns, Scarff-ring, wheels, props - useful kit just for the spares!) Although I've assembled the kit undercarriage, I can't leave the too-narrow struts in place, so at this late stage they'll have to be replaced.
  23. 2f1 centre section too wide - filled and new cut-out. Really surprisingly quick progress on this wee model.... Top coat of PC10, plus underside light blue. ("Ah!" I hear you say. "Surely clear doped fabric undersides") All will be revealed presently......
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