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  1. ....then I looked at my own pictures (why'd I not do that first?) and, well..... ...those front three panes are flat glass, not slightly curved as in the kit. Complete replacement of those makes it much easier.
  2. I could, but I've just noticed the internal combing inside (the grey bit) and I'm trying to fit it with the windows still in place. Really, could the manufacturers not at least provided this bit on the moulding?
  3. Windscreen should look like this... The lower framing isn't visible as it extends down to the firewall and is concealed by the engine cover (a bit like the screen-wipers on a modern car). Centre panel 'vee' is much narrower than the kit. Oh well, here goes with Che's chopper!
  4. "All looks pretty straight-forward so far" he sez.... ...well, the side windows fitted fine, but the front windscreen (part of the cabin roof moulding) doesn't. Not nearly. Not even close. The centre screen seems too wide. Only thing for it - cut the corners off and re-shape all three tiny panels to fit.
  5. But I digress.... Interior in, rough seatbelt impression (new method - thick aluminium cut from tea-light holder painted tan but leaving a wee bit to look like a buckle, this stuff bends better than masking tape and thinner than lead tape), plus oversize (oops) control stick. Almost none of which will be very visible through the thick but clear glazing. A bit of a mismatch between the fuselage halves means a bit o' filler will be needed, but just a light skim.
  6. Sure, its enough te make ye boak, so it is.
  7. Thanks chaps - it may have been later than that by the time it got photographed and published. Or it might have been somewhere else entirely! I've had the vague memory sort-of confirmed by another source, so might go with how it might have been. It certainly had yellow trainer bands and was overall silver, its just where the reg would have been is unconfirmed. My Vampire model had in within the yellow band, so i;ll probably just go with that. It'll be posted on here anyway when finished, that's when somebody will flush out a photo of where its all gone wrong.
  8. The XIV wouldn't happen to be for one of the G-ALGT schemes, would it?
  9. E - Sodit, I'll buy it anyway.
  10. The Moth Minor had really large flaps too. They must have been a real pig to stop without brakes. Was there a pre-WW1 who used an anchor thrown out the cockpit - that might have just been a device on "Those Magnificent Men...etc" for comedic effect.
  11. Yup. Like coke, toke, and 'You're under arrest'. But that's ok, I can take a yoke.
  12. So anyway.... ...assembled the impossibly small but adequately detailed interior, 5 bits, in no time at all. (Look at the size of the little jump seat for the third occupant!) Control column not installed as the kit has supplied the egg-shaped yolk (not making this up!), while my subject has the more usual hand-grip style which I'll add later. While waiting for my eyesight to recover... ...I cleaned up the larger components - a very slight bit of flash in places, and file off those rather wide fill-channels that limited-r
  13. I was hoping you'd spot that, Pike.
  14. So anyway.... Post moved to my other simultaneous post. Thanks Gorbs.
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