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  1. "What's a joint like this doing in a nice girl like you?"
  2. While we're on the Lossie specials... were there any civie Lossie residents or regular visitors in your day?
  3. Port side, Aileron stays the same, just 'clipped wing' really, i think. I'll look for the drawings....many people thought it was a mistake!
  4. What I did was.......excavated an old unfinished conversion (It was documented on the 'shelf of shame' section in the other place) from the Airfix Heron, following an Alan W Hall Airfix Magazine article from the (I think) late 60s. It was meant to be a repair+ spruce up + livery change. Ohhhh dear no! It became "more, much more than this" as Frank Sinatra might have said. Sod Mr Hall, I had to do it 'my way.' For a start, I'm pretty sure the 'steamed Mr Hall didn't mention the 4" lower cabin roof of the Dove, or the asymetric tailplane, both of which I discovered after my rebuild was well underway! So...nothing for it but to temporarily make the Dove into a convertible. Simultaneously, someone else was building a Magna resin Dove which seemed as much trouble as my conversion. Of course, Sod's Law, the Amodel kit came out about one third into my epic waste of time build. And yes, I have not one but two Airmodel vac-fuselages and a bunch of Heron bits n pieces!
  5. Looks damn fine to me......what'd I say to inspire you? I might try it on me, I'm fed up re-decorating.
  6. Jeeze, that's mighty fine work! Scrolling down the pics, I got to the hut interior, and wondered for a moment why you'd put in a museum reference shot! Any agro from rivet-counters and they'll have me and my Federales ("Badges? We don't need no stinkin badges") to answer to. The narative is more important than the rivets, and there are half a dozen little stories in there. I'm inspired. Never done a diorama before. Might have a shot at one. I'm redecorating the house just now, and there's a bit of my plasterwork looks a lot like a WW1 battlefield!
  7. Considering how busy the Solent is, what with Portsmouth, Southampton and the IoW Regatta going on, its almost unbelievable! There must be more old wrecks down there than the House of Lords 😀
  8. I think I'll keep them both - I'm partial to a fine pair of Bristols......Brabazon and Bristol 408 😁
  9. I built this a few years ago, before the Airfix BE2c was released. It has RE8 wings, modified: Reduced chord to scale 5' 6" (Airfix got it wrong), reshaped tips, lower wing on the kit had incorrect rib pattern so a second upper wing was cut down to fit to save remaking the ribbing. Tailplane struts and wheels from the old kit, The fuselage, plus fin and rudder, was scratch built using the narrowed RE8 fuselage as a starting point. Cockpit furniture made from scrap bits (I think the curved back of the seats were made from a section of cut-down drop tank!). I rather over-did the ordinance, adding two candle-stick mounts, plus a Strange-mount for the observer's Lewis gun, a couple of 60lb bombs and even a camera mount with camera (which has fallen off!). I doubt if a BE2 could have got off the ground with that lot and a crew of two. I gave up when nearly finished as I reckoned the kit wings were too thick and heavy looking, and I definitely did make the fuselage about a millimetre too wide, and the engine sump cowling is far too deep. Iinitially thought I'd rebuild it with a new Airfix BE2c fuselage, and sand down the thick wings, but I'm tempted to leave mostly well alone, sliim down the cowling underside and just put it back together as a warning from history. What do members think? Have a look at the photos and lets have a survey......bit of a tidy up or total rebuild? Only one way to decide.....FIGHT! (apologies to Harry Hill) Either way, I'll probably build another one anyway.
  10. Che Guava

    Group Builds

    Change of plan.......this is nowhere near as bad as I remembered from maybe 8 years ago actually. BE2e sort of converted/scratch wings and bits modded from Airfix RE8 fuselage cut up from RE8's but would have been easier to make it from platic sheet. Definitely doesn't fit the parameters - I'll repost this on Work in Progress - now its out in the fresh air, I should really do something with it. now I'll need to find something else.....no shortage!
  11. Che Guava

    Group Builds

    I've got a leedle project/fail left over from 5-6 years ago. it's about 75% finished, but after removing quite a lot, there's still about 75% to do. Will this be the first ever model to be 150% completed? Part conversion, part scratch-build, part dismantled, parts missing. Will this fit the 'unfinished' parameters? Photos, application form and bribe to follow.
  12. Kept that one quiet... nice job though, doesn't look hurried at at. Maybe you should do it that way that more often!
  13. Che Guava

    A wee change.

    Was the kit nose that bad? You're not prone to spending money needlessly! By the way, did you buy it without your glasses on? If you stand closer, you'll see its not your usual 1/72 scale.
  14. Che Guava

    A wee change.

    That color is the same that you can buy now as a cellulose-based etch primer for aluminium. I've primed my alloy-bodied Bristol 408 in it. It adheres really well. I wonder if it was a Hawker original formulation. By the way, friends refer to the car as Huntley and Palmer because of its resemblance to a custard creme!
  15. Got an Aerovan a couple of years ago - not even opened the box yet! Considered converting to the high-aspect ratio experimental wing version HDM-15, or the detachable pallet version - or even the Merchantman 4-engined one. New year resolution - build at least ONE kit straight from the box!
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