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  1. If you are just brush cleaning (I should have read your comment properly!), use cheap white spirit (by the gallon from your local DIY Store). Its actually not that strong a smell, or even just use hot water and detergent if the paint hasn't hardened - works surprisingly well, and gives your brushes a Loreal sheen "because you're worth it"!
  2. A brush! Jeeze-oh. Those thinners should NOT be used near a naked flame. I hate acrylics, so I say this reluctantly, but have you tried them? I painted my living room and hallway in acrylics recently and there was no smell by evening. Mind you, I had to throw the brushes away afterwards! See my rant somewhere on acrylics - not my rant as such , but the great advice and tips from other contributors on here (like 'don't use Humbrol acrylics').
  3. What on earth do they put in Mr Colour thinners? Zyclon B? Haven't tried turps (yet) but white spirit (turps substitute) seems to completely screw up the chemistry of Humbrol and Revell enamels. Both brands rapidly go 'off' if thinned with that, getting first glutinous then just going hard. But then, you're spray painting it, arent you? Are you sure you need to use spray on something as small as a 1/72 Warhawk? Like I said elsewhere, when I was using an airbrush professionally, the overspray went everywhere and my paint usage just about trebbled. Plus going home with purple nostrils and dusty clothes like an asbestos worker! Family complaining? Just wait till the neighbours start in on you - they just haven't figured out where the weird smell's coming from yet. You should have a spray booth with a filter (for the dust) with an extractor fan venting to the outside (for the fumes). Advice? Get some brushes, or a shed at the bottom of the garden.
  4. Yup. That's exactly what I/we had in mind. Just stand really far away from your detail pics, or leave your glasses in the downstairs bog to get an idea of how little extra detailing is really necessary.
  5. Despite the fact that his car hire company has just gone bust, Mr Grun Hertz has indeed offered sound advice. Start with a clean slate, a piece of white chalk (a piece of cornflake packet and a green crayon are possible alternatives) and write down a maximum of 4 kits you are interested in - preferably in a recognised genre, so that, if the mojo takes, you can carry on a theme with #2 and #3. Buy something fresh and simple (no PE, vac-form canopies, or resin 'enhancements), aim for straight from the box. Spend less than £20. Don't feel you 'have to' do anything. Instead, have fun. Remember when you were 12 years old and went down to the toy shop every week and chose from the limited stock something that you built in 4 hours max and painted the next day. Capture that feeling. My personal opinion, after asking the other herbs here for some sage advice, that any new-tool Airfix kits seem to have got the perfect balance between detail, simplicity and cost. Someone mentioned Curtis Warhawk/Kittyhawk. Sounds good. Or a Spitfire even. Just don't tell us. instead, post it in 'finished' a week or so from now - whether its finished or not. Welcome back! PS. I'm working on half a dozen models simultaneously right now - only one of which I felt I 'should' do, and that one has turned out to be the least fun. I'm having a happy lockdown at least!
  6. Canopy is deceased. It has ceased to be. It is an ex-canopy. Cleaning it up revealed a crack, stress-starring and failure to polish up in a reasonable effort. Weird thing is, its vac-form. Did the kit come with it as standard? Who knows? Never mind, since the kit cost me either nothing, or more than I can ever repay RWG (but that won't stop him trying to collect) I've ordered one of those delicious vac-form canapé confections from Pavlova - £3.50 inc postage. Hope it fits.
  7. .....A Checkered Tail. (I'd apologise to Samuel Taylor Coleridge, but he's dead) Along with a bunch of other stuff I acquired from RWG some months ago, was an already built, painted but incomplete Aero L-39. He'd acquired it 20 years ago from a friend, so now it was at least third hand and if it was useful as spares once, all the useful bits were gone. It was really just a fuselage, wings and tail - but the joint lines had been nicely sorted. Now, though its a very pretty little trainer, the subject was so far down my build list as to appear at the end of Vol.2 as an addendum. At some point (see rant elsewhere about paint) I'd had trouble with gloss yellow, both in coverage and wrinkling on the 2nd coat - so this wee scrapyard 'plane was perfect to experiment on. I first tried a base coat of trainer yellow. That needed two coats to hide the camouflage, then a coat of gloss yellow on top - yet it still needed another to hide the rather 'dirty' nature of trainer yellow. This did allow me to see if 5 days was enough drying time for a 2nd gloss coat. It was. The poor thing now had six generous coats of paint and looked like one of those early vacforms where the surface detail is all soft and blurry. I happened to be oven-cleaning the paint from another acquisition from RWG, so I dropped the Albatros in the bag with caustic. The paint came off a treat, leaving a rather nice wee model. So out came the gloss yellow again - two coats, no undercoat. Nice finish! This left me with no option but to invent an undercarriage and ejector seats from spares.......and that's the story so far.....just what I needed, another lock-down project! Wheels and modified undcarriage legs and doors from spares that are at least 40 years old! The main doors close again after lowering the u/c, but the kit has the smaller 'leg' doors moulded in place. I should have opened them out but didn't. So sue me. Blush-pink seats from Frog/Novo/Klingon Sea Venom kit, which I won't be using, cut about a bit to somewhat resemble the L-39 seats. The canopy is badly clouded due to some tape holding it in place during storage, if it cleans up at all, maybe it'll still be a bit obscure to help hide my seats and blushes.
  8. Well, I still wear sandals with socks and only shower once a month, does that count?
  9. Didn't know they did a kit of a Delorean. They'd Mcfly of the shelves.
  10. This section is entitled.... 'Smug Mug Gets His Comeuppance' So finely balanced is this little b..... er, model, that by the time I'd added the tail rotor, the shaft above the tail-boom and a couple of microns of paint - down went the tail again!!! So convinced was I that my original weighting would be enough, I had attached the front canopy with just a couple of drops of glue for easy (Oh me of little faith) removal! So....off with the bubble and attach a small piece of previously tested-for-balance lead to the inside of the cabin roof as a sort of overhead instrument display (actually its all but invisible). Thus (with apologies to @Grunhertz - though I did pose the rotors at 180 degrees just for him) the tail once again adopts its intended jaunty angle. Maybe this time I can say its nearly finished, with just a couple of the accoutrements the helicopter's designers forgot to leave room for on the inside and stuck at various positions (mostly forward of the CofG!) underneath. I screwed up the 'DurhamGate' transfer for the port side, and need to add bit of red to the door logos, so I'll add them to my next decal print run.
  11. I've been enjoying my return to the hobby after a 40 year break, and sites like this one really help to keep the enthusiasm going. I've been building stuff from my old stash (they are called 'heritage' builds now apparently!) but my recent new tool Vampire T.11 build was an eye- (and potential wallet-) opener. The quality at that bargain basement kit was excellent, well, once I got over the shock that kits are no longer 1/9p from Woolworth's - about £0.09 . My question is, are all the 'new tool' Airfix kits this good? (The Tiger Moth and BE2c are.) Can you chaps out there provide a list/recommendation (or condemnation if necessary) of all the Airfix new tool kits, and is there a way to spot the difference from the old moldy moulds on that well-known auction site, Are ALL the new tool kits still in the current Airfix catalogue? And finally.....which other manufacturers are also up to this standard, bearing in mind the value-for-money, of course. (Steps back and waits for the disagreements to erupt!)
  12. Miggers has an Intelligence unit? Quelle surprise! Is waterboarding where the squad from the local Water Board come along and digs a trench outside your house for a fortnight and block your driveway with traffic cones? Pure torture.
  13. Not the comfy chair. Anything but the comfy chair.
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