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  1. aaaaaand.....Finished.... ...on a sad story. Captured afer the war and following evaluation by the military, the aircraft was flown to Denholm airfield where, despite being a nearly new airframe with all German paperwork present, it sat there for three years in the open to rot away. It was finally broken up in 1950. A bit dull here in just silver with black lettering. They look quite good in German camouflage, or even better in silver pre-war German civvie schemmewith just a splash of red National Socialist regalia. Anyone fancy a project?
  2. It is a damn fine piece of kit. The framing is so fine, i thought I'd try masking and painting rather than my new fav method of painted strips of masking tape (the framing was in raised mouldings to didn't want to add to the height on such fine detail). It worked mostly. As @RWG686said recently, 'life's too short' [for obsessing over detail].
  3. Yay! At last something to report.....while carefully using my new sprue clippers on the canopy doors, the component spat a small corner off into the distance. Oh dash.... Despite having a large stock of empty pineaple tart containers for just such an eventuality, I settled on a beautifully clear leccy bulb container from ikea, snipped a bit out to replace the broken top window and...job done. Well, that was fun. Nearly finished now.
  4. At least we know why the assembly shed was called 'Peggy'
  5. Apparently they commenced construction with relish too. Must be that hard dried stuff round the top of the bottle.
  6. 'nother uncontrovercial update.... ...trousers and boots installed under silver overalls. Will need a coat of varnish for the decals to stick to - I think I'll experiment with a mix of matt and gloss for that satiny finish. Started masking and painting individual frames of the canopy - the doors and side windows I'll do while still on the sprue and glue in later. I'll paint the alloy cowlings in a different shade of silver. Damn fine therapy, this kit!
  7. Good heavens, you've been reading this from page one!!!
  8. I agree - works a treat as above on @RWG686's comment. However, I use a Mac normally and it doesn't have a 'right click'! I simply transfer the image to my Windows laptop and place it from there. I'm still experimenting with newer OS for the Mac, but always worry that when I update to get one thing to work and then half a dozen other things stop working. I'll get there!
  9. The voices were ME! Did you not see the Frog Oxford canopy Pantomime? Spare canopy set aside - I couldn't decide whether I should mould a new canopy for the Bullpup conversion or try to cut up the Bulldog's canopy. You've convinced me. Canopy set aside for delivery on next burger tour.
  10. I like how G-GLSU is 'almost' wearing its British registration. Good find, Miggs.
  11. ....sorry, don't remember that one (did we see one then?)...the one I'm building was scrapped before we were born (that rules out the Boer War and the siege of Sevastopol then)
  12. I borrowed some filler from @RWG686 so I could continue with the build.... ...he'd just had his weekly delivery.
  13. Revolutionary that i am, though 'tis a kit of a Zlin, I'll be making it a German-built one. Bit of a Bücker, nein? Didn't know they'd built 'em in Sweden too.
  14. You have heard of the long arm of the law?
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