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  1. Completely off topic - RWG...I sent you a message!!!!!
  2. Ah yes. There was "Colin Scott and his continental organ" - he also played the keyboard with "collar and tie". Was 'Lucy Lastick' the lingerie brand of choice among the local floozies?
  3. Nope. They bunched up under Jodhpurs. I'll stick to my dhoti.
  4. Are you kidding? The bloomer-elastic those Edwardian ladies wore was strong enough to launch a Saturn 5.
  5. You've obviously never seen any of my old cars.
  6. Its got four wheels and flies. Is it a bin-lorry?
  7. And even more progress.... Decals from the kit. Lewis guns from Eastern Express Sopwith Strutter Interceptor (I had robbed this kit for the wings for a scratch-built DH1a, but loads of other useful bits - vickers guns, Scarff-ring, wheels, props - useful kit just for the spares!) Although I've assembled the kit undercarriage, I can't leave the too-narrow struts in place, so at this late stage they'll have to be replaced.
  8. 2f1 centre section too wide - filled and new cut-out. Really surprisingly quick progress on this wee model.... Top coat of PC10, plus underside light blue. ("Ah!" I hear you say. "Surely clear doped fabric undersides") All will be revealed presently......
  9. I think we may have just invented a brand new epithet (sweary-wurd to us cunning linguists) ..... as in "those gundam rivets are driving me gundam crazy!"
  10. I had to google 'Gundam' but got this... ガンダムシリーズ(ガンダムシリーズガンダムシリーズ)としても知られるガンダム(日本語:ガンダムヘップバーン:ガンダム)は、名前が「ガンダム」の巨大ロボット(メカ)を特色とするサイエンスフィクションメディアフランチャイズですメカ)。....so I'm none the wiser. No change there then.
  11. Meanwhile, back in 1958..... Reshaped cowling on Airfix 2f1 is looking quite good! Not so the 'hump' fairing to cover the Vickers guns housing (the 2F1 had only one, or no Vickers guns fitted - this model will have two Lewis guns at the centre-section and no Vickers). I painted the cowling in silver to show up any imperfections, and it did. Still, nearly there.
  12. Ho-hummm. Watching paint dry with my new specs on!
  13. Shhhhh....'Richard' is his undercover name, he had his name changed by deed pole to RWG686 for tax puposes. Actually, I was alluding to my obssesive behaviour, trying to build four Camels (sounds like the start of a Two Ronnies' joke) in a group group build with the end of may (not May, despite the name of this politics-free forum) approaching rapidly.
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