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  1. Sounds like a challenge! Like RWG, I didn't know about the conversion kit, and I too will not be buying the conversion that's nearly the same cost as the kit. Too rich for me, but the drawing AIM shows the fact that its possible, and the areas needed to be modded will be very handy. I'll give Mach2 a year or so to see if they bring their own kit out - they can copy the AIM mods! - I'll get the hacksaw out if they don't. I must tell RWG about the Airways vacform kit. 🤔
  2. Drat. Rumbled. Nobody believes revolutionaries any more. Viva Zapateria!
  3. You mean you have 1/700 scale warship versions as well? I really did think about buying that tin of Humbrol enamel, honest.
  4. Having seen that @Grunhertz and @RWG686 got their grubby hands on a @BlackMike Models mug I kicked up a fuss until he sent me one. I think he may have got mixed up with 1/144 scale model order. Still, appreciate the thought...anyone fancy a wee cup of tea?
  5. Che Guava

    1/72 VC-10.

    VC10 is pretty long. I was given a reason that Mach2 wouldn't do a Belfast or a Canadair CL-44 ( both with variations of Britannia wings) because their moulding machine couldn't do the size. That knocks that on the head then!
  6. I think, right here, we should own up - show and shame - to what we took home from this show, from the irredeemably cheapskate with two tins of Humbrol enamel (olive drab and neutral grey please, for my re-purposed USAAF Dak), to the fiscally incontinent with a 1/200 scale HMS Elizabeth-class Carrier or anything by Hasegawa tucked under an arm. Photos of the box if possible - and lets compete with what we think was the bargain of the day - so someone else can say they got it cheaper off ebay or a man in a pub. Any takers?
  7. Have you thought of putting it next to the heater?
  8. I think Scott's Models sells it in hundredweight bags in their DIY section. Let me know when you are going, I'll bring the van - its rated to carry 15cwt
  9. I signed up for multi-tasking lessons and a course in prevarication techniques, but I haven't got round to the multi-taking course yet, and I gave up on the prevarication class because I just can't manage two thing at once. Mind you, the assertiveness training course is going well, when the wife lets me go to it
  10. Did this on a Heron 45ish years ago. The heat from the curing resin melted the plastic around the windows a bit. Modern thin-wall moulded polystyrene might be a bit tricky - I sure wouldn't use it on a vacform!
  11. Rivet counter................Kiosk at the back of a model shop over which one can buy expensive model enhancements. Decals sheet..................Brief review of poor transfer quality by Mexican modeller. Austerity........................An aeroplane that looks a bit like an Auster
  12. Missed one..... 1/144 scale...................Standing a bit further away from 1/72 scale.
  13. Che Guava

    Bell 212.

    Damn fine job, especially the interior. Have you ever thought of furnishing doll's houses?
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