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  1. Great pics @RWG686. I almost feel as though I was actually there....
  2. Is there a kit?
  3. Well, just one week to go - my daily exercise regime has moved up a gear and the weight lifting is starting to show results. Not exactly 'ripped' yet, but slightly torn at least, 'cos, plastic kits might be light, but a ton of plastic is still nearly as heavy as a ton of feathers. Plus I'll have to help carry @RWG686's wallet as well as all his 'I'm not buying anything today' purchases.
  4. Possibly red.....though dark blue, dark green and black were also available in that standard pattern (similar on Tri-Pacers too) and are indistinguishable in mono.There were also light pastel colours - turquoise, yellow etc offered which would have had black reg instead of white. So, in the absence of other evidence - take a guess.
  5. Smart! I especially like the Heinkel (and its hollow exhaust pipes. Of course, the other 'missing front' alternative is Rolls-Royce's Kestrel test-bed version - the RR engine improves the lines of the aircraft no end.
  6. A few years ago, the Senora and I took the ferry from Skye to Harris for a wee fiesta. Ahead of us among the assembled boring beige hatchboxes awaiting transportation across the Minches to the Hebrides was a low-slung gaudy supercar, t-roof removed to exhibit the salt'n'pepper tonsure of the older chap at the wheel, alongside his current bottle-blond trophy squeeze. Even before the ferry hove-to, the shore-handlers were murmuring concernedly. Following the first half-dozen ordinary cars, the Rossa-beast moved forward on to the ferry's ramp, but the tide being out, got stuck on the ramp wh
  7. Just checked the price .... £9.99 or £45 adjusted for inflation.
  8. I just got time to get back to this, so sorry for the delay. If David can send the artwork, I can knock out a few copies no bovver. I'll hold off drawing the 'cat' artwork to see if the existing artwork appears.
  9. Aw!!! I just had to google 'Grumman Hellcat G-" didn't I, and found G-BTCC preserved, dammit! Anybody ever seen it carrying its 'G' registration? Even chalked oh?
  10. I'll have a go at re-drawing it (might be a couple of days - rebuilding kitchen!).
  11. Many thanks for the comments, peeps. some (eg @RWG686) can only see the links - though clicking on the link brings up the pic anyway. I'll replace the links later to show a proper preview. It was an amazing aeroplane - reminds one of the Brabazon's visit to Prestwick in 1951, which I missed by a few months (curse that full-term pregnancy)
  12. Now re-posted at last.... https://imgbox.com/o3GKtMPR https://imgbox.com/mSFg9Jop https://imgbox.com/BehZpXpF https://imgbox.com/61RUXaAJ https://imgbox.com/vMw1o8gK https://imgbox.com/BehZpXpF https://imgbox.com/Y7qaUESr https://imgbox.com/RnC2pD8u https://imgbox.com/Xwj8hmky https://imgbox.com/z8BiailQ https://imgbox.com/zhBzTSx8 https://imgbox.com/4ZeaaVr3
  13. Automatic jpg compression when its imported. Drag it from here back onto your desktop, double-click to open it (in whatever will open it - there will be something) and you will see 'artifacts' all round the edges in the image. That's jpg compression. Its horrible, but its the method you are using which automatically reduces the file size. That might be why we use Village Idiot and Photobucket.
  14. I slump corrected and chasened - is the glider a Slingsby-built Baby - cos they 'modernised' the Baby as a Prefect, maybe later. I thought the give-away was the tailplane being moved further forward on the Prefect. (I was a Prefect at school, so I should know 😀 )
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