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  1. I believe Wallis Autogiro was the divorcee paramour of British King Edward VIII who's marriage was responsible for the sale of many Daily Mails just prior to the 2nd World War. She later became known as Wallis 'Simpson' following a persistent attack of jaundice.
  2. First sane comment I've seen on here since I joined.
  3. Did you hear about the Scottish painter and decorator that got a contract in Barnsley, and when he started on the job, realised he'd left his thinners back in Airdrie? He dashed out to a local general strore and asked "Have ye got any turps"? "Yes" came the reply "Dost thee want cassette turps or video turps?"
  4. I've seen phones (particularly Apple iPhones) used for 'proofing' on a photset turning out better quality pics than professional gear! The only difference was the high resolution on the pro gear. For screen use, the phone was fine - I know this because we were emailed the phone shots for general approval and sometime had to check the file size to see which one was the 'pro'. These are damn fine shots of a damn fine model (well, so far 😉). Might put my Nikon on ebay and buy a Pixel 3A !!!
  5. They look pretty good to me - I had to scroll up to the box pic to check the scale wasn't 1/48th! What did you use to take the pictures?
  6. Built 45 years ago - definitely second class.
  7. I had to check the scale drawings twice - once in imperial, and then double-checked in metric. Then again when I made the seat because I thought it was definitely in 1/96th! If I was doing one that size again, I'd need to change brain gear - the struts are all too thick, especially with a coat of paint. and I might buy some of those Revell 1/144 scale kits for bits.
  8. Struts on, cylinder barrels from an old spare rotary engine, prop from 1/144 scale Viscount (modified- a lot!). Just a few Minor (see what I did there?) details left to do.
  9. *But of course, mon ami. While I am likely to leave the odd mould line 'au naturalle', if you find I've thrown PE and resin at a model, call Ed Straker, because I'll have been abducted and replaced by an alien replicant.
  10. I agree with everthing on here, even the conflicting opinions, because generally I'm easily pleased (TM). But I'll bet each and every one of you has a particular 'thing' that ascends your nasal orifice. My particular one is getting the type font right. As a graphic designer for 53 yeas (rtd) I've been using, and have to be able to identify particular typestyles, so I can tell at a glance when somebody has stetched or compressed a font out of its designed parameters. British civil aeroplane registrations in the last 25 years display some of the worst typographical crimes ever commited! (Imagine how annoying a USAF model with serials in a 'face like Times or Palace Script would be.) Mind you, as much as I hate it on the real thing, If building a model, I'd have to match the horrible typography. Anyone else got a particular modelling bete noir?
  11. Wings on, plus subtle additions in plastic card to the front bulkhead (for the radial engine) and the fin top (for the "flatter, squarer*" rudder. They might need some further work yet. (* Anyone remember the'Squarial'? BSB I think)
  12. Impatience took over and, against my better judgement, used thinned-down old sticky paints. Produced the decals while I awaited the evaporation of the spirit (a common ailment among the modelling fraternity) but changed my mind midway through and incorporated the front white/red demarcation which i just couldn't get right with paint/masking/touching-up. So the whole side of the fuselage is white decal including the reg and red front bit. Printing out 2 sets usually ensures I only need one, but this time my first go wrinkled badly, necessitating the use of the spare. The wrinkled transfer gave me an idea for replicating the wrinkled fabric you often see on BE's and others though - more experimenting later, I think! Wing on, but the tripod arrangement of centre struts means the wing struts will need to go on pdq to stabliise the assembly. Nothing for it but to cut the struts from thinnish card and aerofoilate (new word) them....
  13. Ok, slight hiatus to plumb in new washing machine (old one had taken to sounding like a taxying B-52). Above, the rotary stand-in for the Salmson radial, and the non-pair of replacement similar wheels. Below, for those of you who's Saturday is made perfect by a tour of the retail park's half-price sofa emporia, here's the Klemm's upholstery regions just before hiding it all for ever..... ....ahh, that's better! Joint not as bad as it looks, just a slight mismatch that couldn't be filed out.
  14. Very early ... soon after, it got its registration painted across both wings, pre-war style. We must have been there. Have you got it logged? And the Zlin at the back ('WGX maybe?) I've got a kit, was going to do 'WAR, but that looks nice in its Player's Gold Leaf colours.
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