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  1. Definitely looks better as a model than the actual aircraft. That was meant to be a compliment. 😇
  2. @RWG686's models - made in Scotland from girders.
  3. Ah yes...designed to fly backwards to confuse opposing ground defences, as indicated by the saltire fluttering forwards. Described when under test by Republican forces during the Spanish Civil War "Esa maquina es revolucionaria"* *That machine is revolting
  4. Ah yes, the unique Featherstone-Kite Semi-Detachable Control Panel, where the altimeter was simply a needle on a gauge with a big cow on the left and little cow on the right (Control tower: "Roger, FeatherKite, you are cleared to 12,000 heffers, heading, err, that way, a bit)", the turn-and-bank indicator directed you to the nearest branch of Lloyds, engine temperature was just a tube from the radiator with a kettle whistle on the end, the stall warning indicated how bad the view from the cheap seats at the theatre was, while, in a misunderstanding with the Taiwanese supplier, a pair of compas
  5. I'm afraid the death of Grandad Rupert was greatly exaggerated (that's the BBC for you). On entering the spiral dive (more correctly known as 'The Spiral Dive', his local inn) he imbibed rather too much of 'Deanston's Delectable', a local distillation with aromas of apple, bramble, ragwort, slurry, diesel, hedgehog and anything else they found at the side of the road. The label statement '18 year old peated single malt' was justified by the mysterious disappearance of Pete, the apprentice wort-stirrer (only his left shoe was ever found, and that was at the bottling plant). Thus fortified, Gran
  6. Just noticed this. They look a bit lumpy and grainy - if thats just the camera picking up the wee dots of sealer, ok. But if they actually look like that, hold off using them. I'm loading new drivers for the printer, and if that works, I'll send new ones. If it doesn't, I'll need to start experimenting with another program, cos that's not acceptable. But at least they are grey - they came out green at first!!!? I hate computers, except when they work.
  7. The furniture company I worked in ordered huge quantities of bubble-wrap at a time to send out tables, chairs etc. It came in great big boxes and inside, the bubble-wrap rolls were carefully wrapped - in bubble wrap! Again, true.
  8. I aim to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that the original radial-engined Zlin Cmelak (Bumble Bee) is slightly less ugly than the later Turbo-prop version as exponented (I do enjoy making up words - English is a wonderful language) by my good friend (so far) @RWG686. So here it is - curiously enough supplied by @RWG686 from his own stash. ...still with the price ticket in Euros..... Still sealed. LET (see what I did there?) mild disagreement commence.........
  9. The previous 289 pages are all very interesting, but I'll betcha nobody can guess what came in this large and exciting parcel..... The coffee mug and spoon are there to provide scale.... On receipt, I opened the box in anticipation. Was it a Brabazon kit sent by accident to the wrong address? A package from a wholesaler meant for Hannant's containing 40 Spitfire kits? ....but removing the prodigious amounts of bubble-wrap provided no clue. Must be valuable and fragile! And there it was, exposed in all its mundanity (mundaneousness?) diminutive ordinaryness...
  10. Are you sure all those bits are from just the one kit?
  11. Naaaa! The Basler is just an inept copy of the 1950's Dart Dakota that BEA flew, but BEA's installation was better integrated (and pointed the engines in the right direction too) - the radial version was still a better balanced design. The Enforcer? What, with that huge, er, sphincter stuck on the side? I'll offer for comparison Grumman Goose/Turbo-Goose. Arggg! Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder. In most cases, I'd say Ray Charles's! Maybe somebody can dig up the exception that proves the rule.... (Ok, SIAI SF-260, but Italians were bound to get it right)
  12. @RWG686surprised me last week with this excellent birthday gift ("I'm seventy now, you know" apparently old people always have to tell you their age, in the same way kids do "I'm four and three quarters") Well research, and in a very readable style, it had loads of detail I'd never encountered anywhere else. If this is what his other works are like, they are highly recommended. I'll let @RWG686tell you more, and maybe add a link.
  13. Jings!!!! Might have to buy a B-52 in retaliation. And that is one ugly buggly - the original with the big piston engine is much nicer. I cant think of a single reciprocating-to-turbine conversion that doesn't look like a turn for the worse.
  14. Wow!!! Classic machinery .... not just one, but TWO traditional red Angle-poise lamps!!!! Not seen the like since my works got rid of all the drawing desks, lamps and Letraset and Luddites and put in computers twenty-odd years ago. Too bad all those boxes got in the way when you took the pic.
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