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  1. Still plugging away at the, now third, repaint of the Orion quick (!) conversion. The paint is all off the wings, at least the horrible silver is, mostly. The parcel tape treatment is still underway on the tailplane.... ...and a first (again) coat of gloss grey has gone on... ...which went reasonably well. Despite washing the wings down and lightly scrubbing with an old toothbrush, there seems to be residue of bits of grot hiding immovably in cavities just waiting to emerge when the paint goes back on. Fortunately, this was only a first thinned coat, so a little local application of the ole' wet'n'dry P600 should polish those out before No2 coat goes on
  2. Yeh, I get that too!
  3. .....and now an Aerostar 600.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-72-Aerostar-600-601P-3d-printed-resin-kit-VFR-models/203335321751?hash=item2f57bac897:g:7qsAAOSwlxpgaL5z I assure you, I am not VFR models unpaid publicity agent.
  4. A huge model to dwarf even their Brabazon. unbelievable!!!
  5. As mentioned elsewhere, thoughts of finishing my Twin Otter 'Under a Tenner' build led me to contact the airline (via Loganair's Advertising Agency, Randak Design in Glasgow - I used to work there) to see if I could get a bit of artwork for the tartan for the current tail design. Loganair's Technical & Marketing Director wouldn't authorise the issue of artwork, but said nobody would mind if I drew up my own and emailed me a copy - which I can probably use as it is! We chatted for a while about the electric Islander (!) they've been testing (link here http://sustainableskies.org/loganair-pioneer-island-hopping-electric-flight/ ) and was surprised that the UK papers hadn't picked up on it as its been running between Westray and Papa Westray in Orkney for over a year. Now this is the interesting bit. He asked if I'd heard of the way they'd been applying the tartan on to their new jet fleet - they stopped using vinyl wraps cos they kept peeling off in the airflow, so they were offered some new test equipment to try, with software designed by the Dundee team that did Grand Theft Auto, and manufactured by a 'US digital printer company.' Err, no, I hadn't!!! I have to gloss over the technicalities, but imagine a big laser printer with the ink nozzles on the end of a hose. You place a few sensors (the way they animate actors) on the plane, load the 3d software of the pre-mapped tail and just point the four colour nozzles at the tail and press the trigger and the software controls the flow to where its required - Tartan Paint !!! The clincher for me was that Loganair's guy, knowing I was building models, told me that a 'UK model company' had bought the rights for a miniature version and was going to launch it "at a show last year" (Telford?) that was cancelled because of the pandemic. Its being announced tomorrow at about the price of a laser printer and some specially formulated paint.
  6. I wanted to call this "The Three Tenners" to add a touch of class to the proceedings... ...or maybe "Its about time we had a little civility around here."
  7. Last minute shot....the unfinished Skyvan I found in my box of self-dismanting models from 40 years ago - pictured on Twin Pioneer Twins in its albino state - was painted production-line style at the same time, so here they are, non-identical twins (See! the title at the start of this does make sense - now). Now all I need to do is find the box with the rest of its bits and finish it. Will definitely be doing the next Twin Otter in the newest tartan-tailed scheme. Red and black tartan, what's not to like? I'll start tomorrow. Got some interesting gossip from Loganair. I'll put it in modelling chat.
  8. So many museums, so little time. Thanks @Leo.
  9. The one where the monkeys are typing the compleat works of Shakespeare is very good, though Lady MacBeth's "Is this a banana I see before me" might need some careful sub-editing
  10. Forgot to mention my proudest achievement - well, six actually! The stripes on the prop blades. Had three shots at it, the final one had a frustratingly tiny but carefully measured bit of masking tape placed as a sort of jig at each tip, to help align the real masking tape's edge at the required white application, once the 'jig' tape was removed then the white tip could be painted fairly accurately. "Ah, but" I hear you say, "the white area is divided by a wee black line" (maybe the non-Scots BxMers didn't actually say 'wee'). Well, I trimmed little pieces of black decal down to the correct width (from the unused registration letters of the Hillson) and stuck them on. Easier to say than to do - after the first few, I swore I'd never do this again. By the twelfth time, I was actually getting quite good at it. I might still never do that again.
  11. And....thats another one finished. I should have put my three entries - Twin Otter, Cierva C30 and Hillson - in this one thread and called it "The Three Tenners" Not totally happy though, still got a little paint on a couple of windows despite all the care, and I wish I'd discovered how well thinned gloss white works before I started using the thick stuff on this, but, well, it'll do. The decals are nice.
  12. Just sorting out the last few things, and thought "what's the chances of these coming off the sprue and disappearing with a quiet ping?" Well, the first one came off fine....I turned round for the gluepot, and when i turned back it was gone. Nowhere to be seen. had a quick look for this tiny fragment of plastic and found the missing exhaust ring for the Twin Pioneer instead. Some field sprite or house elf is 'avin a larf. Made another one from a bit of sprue. Its fine. Honest.
  13. Don't worry about it....I used to work for Loganair's Design Agency (Randak design) gave a call to one of my ex-colleagues, although they are all on furlough, he gave me the number of Loganair's Tech Director, although I'd have to go through the legal process of getting permission to use a bit of their artwork (meh) , he has absolutely no problem with me drawing up my own. I also got talking to him about the electric Islander they are running tests on behalf of Cranfield Institute!!!! We also spoke about another thing that @RWG686 seems to have stumbled on regarding paint - I think he'll be writing about that somewhere else.
  14. I have the decals - and the old kit from @RWG686's stash enlargement service! (Can't remember the manufacturer). The CW 20 has more windows, different engines and no double-bubble fuselage, just oval cross-section.
  15. Che Guava

    Beech C-45.

    Don't lose that hulk.....not sure yet if the Super 18 'SUG will need a new canopy. Then there'll be a spare going, er, spare.
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