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  1. I've been contemplating this conversion for 40 years! Couldn't decide whether chop up the fuselage of an Aifix Bird Dog, or chop up the rear of an Eidei 172 as a basis. Both kits still unmolested in the stash. Which reminds me of another 'radical' conversion of an Eidai 172 I did at that time. Must dig it out and post it on here if it'll still pass muster.
  2. Do you know just how much trouble I've had with yellow paint recently? Nice scheme though!
  3. I thought this was quite amusing......Quatari Globemaster performing and everyone watching the An-225 on finals. Also, just me social distancing!
  4. I managed to snap these at Dundee airport a couple of weeks ago, just as it was leaving. They might be useful. It is actually British registered despite the camo and serials, so I've cheated and inflicted another civvie on you!
  5. Ahh! It was supposedly heading for France after refuelling, , Must have been a transatlantic flight - odd route (or small fuel tanks) if it just came from Ukraine. Anyone know what the load was?
  6. Immediately (well about 5 minutes before) the An-225 arrived, this Qatari Air Force Globemaster landed. Big though the Globemaster is, I'll bet the crew were fully focussed on landing then clearing the runway knowing there were six engines attached to a large Antonov bearing down on them intent on occupying the same space. Presumably the sand and mud colours (I use the term loosely) will appear later, after the grey etch primer has dried.....that's surely not the finished scheme, surely? Bo....ring. This reminds me that it is probably 50 years since I last saw a Globemaster at Prestwick. Doesn't time fly when you're having fun?
  7. At Prestwick, these days its just nice to see an aeroplane.
  8. Not me, but there were at least 1000 rubber-neckers, plus the usual 1000 'professional' aeroplane enthusiasts at all the fences. around the airport.
  9. You know, I never really noticed at the time, but this morning my ears are ringing!
  10. This dropped in to Prestwick today for a leisurely 2hr refuelling stop, departing with much smoke, drama and whooshing.... Antonov 225, for those of you who more usually prefer their whooshing things painted in the colours of horse-droppings. (Your accustomed Prestwick correspondent, RWG686, is away for a well-earned infection and quarantine holiday, being pampered hand and foot (but nothing in between) by his ever-attentive and meekly subservient spouse. In the meantime, I'll try to find some aviation subjects for your delectation in colours somewhat less sudden than the above.) One for the rivet-counters. Dosvidanya
  11. Anyway... can I join in the fun with this, arrived a couple of weeks ago, but just got around to opening the box. Reasonably priced (no, really!) at 35 of your Eenglish pounds, including postage. I'm sure I read somewhere that this and its Twin were 'cleaned up' molds from Magna. well, this is nothing like any Magna moulding I've ever seen - and I mean that in a good way. Everything packaged in individual bags, nice simple assembly diagram, decals and white metal bits that would have been fragile as resin. Plus an actually well-drawn colour scheme. Coming as I do from the antedeluvian end of the modelling trade - condescendingly referred to as 'Heritage' builds (ageist swines that yiz are), I think the detail, finely recessed panel lines etc, is quite superb. Just one not so nice bit ..... ....in that, unless the Pioneer canopies were tinted for Far East operations, this resin looks a bit off-cream coloured. Maybe Pavla will have released a vacform one by the time I get to that bit.
  12. Wi-ayeFi these days, mun. Anyroad, weren't 'Broadband' the lo-oacl name for 't Horden Colliery Ladies Brass Ensemble? (I hope the Horden referred to earlier was indeed the one in Durham, or my offensive attempt at typing an accent will be well off the mark)
  13. Che Guava


    Well...that was a surprise after all this time! Maybe this post will start to work after all.
  14. Che Guava


    Actually, that's a fair point, though my peculiar proclivities in model enthusiasms might not make you mud-colours-and-kill-people fans all that jealous. Still...watch that space, as they say.
  15. Che Guava


    Maybe everyone already knew about this. Nobody tells me anything. Combat Kits Short Belfast (pronounced 'Baalfaaast') at £180 (pronounced ''ouch')
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