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  1. I am not going to claim that I am or that I am not @DC3 although I have indeed been called a 'walloper' more than once in the past.
  2. Well I certainly could complain, moan, wail and gnash my teeth! and for a lot less too!
  3. Good Lord! That is ridiculous or does that include a master modeller building it for you?
  4. Gold or Platinum plated? I've seen a few listings on fleabay recently with ridiculous prices shown for kits that are generally available and by no means special editions.
  5. He suggested 1mm PETG for the transparencies and he says that he includes a couple of sheets with the kit to get the user started. I've ordered a few different thicknesses of PETG and white styrene from Expo in A4 to experiment with as I wonder if 1mm might be too thick for teensy little canopies and the originals seem more like 0.5mm though obviously it's hard to gauge considering that the plastic will have been stretched and thinned in their production. The chap likes to share his knowhow @Gorby so you can always pick his brains and I think he would be very happy to help.
  6. I have been sorely tempted to pick up a 1/72 Sword Gannet but I am doing my damndest to stick to WWII only apart from the half dozen Sword Lightnings I allowed myself (along with after market decals) because they are going to be of Lightnings that were at Leuchars where I was dragged kicking and screaming into this world, Spitfire Place no less.
  7. Yep that is the chap @Gorby He is very enthusiastic about his product and vac forming and I was firing messages back and forward with him about the equipment and techniques involved before buying the gear from him. He is apparently not long out of hospital and so states there will be a lead time which is given as ten days if I recall correctly on the ebay listings but he told me yeserday that it's actually more like five days at the moment so, all being well I should have my kit by the middle of next week. I would imaging that materials alone, especially if you were buying enough just to make
  8. Well I've ordered the vacforming kit. Chap, called Mike Greenhouse down in Gloucestershire if I recall correctly, seems like a nice chap. Apparently he has been in for some sort of serious surgery recently but, despite that, he reckons he will have made the kit up and get it ship in five days. I've ordered an A4 former an A5 former, heat box and heater and the suction will be provided by my big wet/dry vacuum cleaner in the shed which is pretty damn powerful. I reckon I will be able to find work for the thing. I'm already thinking anti-spill glue and paint holders amongst other things.
  9. Ah that's a model of his 'every day driver' for safe travel around Sandbank and Dunoon.
  10. Sadly good traditional chippy's are becoming less and less common and a lot seem to have gone over to doing Kebabs, Pizza's etc. and the flavour of their 'Chippy' stuff just isn't right. There used to be a chippy in Saltcoats, Ayrshire called 'Vincent's Fish Fry' and that's the last really true, fried in fat, Italian run quality Scottish West Coast chippy that I went to and I went to it pretty regularly as it was around the corner from where I lived. Saltcoat's is also worthy of note as being the birthplace of the posthumous VC winning pilot of the Beaufort that attacked the Gneisenau which is
  11. Oh I'm in somewhat of a quandry now. I've discovered that ModelsforSale have 'more than twenty' sets of Falcon Italian canopies available on ebay at about £6.50 a set so pretty much half price plus three quid on top for shipping but, also on ebay, there is some fellow down in England selling vacforming set-ups that he makes to work with a vacuum cleaner for between fifty and a hundred and fifty bucks. I think to myself 'just buy the Falcon sets' and then I think hmmmmm....... I could vacform little cups for paint, I could vacform canopies, I could just play about with the thing. Hmmmmmm.......
  12. Well I have to admit that I did do a little Black Friday shopping as I found myself buying a few more kits from Misterkit in Italy. I discovered that they did a Misterkit Macchi C.202, C205 and Fiat CR.42 (All actually made for them by MPM as are the Flying Machines branded kits) and they were doing the Macchi 202 and 205 at ten Euro's a piece so it would have been really rather silly not to buy them and I added in a Flying Machines Fiat G.55S Torpedo bomber prototype and another C.200 Saetta not to mention an AZModel Spitfire VI and Hurricane IV. What is it they say about a fool and his dosh?
  13. I am afraid I have to admit to rather liking deep fried pizza and deep fried pizza in batter (Called a Pizza Crunch in Glasgow) suppers @Thatsmyboy The 'hauf pizza supper' was a feature of my diet for much of my teenage years and I still occasionally get one. I say 'occasionally' as the nearest decent chippy is twenty miles away and I rarely seem to eat takeaway food of any sort these days.
  14. Ach Sandbank isn't that bad. As long as you drive at over forty miles an hour they find it hard to loosen you wheel nuts.
  15. Wallopers? I thought only Scottish folks used that term?
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