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  1. You've done an excellent job on that and displayed it in a novel way. Nice one. John.
  2. I don't think that you've weathered it too much. It looks really good. John.
  3. One of the few modern tanks that (IMO) look good. Excellent job. Can you give us some details about the light box (maybe a photo), as I will be looking for one when I get back to the old country next month. John.
  4. I don't know much about these Germanic wingey things, but I do know a good model when I see one.....and this certainly falls into that category. Nice one Darby. John.
  5. Nice work with the Firefly Steve. It is a nice kit (probably why I've got three of them) and the tracks can be beaten into submission, providing you don't do what I did and try to put them on after joining the upper and lower hulls together. John.
  6. If you are going to use washes Steve, then you'll need a gloss coat on first as the matt surface will act like a sponge and soak up the wash and it will spread. If you don't want to go down the route of applying a wash, you can still alter the appearance to a degree with pigments. I use one of Mig's items called Allied Green Fading. Applied with a brush, it lightens the olive drab significantly. They also do a grey for German vehicles. Incidentally, that photo is of a Canadian Firefly 1c Hybrid and it's got a dummy muzzle half way down the barrel. The reason for this being that it was to appear to the enemy as though it was a 75mm gun and not a 17pdr, as the 17pdr was the only gun able to take out a Tiger or Panther at long range. A 75mm armed tank needed to get to within 500 yards to stand a chance of knocking one out. These are nice kits despite their short comings. I've got three in the stash. John.
  7. Neat little model Steve. Nice one. John.
  8. Nice to meet you at the weekend Paul. Dan was right about this build. It's absolutely superb. The finished article is going to be museum class. Nice one. John.
  9. Great work on the 105. I like the weathering on the 'dozer blade. John.
  10. Nice Vickers. I was hoping to dip my toe back into 1/72nd scale and buy a kit at Telford. The one that I was after was the new one from Ammo, with the intention of turning it into a Tiran 4. But the dealer was asking £29.95 which is a bit steep, considering that you can get one online for 18 euros!!
  11. Nice job on the semi-track. I like the tarp. John.
  12. Some nice braille scale models there. John.
  13. Not tried any of Airfix's 1/48 stuff, so it'll be interesting to see how this pans out. John.
  14. Nice Easy 8. The wooden crates on the engine deck are realistically painted. John.
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