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  1. Very nice Mac, especially the Krupp. John.
  2. A similar definition, although not model related; Sheet music.....what they play on Radio 1.
  3. Reissue. A kit that is so old, that it first appeared when Pontius was a pilot.
  4. I can't see what your problem is with it. It looks fine to me. John.
  5. That is one superb model. At first glance, I thought it was 1/32nd. Nice one. John.
  6. Very nice A27 Mac. The weathering has really made it stand out. John.
  7. Thanks for the comments Paul. Much appreciated. John.
  8. Darby, Richard, many thanks for the comments. John.
  9. Thanks Mark. I'm pleased with the way that the figures turned out, and most of that is due to the excellent quality of the castings. They paint up well. John.
  10. This is a build of mine from a few years ago. It’s a RMASG Centaur, based on Tamiya’s Cromwell. To achieve this, it has scratch built wheels, howitzer and custom made decals. There is quite a bit of scratch built pieces on it and anyone interested in the build can find the WIP here; Thanks for looking. John.
  11. All that remained now was the final little jobs. The lower hull was weathered with a mixture of resin and fine sand and then when dry Mig earth powders were rubbed in. The pioneer tools were painted along with the pads on the hatch covers, tow ropes, tyres and the contents of the open bin. The blanket was painted grey as that was the colour that I remembered from my childhood from the blankets that my Dad brought home after the war. The compo boxes were painted a light cream and when dry, decals were added from an old Fighting 48th decal sheet. I had no idea about the colour of the tin, so I painted it green with some vague label on it. Incidentally, the tin was made from a small off cut of plastic tube, and the lid was punched out from card using a paper hole punch. The marks on the blanket are supposed to be an arrow and the WD marking, but didn't show up too well. I added a couple of bits of stowage each side at the rear. At the front on the left hand side, I managed to damage the paintwork on the track guard, so rather than repaint it, I covered it up with a towel made from pewter foil and painted with some food stains on it. I also added a mess tin (Oh the joys of mess tins!!) made from card and wire and a spoon from scrap etched brass. The base is just a piece of ply wood, sanded and varnished, with a road section glued on top, made from card, as was the paved section. The street lamp came from an old Airfix model railway lineside kit and I extended the height with a piece of rod. The figures are white metal ones from Parabellum and are among the best I’ve ever seen in this scale. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable build that now sits alongside my Cromwell lVf and Cromwell Vl. It’s now ready for RFI. Thanks to everyone for the comments and likes. John.
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