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  1. Muttley's Grandad.

    Zvedza Iskander M TEL with SS 26 Stone Missile

    Lovely model Steve. Even in 1/72nd scale, it still looks to be a big beast. John.
  2. Muttley's Grandad.

    (FINISHED)Zvezda 1/72 Iskander-M SS26 Missle Transporter/Launcher

    It might be small scale, but it's still a big beggar. Nice going Steve. John.
  3. Muttley's Grandad.

    IDF M1 Super Sherman.

    Thanks Mark. I might just do that. I'm hoping to get back to Blighty in a couple of weeks time for my Grandson's birthday, so if I do, I'll try and pick up one of the ICM WW1 US trucks. John.
  4. Muttley's Grandad.

    IDF M1 Super Sherman.

    Thanks to you both. It was a very enjoyable build. John.
  5. Muttley's Grandad.

    IDF M1 Super Sherman.

    This is my first completed build post on here and it was built last year. It's the Israeli M1 Super Sherman and I built it using Tamiya's M51 Sherman with some additions and alterations. The lower and upper hull and the running gear are from the M51 kit with the engine deck coming from the Tamiya M1 Sherman (the one that Tamiya incorrectly call a Super Sherman). The lower rear hull plate needed altering with the addition of air cleaners from the M1 kit. Turret is also from the M1 kit with the RB Models M1A1 main gun and the dust cover and hatches from the M51 kit. There are also some scratch built additions; brackets to hold the spare track links, first aid box, infantry telephone box, stretcher, track guard supports and the stowage. The searchlight came from the Dragon M50 and the tank that I've depicted is (as far as I know), the only on that carried one. It was painted with Mig's IDF Green. The decals are from a couple of sources, Microscale and Star and were adapted. I weathered it quite heavily as these tanks collected a lot of dust. Hope you like it. John.
  6. Muttley's Grandad.


    In a previous life, when I used to build wingey things, I used to use half pound breaking strain fishing line for things such as aerial wires. In fact, I still have the reel, just in case I have a relapse. John.
  7. Muttley's Grandad.


    Sssshhhh! or you'll start Derby off again.