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  1. Gorby

    Revell Ar196B

    That's pretty damn impressive - I'd be very pleased wit that result.
  2. I know that embracing the totally unfamiliar may be frightening your Madness, but let me introduce you to something you appear to have never encountered before. Don't worry, it won't bite: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/sympathy I am handicapped by my brain, so it sort of evens itself out.
  3. I didn't intend doing a work in progress report for this kit. I was racked with guilt at the horrible and deeply unnatural things that I'd been subjecting the English language to . I thought I'd give it a chance to recover its dignity by giving it a rest this time. Apparently, taking part in a group build leaves me with no alternative but to torment some poor innocent words. One of the reasons for doing this build is to see if building a kit can still press my pleasure buttons after my year of scratching. The whole point was to do an out of the box build, sticking to the offered schemes and NOT stressing about insignificances – a nice soothing, relaxing build. Inevitably I ended up faffing with bits that really didn't need to be faffed with, but it would appear that I quite like doing the faffy bits. As always, adherence to strict historical accuracy will be paramount as with all my latest builds (pause for laughter to die down). As you may possibly have gathered from the title, I've progressed a bit further since the twelve days of shame , and I've encountered a couple of issues. I've seen build reports on this kit that don't mention these problems, but I can't for the life of me figure out what I've done wrong. What the hell! How did that happen? The wing is about over a mill lower than the fuselage - but only one one side!!!!!! Even surprised/angry face and stamping it down didn't work. Looking inside it seems that the fuselage is fouling on the top of the wheel well. I'll need to thinyfy some plastic. After getting next to nowhere with the chisel and file, I resorted to my placy-mangler (which I've never actually needed to use for modelling before) which munched away the offending areas in next to no time. That did help, but there was still a smallish step that I had to sand down from the top of the wing. I ended up overdoing it and had to fill the resulting trench. What the hell! How did that happen? This kit is beginning to make me feel like a beginner. There isn't a gap on the top of the wing so why the hell is this gaping gulf at the bottom? Look I can fit my whole hand in it. Not only that, when view from the side you can see there's a significant step along the whole joint with the front bit (the left) being just under 1mm lower than the back. That's a serious amount of placy that needs to be removed. After pondering the solution to this, the first-world of all first-world problems, I decided to use my new bestest friend – the placy-mangler. I can see this tool being used quite a lot in the future, but I just need to remember it probably wouldn't be a good idea to try and clean my teeth with it. Eduard has long been my favourite kit maker due to it's (usually) Tamiya like quality and the fact that the prices are good enough for even a tight git like me. I don't know why this one's turned out so crap. I briefly had thoughts of launching it out the bedroom window, but I don't give up regardless of the negative effect on my mental health – I'm just not that sensible . If this kit means twenty years of counselling, so be it. Mind you it was doing my head in too much to carry on, so it languished on the work-bench of doooooom for a couple more days. Happy, happy, happy.* * Not.
  4. Don't believe anything Mr Mad would say to that (even though it would be entirely true ). From where I live I'd have to walk about ten minutes to get to somewhere nice to walk. I take my daughter in laws dog for a walk five days of the week, but she a lazy bugger, so unlike my old dog, the walks don't really give me much exercise. We intend to have a go at using it, but the biggest problem is that the contraption is huge, even though it does fold up, it still looks like a bit of a monstrosity. The odds are that we'll sell it at some point in the future if we don't feel it's helping.
  5. We've just sort of acquired a barely used, all singing all dancing walking treadmill for a fraction of it's new price. It's just taken me most of the day to re-assemble the bloody thing. The problem is. We bought it to help out a family member. We don't really want a treadmill.
  6. It's looking great so far and I'm amazed the decals still work.
  7. Wow that a fantastic colour!
  8. Gorby

    Trebah gardens.

    Trebah is a lovely place. I haven't been there for about twenty years so it would be interesting to see how it's changed. That's where I first encountered Gunnera (no, I didn't say contracted gonorrhoea – that was elsewhere ).
  9. Can I play too? I had no intention of taking part in this group build but I have a confession. My latest build has been stalled for nearly two weeks (well, twelve days if you want to be pedantic) . I decided to have a go at another wingything kit and after an initial surge of interest, it been glaring at me from the eeeeerrrm, workbench-of-doom where it is lying in it's, erm... tupperware-of-dooooooom. Oh yes, there's some in the spray-booth-of-doooooooooooooooooooooom as well. TWELVE DAYS of DOOOOOOOOOM! That it should come to this . How can I live with the shame? Right, now I've pretended to be as flawed as the rest of you, can I play now?
  10. Finish. FINISH. FINISH! I didn't realise I was a sadist until now.
  11. Go for it. I'm mean, it's not as if you've got anything else in the stash waiting to be bui.... oh, hang on.
  12. That looks really good and nice weathering. After seeing what you've done with it, I'm quite tempted with this kit myself.
  13. Nice work! It's odd isn't it, I was talking to weirdo who thought that assembling individual link tacks was the best bit about building tanks. It would drive me nuts (or should I say 'even nutser').
  14. This one of the reasons I mainly use home-made masks when I can these days. When I have to use the evil little things I only use diluted Pledge. I think I've only used the Microsol twins once or twice in the last couple of years and that was only on instrument panels and other tiny decals. The way I would do the diamond band is to spray the red first, then it would be relatively easy to mask the two long lines and the crosses. Then spray the silver.
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