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  1. It seems an odd choice of aircraft to eliminate the seam down the middle when the real one had a seam down the middle.
  2. Nice work and an excellent solution to fix the wings.
  3. Good grief! I try to avoid decorating but that's taking it to the next level. The frame/cage looks very fragile.
  4. @Leo buying a 1/72 aircraft!?!? I thought you'd be holding out for the 1/32 Vulcan. Nice haul Leo.
  5. Thanks for the offer. I was trained as a draughtsman (although never worked as one) so I enjoy farting around with that sort of stuff.
  6. WOW it's certainly an eye-catcher! Remarkable camo and I'm amazed it only took three weeks.
  7. You'd be surprised and.... Because they know there are many non IGP's who will snap them up. I won't be in the queue either.
  8. Your additions to the overhead console look good.
  9. Amazing the quality which is possible to achieve from such an inexpensive kit.
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