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  1. Thanks Paul. I've got GS Hypo so I'll give that a go.
  2. Nice save. How's the pain today?
  3. Must be a though area where you live. Even your Airfix car is up on bricks!
  4. It does doesn't it. I'm itching to get started on it but wondering if I should try one of the 'easier' IBG kits first. I not to sure about using the film for the windows and I'd rather screw up a cheaper kit.
  5. That seat is incredible!
  6. IBG Models 1/72 Scammell Pioneer Tank Transporter with TRCU30 Trailer. I know Wiki isn't perfect but it knows a damn sight more about this stuff than I do, so rather than copy and paste and pretend I'm intelligent, you might as well go to the source if you want to know the history, the engine size or it's inside leg measurement. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scammell_Pioneer TEN sprues in total although some of them are tiddlers. I won't explain what each sprue is as I assume that you've got at least on functioning eye. I've decided to show them in random order to keep you on your toes. Here we go: The moulding looks excellent and some of the detail puts Tamiya to shame – an engine in 1/72! You get quite a lot of uncoloured brass photo etch. The transparencies are on a small sheet of film. Not sure how robust the film will be when it comes to masking. If you are concerned you could always use these as a guide for cutting plastic sheet. The decals are for two schemes that I'll come to later. The instructions look really good and in colour! the paint thingamajig is on the front showing the paints for Vallejo, Hataka, Lifecolor, Mr.Hobby, AK Interactive, Mission Models but damnit, not for Tamiya. I wouldn't mind betting that there are more modellers that use Tamiya paints than most of those put together. I'm not going to show every page of the instructions as it's quite long – I can tolerate like you, but not that much. This is just a sample page and as you can see it's the photographic 3D computer image type rather than the usual line diagram. It'll also help you learn Polish if you are so inclined although I've yet to find the useful phrase “My pig is at level four piano”. Perhaps I need to buy more IBG kits. There is even a rigging diagram for the trailer. In the breakdown/wrecker kits, IBG include thread to use for the cables. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case for this kit. There's two colouring-in options. A yella one. And two shades of shi... a brown one: Conclusion: If you want a 1/72 Scammell this is the only feasible option and from what I can see in the box, it looks like an exceptionally good option. The Airfix Scammell tank transporter may be about £10 cheaper, but it's 1/76; I seem to recall it doesn't have any clear parts for the windows and although they keep dragging it out in new boxes every now and again, the moulds were originally tooled in 1962. It's older than I am! It's about time they started including a 1/76 zimmer frame with it. This is a remarkably well detailed kit and for the price (I paid just over £18) it's an absolute bargain. Buy it or I'll kick your cat.
  7. 'Quarter light' - thus completely expending all my knowledge of car terminology. That's coming together quickly, you're building it quicker than my amazing DeLorean model. It's looking good. Even better than my incredible DeLorean. The colour suits it. Obviously not as much as white suited my stupendous Delorean. Did I forget to mention my staggering Delorean?
  8. My great granddad was a coach painter and sign-writer and it appears that he painted his lines straighter in the afternoon… after his lunch of four or five pints of beer.
  9. Won't be easy on a curved surface but you could remove the damaged area and use stretched sprue to repair or replace. Then shape it when it's dry.
  10. That's why I always say imagination, imagination, imagination and imagination, plus the maxim of weathering: "Paint whatever the hell you want."
  11. Wow, you've got a steady hand. I hope that isn't the result of clean living. I certainly wouldn't class any of those as mediocre and I would have guessed that they had been airbrushed. Excellent work.
  12. That's a coincidence, I was looking at that kit on Scalemates a couple of weeks ago when I was trying to find a decent, small scale Renault tank. I'll tag along.
  13. Thanks Leo, the Sea King is one of my favourites. I really like the one in the first photo - do you know what it is?
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