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  1. I really like that! It looks like Audrey II on the desk and is that a pet tarantula on the cauldron?
  2. Excellent model Darren - it looks like it could be 1/1 scale. Incidentally, I've had a look in the Gallery and can't see your pics.
  3. That's really had a damn good thrashing with the ugly stick. 😱
  4. Very nice and your dad is very, very clever..... Are you adopted?
  5. Thanks for posting Anil - some fantastic models.
  6. Gets my vote. (not that you'll take annnny notice of what I want, and then you'll go and buy the Grant (with the full interior) and do that instead). (Not that I mind because I'd quite like to see the Grant (with the full interior) as well).
  7. Be still my beating heart Was it designed by a committee? I remember seeing one of these a year or two ago during one of my Goolgising marathons and wondering if there was a kit.
  8. Errm.... Is trade a little slow at the moment Duncan?
  9. Nice, tidy workmanship there Andy.
  10. It may have been a crap kit, but it's now a bit of a stunner. I'd be overjoyed if I could get even a decent kit looking that good at the end.
  11. With cars, I've never been interested in speed, power or performance. For me it's entirely about their looks – yes I know I'm shallow.
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