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  1. And so much more interesti.... sorry I couldn't even get to the end of the end of the sentence before loosing the power to carry on.
  2. The tracks look very effective. I know that when we get older we like to avoid the word 'sag', but those look lovely and saggy.
  3. Lovely new humongous 27” screen. Not really new as my daughter in law was getting rid of it. I offered to pay but they insisted that we do enough for them…. Soooo, FREE STUFF!!!
  4. It's going to be fun cutting the masks for that.
  5. Scalemates shows a re-tool in 1978 and it looks like they are still churning that one out. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/airfix-02064-0-whirlwind--145496
  6. Gorby

    Zvezda 190

    Looks good. The desert camo suits it well.
  7. Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. You might have to rest your brain after that one. (Damnit why didn't I think of it first. )
  8. Not in the pool today then? Absaaaalootly boilin here. The camo looks great.
  9. Normally we get dozens of tourist tins flying overhead from Birmingham. They've been so rare over the last eighteen months that I actually look up when one goes over now.
  10. Very jealous. I live in the Midlands (Coventry) where we see bugger all other than the police helicopter and air ambulance. When Baginton airport used to do airshows, many years ago there was some decent stuff. Once we heard something very, very loud outside and when we went out to see, Concord was quite low overhead, but it was over before I thought to get my camera.
  11. It certainly is. Nice photos and where do you live to see that stuff above your garden?
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