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  1. Veeery nice job! The green suits it.
  2. I thought that was the start of a part issue housemaid model. Over 50 weeks collect all the parts to build a complete housemaid. Second week – the housemaids other knee. I've also found that the best way to find something, is to order a replacement.
  3. Multifarious modelly merchandise: Circle cutter: Spray booth filter (long overdue, but now I've got enough for many years to come): The card isn't plastic: … ummm… strange.
  4. Wow that was quick! It's looking really good.
  5. Thanks Mac. I tried that but it there was no way it would budge. Now that I've taken 0.5mm off the back it does click into place. I also noticed that on the sides of the canopy it steps down twice, and if I hadn't taken the bit off the back there would be 0.5mm gaps.
  6. I've been asking for that for years. Not that I've got room for it.
  7. I feel I should be washing blood off my hands with the fight this thing is putting up.
  8. This is only the second Airfix aircraft kit I've done since the 1970. The first on was a 1/48 Hurricane and I remember being quite impressed with it - certainly streets ahead of the Italeri offering. Not feeling the Airfix love with this kit.
  9. Wow what happened!!!! I had a go at channelling my inner @mac1677 to get my arse into gear and it worked! Unfortunately my inner Mac is a work-shy, lazy git so the three days it took me to get to this stage would have taken the original modelling-building mac machine about half an hour. Not to say there wasn't 'issues' along the way, such as: Either the feet or the pedals have to go. Once I chopped out the pedals I got the pilot in no problem, but didn't Airfix think to check this? The problem is that I was soooo much in the zone, I forgot to take a photo of the cockpit before it was hidden forever, but let me tell you, it was thing of beauty. Absolutely fabulous, it would have made your day. Oh well, never mind, you'll have to make do with this: Ah. Well that's not good: It doesn't fit on the other way either: I've just checked on the box and this is skill level '1'. Does that mean I'm regressing? A quick ganders revealed this: It isn't easy to see from the photo but the red ring shows a ledge on the inside of the canopy. It looked like a moulding error (what Airfix! NO! ) so I sliced it out to see if that was contributing to the bad fit. It wasn't but it was fouling the gun-sight. I also had to trim about 0.5mm off the back of the canopy to get it to fit. No problem for an 'A' grade, black belt modelling maestro like myself, but level one Airfix? It's going to a Spit on a stick Anil style, so the larger of those central lumps is a magnet. Not decided what flavour my Spit on a stick is going to be yet, but I'm edging towards blueberry. Remember I mentioned 'issues': Lets start with the fuselage shall we? The cockpity stuff is a remarkably tight fit inside the fuselage and this caused gaps at the front and back. The back one I had to strap as tight as I could with masking tape and apply extra thin to the inside of the joint – then leave for a few hours. The front gap had to be filled as it was going nowhere. Oddly enough, one wing fits quite well but as you can see, the other is pretty poor. It was a bit better with a little fiddling around, but still not as good as the other side. I also had problems with each of the two wing parts fitting tightly together and then I noticed that there were three small stubs. They were only fractionally higher than the surface but it stopped the parts fitting snugly. Well, when I say snugly I couldn't get the root of both of the upper wing parts (shown with an arrow on the pic above) to lie flush with the bit it is supposed to lie flush with. The step was only very tiny – about 0.25mm, but it was noticeable. I faffed around removing paint and trimming tiny slivers off the mating surfaces until I realised that it was this: When I hacked it out, the problem went away. I thought they were there to help? There seems to be a lot of trimming, hacking, chopping, slicing and filling for a relatively recent kit. I miss scratch-building… it's easier. Pain in the rear-end level 6/10. Enjoyment level so far 3/10.
  10. I was just talking generally, not about this specific set.
  11. It irritates me when Ebay sellers append “Rare”, or “Very Rare” to items that really, really aren't. But if you haven't got the nounce to check for yourself, then you deserve to pay over the odds. One born every minute.
  12. I assume from the things I've read previously that Trumpy is not well liked due to their lack of accuracy in many of their kits. If there is something else I'd be interested to know as well. I've only built their 1/48 Vampire & Me509 and I've got the Wyvern in the stash. The Vamp looks like a Vamp to me (which is good enough for me) and I'd be interested if anyone takes issue with the accuracy of the 509 as it never existed.
  13. Silly me - brain not working yesterday. The jury is still out on whether it's going to be working today.
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