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  1. Looks pretty damn good to me, both the tank and the dio – I'd be very pleased if I'd done something that good.
  2. Don't say that! He'll be looking for a 1/72 grasshopper next.
  3. Are we playing 'how many deluded modellers can we fit into one forum'?
  4. Your ducks a quacking build (sorry ). Stunning stuff and in the correct scale too.
  5. That's excellent – you've got this natural metal finish thingy cracked.
  6. Gorby

    RAF Daguerre

    Very interesting project, but there may be a problem…. I did a similar thing (although in 1/48) in order to photograph any RAF builds – and then didn't build another RAF aircraft. Then I built a Luftwaffe dio to use for photography purposes, because I'm always building Luft stuff – then didn't build another Luftwaffe aircraft. It's a jinx I tell you!
  7. Nice photos and thanks for taking the time give us notes on each of them. I saw the program on the Ferguson Flyer, fascinating stuff.
  8. But think how much more you could earn if your models were in a much more superior scale.* * 1/48 of course.
  9. Don't be a fool man! Nothing's as cute as Mad Steve's puppy.
  10. There have been a few close calls when I've nearly ordered something in that ridiculous 1/72 scale thinking 'that's a good price for 1/48'. The sooner 1/72 is stamped out the better. The biggest bo-bo I've made ordering online was when I was buying a second hand digital camera many years ago. I entered my bid in the last few seconds of the auction and didn't double check the amount, only to realise when I hit enter that I'd missed the decimal place, bidding about £4000 for a £40 (ish) camera. Apparently screaming at the computer doesn't make any difference to the bidding process. Oddly enough I 'won' the camera and my heart started beating again when it automatically bid just enough to secure the purchase – more than I really wanted to pay, but a lot less than it could have been. I'm more careful now.
  11. When you mentioned 'Pond life' I assumed it was going to be a Homo Sapien spotting guide. Could be quite useful.
  12. I thought it was going to be 'Japanese Military' rather than 'Modern Japanese Military'? 😕
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