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  1. It looks good in that colour. Not had any chance to do any work on mine for the last three days, so the next update might be a while yet.
  2. Gorby

    A pair of Phantoms

    Wow, they both look fabulous Paul. Nicely weathered as well.
  3. Remarkable work Sprocket! That glass case must be heavy.
  4. That looks really good Hutch. You've made a good job of hand painting the frames on the side windows. That must be where they decided to put the bathroom. You wouldn't want those nosey Jerries looking in would you?
  5. That's turned out very well Matt, and well done for managing to use the paints.
  6. I'd be surprised if they weren't at least tried in that environment. I've just had a quick look online and there are quite few discussions about the possibility, but no one seems to be able to provide photographic evidence that they did serve in North Africa. Personally, as no one can guarantee that they were or weren't in that theatre, you could go for it. Mind you I'd happily model one serving on the moon, as I think modellers can build and paint their models any way they please.
  7. Good grief, exactly how many Tomcats do you have?
  8. For this build I thought I go traditional and take a photo of every completed step alongside the instructions. Yes, that would be a nice thing to do I thought. That lasted until I took that photo and then the idea was forgotten. I've shown the knife in that pic because it is the only modelling tool I used as a kid which I still have – so this would have been used on the kit the first time I built it. I never use it now as it isn't as sharp as a modern scalpel. Assembling the cabs on both vehicles has been a bit of a challenge. No doubt my half scale self, glued it
  9. Well, it sounds like I need to congratulate the night shift.
  10. I've got the 'Mission Impossible' theme going though my head now.
  11. The ratlines look good. (Ooooh get me with the floaty things technical terms. Although I'm sticking with pointy end and and blunt end.)
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