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  1. Gorby


    No relation of Cov, - you must be thinking of somewhere else. We keep hoping that if we ignore Nuneaton long enough, it will go away.
  2. This is excellent, I'm getting kudos for builds that aren't even mine.
  3. I owned half a Nissan 240 once. Well, it was a Datsun 120. (I can do counting and that's half!) Nice work on the decals, although I'm not sure that camouflage will make it easy to hide.
  4. He didn't even say if he recommended the kit. 😕 (Plus one for the 'Spits are boring' club)
  5. A few years ago I had an idea. I decided to buy a Starfix kit and make it look like the aircraft it was supposed to be and then super-detail it with an engine and a full cockpit. Then I had another idea, that first idea was stupid.
  6. Gorby


    I saw this elsewhere and was utterly shocked. The (no doubt) smirking scumbags that did it will never know, or care what trauma they have caused. Their punishment will in no way reflect the harm they have inflicted. By the nature of this site, we are creative people and I'm probably no alone in failing to understand their need to destroy.
  7. Stunning stuff. It's the staggering number of parts and sub-assemblies that put me off doing floaty things. I know that if I bought one, I'd look in the box, utter a frightened whimper, then hide it away for ever more.
  8. Probably not got my room sorted by then, but I'm happy to go for that date. I've decided what I'm going to have a go at – but I'm not tellin yet (in case some other shiny thing catches my attention).
  9. Scalemates has three reviews for the Emhar kits: https://www.perthmilitarymodelling.com/reviews/vehicles/emhar/em4005.htm https://indy-amps.weebly.com/emhar-135th-scale-british-tadpole-wwi-tank-with-rear-mortar.html http://www.modellversium.de/kit/artikel.php?id=1468 There's quite a few reviews for the Meng kits: https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?fkSECTION[]=Reviews&q=1%3A35+meng+mark+v*&fkTYPENAME[]="Full kits"
  10. I hope so as that's sort of the road I'm heading down. If they're not, it'll be 'toys out of the pram' time.
  11. I was only thinking yesterday that Pete would fit in well here. Well done that man.
  12. I noticed that one as well. Even using using items found in the compost bin I could probably manage something better than their bum effort:
  13. I wonder what the quality is like? If it's produced by 'Bum' it must be.....
  14. No we wouldn't crucify you for dissing Airfix….
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