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  1. Nice work. Did you remember to put a coin underneath the mast.
  2. That's the main reason I got it and that's the one which is currently second on the to-do list. To be honest, the 'next to-do list' changes pretty much hourly. No one wanted to buy the Veltro (still for sale if anyone is interested) and I'd be happy to sell the Defiant if I could get a decent price - the going rate wasn't good last time I looked. Don't think I'm going to live long enough for it to become collectable so it may get donated to Models For Heroes. Can you imagine what our childhood selves would have thought about the concept of 'stash'. You bought it, you built it - pro
  3. I must have zoned out during that bit.
  4. I noticed this on the 'Yesterday' channel: https://yesterday.uktv.co.uk/shows/hornby-a-model-world/ The first one is about Hornby trains and the second about Corgi die cast aircraft, but I found them entertaining. They go to great pains to mention their efforts to achieve the highest quality of the finished model. I wonder if they'll say the same if there's an episode about Airfix?
  5. It's currently top of the pile and top of the to-do list. Mind you, that's if I can remember it's next.
  6. This is the current entirety of my sta… apparently I can't call it a stash as it fits in one photo. Yes I know, it's a bit excessive isn't it? And two more are on the way. I have difficulty choosing which one to do next, how the hell do you choose when you have hundreds of kits available?
  7. The interior is looking excellent.
  8. Bloody hell, I look away for two minutes and another stunner appears!
  9. You can't leave it at that! Nosey prying intrusive inquisitive minds need to know.
  10. https://en.uncyclopedia.co/wiki/Invisible_cow
  11. That reminds me, I've got a cannon shell in the shed. I need to sort out what to do with it in case I kick the bucket. Mrs Gorby wouldn't be best pleased if she found something which she would probably think is likely to go 'BANG!'.
  12. I can see what you mean. That took several, whole minutes. @Mad Steve would have got bored and started another kit half way though. I've not seen this kit build before either.
  13. I hope it isn't too bad. My previous dog Amber nearly bit the vet once. The vet was warned that Amber didn't react well to having the thermometer shoved up where the sun don't shine. I can't say I blamed her, the indognity of it all.
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