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  1. Are those photos before or after?
  2. Is part of the design brief for military vehicles in Africa's bottom to injure the enemies aesthetic sensibilities. Wow, some of those fell out the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.
  3. Nice result. It's a lovely looking aircraft.
  4. It's looking really nice.
  5. Back again! I briefly considered doing it as a night-fighter. Nooooo. I'm having a go at the marbling thing I've seen people do to make a single colour less boring. It worked okayish but you can't tell that I made the effort from the photos. Bugger. Aaaaannnyyway. As decals are expensive/not available/evil I cut some masks…. With the help of my new(ish) SAD lamp. And no Steve, the lamp isn't sad. Notice that the corners aren't masked. Because I wanted the red & white thingy which is often seen on early
  6. I was reading a while ago something which said that the only thing which helped is when they bolted or welded additional armour plate on. The sand bags, concrete, wood they sometimes used was next to useless.
  7. I can't find number 11. XCG-12 CG-13 YCG-14 CG-15 XCG-16 XCG-17 XCG-18A XCG-19 Finally. XCG-20
  8. Talking of American gliders: CG-3 CG-4 CG-5 XCG-7/XCG-8 (?) XCG-9 XCG-10
  9. Apparently it didn't do much to improve protection either.
  10. I didn't know about that one either - XCG-17: This is interesting:
  11. More on this: https://www.tankarchives.ca/2017/02/htz-16-improvisation-on-industrial-scale.html
  12. Aaaaarh. I must have nodded off part way though your ramblings. I was mistaking that society for the other SSS (Stenhousemuir Sociopath Society) which, being situated in the wilderness north of Notland, is the society with many more members than the Stenhousemuir Steampunk Society. I assumed the device was for the 'Really pissing people off' wing of the numerically superior SSS. My mistake. Carry on. Signed Gorbs (there are days where I only really seem to understand breakfast).
  13. I was wondering what military roll this device is intended for. Or are they just going to strap it to the office ceiling to keep them cool in summer.
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