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  1. Looks like Fiona was a bit of a monster: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-63025036 Hope everything is okay Bob.
  2. Aaaaand, I just feel dizzy. Don't know why I'm turning my phone screen upside down when I'm looking at a monitor. It should be called the 'Cagiva Not Really an Elephant at all 850'.
  3. I've just been reading about this aircraft as I didn't know much about it. Apparently there was some additional design work to try and get the performance up to land based aircraft levels using a hydroski. Looks like a job for @Lost Cosmonauts:
  4. I assumed it wasn't in use as the surface doesn't look in great nick from the satellite image.
  5. Just rest assured that you're making a better job than most, if not all other modellers would manage with this kit.
  6. That's a weird looking thing. I certainly don't look at it and think "That reminds me of an elephant".
  7. I've been to Castle Kennedy a couple of times and didn't realise there used to be an airfield there. Google maps shows that it's still there although from the state of the runway I doubt many aircraft use it now. The place is better known now for the Castle Kennedy gardens. There's something special about flying boats. This is a new one for me – Shorts Scion Senior FB (Flying Boat):
  8. It looks like the real deal to me.
  9. Incredible aren't they. One day that will probably be possible with a 3D printer which will be affordable enough for many people to own.
  10. I'm not a fan of the colour gold* but I think black and gold look really good together. Certainly does on your scooter. *Fortunately neither does Mrs Gorby...thankfully.
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