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  1. Wow now that's impressive, I love the Gerry Anderson stuff... Did you see the pic of the eagle, the whole framework done in metal tubing!
  2. Mad Steve


    Fantastic, love it
  3. Evening All Wasn't going to post this tonight, but seeing as Gorbs just LOVES bike builds, so I thought, let's not disappoint him, even if it's just a weeny post. Like I said, it's just a weeny one; The finished swing arm attached to the frame and the rear shocks attached. You'll be happy to know there won't be any bikey related building thingies for the next 2 days
  4. Oh god no, he'd never join a place like this, far too much humour and jollies for his liking.....
  5. Oh everything basically.... I was beginning to get the feeling that the kit had even been cast in the wrong shade of sand. (There is a lot, accuracy wise, wrong with it, but it's a simplified kit made for wargaming) My friend is the kind of modeler than sees no need, nor desires, to revisit the kits of his youth. He spends a fortune on kits, only the 'best' kits of course and see's what I like building as children's kits and wouldn't be seen within 4 sq miles of a bike kit... It then takes him about 2 years to build said wunderkits and then it's into the competitions...(oooh he is a pot h
  6. Afternoon Everyone A little update. Chassis put together and wheels tracks painted. Yeeeeeeeees its Green. The Camo on the box is Middle Eastern, but the decals in the box are Russian... So I'm doing an early T62 in the usual Russian Green. (Sorry, don't know what the hell's wrong with my phone camera) This morning I was in the supermarket and met a friend of mine, the irritating friend... Had a quick chat about what we were building and he visibly baulked when I said I'm building the T62. No sooner had I got home then my email starting pinging and h
  7. Oh nice one Sir, looking forward to this one
  8. Afternoon folks Sketchy details at the mo, but Aoshima is releasing a new range of Motorcycle kits that will apparently rival Hasegawa in detail and quality, and look what they have decided to launch the range with. The range will be available from August Im just a smidge excited for the CB
  9. Yeah our newsagents 5 doors down had an impressive amount of kits, matchbox & airfix. Where i brought my first kit from
  10. We certainly were. I distinctly remember even in Nuneaton there five places(poss more) you could buy models, not counting the shops in Cov & Brum & Rugby and that doesnt include the Model Railway shops. Most of the time tho it was good old Woolworths most purchases were made
  11. Hellooooo I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack Thought I'd carry on a mission I wanted to fulfill waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the prehistoric mists of my modeling adventure. Back then, I had a thing about Modern Russian equipment. In those days about the only thing that was available was the Tamiya T62 and just about zero was available in 1/72 scale I had even got together a nice little collection of MiG's, from 15's to 25's, the beginnings of my Stash. (and they stayed there, unbuilt, until I sold them about 10 odd years ago.) This little jobbie came out in '88, but it took a while t
  12. Evening everypeeps A couple more days of painting bits and like an hour and a half of assembly First up, the rear shocks. The completed unit on top, and the components below The rear tire is up next. The reason I did the wheels up front was that it didn't slow the build down a couple of days at this point. The Wheels are quite a bit larger than the more modern bike, but that's just part of the Katana's character (and it was the 80's ) Eventually it all had to come together as the complete swingarm... The whole Swingarm unit was on the chrome runner,
  13. Whilst not quite an Aeromobile or a Autoplane, this is so cool. We saw it when we visited Budapest a couple years ago
  14. Wow that looks like a proper model shop
  15. Wow that looks fantastic Andy
  16. The pucture with the floatplanes on the trucks would make a Diorama of note
  17. I used a broom stick the same way when i replaced the forks on my Z200
  18. Hi Dave. Normal household bleach. Pour the bleach in a suitable container. Pop the bits in, should only take a couple minutes so keep an eye on it, then wipe it off and clean in soapy water. Chrome from old kits, (60s to 80's) leave them in a Dettol bath for a day or two, then clean off with an old toothbrush. Nah dont give up yet Paul... Still too early
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