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  1. Morning 😬 Now see what happens, your internet at homes not working so you start using your phone, looking at the model shops and before you know it, this lot is overnighted to you... 😳 Memsahib didnt seem impressed, cant think why 😬
  2. Erm.... I prefer the older racing bikes Gorbs which are mostly all covered up, but i do like the older exposed bikes, much more meat on them than todays machines 😬
  3. Afternoon Everyone Good job you aren't fed up of me yet hey I thought, seeing as I have just built the Mike Hailwood Ducati, I couldn't really leave its friend the NCR Racer sitting in the cupboard all alone, sulking in the dark. Tamiya do(did) 3 900 Ducati's. The drop dead gorgeous 900ss, The Mike Hailwood Replica and this This is a race prepared 900, by NCR Racing, who were Ducati's Tuning guru's back in the good ole days, and it raced in TT formula 1 and Endurance races. The 900ss and MHR are essentially the same bike, with just the bodywork differing. The NCR is a little different, small engine differences and a 2 into 1 racing exhaust (that isn't shiny... woohoo ). Even though it says Ducati on the tin, its actually built up from various sources. Only 2 main runners in this one (DC3 - RELAX, THE PHOTOS ARE THE RIGHT WAY ROUND) and then the shiny bits and roundy roundy bits... If you look carefully at the forks, you'll see it has double caliper brakes... and the decals This kit was a later re pop and thankfully has Cartograph decals, so hopefully they will behave Ive base coated everything and will make a start tomorrow
  4. And we are finished Absolutely love this. Yeah ok the decals on the fairing aren't horizontal but its starting not to matter anymore All paints are Tamiya TS or LP, still needs a bit of a polish but I'm happy Thanks for looking ... But wait, there will be more
  5. That looks brill, I like the colour
  6. (In the interest of trying to be a nice chap and not getting fired from the site, I shall attempt to complete this episode, without swearing... ) Afternoon Everyone The day started rather well... Sipping my coffee this morning, I found this on the underside of the hull This kit is 2 years older than I am.... oh how quaint thought I, and I started on my chores. (why was the Made in England scubbed off? Are they afraid some snowflake type would be offended that this was Made in England ) Whizz forward to just after lunch and I had the chassis painted and weathered a little bit. I then spent two hours cleaning up the wheels... Believe it or not, this half track has 32 wheels, just though you'd like to know that. I then painted them all. 2 Hours prep, 2 minutes of painting.... A little while later, I started assembling the wheels, and this is where it went a bit pear shaped. Now, You can look at the box and get all teary eyed at the vintage classic thing, or amazed at the kit being 53 years old, but no, the fit of the wheels is absolutely god awful. There are 14 wheels each side, none of them fit as they are supposed to, so they all come off again, little trimming and back on again. All completely wonky, you touch one, 6 others go wonkier I then had a flashback of building the Tiger and Panther when I was a yufe, and getting fed up because I couldn't get the wheels to stay straight. Anyway, long story short, the wheels fit crap, hopefully i can hide it with the tracks... Well not quite Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, I have stapled the tracks together, The reason being very simple, the only glue known to man that can glue these tracks was Britfix tube cement... everything else just couldn't, a) stay glued, b) not eat through them and snap and 3) somehow get glued to your face (true story ) Problem is the tracks were a bit warped in the box and they look a bit naff, but with the hull on, doesn't look too bad.. I shall now leave this little construction overnight, and will touch up the painting in the morning toodalooooo
  7. Love the progress so far You've given me something to think about Doc, never even thought of brush painting the LP... tho it does say its perfect for brush painting in the blurb. The non metallic paints are excellent as well, especially the camo shades, just don't thin them down too much
  8. It just sounds so dirty when you say it like that 😬
  9. If the Northern wussies were actually upside down, some nut job would be offended and it would end up with some or other statue being removed 😬
  10. Just keeping you on yer toes.... 😬 Next time just turn your computer upside down 🤪
  11. Cool thanks Dave, ill go have a look 😁
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