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  1. Yeah ive got that Darren, but it doesnt use TS colours in the conversions as far as ive seen. It is an excellent app tho .
  2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I like that one
  3. 😁 am i the only one that has no clue what Bob said 😁
  4. Riotous Greetings and Salutations Everyone I am looking for a chart that has near as dammit conversions for TS (spray paints) paints to XF or X paints. (Acrylics). I build a lot of Tamiya kits and usually the paint call outs are very good and they give you alternatives for the TS paint with XF numbers, but when you start going along the Revell, Aoshima etc route you hit a road block and its basically guess work. I remember seeing one a long time ago that was quite comprehensive but I cannot for the life of me remember where it is. I've also read on some of the American model car sites that there is no clear conversion or cross colour charts between TS & XF paints, unlike there is for the new LP paints which are basically the same paints, just in jars. Any idea's?
  5. Okay, sounds about right for 2 books All i can say is im happy and surprised you actually got them 😁
  6. Thats a nice book 😁 Its not often you hear stuff FROM SA is expensive, surely just stamdard postage would apply?
  7. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  8. Morning Everyone Got a little bit done this morning Its just basically the canopy that needs to go on now, so I made a start on making it look a bit dirtier. I used a small piece of sponge on the leading edges with Aluminium for some chipped paint, and then a few dabs and lines of weather powders, (humbrol smoke and dark earth) with a small paintbrush. to give it a few whisps of colour. I'm really not going to do a lot more than this, at this small scale its is easy to over do everything and it looks crap.
  9. Oh Miggers, I would pay to see you connect your airhose to a Badger I call it the modern trend, but I mean the pre-shading, post shading, modulating and filtering trend. Yes, I understand that it gives you a hyper realistic finish, but I still prefer the old drybrush and oil wash, (well, its Tamiya Panel Wash now). I have a friend that says that those who are against it are the ones that cant do it, and in my case he's right, I don't know how to do it properly, but my models are made for me, and are made to sit and look pretty in the cabinet and not grace competition tables and magazine spreads. Don't get me wrong, i'm not against it at all, but its one of those topics that I think could get rather exciting, but in the end, its each to his own preferences really.
  10. Sorry DC3 ,I must have dropped off I ended up using Tamiya XF 73- JGSDF Dark Green Think It might still be a smooch too dark, but once a bit of drybrushing has been done it should look alright
  11. 😁👍 Eyyyyyethenkewe Jessie 😁 Im going to scratch build a half drum barbeque for the flight deck now and ditch whirlywobbly
  12. Helloooooooooooooooooooooo Okay..... This ship building thing is quite demanding. Over the past couple of days I've learnt that you actually need to be looking at three steps ahead of yourself whilst building the next step in the instructions. So first things first, I decided to get the rest of the hull properly finished off because its just silly painting a bit here and there... The remainder of the hull was painted in Tamiya XF 83 Medium sea grey, (closest I could match to the revell colour) and then when that was dry, I masked off the hull and painted the bottom bit XF 9 Hull Red.... which now seems a bit darker than what it looks like on the kit box. After all that, the interior was masked off and the vehicle deck and helicopter pad was sprayed XF 53 Neutral Grey and then the whole shebang was flat cleared. And wallah.... I did glue a couple more bits on, namely the ladder at the rear of the ship I drilled out the holes on the sides for a bit of interest. A question on the above photo. Running down the center of the vehicle deck are what I assume to be tie downs? What colour would they be? I'm assuming silver or aluminium? I cant find a clear enough picture of them to tell. Answers on a postcard.... There's lots of bits in various stages of being painted at the mo, so there might be quite a burst in activity in the next couple of days and I'm trying to build things onto the model without snapping off the stuff thats already been put on And finally, the helicopter.... You can see from the pic below, it kinda sucks The side doors are solid as well is the little bubble under the nose, and added to that, there aren't any clear piece's for the windscreens. So two choices really, oik the chopper, or spend the next two months rebuilding the doors and chopping out bits here and there..... Orrrrrr I think I might use it, but cover the front completely with a tarp, as if protecting it from the weather. I've seen pics of choppers covered up like that, and it seems a bit pointless having a lovely little heli deck without a heli on it. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Ok then, I'm basically waiting for stuff to dry, so maybe i'll go start supper before the CO arrives Arrrrrrrrrr
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