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  1. Ive been sworn to secrecy by (let me just look at the name on the cheque...) oh yes, Mr Ima Sprocket. 😬
  2. Hah! I know what that is, ive seen one before boxed, but not built 😬
  3. I have a built 1/6th scale Kevin 1/12th scale 13s are very thin on the ground. Edit- better photos can be taken in the morning 😬
  4. Hah, brilliant, thats exactly the one I wanted to build... woohoo 😬👍
  5. Woohoo 😬 The woodwork on that is jusy so neat and precise, magic man 😬👍
  6. The Type 89 Gorbs. Its rarely ever seen and its got a nice camo pattern. All the stuff on the right, sell.Its taking up shelf space 😬
  7. Right then... Kiiiiiind of forgot to post update photo's, so lets just leap right in. The paint on the headstock has been repaired already Its really not going together too badly for a 40 year old kit, including the decals Swingarm was painted Tamiya LP Silver. The wheels took some cleaning, and then painted LP Sparkling Silver. The rear tyre is another story. its a bit miss aligned and still needs a lot of cleaning up, I just find it easier to do when the tyre's on the wheel That's about it for now though. More work to be done on the weekend
  8. Afternoon Everyone. Okay, all the bits have been painted in there respective colours, wheels fitted, and tracks slid on I must say tho, these are fiddliest tracks I've ever built, they are pretty small, and irritations were pretty high today, so maybe with a bit more patience they'll go together nicelyer Few touch ups on the tracks and a rusty wash, and then can start building up the hull. That's it then, more at the weekend.
  9. Afternoon Everyone Who knew, such drama at such a small scale.... Firstly, everything was painted XF Olive Green, and then lightly freehanded XF Nato Black camo... and it looks shite and its too light.. Soooooooo, back to the drawing board. Sand, repaint and hand paint the black camo... I'll be back
  10. Afternoon Everyone Okay then. I've over a 100 car kits that I have no interest in building whatsoever. So here's the choice. What's the next bike, and the next 48th scale.
  11. You have 2 bike kits worth keeping Duncan. The VF750 and the yellow YZR M1. Keep them, very hard to come by...
  12. Oh but we will finish them, its just like a kind of open ended schedule... 😬
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