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  1. I have to be honest.... I had the matchbox kit in my cupboard probably for a decade. The plan was to collect all the 32nd aircraft. One afternoon a friend of mine saw it and says thats the first kit I built, so I gave it too him. Not a month later i was offered all the 32nd kits except the Spitfire, which i took. They are still in the cupboard upstairs, sans Spitfire... It was the one and only time i ever came close to wanting to build a Spitfire, cant have that happening 😬
  2. There we go Sub was leaving Bergen, Nov 28 2019
  3. Hahaaaa....😬👍 Saw these at the shop the other day and said to myself, myself, you need to find out what these are like, and wallah Heeeeeeeeeeres Andy 😬
  4. We saw one just like that on our trip to Norway, as we came into Bergen. Ill try and find the photo 😬
  5. Well i had to google it.... Thats one way cool piece of kit Kevin, but i'm a little disappointed... I thought youd at least be making your rope by hand
  6. Yep... people will argue from both sides, this ones better, or that ones better... but the pizazz, the style, the actual soul of racing just fizzeled out.
  7. This is not F1... overpaid windbags driving for the epitome of rivet counters for 2 hours of the most boring circuit racing you can watch... I'd rather watch Nascar!
  8. Very nice indeed Jessie, love it 😬👍
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