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  1. Yes it does look like that, but they are all built around anti mine/IED platforms. The Casspir is famous for surviving mine and IED attacks
  2. Evening All Thought I'd show you a few pics of the Vehicles used by our armed forces down here... (plenty more odds and sods to come) BADGER (very limited no built) Bateleur MLRS BUFFEL CASSPIR CASSPIR MAX ELAND 90 G5 155MM CANNON G6 (RHINO FOR EXPORT VERSIONS) KWEVOEL RECOVERY TRUCK MAMBA (RG 31) OLIPHANT MK2 RATEL 90 RATEL ZT3 ROOIKAT ROOIKAT SPAAG (PROTOTYPE ONLY) SAMIL 100 TRUCK MAN TANK TRAN
  3. I see that plan failing miserably. (Just like mine)
  4. Afternoon Everyone Just a small update for now, its neeeeearly finished Top fairing is on, all painted and decals decalled. Those rear-view mirrors are a real PITA. Don't even bother with plastic glue, super glue the buggers in, but glue them in before you put the windscreen in because it can get messy with the windscreen in place. Small stupid fufu's kept cropping up with the side panels, but it was because I was masking and painting with rattlecans. Eventually it seems to have come right. Btw, if you're going to build this, the screws for the side panels. Screw
  5. Some nice goodies in here 3E8SwHPWIALErYw2OPS4do00rqm0jsoh6yUiZWND.pdf
  6. White is an excellent colour for a Countach, i thinks its the wet dream yufe poster colour, the Walter Wolf version. Red is too common really, Black is nice too The engine looks very nice Sub
  7. There ia quite a bit of detail yes, but 99% of it will disappear when the bodies on
  8. Evenin All Bit more progress. All the seats and associated bumpf added to the interior. I can't find good pics of the interior and where the radio equipment is, so let's just pretend it's there, smile and more forward. The cabinet thingie behind the driver's seat is the ammo rack for the AGS 17 Grenade Launcher Another small little niggle, you can't build up the body as one piece for ease of painting etc, but rather put together like a big jigsaw puzzle, let's hope it fits together nicely Thats all folks
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