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  1. Holy crap...šŸ˜± You'd need a new conservatory just for that.. Mac could probably knock one out in an afternoon šŸ˜¬
  2. Evenin All This is that young Indian fella's fault, the one building the Sturm Tiger Every time I read his posts, I look up on the shelf at the Tiger sitting there and keep thinking, mhhhhh.... I'm not the biggest fan of German WWII armour, but I am a big fan of Tigers The original Tiger 48th scale Tamiya released was the first 48th kit I built, so time for another one hey This one is the late production variant and I have the lick & stick Zimmerit decals for it too... I'll upload some more pics tomorrow
  3. Ooooooh I like that Very nice Milan I think there was also one with a Hotchkiss or Breda cannon, sure I saw a picture of one somewhere....
  4. Yes it is Dixie, Scale Motorsport Decal Magic. Non Toxic, all the bunny hugger stuff . Check out their website. Its specifically made for curvy bits... (minds out of gutter you lot, minds out of gutter )
  5. Last of my stuff arrived. Thought id try the Scalemotorsport Decal Magic out. The other is just to get free postage šŸ˜¬
  6. Cool thanks. Shall we have a pot going to see how many humbrol tins that hull takes šŸ˜¬
  7. Kuuuuuwell šŸ˜¬šŸ‘ Is there another layer going on to the hull Kevin or does that get painted now?
  8. Yep we have quite a few, from big ones to little tiny ones. All of them except the SA War Museum are privately funded.
  9. Yep, I feel the same. Its probably to keep the price down. The fork set is worth it. the carbon decals, well you can either go, I think, the scale motorsport route that has the decals ready done, or the long way round, make your own decals using carbon decals (go with option one)
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