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  1. Well you can if you like, but i still need to source suitable decals etc, and actually acquire enough mojo to start building and take part in two group builds and......
  2. 😁 nope, no such inconveniece here 😁
  3. Good god man, it hasn't even arrived yet Those of you that live in the 1st world that can have parcels delivered overnight, don't understand the ficklery of yer average bog standard African postal service.... It takes around 24-36 hours for the parcel to arrive in Joburg from when I ordered it... It can then take anything up to 3 months for it to travel the 67km's from the International mail hub at the airport to my house. I kid you not. On average it takes 3 weeks minimum... My shortest wait was 8 days, longest was 3 months and 2 days.... and that does not include 2 parcels that have disappeared into the Ether... On the other hand, I can get a parcel here by DHL in 48hrs or less... at 4 times the shipping costs mind.
  4. Yaaaay, lets all get Mad Steve Stoned.... What?, ohhhhh the other Stoned, ok lets not do that
  5. Cool 😁 Thanks man, i might just give them a try. 😁 Yeah its a bit crap but its not an issue for me anymore, but Mrs does like to point out how delicious her choccie biscuits are in great detail 😁
  6. 😁 That made me laugh. Im afraid the lovely Mrs Mad was one of those poor unfortunate knife and fork heathens the first time we visited the UK together. First time in Cornishland she asked if we could sit down and have a pastie.... its okay, im sure no one heard her and I did give in a little and said we can eat it in the car... 😁 She said it was nice..... Its okay, shes become accustomed to our heathen ways now but she does take rather a particular delight in eating scones with a kind of naah naah na naah naah look on her face 😁
  7. So, forgive my colonial ignorance... But how do you know they are LHD or RHD Bridies?
  8. Heeeey, now thats clever, left and right handed pies 😁 I must admit ive only ever been to Scotishland once, for the tattoo.. but i might just have to go and try one of the birdie pies 😁
  9. Noooooo Pheonix, pastrys not the problem, sugar is. 😁
  10. I have no idea what Forfar Bridies are, but if they like pasties then i want one 😁
  11. Morning Everyone The Porsche is nearly finished so I thought I'd start on something a little bit more funerer than race cars and shiny shiny things. I bought this about a year ago mainly because its different and it has a fullish interior and I quite like Revell kits. This is actually how old it is, 1982 for those whose arms aren't long enough, so with an 80's vintage Revell Kit, we can be assured of two things, 1, there's going to be ejector marks all over the place, and C, a good likelyhood that most of the bits are warped and will need a few attempts at getting them to fit properly. Oh, and have I told you I hate these stupid end opening Revell boxes!!! I like this shape of the Kombi, more than the older T1 & T2 and I can see straight away the body isn't warped, woohoo Ok so I've been fiddling with it for a bit last night and this morning. Typical of the old Revell kits, the interior is a big tub that really doesn't work when you have a lot of painting to do on the inside. I've fitted the chassis and engine in already. I'm not going to be displaying the engine, so i'm just going to be painting the whole underside black, and then I'll paint up the exhaust system because that you will be able to see, and I've drilled out the exhaust pipe. It actually all fits rather nicely actually so far. I'm not showing off the engine because to do so, you'll need to have the rear door open, and I'm not a big fan of having boots and bonnets open really. I may leave the bonnet loose so you can see the engine on the odd model, but I'm planning to do a bit more work on the interior, make it look a bit more lived in Righto then, that's it for now, more later
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