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  1. I dont know Gorbs, turn your head, squint a bit and turn your phone screen upside down aaaand.....
  2. Very nice pics Richard.
  3. I can see on the news Gorbs the powers been knocked out there, so might be a while before we hear from Bob
  4. Evening All Time for another one and what a monster Having any kind of Cagiva to build is a bonus (there's also a 500 race bike) and this is an ex Protar kit. Protar kits are a love hate kits. Some of them are magnificent, (the Fiat Mephisto), some of them are dire with a capital Shi.... Good rule of thumb, the older the kit, the stuff from the 70's, are fantastic kit and some really unique and rare bikes. (Including a Matchless, AJS and Norton) Italeri bought all of Protars moulds etc and are slowly releasing some epic kits. Revell have also released a few of the more m
  5. Ahhh, ok got it. (but it reeeeally sucks )
  6. Kuuuuwell... Those Da Vinci kits are quite fascinating, following with interest Hope you are feeling better tho (Why on earth are you banned from the workbench?, I'd have gone mad when we were locked up if I could use the modelling room)
  7. Afternoon Everyone A little progress on the Sherman. I do like these Shermans, nothing complicated, no faffing, just a quick and easy build. I can see why they were so easy to mass produce. Anyhoo, Hull and Turret assembled, and now waiting to be painted More later then
  8. Afternoon Everyone Well its done, woohoo. All colours are Tamiya TS, LP & XF Colours. Bodywork is TS 14 Gloss Black, Basically everything else is LP5 Semi Gloss Black. The Wheels are Gold & Chrome Silver and the shiny gold bits are kit supplied shiny bits. If you get the chance to get your hands on one of these big 1/6th scale kits, grab it and build it, they are so well worth it. Thank you again for watching and all your comments. Always appreciated.
  9. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there it was, done. Thank you for watching and the comments, always appreciated. Photo's in Gallery.
  10. So much more romatic and picturesque Sir than me going to the freezer to get a pie and cooking it the oven
  11. Not much WW2 History round where I live except Krugersdorp Airfield, they apparently had Tiger Moth Trainers there early in the war. Further back in history, there is still an intact British Blockhouse from the Anglo Boer war just up the road.
  12. Excellent photos Richard, very interesting indeed.
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