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  1. ahhhh, that was my thinking as well Jesse, but that Gorby chap is far too clever for us.....
  2. I saw this earlier, its quite something hey. Like Miggers, its a smooch bigger than my one 😁
  3. Ahhh, now then...... I know I asked does it have wheels... but does it also have tracks
  4. Oh hell no Mark, the wierder the better. 😁 Its the other stuffy stuck ups that run away if its not a spitfire, a tank, or this 'one true scale' rubbish, which is 1/24th scale just btw 😁 Guess i should duck now and await the blow up. Apologies Gorbs 😉
  5. Now would those gears be used for lifting something on said civilian vehicle? I just cant stand it, I HAVE to know, you cant be like this....
  6. Wow thanks Paul that's quite a compliment, thank you There will be a slight lull in this motorcycling madness as we are going on holiday on Friday to Norway and I seem to have lost interest in doing anything, My fallback tactic has always been 1/72nd scale vehicles, so I'm busy faffing with a couple of things
  7. Oh man this is gonna be cool... Love you posts Gorbs, (works not too shabby either )
  8. Its actually funny Miggers. Theres always people saying theres no market for british cars and they wont sell etc blah blah, but then when folks are asked what they want... you guessed it. (And yes, mostly are wierdos, i mean behind a Jensen Interceptor and a nice Bristol, id buy a Marina, Avenger and yes... even an Allegro 🤣
  9. Oh hell yes.... There seems to have been a pox on plastic models of British Cars and Bikes, nobody wants to touch them. When and if they are released, they are either pokey little 43rd kits (Heller), 32nd scale (Airfix) or right upto 1/9th scale bikes by MFH. Airfix could have, should have, released their 32nd range in 24th scale, for a start. (yes I know, never happen), hell I'll even take repops of there 16th scale bikes Yes, believe it or not, there are actually people out there that want a 24th scale Austin Princess, Vauxhall Viva and MG 1100 Bikes, oh god don't even get me started there. A whole wodge of biking history is just ignored with the Brit bikes, but not only that, there's a whole wallop of Jap bikes that still need doing too. Fujimi is at last doing on of the most iconic bikes ever, the original Suzuki GSX-R 750 with hopefully the 1100 to follow, this then may actually allow me to build one of the bikes I've owned.... and that point alone sucks
  10. Yep, thats it exactly. Wings were a bit wobbly too
  11. Morning Chaps Its really poo that Airfix stopped where they did with these kits, because they really are excellent. I think they should have added some stowage onto the vehicles tho, would have made them just that little bit better Glad I'm not the only one having issues with the Snatch Landrover
  12. Morning Everyone And how is everyone on this fine Wednesday? Little more work done on the Honda. Got the frame wrapped around the engine with no fuss, a fairly straight forward fit actually. Some of these earlier bikes can be a little... entertaining trying to get the engine to stay in the frame but this one just popped right in there. Swing Arm was also finished off. The only niggle I have with this is that the chrome runner is red underneath, so you need to repaint any of the chrome bits. The wheels weren't that much of a problem and none of it will be seen, but the exhaust frames, forks and the other bits will need to be repainted... One thing I always struggle with on these bikes is getting the back wheels straight. They always seem to be a bit lopsided when you fit them, but after a bit of fettling you manage to get them straight, but any ideas on that, answers on a postcard please... Right then.... Eventually, everything came together... A few touch ups were needed here and there and the frame can go and have a rest for a bit while I paint the exhausts, exhaust frames and forks. About this time in the original build, I packed away the bike, climbed on a big silver bird and flew across to the UK for a holiday... Those were still the days where there was an abundance of model shops everywhere and I spent most of my holiday jeeting around visiting them and buying lots of stuff. The next two bike builds were purchased in the UK, (IIRC from Beatties) and I had this wild idea that, hey, if I bought a couple at a time, I would have a one or two in reserve all the time and not need build one, buy one..... I thought if I had maybe 2 or 3 in the cupboard....(yeah, didn't that go south quickly ) I suppose with all of us, it was a good idea at the time, but nowadays I have probably a 100 kits in the stash and nothing to build Anyhoo, stuff to see, people to do, oh wait....
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