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  1. Not really no. I was irritated at the prices people were charging for stuff, even though they were selling unboxed, used items at stupid prices. Then when I got home I sat thinking I should have bought two items that I saw
  2. Yes... i once went to a model railway show and didnt buy anything 😁
  3. Woohoo...... Stand buy, for Action!😁 Ive been collect modern japanese stuff for a couple of years, but for this GB i shall be doing this... But wait, theres more.... I just love WW2 japanese aircraft, so if theres time, ill also be doing.... No pressure then 😁
  4. Thats cool. End of year, new year is fine with me 😁
  5. You lot have issues... I was thinking more along the lines of a Japanese Military GB, so basically anything Japanese Army, Airforce or Navy from, shall we say WW1 to present day. That's actually a huge amount of items to choose from. Maybe Darren will allow us to open up a new thread and see what the response will be, but maybe only start up in December?
  6. Well ive never seen one done Darren, but then you dont really see much of it anywhere. Ive been slowly collecting a load of JGSDF stuff over the years, might be nice to build and share some of it with everyone 😁
  7. Well i have another GB coming up in our model club, plus we have just started a year long big scale gb as well, and our nationals are in 3 weeks and im going on holiday after that so yeah, bring on another GB.... (In the New Year please 😁) Just as an aside.... would there be any interest in a Modern Japanese GB?
  8. Wait.... 😁 My cogs in the old brain are working.... A non anorak GB....
  9. Sterling title for a GB that... (Scuse the puns) 😁
  10. Then those irritating spitfire anoraks would take over 😁
  11. Not really when you look into the history of the american NNL's and what they stood for. Its not just a dumb name someone thought up.
  12. 😁 The american model car shows are called NNL's which stands for National Nameless Luminaries, and ours just has SA tagged on the front 😁
  13. Here we go, found it... 1. What would you like to see as the next group build Airliners 5 British track and wheel 7 Cars 6 75th anniversary of northwestern Europe campaign 2 Battle of the Atlantic 3 Pacific war 1 Open Poll
  14. Well done Gorby and Paul, fantastic builds I don't remember all the other suggestions, but one was the British Wheel and Track idea, trying to find the post with all the others on
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