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  1. 😬 yes thats correct Jessie, i forgot to mention that. Ill fitting roof and crap decals, dear me.
  2. Afternoon Everyone , or should I say Bonjourno Does a shelf of doom build count if its not your shelf of doom? This was given to me early last year from a friend who didn't want it anymore.... He had painted the body yellow and it actually just looked wrong, so I thought, lets be bold and breezy and paint it that glowing summery truely french colour... Etna Grey (any relation between Etna Grey and Tamiya AS 31 RAF Ocean Grey is merely coincedental ) Built OOB, only addition is plastic rod around the edges of the doors to simulate the rubber seals. The Roof doesn't seem to fit very well, don't know why and really don't care, its going to sit in the cabinet and look pretty next to its Fourgonnette sister C'set tout, j'espére que vous l'avez apprécié, et merci comme toujours pour votre soutien
  3. Theres a company in Finland that does resin kits and trans kits, called Air Trax Ive seen a couple of their kits, they arent bad, but they make some nice old British Cars... I dont have a more up to date price list than this
  4. One good example is British Cars. Not in 32nd scale but 24th scale. Now im not talking about Marina's or Allegro's or Princesses (although id love all three), but the great little sports cars. If the (new)32nd scale car kits were put out in 24th scale, i think they might be surprised at the reaction.. ( a cheapish IM modern Aston Martin and Jag GT cars... hell yes , the countryman wrc car... even hellerer yes) 😬
  5. Sorry, fell asleep dont know Migs, but they sure do look the same. But thats the colors im going for 😬
  6. You know, a lot of people say that...but it seems the standard answer is they wont sell enough to make it viable. This, to me, sounds like a bean counter answer.
  7. Hi V. Are you talking about this one? Its a bit old now, but it does make up into a nice kit. Easy to build and finish. Has the usual SHINY chrome for the wheels, might want to flatten them down a bit 😬
  8. Nope, it was a purpose built endurance racer Miggers
  9. 😬 Just in case you think I may have lost the plot...
  10. Afternoon everyone 😁 Boring, we are not going to be 😬
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