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  1. Good Evening Everyone For a while now I've been thinking about building the kits I wanted to build as a kid (or did build). There's loads of them, quite a number of them Aircraft & Helicopters. The Vintage Classics range from Airfix quite nicely brought this idea forward and I've decided to make a start on this one. I know there are better kits, I know much can be added to improve them, but I am building these all OOB and all just for fun.. This kit was first released in 1956....67 years old! I believe the first ones had BEA markings. It doesn't look too bad, con
  2. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh that looks nice Andy
  3. Morning Chaps There a 4 GB's currently vying for the 4 slots. Have a look, vote for your favourite. Not my fault you get stuck with suck GB's next year if you don't vote
  4. I used to love those comics, and it didn't matter how many times you read them, they were still as good as the first time... Even though you now build Spitfires, we still are grateful you found your mojo Marty and rejoined us.
  5. Afternoon It is a modified Heller Citroen 11cv, changed from a Hard Top to a Convertble. 1/8th Scale.
  6. 'Much more of a slap dash jazz man really who likes the dream more than the reality' I like that Marty...
  7. As reported in Tamiya Magazines facebook Page... https://www.facebook.com/groups/tamiyamodelmagazine/permalink/10160740691529821/ Anyone have any other photos?
  8. Very nice Long A week!!!, bloody hell, better get a wiggle on and finish the Landrover ...
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