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  1. They are very nice decals Darbs. Always found newer Italeri Decals very good.
  2. Afternoon Everyone Got the interior all stuck down and did a bit of a wash and dry brushing. The decals are very shiny, I know, but they will be dulled down with Flat Clear. The seat is one of those fake rubber things, so I'm still in the process of giving it a drybrushing. I'm not giving the Airbox/Radiator a wash or drybrush because it's all covered up. Right then, moving swiftly along.... The Tracks The tracks come on 2 Runners, 42 links and Pads per runner. (So don't lose any Steve ) I'm going to build them as they come on the runner, 7 links at
  3. Afternoon Everyone Just a quick update. Everything now painted XF Khaki, nothing glued together but I like the colour, better than the Flat Earth Sorry bout the photo, Just can't get my phone to behave.
  4. Evenin Everyone Not much done today on this, I just put all the interior bits in for one final check before it all gets glued in Engine and Airbox fitted in quate nacely And the front end finally fit in properly... muchos happiness's
  5. Afternoon Everyone Finally decided to make a restart and join Gorbs on getting this thread going again. If you recall, (or whizz back through the thread), I wanted to build the Austin K6 Fire engine as a flatbed which apparently carried those huge cylindrical bomb things. This is where I left off after circumstances led the thread to screech to a halt. And this is the work I've done to date... (yeah, just the bits on the chassis...) So, time to get some scratch building done. Here's one I made earlier I actually painted this Dark Ea
  6. Hi Mike. Maultier's weren't used by the DAK, they were specifically designed for the Russian front Having said that, I can't see why a couple of them couldn't have made their way to Africa for testing and the like Like the others said, your models, do them as you like
  7. Afternoon Everyone Well, I took Daves advice and left the thinking to the night shift. When I got back to it this morning, I found they had re arranged my paint drawers, disassembled the hoover into its component parts and eaten all the chocolate Hobnobs. I mean really.... Aaaaanyway. I spent about half an hour trying to figure out how the front section fit together and it wasn't until I realised that it all doesn't actually fit together per se, that the penny dropped and it all just kinda dropped into place. But then another problem arose... the gearbox / seat assembly
  8. Very nice Sprocket, Those PE bits really are the danglies hey...
  9. Evening Everyone Today the swearing started.... First of all, the rear part of the gearbox cover has a short shot. You see the round jobbie on the left. well, there should be one on the right as well... It is kind of important because it holds the seat framework, but I did manage to get the whole shebang together anyway, and I can fix it all up before painting. Here is the whole seat / gearbox cover prior to repairs and painting. The swearing didn't stop there.... I cannot make head nor tails of how the front pieces below actually all fit
  10. It works old spot (and a very clever idea using a glove, good one)
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