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  1. Yeah i must say, it took me a while to get hold of the SRX6...
  2. Oh heeellooooooooo I was staring at the empty bit on my desk yesterday after I finished my Lifeboat, wondering what to do next.... Then I remembered I was in the process of building some scooters, so here we are again.... To enable the slow ones at the back to catch up, We are still in the process of building this one... And this is how it was left like 6 months ago...( good god ) Frame needs a bit of a clean off... Instrument panel, Mudguard, airbox and fuel tank were primed, but not painted. And the body work was glued together... Very few mould lines to clean up on this one because there isn't a line running accross the tank, it has a flap that lifts up. If you recall before the break, we were discussing what colour I was going to paint the bodywork, and as usual I have ignored everyone and made it white Bit of filing and sanding done to clean of the joint lines (no swearing, its not an Airfix kit ), bit of paint dabbed on here and there, and wallah..... ( I still need to paint the hood black at the front for the instrument panel) Whilst that was busy drying off, I stuck a few bits to the frame... (Richard, please note, the clamp is not Tamiya ) Thats about it for now.... things to paint and glue together. Being a little 250, there's not many bits on this so we are actually are about 80% done.... See ya later..
  3. Mad Steve

    A dilemma

    Challenge accepted 😁
  4. πŸ˜¬πŸ‘‹ Obviously, something thats been in my drawer for the last year, that ive seen on and off every day...is no longer there ☹ Fear not, i shall find a link tho 😬 Just btw, acetone or nail polish remover is 100s for the job too, its basically what it is.
  5. Mad Steve

    A dilemma

    Richard me old fruit, stop listening to these heathens and thier wobbly wobbly clap trap... Pour yourself a nice toddy, have yourself a nice tart( pineapple not fnarr fnarr...) and just let it all go... click on models...cars and bikes and pick one 😬
  6. Jessie πŸ˜¬πŸ‘‹ I dont know if this available where you live in the wilds of Canada, but theres a product called Un Glue that is designed for just that. Im sure if you order now you might catch the last moose before christmas 😬
  7. My Grandpa told me, paint the figures white first, then whatever colour the are. I did a whole load of bandsmen like that, and loads of others and the paint seemed to stay as far as I remember. But what Phoenix mentioned, the plastic did actually seem harder....
  8. 😁 Fantastic Mark. I love the narrative. Can you recall back in the dark ages, we used paint those figs with humbrol paint and it worked.....
  9. Mad Steve

    A dilemma

    Are you reading the Hebrew instructions 😁
  10. Mad Steve

    A dilemma

    Richard... Stop fannying around with those naff helicopter things and build something fun like a tank
  11. Well there we are then, I actually finished a floaty thing The idea behind the kit is fantastic, the detail is actually not bad, but the amount of clean up needed on nearly every part is a bit depressing, and the decals are utter shite! Other than that, it really is an enjoyable and fun build, I really do love this If I were to offer one piece of advice... Read through the instructions and actually split the build down into your own sub assemblies. That way, you aren't building and repainting, building and repainting... All finishes are Tamiya Acrylics I sort of like the stand idea, but I have another idea in mind now Its not perfect, but its perfect for me... I am actually very chuffed with this build Thanks for watching and all advice offered
  12. Afternoon Everyone The last couple of bits were attached..... and its finished
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