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  1. Afternoon Everyone Purchased these 3 because they were cheap and it would be rude not too ....
  2. That is excellent Richard, well done that man
  3. Helloooooooooooooooooooo I actually did something today, woohoo.... I connected all the bits up to the engine, and added the injectors to the back of the heads. Now I said I was going to do a X-19 Smoke wash, but honestly I don't think its needed. What I might do is just give it a light dry brush with aluminium once its mounted in the frame. Onto the frame... I added all the hard points and put it aside to dry. You might notice I haven't cleaned up the joint down the centre of the frame... Once its all together all you can see is the head of the frame. You might say, but I would know the seam is there, and you'd be right, I do know its there, and I don't care, so weh, brrrp! \ The swing arm was also all put together... sounds like it just all falls together, but it took me about 10 minutes to realise that the two sides of the swingarm are not the same, and once I'd actually put my glasses on I could sort it out Oh, before the wheel went it, I removed the mold line along the centre of the tyre. Just use a rough sanding stick and file it down, but remember that once you've done it just give the rest of the tyre a quick rub over too so that it basically all looks the same. If you wanted to bring a little more theatre to your tyres (I mean, who doesn't ) you can dry brush a medium grey over them. Makes them stand out a bit if they look a bit dull after rubbing them down. You can also drybrush the sides of the tyres to make the lettering stand out. And after all that, I attached the engine to the frame... A lot of these bikes have engines that are attached with mini screws and they can end up looking a bit out of scale. The easiest fix for this is just to paint the screws the same colour as the frame when they're installed. You could go the whole hog of using plastic rod instead of the screws, upto you That's it for today, off to make Lasagne
  4. I think lets so no Dr, lets keep bikes as the usual 2 wheeled variety...
  5. Excellent ken, love the interior
  6. Afternoon Everyone Well I've done a bit.... I still feel like I just cant be arsed to do anything, so all I'm doing really is like a bit here and there and eventually it will all come out looking like a Bike Right then... Disc Brakes Always good to drill out the holes in the disc's, as you can see in the pic below... Once all of them are drilled I'll clean up the holes and touch up the paint Next bit, the injectors. Everything painted up and the pipe fasteners put on with Aluminium tape. I'd usually use Bare Metal Foil but for some reason it has slipped into another dimension and will only re appear once this build is finished And lastly for now, the frame and swingarm. Quite a simple box frame really, just cleaned up and glued, same with the swingarm and then it was all painted with X18 Semi Gloss Black, and once that had dried for 24 hours, it was coated with Semi Gloss Clear, There's actually quite a lot in the paint shed now which will basically get me to the point of a frame, engine, swingarm and rear wheel assembled (possibly over the weekend) Bout it for now, time to get nosh on the go
  7. Very nice Richard 👍
  8. Looks excellent Ken, very nice 😁
  9. Gorbs, ignore GH, hes trying to push you to join the Motorcycle GB... actually, no, sod it, build one just to spite him 😁
  10. Ill be you mojololo bud 😁 We can get through this 😁
  11. Sorry to appear the thicko but what are Overtrees?
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