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  1. Part from the odd ejector seat and some conversions I never use much in the way of aftermarket. They very rarely fit properly especially the etched stuff which just does not look right. The price of a set doubles the cost of the kit in a lot of cases. You can't see half of it inside a closed up kit. Purely a personal observation and opinion.
  2. Received this yesterday,ICMs Cessna 02. First impressions are looking good, very nicely moulded. Price is pretty good,I fancied Rodens Cessna 01 until I saw the price.
  3. Apparently Dora Wings is to release the Miles MasterMK1 to MK3 in1/48th and 1/72 scale.
  4. A couple of weeks ago I got a letter with a very neatly printed name and address on it. What could this be I thought as the only letters we ever get are bank statements and council tax bills along with the 95% garbage that the poor postie has to lug about. It turns out it was communication from the Dunoon waffler aka fake Laird of Argyll with my back pay for being his lacky south of the wall. To say I have taken umbrage with him and his leader wee sleekit heels of the Scottish Never Pay party in which he is a high heed yin and well up among the loonies on the greasy pole. I have worked tirelessly for the waffler for many a year and what does he send me not, mutton and onion pies,not a plain loaf, none of the other delicacies which were promised when I was recruited but wait for it, A PHOTO OF A PINEAPPLE TART,well this was the last straw and he is off the Xmas card list.
  5. Ian Campbell


    Not if it's one of these rip off £40 plus efforts. The first one of these I bought was the Revell first issue and if the memory serves correctly it was around the £10 mark.
  6. He could emigrate and save us all a load of waffle. I would even put myself out to send him pineapple tarts.
  7. Been doing it for years for that Dunoon waffler person, you won"t get any recognition or pineapple tarts free of charge. You will still have to buy your own.
  8. Not the best fish and chips in town. Next time we come over I'll pm you thanks.
  9. Reminds me of the BOAC strike in the early sixties,I think every aircraft they owned was parked up at Prestwick for a couple of weeks.
  10. Had a trip to Whitby on Sunday a jewel on the North Yorkshire coast. Of course Richard was on his yacht checking up on me.
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