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  1. Another F102 for you. This one from the 32nd FIS Squadron based in the Netherlands. This particular aircraft was the squadron commanders hence the 32 in the serial number no doubt. Painted with Xtracolor ADC grey, decals from a Fox2 sheet. Couple of photo's of aircraft from the same squadron for you as well.
  2. I told you no cheating, you are Canadian so would know what it is. For the rest of you it is basically a DC6 built by Canadair.
  3. I've recently been given a fairly large pile of old photo's from a bygone era. This is the first lot of what I consider real aircraft. Any body know what the first one is? No cheating.
  4. Our village recently had one of those "in bloom" days. Nice display of bikes, all owned by one person.
  5. The Trades Description people should be after them for calling that Shortbread.😇
  6. No wonder you couldn't afford the Phantom at Yeovilton🥺
  7. Can't see the pineapple tart shop that burnt down is suspicious circumstances. Still eating those mass produced supermarket imitations?
  8. This is nicer. SWMBO decided a day out in Northallerton would be a good idea[she says all her ideas are good]so after an hour on the A1 and A19 we dully arrived. First stop of course had to be Betty's tea rooms for a quick cup of coffee[HOW MUCH]then a wander round the shops and market,I have to admit it is a lovely little town. A call into one of the butchers and heaven slaps you in the face BOEREWORS,you lot probably think of these as just sausages but you are wrong. As Mad Steve said I'm the only believer among you apart from him.
  9. At least it will be a quick build[thats a hint that you might actually finish it] Don't go lowering the standard of abuse on here please.
  10. Trijet50 on the evil website has a lot of them for sale including complete years. I stopped buying it a couple of months ago as it was becoming so repetitive.
  11. They might have given it a wash.
  12. I was merely asking a question I thought you might understand.😇
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