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  1. NO,no,no,no.no, you don't understand, as my spymaster you should know and understand that I have to keep up appearances living in the PRY as I do. My generosity is still as famous as ever,take that which ever way you like.
  2. What the truth is, it was purloined from all those F-K aircraft which after delivery were hung in various aircraft museums on the pretext of showing the innards
  3. The Muckle Flugga personnel will be most upset that you can't spell SUITS,the ones with the Featherstone- Kite logo goes for huge amounts on that well known auction site.
  4. This the Italeri H21 in 1/48 scale, lovely kit to build but I have been glad to see its removal from the workbench. It was one of these kits where I just seemed to knock bits of as if I had a target to meet, down to my clumsiness, more superglue than your average kit deserves.
  5. A very classy aeroplane, especially in RCAF colours.
  6. Two parcels in a couple of days got the usual comment from the other half, can you imagine what she will say when another one turns up today. It's not a Sabre just a close relative.
  7. Now then, it would appear you've burst it's bubble with that comment.
  8. Looking for the above kit in the Eastern Airlines makings as I'm too lazy to do the conversion from the military one.
  9. This arrived today, always liked this peculiar machine ever since I saw two transit Prestwick in the early sixties. Strange one wasn't kept for the USAF Museum since they were scrapped as late as 1965.
  10. Grumman Tiger ex Blue Angels,it visited PIK on its way to a Paris air show in the early sixties. These were privately owned and just lodged in the hanger and were in flyable condition.
  11. This museum had problems with their hanger roof and I believe the collection has been moved to another location. I think the Neptune was broken up as the cost to move it was beyond the resources available.
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