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  1. I have this book and it is one of Schiffers best. The USAF Museum used to sell these books at very good prices[ask me how I know]it was a struggle getting them in the hand luggage for the flight home
  2. Oh dear, this has gone down the pan quickly
  3. Were You?I would like to have been there. You will beat it though.
  4. Says so on the door, what are you doing up this late?😀
  5. Trust you to turn it into an opera🥵
  6. What wrong with you these days? Possibly a lack of pineapple tarts to build up your immunity and actually buy some of the soap in a box kits. Having sat through all the TV programmes my prediction would be a P38 and F35 as they had other manufacturers boxes lying about, the Tempest is known about, interestingly they also had the Eduard 1/48th kit on a desk. Trevor Snowden has stated that all the parts were engineered to make the twin stage engines for the later Mosquito's in 1/24th scales maybe.
  7. Very nice,I had a trip from Seeb airport in Oman to Masirah Island in one of these loaded with Oxygen and Nitrogen bottles for the resident Strikemasters. It was not a great experience, long take off run,bounced about like a loose ping pong ball and landed with such a thump I thought we were skateboarding along the runway. Even a trip in the leased Saudi C130s was preferable and that is a bit of an understatement.
  8. Just a small tin then, come on man it's Christmas splash out on a big tin
  9. Fandabbadozy,liquid pineapple tarts and double strength at that. Saves putting my teeth in and the trouble of chewing them. Where can I get it?
  10. Mostly Pensacola,one from Hurlbert Field,Eglin and the rest from Canada
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