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  1. Only three boxes? Should have dumped all the unnecessary things like clothes etc and done a real shop. No pineapple tarts either.
  2. Tooooo late he's so far gone there is no way back.
  3. Been a bit busy hence the delay in posting this. I think this is the first kit I've ever finished without using filler on it. The second one is the Classic Airframes kit which I built a few years ago which did need filler.
  4. I had an ME Super back in the day,what a fantastic bit of kit it was. Sold it for more than I paid for it as it was a sought after camera at one time.
  5. Ian Campbell

    Nice !

    No pineapple tarts? The next raid is being planned as I write.
  6. I remember seeing all those Skyraiders a Prestwick,plus a few that came as spares. Looked a bit like a mini Abbotsinch. Three different registrations on the same aircraft over a week as they were finished and ready for flight.
  7. Couldn't possibly comment on that subject, it's more than my life is worth.
  8. We've just started that process, all I've had for the last week is what are you getting rid of? WHAT,are you insane woman?
  9. This is mine,I seem to be a bit of an amateur compared to some. Airfix Javelin 1/48 converted to an FAW1,lovely kit just lost interest. Airfix 1/48th Seafire,painted half the decals applied can't be bothered.. Monogram 1/48th RF80 conversion, painted silver,not happy with the finish. Classic Airframes Sea Vampire this has a chance as it has come to my attention again Magna resin Pembroke again this has a chance, the kit itself has been lying about for about 7 years[It was bloody awful to build]
  10. This was given to me by Leo when we met up in Rio so it was time to build it with RWG686 muttering on about it not so long ago. Leo has also mentioned it on a couple of occasions so here we go. Nice artwork and lots of sprue,parts are very nicely moulded and the option for a two seat version is included. I can't see the cockpit for the two seater but it may be in there somewhere and I just haven't seen it. Some action will commence very soon, watch this space.
  11. Oh yes there is, have you not heard of shrinkflation? They get smaller and the price goes up.
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