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  1. How many have you pre ordered?
  2. Saw some of these in 1976,looks just like the real thing. Not quite as clean when I saw them,the African dust stuck to everything,turned them a redish brown colour
  3. Not much has changed in the slag off most things over there then.
  4. Put the price up sell less,put the price up again to compenstate.sell less the importer eventually goes bust. No doubt the importer had his shillings worth as well as Tamiya.
  5. I will have a look when I get home,who likes Brazilian F5s?
  6. I thought the Spitfire MKVI would have been more to your liking.😎
  7. Hi all, last posting for a couple of weeks, off on my hols. Hopefully next posting will be from the Brazilian ir Force Museum,that should tempt you to look in. These are just to keep that bloke in Dunoon quiet for a day or two, never stops complaining about lack of posts. I'm going to find lots of things with strings holding them together as these would have been around in his early spotting days.
  8. Thats my cover blown then.
  9. Airfix to do all the RAF types produced over the last few years in baby scale in 1/48th. Curiosity got he better of me and I had a look at the feeding frenzy about the new Airfix Vulcan over on the other channel. The speculation about this and that is incredible, it is not due for release for a year yet so the metal cutting is probably at a very early stage.
  10. Hopefully on my list for next year.
  11. I've never seen a photo with the serial under the wing, apparently the paintwork is totally original and the aircraft has been kept as a time capsule. I'm sure I've read somewhere there are two in existance,can't remember where I read it.
  12. A few more from visits far and wide.
  13. A few more from my travels
  14. Gone all American as well, too many US aircraft at Prestwick is to blame for that. Lets call him old homely shall we.
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