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  1. I thought that I was the only one to do that.😥
  2. Large department store similar to Debenhams,branches I remember Glasgow,Leeds,Manchester there were probably more. The deli was great for exiled Scots,they sold mutton and onion pies plus other Scottish delicacies,no deep fried Mars Bars though.
  3. Lewis's in Leeds[remember them]had the same, big shedloads of old Airfix kits going for stupid money,Vulcans for £2.75 and smaller stuff for 50-85p. lots of old stuff that was commanding good prices when the magazines had the adverts page, one advert later 95% of the kits had gone. I invested around £80 and profiteered enormously,well no more than the second hand dealers, honest. I'll bet Richard has loads left from that sale.
  4. Boy there is some punishment meted out in your house for bad behaviour.
  5. Told you before that is NOT allowed these days. Just wait till your eyes give up on baby scale and you have to go bigger, what a stash sale that will be. Queue here for the bargains.
  6. That very rarely fit the intended kit.
  7. Have you no willpower? Loft will be falling through again.
  8. That could be wishful thinking. It's looking good though.
  9. Taking a long time, what are you doing all day?
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