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  1. He and I had this conversation on another thread, please don't start him off again
  2. Just couldn't resist this one IMHO one of the most elegant aircraft ever built.
  3. Just before I left my job a Farnborough there were a few Sea Vixens in 'A'shed next to the control tower which were to be converted to drones. Interestingly they were they the ones covered in graffiti which is why they were hidden away so visitors would not see the graffiti. I believe the programme was cancelled, what happened to the Vixens after that is anyones guess. A couple of Plain Jane ones arrived as well but disappeared after a couple weeks probably to a scrapyard.
  4. An SR53 from Aiir-Craft models and a crystal beer glass kindly given to me by the owner of the company.
  5. I remember that view in the first photo very well Leo.
  6. This is a very good book and I would recommend it to anyone if you can find it.
  7. The first one is the Academy 1/48th kit, the real aircraft was gifted by the land of JesseC to the Germans in 1957.It depicts an aircraft from2/WaSL10 in 1961.Decals are a mix oft ones and AirDoc. The second one is the Hasegawa in a Revell box and is an F86F 40 from the 69th Fighte Bomber Squadron based at Osan Korea in 1956/57
  8. They can talk the talk but can they do the job. The answer is invariably NO as they never think further down the line of the problems they can cause. In my career I've met SO many production engineers who would have increased manufacturing costs if they had been allowed to get their way. Luckily my boss used to listen to me when the hair brains presented their case.
  9. Photo of the real aircraft shows the pointy bit of the decal starting around the back of the panel on which the guns are located. Decal sheet instructions show it starting further backward which places it in the correct position in relation to the instructions but wrong according to the photo. No big deal to fix just a bit frustrating.
  10. A bit more progress on the Canadian Sabre. Started the decalling this morning, unfortunately the red and white stripe is not long enough as can be seen on the first photo, the second shows where it should finish a piece of the spare decal was used and the white stripes will be added when these decals have dried.
  11. A really nice little model, can't wait for their A26K and drone B26.
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