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  1. Nobody gets my pineapple tarts.
  2. It must be the helicopter season just now I first saw an H19 at Prestwick many moons ago when three of them were based there with the 67th Air Rescue Squadron. This is the venerable Revell kit which scales out at 1/50th and not 1/48th as the box says. Renders of the new AMP kit are on Facebook,it looks as though they will be going to do a few variants and hopefully the cranked boom version as well. Kit painted as usual with Xtracolor HSS,decals by Caracal img]https://i.imgur.com/R66WRJm.jpg[/img]
  3. That would be me nice to meet you.😀
  4. Couple of books I have just bought Simon Mayall was a guest speaker on our recent cruise,spent some time chatting to him and gained a good insight into what the military thought of the politico's
  5. Another ancient kit from the shelf of doom. Fit of the camera windows was terrible, they were all sanded down and repolished [not that you can tell] the rest fitted quite well with minimum fuss. Aircraft is from the 15th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron. Painted with Xtracolor HSS decals from Caracal which are nice decals to apply, they did forget the red canopy rails on the original though.
  6. I like a nice Sabre,that is a NICE one
  7. Didn't notice that one, usually there would be at least thirty to forty stored as replacements for those squadrons based on the continent. They would fly one in for maintenance, have a coffee and fly one which had been serviced back to base. They never had the Squadron markings changed as there were so many ready for each unit.
  8. The hangers were full of Sabres and a few T33ANs a few of which can be seen on the tarmac, notice also the Twin Pin right at the back. What is interesting is the absence of any CF100s as these were eventually stored before they were scrapped around the same time as the Sabres. Just to rub it in I'll find you some piccies. How SAL went bust I'll never know, they got paid to store hundreds of aircraft, maintain them and scrap them, good business model.
  9. After the Dunoon duffer set me up with the Sabre post I thought I better humour him with some real aeroplanes. When the new Luftwaffe was reformed they ordered 225 Sabre6s,note that the Canadians never referred to their Sabre's as F mk 2,4,6 etc what ever version it was simply Sabre2,4,6 etc. In the meantime to get them up and running so to speak they aquired 75 Sabre5s from the Canadian stock of 125 plus stored at Prestwick. The cocoons were removed and made ready for the short trip to Renfrew where SAL had a maintenance facility, overhauled and repainted in many cases som
  10. Trust you to open a can of worms Give me a day or two and I'll post the info.
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