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  1. Hi Paul I think the main reason why the wingtips don't fit properly is when you cut to the line indicated the panel line on the top part is out of alignment with the cut and you have to sand it down. In doing this the wing tip becomes a bit wider than the clear part for the replacement tip. Ian
  2. Hi Folks Having read all the writings by the sages on the other channel I thought I would share my thoughts on this kit. To start with Airfix should be praised for giving us this kit as the real aircraft had a relatively small run production wise. Some of the criticism vented by others is not totally justified, although there are several problems with the one I am building. I should stress that the problems encountered may only be with the kit on the workbench[or my ham fistedness] To start with the instructions are pretty poor. The particular kit I have has some "flat" areas on the fuselage behind the prop.which distort the shape of the forward fuselage and required filler to reshape it. The trailing edge of the "gull wing" does not fit to the bottom of the fuselage correctly and requires a fair bit of gentle sanding to get the correct fit. A lot of the small parts are located on the sprues by four gates which makes the removal very difficult. The plastic used is very soft harder plastic would probably be an advantage to us modellers. For the life of me I can't work out the reasoning in having to cut the wingtips off, surely separate wing tips would have made more sense as the ones on the clear sprue do not fit properly IMHO I think the detailing is acceptable, under a coat of paint it will reduce the panel lines. In conclusion as an engineer the kit is overcomplicated,why they didn't have a good look at the Spitfire 22/24 and go down the same route parts and construction wise as this kit was surely one of the best ever produced by Airfix. I could probably have built two 22/24s in the time taken to get this one to its present state. Overall it looks good but requires a lot more work than it should for a modern kit I've got my tin hat ready now. Cheers Ian
  3. Looks a great day out, we have a similar thing near Brighouse every year.
  4. I was always told don't use words you can't spell,LOL
  5. That one in USAF markings brings back a lot of memories.
  6. I always thought Cosford was the more "natural" museum, less antiseptic. Then they built that horrible building for the Cold War exhibition,aeroplanes live in big rectangular buildings, not figments of the mind of deranged architects.
  7. A few more from from the archives.
  8. Dakota is very nice Richard,only ever saw one PAA Dak which returned to the States from it's Berlin base in the early sixties. It was painted in the later Pa Am colour scheme.
  9. A few from Rhodes taken over the last couple of weeks. One of the nicest places I have visited,don't know why we left it so long to go there.
  10. I'm back,Oh no you cry. Just one or two aluminium tubes and one for Richard,taken at Rhodes airport yesterday.
  11. Last lot for couple of weeks,I'm off on my hols.
  12. A few from the Italian Air force Museum
  13. Better watch it, some freaky protesters might catch sight of that and report you for cruelty to fluffy animals.
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