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  1. To quote the other channel it’s the wrong scale for me. If you are in a frame of mind to buy it I’ll build it for you.🥴
  2. Revell 1/72 scale Eurofighter special edition £99.99 REALLY?
  3. Common sense told me you've already built two Classic Airframes kits of this. Then the voices started
  4. Which one did the better job?
  5. We stayed in a small hotel called Casale del Pietro close to the towns of Anagni and Fiuggi. Anagni-Fiuggi is where the Popes lived before moving to Rome and is well worth a visit if you are interested in history. Thomas a Becket lived there for a while as well. We have visited Rome several times when on a cruise,the main reason for the visit was to go into the Forum which we had never done before. Now that I have finally finished working more of these weeks away will hopefully be taking place. Has to be an aircraft museum knocking about somewhere though,I feel Athens becko
  6. A few to find out who the culture vultures are.
  7. I'v been having a bit of a spending spree recently. I just found these to be a necessary purchase.
  8. The final part oft he museum is a new hanger built for the 100ht anniversary of the air force. Hope the the journey hasn't bored you too much, if you are ever in Rome rent a car and visit this place it really does capture the imagination.
  9. The helicopters and outside exhibits.[ img]https://i.imgur.com/uPeegmD.jpg[/img]
  10. Hall four starts off the Cold War theme of the museum, new hangers at the end of the tour contain further examples but I'll stick to the walk through of the museum halls.
  11. Long story short. Apparently Special Hobby and AZ models were going to release Mosquito's with two stage engines. As you will know doubt know th SPECULATION ran rampant. Everything from cowling length to materials used for the moulds was discussed along with the usual wrong scale crap. After about six pages of drivel SH has bitten back giving short shift about various things mentioned. One of his posts has been deleted but basically the message was BUTT OUT it's our company.
  12. The Third hall has most of the WW2 aircraft located in it. As with a lot of museums the use of natural light and bright internal lights causes a few problems, the only one that was really difficult was the SM79 as it was affected by both. The Macchi 200 detail shots are for Jockability hopefully to help in his kit build.
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