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  1. A few for the car fans, all taken a The Oil Can Cafe near Holmfirth in West Yorkshire,plenty of vintage cars to see. Foods not bad either.
  2. A few Greek relics found in Northern Cyprus.
  3. A few years ago we went on Oriana on a cruise from Southampton ending up in Dubai. A few photo's from it. The train station in Lisbon has some fabulous mosaics. The pool transitting the Bay of Biscay A few from Pompeii The Grand Harbour in Valetta. Pompeii again Valetta A few of these were knocking about Port Said,anybody related to him? Transitting the Suez Canal in convoy The entrance to Muscat harbour,I worked in Oman for almost 5 years ,the old town has not changed any since I did. One jeweller my wife used to go recognised her after 25 years and remembered her name. The new town is fabulous. The Sultan of Omans old yacht, the new one was bigger. Dubai,very ostentatious, if you don't have enough money don't bother, fish and chips for 3 at the Yacht Club including 2 beers and a tea £85. Had afternoon tea here paid for by my daughter as my wifes birthday present, completely over the top, full of Chinese. Three levels of security to even get into the place, complete with fleet of Rolls Royce cars to take you to and from the airport. One of the less expensive hotels, complete with helipad to the top.
  4. Hello again,I've been doing man things so haven't posted for a while. Decorating,gardening all the things my wife doesn't like to do you know the drill.
  5. A few to keep you going until RWG686 comes out of hiding.
  6. Are you insinuating that he is in arrears? Cant see wee Burnie standing for that, must let her know. Didn't mention his undercover name when I saw him on Wednesday,have to bear it in mind next time.
  7. Hi Folks My wife thinks I have a fetish with this kit, having built around 18 of them. I just like the markings used in the fifties, anyway I need them to go with all the RAFand RCAF sabres I have built. Again Marmaduke decals applied and painted with Xtracolor HSS Ian
  8. At least its not raining!!!
  9. Now that reminds me of the CRAZY Dutch pilot who flew us in Iran when I worked there. You just hope there is enough oil in the gearbox at that altitude.
  10. Just for Richard,these are in the Volvo car museum.
  11. Patience Grasshopper.
  12. Just to destroy all the tranquility I'll post these for you. A few years ago we went on a Baltic cruise which was great but on the return we found ourselves in Gothenburg where it was hissing down.After couple of hours we had enough of being soaked. On the return to the dockside we noticed the Volvo car museum, made the day worthwhile, see what you think. Just for Richard there is a Draken in there as well which I'll post on the aircraft thread.
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