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  1. Hi everyone. This is my current project, which will be presented as video build series. There are 4 out of 6 episodes available already. And for your better viewing experience from episode 2 it is in 1080p. I will be very happy if you subscribe to my channel! Enjoy Episode 1. - The cockpit This episode will take You through the assembly, painting and weathering, of the cockpit, in out of the box manner. Episode two will take You through the upgrading, assembly, painting and weathering, of the Prat & Whitney R-2800 Engine that comes with the kit. Episode III - Assembly will walk you trough the various steps of assembling the scale model. Along with that you will see how some scratch built details affect the overall appearance of this scale model. Episode 4 of the video build series will take you trough the various steps of masking and painting the scale model. The FAA scheme plus the invasion stripes and the red nose add up to a very colorful airplane. To get even better results several layers of effects will be added in the painting stage to aid the subsequent weathering. Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe. Best regards M.
  2. Metodi Metodiev

    Armstrong Whitley Mk.l; 1/72; Fly models,

  3. Metodi Metodiev

    Delta airlines DC-6

    Thanks David. I will be building a DC-9, after I finish the Hellcat, but with NASA livery... so halfway airliner Best regards M.
  4. Metodi Metodiev

    Delta airlines DC-6

    Thanks fellas!
  5. Metodi Metodiev

    Delta airlines DC-6

    Thanks mate!
  6. Metodi Metodiev

    Delta airlines DC-6

    Hello, This is one of my latest completions. It was a shelf of doom citizen for some time but last year I decided to finish it and here it is. I did some scratch building and experimenting and I am just about satisfied with the final result. Step by step build article: -> To The Build Article Best regards M.
  7. Hello everyone. This is my latest article and you can read it here: Whitley step by step build.There you will find a massive amount of photos from the build as well as of the finished model. All comments and critiques are welcome. Best regards M.
  8. Metodi Metodiev

    Hobby Boss F/A-18D VMFAT-101 - 1/48

    Hi there, it looks fantastic. My only "critique" would be the pristine decals, especially the insignia and the tail art. Beautiful job regardless.
  9. Hello guys. Last weekend there was a scale modeling exhibition held in Sofia, Bulgaria. If you are interested here is my reportage on it. About 200 photos in total. GALLERY Best regards Metodi
  10. Metodi Metodiev

    Westland Wessex HU.5, 1/32, FLY Models

    Yes that folding set is a must. I wander why there wasn't any in the kit.
  11. Hello all I am not sure if that is the correct forum section and if it is not the thread can be moved. This is my step by step video build series of the Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Mk.I in 1/72 from Fly models. I will post only a few pictures of the finished model as the build is going to be featured in Air Modeller. Hope you like my work. Please comment and subscribe. Best regards M.
  12. One more small tutorial from my YouTube channel. The topic is on how to create more realistic lights and reflectors. Don't forget to subscribe Best regards M.
  13. Metodi Metodiev

    Mil Mi-24 A - 1/72 Zvezda

    Thanks! My observations are there are very few high quality decal manufacturers and I am pretty sure ZVEZDA is using none of them. Best regards M.
  14. Metodi Metodiev

    AMK 1/48 F-14D Tomcat in progress

    I like the way the canopy is designed, this way I can paint the frames hassle free. Best regards M.