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  1. Very nice job, Grant. I can report i had exactly the same aggravations with the VC10 i just finished myself, but i think i've definitely "cracked the code" on building these things. -d-
  2. Hi Everyone, Another update on Gypsy 203. Painting has begun, but in a sort of cautious, halting manner... I hope to have another update soon. We're selling Mum's house and i've had to store away a lot of my stuff to get it out of the way. But that doesn't prevent me from painting at my friends' house. -d-
  3. Nice work, Brian It would look really good parked on one of those weird, hexagonal-style Soviet ramps. I think Uschi might make something for that application. -d-
  4. Hi Everyone, Hi, everyone. Just a minor update for today, as i'm about halfway through my 11-day deployment. A few of the glitches on the Tomcat seemed to work their way out with some minor sanding. Areas around the intake lips and forward wing glove area will take a little bit more work, but as i said before, nothing unexpected or too difficult to fix. Think it might even be fixable with just some white glue and a q-tip. The port side vertical fin and tail plane have been primed, inspected for defects, cleaned up, and wet-sanded back down to bare plastic in preparat
  5. Looks just wonderful, Dean. Brings back fond memories of the one i did in the late 80s, not long after it came out. -d-
  6. And now, a minor update. I wet sanded the model down with 1000 grit, masked off the bare metal areas on the back end, and made a couple passes over the belly with Tamiya white surface primer. Found a few glitches; most of which are in some 90-degree corners between the intake fronts and the over hanging wing glove and intake roof. Nothing insurmountable. Will let it dry a day or so before i go back and fix these places. -d-
  7. Hi Everyone, Another update. Something else i wanted to get out of the way, was to get at least some interior colour on the windscreen. I have since re-masked it after these photos were taken, to protect against "bonking" it into things while i continue the painting prep process. Hopefully, this little step-by-step narrative will make sense. Well... Hopefully this makes sense. -d-
  8. And now, an update on Gypsy 203. We are getting close to the painting stage; the airframe is together, the seams have been sanded, and i'm just attending to some things that gotta get done before the paint goes on. Not the most thrilling installment i know, but still important. Tune in next time, Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel! -d-
  9. Ooh! It's the Marty Feldman of Jets! "Hump? What Hump??" Definitely the first one of these i've seen built up. Crack On!! david
  10. Ooh! Long and pointy! But not as long and pointy as TSR-2, LOL. -d-
  11. Goes in a straight line very well!! Let us know how well it fits.... david
  12. Also known as, "The Battle of Stock Footage...." david
  13. I saw a nice N1K-1 at Colpar hobbies yesterday. Bare metal in Captured US markings. Something about those markings that work well on Japanese aircraft..... david
  14. Looks very nice so far; nice job with the re-scribing. Also, nice to see a Skyraider that does NOT have a bumblebee on the side. david
  15. That last photo is the biggest construction milestone, in a nutshell. david
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