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  1. MartinSK

    Nakajima Ki84 hayate

    Realistic looking finish! Well done!
  2. MartinSK

    Revell 1/32 F-4G Phantom II

    Great build, I like the paint finish.
  3. Thanks . These days will be this livery more actual as people will start to travel for Christmas
  4. MartinSK

    Revell 1/48 Messerschmitt Me 163B-1a

    Great job. Realistic looking weathering&super airbrush finish!
  5. Thank you Richard, no clearcoat at all. Just airbrushed with Revell enamels and after long drying (4 days) sanding the surface with sandpaper 6000 under water. Then dry polishing with old cotton t-shirt ( just by hands) no special tool required. After sanding 6000was the surface nice flat and polishing with t-shirt gave it just right ammount of shine. This was the first time I tested this sanding&polishing and looks good enough to me. Just remember to airbrush 3 or 4 thin coats of the enamel as with less is easy to go to the surface during sanding:) Martin
  6. Thank you, in a few months will be this livery actual
  7. MartinSK

    1/144 Boeing 737-200 from Airfix

    Great 737 in nice scheme!
  8. MartinSK

    Airfix 1/48 Sea Hurricane

    Very nice build&pictures too.
  9. MartinSK

    1/72 Mil MI-17 Helicopter, Iraqi Armed Forces...

    Very nice Mi-17. Nice&clean job with realistic looking weathering.
  10. MartinSK

    Avia S-199 (KP 1/72)

    Paul very nice Avia S 199 ...these KP (Kovozavody Prostejov) kits were very often seen in our shops and in the past only one available possibility to buid Me-109.
  11. Thank you...the next project is not airliner but rescue helicopter in scale 1:32.
  12. Hello, To present that I really build kits (not many ..as it is difficult to find some time for this great relax hobby) there is my latest effort Airbus A320 from Revell in 1:144. To have some cold for these hot and sunny days will suit this Christmas livery-decals are from the kit and smile, stars, Santa, #flyinghomeforchristmas were printed at home. Many thanks to my friend Miro, who made this decals for me from pictures on the internet. Airbrushed with Revell enamels. Martin 20180521_071302 by Martin Kubis, on Flickr 20180521_071022 by Martin Kubis, on Flickr 20180521_071041 by Martin Kubis, on Flickr 20180521_071105 by Martin Kubis, on Flickr 20180521_071203 by Martin Kubis, on Flickr Airbus A320 Air Berlin #flyinghomeforchristmas Revell 1:144 by Martin Kubis, on Flickr 20180521_071428 by Martin Kubis, on Flickr
  13. MartinSK

    Spitfire T.9

    Great build & pictures and conversion.