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  1. Hi @Miggers. Maybe is my english (please correct if I am wrong) but I know mine interior is nothing special regarding to yours and not to these days standards as bonovox mentioned above. But I will keep it as it is as I know on this project will be other parts to fight and have challenge with ...I know myself and time possibilities and I am sure I will be sweating during this build on some stages so I left interior as it is (except correction of pilot seat position).
  2. This is fantastic Hawk, on the airport pictures looks realistic. Great inspiration, thanks for sharing...I have to start mine which is waiting in the stash.
  3. Very nice Hurricane ...on the last picture looks like the real thing.
  4. As always extremely clean and sharp job. Very nice weathering too.
  5. Great job and the pilot is fantastic !
  6. Love the Revell one ...tempted to buy one and build in this nice scheme...Great job on all Mustangs!
  7. Thanks correction of the wing was easier as I expected. Yes you are right interior is out of the box just with basic correction of wrong position of the pilot's seat. Interior is not my favourite part as when the model is finished almost everything is hidden so I am keeping it simple&clean.
  8. Great Phantom there...very nice&clean job!
  9. MartinSK

    BAe Hawk

    Very nice job ... I will be watching this as I have this model in my stash too.
  10. Thanks Jessie. That is what I was looking for... there is a lot of wiring and tubing to do.
  11. Hello to all, Just to show that I am still continuing on this project. I have decided to show engines, they are quite simple but they have the same level of detail as on old Revell 1/32 aircrafts, so for 1/72 is OK ..in my opinion. To fit them right inside was bit of fight but with superglue was not that complicated. I think on these green parts which hold the engines will be good to add some wiring (if there was any) as it seems too simple (some detail will make it nicer)-if you have some pictures of this detail I will be happy to see them in order to make there some details (wirings..) Then I have finished the interior-basically out of the box + Miggers corrections -pilot seat moved 4 mm forward. -not used part no 6 /box on a stick/ (as dambusters did not have it) -painted regarding miggers suggestions (hope I understood it well, as from black and white Revell instructions is difficult to find out wher which colour starts/ends) Well I know it is quite simple , but as I closed the fuselage only pilot seat is visible. @miggers I am doing Mickey Martin's ED909/P-Popsie
  12. I just repeat as the site was down..great job on this complicated scheme..looks realistic.
  13. Excellent..love the subtle weathering..looks like on the old black and white pictures.
  14. Thanks @Miggers and @Grunhertz so green will stay as it is + ofcourse front part will be black. So now some paint work and adding extra parts to the interior ( thanks Miggers) and post some pictures before fuselage will be closed..because after this only a little will be visible
  15. Hello, My old Humbrol interior green was dried, so I went for Revell instruction mixing and this is the result. I would like to hear your opinion-change it or leave it? (it is only interior and lot of the parts will be black) @Miggers @darren two seats number 11 + "table" number 10 were in dambuster too? I know part no 6 (box on a stick will not be used and pilot seat 4 mm closer to the dashboard-already done) The rest should stay as in the instructions? Thanks
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