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  1. MartinSK

    Heinkel He 219 A something UHU

    I just repeat as the site was down..great job on this complicated scheme..looks realistic.
  2. MartinSK

    Fokker Eindecker E.II (Airfix 1/72)

    Excellent..love the subtle weathering..looks like on the old black and white pictures.
  3. MartinSK

    Lancaster"dambusters" Revell 1:72

    Thanks @Miggers and @Grunhertz so green will stay as it is + ofcourse front part will be black. So now some paint work and adding extra parts to the interior ( thanks Miggers) and post some pictures before fuselage will be closed..because after this only a little will be visible
  4. MartinSK

    Lancaster"dambusters" Revell 1:72

    Hello, My old Humbrol interior green was dried, so I went for Revell instruction mixing and this is the result. I would like to hear your opinion-change it or leave it? (it is only interior and lot of the parts will be black) @Miggers @darren two seats number 11 + "table" number 10 were in dambuster too? I know part no 6 (box on a stick will not be used and pilot seat 4 mm closer to the dashboard-already done) The rest should stay as in the instructions? Thanks
  5. MartinSK

    Qantas Boeing 767-200 - The 'ROO' McCoy ! - 1/200 in ROO DECALS

    Very nice..love the "flight above clouds" pictures.
  6. MartinSK

    Lancaster"dambusters" Revell 1:72

    Thanks Darren. I am not Lancaster expert and in the instructions I found few things that are not clear to me so I will be asking, but for now I have to build something. If you notice something that will be wrong during the build please let me know.
  7. MartinSK

    Lancaster"dambusters" Revell 1:72

    Thanks again Miggers for detailed informations...thats what I like on modelling ...still learning something new about the actual build. But now it is time to show some progress and to use your super advices and corrections. Hope I will find some time to continue during the weekend.
  8. MartinSK

    Lancaster"dambusters" Revell 1:72

    Thanks Miggers. From the pictures it seems that red colour was airbushed later on the green tank. (I thought that tanks were red from the production.)
  9. MartinSK

    Lancaster"dambusters" Revell 1:72

    Thanks a lot Miggers...great pictures...this will be easy just with paper.
  10. MartinSK

    Lancaster"dambusters" Revell 1:72

    Hello to all, No so much to show as I was sick and too tired to do some modelling. Some goodies arrived. @Miggers please have you got some pictures of wheel wells in the part of the wing structure, how visible are ends of the fuel tanks? -to make some basic representation of them from balsa wood (then painted in dull brick red) Thanks Martin
  11. MartinSK

    Boeing 777-200 - 'WINGS' of British Airways (1/200 Hasegawa)

    Airliners invasion:)...great builds..I have to build one airliner too.
  12. MartinSK

    Boeing 777-300ER - British Airways (1/200 Hasegawa)

    Nice&clean finish on this one!
  13. MartinSK

    Airbus A320 - Easyjet 200th Delivery in 1/200

    Great EASYJET in "negative:)" colours
  14. MartinSK

    Boeing 747-400D - ANA Pokemon Special (1/200)

    Fantastic colouful schemes!
  15. MartinSK

    Hobbyboss 1/48 BAe Hawk Mk.200/208/209 (81737)

    Thanks Mac, I like your pre-shading style. It is not boring strong&repeating ...looks like on the real thing.