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  1. MartinSK

    1/72 Mil MI-17 Helicopter, Iraqi Armed Forces...

    Very nice Mi-17. Nice&clean job with realistic looking weathering.
  2. MartinSK

    Avia S-199 (KP 1/72)

    Paul very nice Avia S 199 ...these KP (Kovozavody Prostejov) kits were very often seen in our shops and in the past only one available possibility to buid Me-109.
  3. Thank you...the next project is not airliner but rescue helicopter in scale 1:32.
  4. Hello, To present that I really build kits (not many ..as it is difficult to find some time for this great relax hobby) there is my latest effort Airbus A320 from Revell in 1:144. To have some cold for these hot and sunny days will suit this Christmas livery-decals are from the kit and smile, stars, Santa, #flyinghomeforchristmas were printed at home. Many thanks to my friend Miro, who made this decals for me from pictures on the internet. Airbrushed with Revell enamels. Martin 20180521_071302 by Martin Kubis, on Flickr 20180521_071022 by Martin Kubis, on Flickr 20180521_071041 by Martin Kubis, on Flickr 20180521_071105 by Martin Kubis, on Flickr 20180521_071203 by Martin Kubis, on Flickr Airbus A320 Air Berlin #flyinghomeforchristmas Revell 1:144 by Martin Kubis, on Flickr 20180521_071428 by Martin Kubis, on Flickr
  5. MartinSK

    Spitfire T.9

    Great build & pictures and conversion.