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  1. Very nice and clean build ...in conclusion great Mig-21.
  2. That is huge...excellent bulid.
  3. Finally no cold and snow only white remaining on the flowers of blackthorn and wild cherry.
  4. OK this is modelling forum and I also noticed that I post more off topic as modelling pictures..so as I am not much VIP writer, but to proof that I am still building something here is latest project Mig-29UB Slovak Air Force (Academy 1:48) designing and checking dimensions of the decals and interior improvement with Pavla resin seats + pilots and some scratch build regarding pictures.
  5. Great Catalina(s)-very nice &clean job, hard to believe that except white is brush painted.
  6. Looks great, very nice&clean job with super paint finish.
  7. Great model-very nice and clean job, this was the first indication that smaller cars has for rallying (and not only for rallying) much more advantages to big and heavy cars. Prooven by Peugeot 205...etc.
  8. Looks very good, with realistic finish.
  9. @Gorby I did not mean to return to the kids era when silvering of the decals and join lines were visible, but not to worry too much about accuracy of the each detail (when overal dimensions are right, I do not mind possitive rivets, thicker canopy, missing PE parts in interior....still looks great when has nice finish and some weathering regarding historical pictures. Just to make it like I feel from pictures, museum.... not to follow some standards like preshaded everything , etc...probably we all know this "standards" from other forums, where somehow disappeared enjoyment of the hobby and it
  10. Looks great...more pics please
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