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  1. Looks realistic, great job!
  2. I have old classic 1:32 Revell Hurricane in my stash ..in my opinion it is still good kit. Ofcourse not perfect as this new tool, but still could turn into nice model...see my build few years ago.
  3. Spring is comming.
  4. Another great Hurricane from your hands and in my favourite scale...perfect job & excellent finish with brush.
  5. Always good to see rescue helicopter..this one is very nice + rare!
  6. This nice old school kit with raised panel lines and rivets.
  7. Very nice I-16!
  8. Very nice and clean job + excellent smooth finish.
  9. Very good job as always...btw how many minutes did it take to finish ? :)
  10. Great job, looks like the real one.
  11. Perfect & clean job with subtle weathering, which gives realistic look.
  12. Very good job, I like the subtle weathering.
  13. Yes Jupiter and Venus were visible here too...but that aurora is amazing..I have to plan some trip to Scotland to see this beauty in real.
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