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  1. Very nice job&excellent finish.
  2. Super & clean job + very attractive scheme too👍
  3. Perfect job, nice&shiny machines-I like them both.
  4. Perfect...this huge monster is very close to finish..looks very good, looking forward to see the paint finish.
  5. I like this old school Revell 1:32 kits. Very nice build + desert scheme is excellent choice, looks great on the sunshine.
  6. Great & clean job on this He162.
  7. Nice build of not very common subject.
  8. Still remaining from the winter and today is 1 st of May...I am wondering how much snow there was in winter time...2 meters?
  9. Great Lancaster, with excellent paint finish&weathering
  10. Cycle to Velka Fatra mountains...it started OK...with just a litle snow on the side. But then...😬
  11. Very nice&clean builds...I like them all.
  12. I agree, great build & scheme.
  13. Every year the same, but always beautiful... blackthorn in blossom.
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