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  1. Looks great in this scheme! Nice&clean build as well.
  2. Yes Tomcany is small village (with airport and museum) 2km from Martin
  3. And this is rescue MI-2 (SlovAir) which is in museum in Tomcany (20 minutes walk from our house) Pilot is my youngest daughter but this picture was taken 9 years ago
  4. Grear pics as always, I did not know that we have SAR version if MI-8. This type is common here in Slovakia, especially "dark blue MI-8" operated by Techmont is flying quite often for replacement of the anthenas for cell phones on the roofs of the buildings or for other technical support from the air.
  5. Great spitfire, looks perferct in this desert scheme.
  6. After seeing your picture it looks that there will be longer list with modifications to do...but on other hand nice and quite rare seaking....but I have to finish some open projects...not to start new ones...as there will be question at home...one wardrobe is full of kits where are going to put this one? (Hopefully still some secret space remaining in my office:) )
  7. This looks so realistic....thanks for sharing and inspiration...looking forward to build my Eastwind icebreaker waiting in my stash.
  8. And important note! Debonder is taking off all colours (acrylics, enamels...)
  9. Thanks @Miggers I will test it with Kleer too.
  10. Love the Seaking in "school scheme" this scheme fits every aircraft and helicopter...still tempted to buy Hadegawa 1:48 and make one "raspberry ripple"
  11. Especially on helicopters I was unable to make perfect fit of the glass to the body..only super glue could do it (mostly gel versions) to have time to make perfect set. Very important us to give (if possible) as much ventilation as possible of the vapours from the superglue (for example not closed doors on the fuselage..etc..) and if some fig will appear clean it with cotton buds with debonder. Important! Test to clean fog from superglue with debonder on some dummy first as not all brands of superglues works fine with every debonders. Generally yes, but test is important Here is superglue application of all glasses on this old tool EC-135
  12. Only thick superglue (for very narrow gaps thin superglue) ...it is hard to sand (as is much harder as plastic) but no cracks, no shrink and extremly strong connection...for big gaps I am adding piece of plastic. Strong connection, just be careful with sanding as is easy to sand off plastic around as is softer as gap filled with superglue. And carefully around clear parts, but if some fog will appear iscvery easy to clean with superglue debonder. For small sink marks I use Revell Plasto.
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