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  1. Yes I have to get reading glasses and some magnifier to have it easier ...your details are amaizing.
  2. Oh, great job but you wrote wrong scale...it could be 1:1 :) As mentioned above, the best model of Mig-23 I have seen.
  3. Nice to see finished L-39 Albatros + great idea with the camo.
  4. Great job + perfect selection of unusual subject.
  5. Simple perfect, with realistic weathering and details.
  6. Or to swith scale to 1:24 ..but then where to put this monsters...
  7. Fantastic work & details, I have on my bench aircraft in 1:32 (size around 25 cm) and some parts seems too small to me...I have to get to my self glasses...I am not 20, 30, or 40 anymore...
  8. Excellent realistic finish & weathering....as always :) Interesting scheme too.
  9. Thanks Gorby, we had very wet and rainy October and November (mud was everywhere) but three days ago started to snow and now north part of Slovakia is in white...finally I do not need to clean my boots from piles of mud :)
  10. Perfect finish&weathering, looks realistic !
  11. My plan ...every finished project is success (scale may vary from 1:1 to 1:144)
  12. Very nice and clean builds, I like the smooth surface finish.
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