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  1. Lovely trio of 104's there including one of my personal favourites from days gone, Marine Grey! As Rompers says, us lucky enough to be of an age will have enjoyed dozens of airshows in the 70's and the 104 being the staple fighter of NATO was everywhere. Very nicely done 👍
  2. Really interested to read your comments re Mr Metal. I was going to use that on my Mirage and it was only because I had several Alclads that I went that route. Mind you, even Alclad suffers from handling issues 4 days later which is why I personally brush a coat of Klear on to seal it. Lovely job, perhaps more so given your battle
  3. Hi all, Finished another over the past weekend. A fairly recent release, and having seen quite a few builds posted around the www I noticed (that when the NMF scheme was chosen) everyone was turning out a highly polished subject. Being different I managed to find enough images of fairly worn NMF versions, and so thats the route I chose. Subject is Escadron 2/2 Cote Dor 1973
  4. Just kidding of course 😁 Really nice build
  5. Closed my account only 6 weeks ago. Not going back like never, and why would you when you've been treated the way you have and there are so many options out there. May they fester in their own urine
  6. So those on the kit, I'm going to use on the IIIBE that I'm building at the moment, not included in the kit but I'll steal them from the Eduard IIIC I have. The Kinetic kit gives you 2 tank choices, supersonic & large.
  7. The French and their fuel tanks - actually a really interesting topic. Not sure if you know but the Mirage III family could carry 3 different tanks for different purposes, speed, range etc. So to get past Mach 1 they would carry the much smaller Supersonic tanks (700ltr) then there was a mid sized 1700ltr and then those shown for range being 2300ltr. I do like their fuel tank strategy and as a modeller it's nice to have a choice.
  8. Thanks all - the French collection grows........IIIBE in progress
  9. Redundancy does have its benefits, time if nothing else! Another one finished.... Kinetics brilliant Mirage IIIE/R/AO etc finished as an E model, Armee de L'Air, 2-EK 91 Escadron de Chasse 1973. Straight forward build, Tamiya paints and the fuel tanks are finished in Rub n Buff. And pictured with the a IIIRD, the same kit in another guise. For anyone who hasnt built one, very highly recommended!
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