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  1. Hobbyboss 1/48 F-111A

    Really can't wait to see her finished!
  2. A right old Dog of a Kit..

    Love the look of that 👍
  3. Tornado GR1A - Italeri kit with lots of Paragon resin bits and scratch building

    Thank you chaps
  4. The dates on my images show I started this build in 2009!!!!! I interupted my Boeing Hkp-4 build to try and polish off some of the many part builds Ive got up in the loft. Remember that what you pretty much get as standard in the Revell kits, were all aftermarket accessories then. A couple of build pics plus a couple of the finished article. On with the next one.................. :-)
  5. Me262 A-1a, Komamando Nowotny-Poilot, Major Walter Nowotny

    What a lovely job on that!
  6. F-86F-40 in 1/32 from Kinetic

    Love it!
  7. Hi guys, Ive pulled my Bell 412 (Griffin HT1) out to finish her off convinced that I had the decals only to discover.........memory isnt working any more!! Does anyone have the above sheet (1/48) which included RAF Typhoons, Hawk, Harrier, Merlin. I am only after the Griffin decals which are pretty sparse, hence my reluctance to pay £15 for the entire sheet................. I can probably cobble together from spares but thought I'd check here first? Thanks
  8. CH-46 rear main rotor coaming 1/48

    All sorted!
  9. Hobbyboss 1/48 F-111A

    Nice progress and she's starting to look the part! I too used sprue to push out the sides to help with the capsule fit butfir some strange reason I still ended up with descrepencies so out came the filler, all grades of wet and dry and I rubbed it all back removing all detail but achieving a good fit - a bit of describing never hurt anyone 😀
  10. Spitfire XII

    She's gorgeous, absolute stunner!
  11. BV Hkp-4C 1/48 - Splinter Swede

    Yup, I felt the need to spray, so pulled this one forward.
  12. BV Hkp-4C 1/48 - Splinter Swede

    Very quick build update........................
  13. 1/48 I-153 Winter version

    Lovely build - shame you missed the recent snow, would have made for a fantastic photo
  14. Brexitmodeller show timetable2018

    Unless her indoors books us away somewhere, I'll be attending the Essex show in July. Living about 8 miles away, there's no reason not to right. See some of you there hopefully
  15. What's your build philosophy?

    I'm always interested in other people's opinions or habits, modelling of course! Do you build one kit at a time, finish it before moving on to the next or happily a multi build modeller? I'll start - for whatever reason, seldom will I build something straight OOB, if only decals most of my builds include quite a bit of prep work and so I can have a very annoying habit of getting bored part way through. Because if this I'm happy to turn attentions to the next subject and start another build, knowing at some point I'll go back to the others. Because of this, at any point I can have several kits on the go at once, point in question being right now - whilst I'm building my HKP4, I'm also actively working on a CH-53, C-130K & Griffin HT1. In addition from the last 3 months, I have 3 x F-104's all at 90% completion state, Mirage III, F-4F, & NF-5B all primed and pre shaded ready for the paint stage. My attitude is I'd rather be building something than waiting for the Mojo to come back! I'm happy with this strategy, but are others similar, I'd love to know 😂