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  1. SOUTHERN  EXPO 2018

    Awsome Video Mish and what a fine selection of models on show
  2. NOVA MODELS Vulcan B2 Vac Form

    Luck I will need it haha. and great start. Yep looking at it is the safest way forward. However this WILL be built. I cant wait to start hopefully soon as possible.
  3. NOVA MODELS Vulcan B2 Vac Form

    They are an interesting kit indeed. Cross kitting is something I have not done yet. Fun
  4. NOVA MODELS Vulcan B2 Vac Form

    Well I likes drop of that and I also likes spitcant have enough so I'll keep a look out for that. my current stash of vacs are piling up. welsh = Nimrod, Valiant, Victor, vulcan, Canberra, hunter. cant remeber the manufacture but = Avro 707c HP115 nova planes, rareplanes, formaplane vulcan. of these the Nimrod and Canberra look the easiest to practice on. I don't want to screw them up but there is only one way to learn. so far I've cut the two fuselage halves of the welsh vulcan about a year ago and they don't seem to want to mate at the same place all the way around so that is disheartening but I won't be beat. Oddly enough it seems smaller is harder and larger easier weirdly where these Vac are concerned maybe I'm wrong but ill have ago at a few and maybe pick up a second copy in case I screw one. cheers Rob
  5. NOVA MODELS Vulcan B2 Vac Form

    Hey Bill. Many thanks for the welcome to the site. Good to hear from you. I have never built a Vacform in my life so I hope all goes well. Perhaps I'll incorporate my smaller welsh one into this too as a warm up for this big beast. all the best Rob
  6. NOVA MODELS Vulcan B2 Vac Form

    I will check them out they look a lovely build. I'll have to make sure I got my head around the difference in assembly process though.
  7. 100 years of the RAF group build

    Well it's been a while since I did a GB and I'm certainly down for this one. I have no idea what I will build but nearly all my kits are RAF and it would be great to take part. Perhaps a Victor or Valiant , or a Jindvik either way out my name down
  8. NOVA MODELS Vulcan B2 Vac Form

    Well I have never built one so I know how you feel but I keep getting told they are not that bad. Trouble is the box usually says "for the advanced modeller only" etc. Which is a bit misleading. Should just say read instructions carefully perhaps. Glad your on board hopefully it goes well and might inspire you to have a go at one. Some lovely vac kits out there. Shame not to make them. Well I sure hope this one is rewarding. Was it this kit that there was a little niggle with as I notice the evidence of wooden mounting blocks as this one has had all the complex twists and contours of the vulcan molded in. Very impressive. Just hope it builds well. Its seems to have had some care put in judging by the very well written instructions and drawings that come with it. The drawings will be useful whatever Perhaps I could scratch one from them Thanks very much for that info I will bear it in mind. My thinking of the primer is it would allow me to see where I am sanding too. But I get what you mean about the pen line. I just didnt want to use a permanent marker as that stuff you cant paint over it soaks through. Is it just an ordinary felt I use ? Cheers Rob Well I am glad its not that then but that kit looks very buildable at least that way you can scribe your own details or simply draw them on. Cheers for the info Welcome and get us a drink would you Cheers Rob
  9. NOVA MODELS Vulcan B2 Vac Form

    Thanks for the excellent tutorial there and your wonderful Valiant that's also one I have on the stash. I don't know why but there is something about vacforms I love and even when completed they have a different presence to them somehow. Cheers Rob
  10. NOVA MODELS Vulcan B2 Vac Form

    Somewhere there is it's gonna need some tempting out the plastic seems quite tough good to have you on board
  11. NOVA MODELS Vulcan B2 Vac Form

    Thabks for the tip there I was going to try that but by spraying each part with primer first so I can see better what I'm working with and when I snap away the white will appear. Same thing really but will make it easier on the eyes. Feel like I'm gonna go snow blind looking at this much white plastic. Cheers Rob
  12. Mikr-Mir 1/72 Miles M.57 Aerovan

    Never seen one before but I want to make one and this is lovely what a cool aircraft
  13. Tamiya Ki-61 1/48

    excellent build and a gorgeous subject
  14. NOVA MODELS Vulcan B2 Vac Form

    Well Its a new forum, I like a challenge and I thought this kit would be something different from the norm and give us all something to chew on. Its a very rare kit too I hear. so I hope I dont wreck it. Cheers Rob
  15. NOVA MODELS Vulcan B2 Vac Form

    Well this is my first post here. I have chosen a model that I really really need a kick up the cheeks with to get going. I have never done a vac form. They cant be that bad right,.. Thats why I keep buying the things and I really need to get going with this Beautiful but crude piece of plastic. It has a great shape and looks like it has potential for a great looking Vulcan. So PLEASE pass on any advice you have on vacs share tips and post pics of how you do yours as I am hoping this build might become a good resorce to other vacform virgins like myself. I have dabbled and cut shapes out of a smaller Welsh Vulcan I have on the go but I have never glued anything yet and I am looking for anything that will help me get flying with this beast. I hope when this is done it can go on display with our Bomber Command SIG. So lets have a look at the parts. Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Yep thats a big part. 1.72 scale I think I will have to sand carefully and manually around the perimiter as it has quite acurately modelled the complex cambres and twists of a vulcan wing and the ecm cone acurately tilts up. I am impressed. undersides and tail fin. Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr OOOOOOooo Skybolts. and intakes (im looking forward to those.. ) Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr The surface detail is very rough in places. BUT actually I like how only certain parts of the harder to see panel lines are partly showing and have a slight bevel to them looking stressed and as if its done some flying. I would like to see more of this in models and I am hoping that when polished up and bit and painted it might create visual interest catching the light. its non uniform so could be interesting. Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr I will probably replace this canopy with the Airfix part however. Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr It also includes some amazing 1/72 scale drawings and very well explained instructions. along with metal wheels but I will be replacing these with something better. So I am hoping people will keep nudging me here to get on with this and keep me posting here should be fun and I hope turns into a good thread on Vac forms. I could of course make a total balls of it. But I also have a Rare Planes and Forma Plane vulcan to do which might go nicely with this. Cheers Rob (MP Dunny On The Wold)