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  1. No point repeating what everyone has already said about this but I will say that your models always inspire me and your attention to detail and flawless paint execution are jaw dropping. Well played my friend!
  2. I used to have that very kit and could kick myself for selling it off! You did a superb job on it and I truly love the story that goes with the aircraft and their pilots. Well done!
  3. Just saw this for the first time and when you realize that the model is about 4 inches long iy becomes easy to appreciate the level of work involved. FANTASTIC!
  4. Just a couple (not so good) pics of my recent completion. This is the wingman Models 1/48 Mirage V based on the Kinetic Mirage III kit with resin extras. It will hopefully grace the pages of MAI.
  5. Cheers all!! Maybe I will get better pics soon. Just learning a new camera when these were shot.
  6. Uninspiring. Wait, I am sorry, wrong guy. ;-)
  7. I feel lile I am there. Thats what makes it so amazing to me.
  8. I use Gunze Mr Color usually start with a flat white then paint the semi gloss over it.
  9. Terrible pic (my computer monitor) but it will be one of these guys!
  10. This is my next major build. It will be the wolfpack 1/48 T-38A Talon in NASA SR-71 Chase Plane Markings using the Fundekals decal sheet. It will be a unique jet in unusual markings without all the NASA logos all over it. Now, who is good at painting gloss white?
  11. Question on the intakes, your pic seems to show them narrowing down the tube drastically (unless it is an optical illusion?) I have a few sets of D Mold that don't do that and I have been down the intake of a Spey powered jet and they stay pretty "wide" a long way back. Just curious as I ALWAYS love your work my friend.
  12. I built the original GWH boxing without the fuselage correction as I used to crew Eagles for a long time. It was a new kit and I wanted to see how bad it was. Turns out it "looks" like an eagle but the nose is definitely not conical like the real deal and makes the forward fuselage too tall height wise and the intakes too tall and narrow. That being said, unless you are an Eagle guy, the original boxing is just fine. The real issue is that the cockpit sits too deep and the kit seats are halfway to 1/32! I replaced the seats with resin replacements and frankly even the tallest pilots would have to sit on pillows and use phone books on the rudder pedals! The kit itself builds beautifully and while there are some heavy handed details like the strengthening strips on the horizontal stabs (I didn't sand em down) the kit is pretty darn good. I used Quickboost seats, my own Turkey Feathered exhausts from Two Mikes as well as Intake and exhaust covers also from my resin line at Two Mikes and finally Two Bobs early Eagles Decals. I should have replaced the wheels but opted to just paint the C model wheels black rather than source an old Monogram kit that has the correct wheels (don't judge). I got lazy on this one but had a blast building it. All paints are Gunze Mr Color. Feel free to critique. I have thick skin and know that it is FAR from perfect! Oh yeah, pitots and AOA sensors are missing as I plan to use more of my covers where they belong. I just haven't gotten to it.
  13. Not built a 1/72 kit in 15 years or more. Be kind to me! This will be running alongside a 1/48 T-38 in NASA markings. I can post pics of that as well if you would like? Here we go! The box made it to the bench! LOL
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