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  1. I recall reading one thing in particular about the Matchbox Wellington's propeller blades being quite accurate, certainly more so than what comes with the Trumpeter Wellington kit. I ended up scouring eBay looking for extreme deals on those Matchbox kits and then pilfering the props. naughty-naughty! LOL Can't wait to see how yours turns out for you Hutch.
  2. I don't suppose that you could shrink those down? Looks like I'll turn to Hannants and order a set of the 1/72 sheet. It will be a good excuse to order some other goodies that I have been eye balling. Thanks to all. I appreciate everyone's help with my post.
  3. Thanks Col., I'll post a "wanted" request and see if that bears any fruit. Thanks Miggers, I had come across the Heller Hellcat. I had hoped to find a more recent issue of those type of markings. Col. pointed out the Italeri kit's decals, so that may end up being the better idea of the two. I think Italeri's decals may be better printed as well (Cartograff maybe???).
  4. Thanks Andy, I appreciate your reply. I've done my share of Googling for an answer, but have come up empty handed. I did come across a couple of possibilities, but long out of production. I'll take your suggestion for the Mister Kit kit (if anything for the decals as you suggest) and poke around evil bay and some other second hand kit shops. Thanks again!
  5. Gentlemen, Hoping that someone here can steer me off in the right direction. As the subject line states, I am looking for a set of 1/72 French Navy Hellcat decals. I checked out Hannants' website and found a set by Berna decals (which did not surprise me - I already have their Dauntless and W.W.II Hurricane decal sheets). Are there any other manufacturer's for such a decal sheet? I've pretty much hit a brick wall at this point. The Berna Hellcat sheet looked a little "rough". Now it may have just been the quality of the image on Hannant's site (it was actually their other land based
  6. I know, right? I was quite surprised and pleased to see them. Not a wide selection, but still, better than nothing. He also has several AeroMaster acrylic colors as well.
  7. Thanks everyone. I really appreciate all your replies. They have been most useful. I found a seller from France on eBay. He has a website as well and he carries several paint lines, which include Revell's paints. He also has some AeroMaster enamels at a very good price. Looks like I'll be stocking up on several colors! Thanks again all.
  8. I am curious if anyone here has used Revell's line of enamel paints? If so, how were they? did they airbrush well? were you able to mix them with other brands (Humbrol, Xtracolour, Model Master) without problems? did you use Revell's "brand" of thinner? Several questions I know, but I do appreciate any responses. Thanks!
  9. Thanks. It's PayPal who want a mobile number and try to text, which I can not receive. Do you have a special service or does you phone have a feature that allows you to receive texts?
  10. Jessie, sounds like you and I share similar jobs. My little feline herd seems to be looked after and eating better than me! To be fair to the sellers, it is not just the postal systems' at fault (exempting the USPS from that, by Canada Post is a whole different beast!), eBay is a big part of the problem though. They are nickle diming sellers at every turn. If it isn't hitting seller's up by charging a fee on the shipping costs, it has been compounded further since eBay started their "managed payments" bit. Their "managed payments" routine replaces PayPal (which they once owned - talk
  11. Thanks Gorby. I am able to ship things using Canada Post as well. As Pembina, ND., is right on the US / Canada Border, it is a simple and quick hope over. A bit of a bonus that allows me flexibility. Now that being said, I have had instances where it was actually less expensive to use the USPS to mail to Canada. As Warren stated, the more items that a person picks up, the more advantageous it becomes for either postal system. USPS Priority has a basic minimal charge based on a 1 pound package. So if a person was interested in a number of smaller items, it is possible to get quite a
  12. Thanks Gorby. Let me know which kits and I can get a proper postage calculation for you. I am confident that the postage for them will be better than what eBay's system provides. Cliff
  13. Good day all, I hope that it is ok to post a comment about my auctions on eBay. I also hope that if it is ok, I have posted in the right area. This is a bit of a take off from a previous post of mine, having been frustrated with eBay's fees, I was looking for an alternative. Sadly, I was not able to find a source that would give me the exposure that eBay does. I had thought about just posting a list here, but it would have been quite extensive, so I have to just suck it up and live with eBay for the time being. That all having been said, if any of the members here are interes
  14. I recall seeing this one some time after Airfix gave us their new tooled Spitfire Mk.IX and Warren is quite right, funny as can be!
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