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  1. If you go to Henk of Holland's website, scroll down about 3/4 and you will see the Heller Sherman. Heller did 2 Shermans, an M4 and a M4A2. They are several years old now, but are still right up there with Dragon's older 1/72 armour kits. I am no fan of the newer Dragon armour kits and this extends to their re-releases. They have made all sorts of changes to the kits (ie. cutting corners and costs I suppose).
  2. I had hoped that this kit would have been similar in quality to the Heller Sherman tank kits. Rather glad I gave it a pass when I placed my order with Hannants today. Thanks for posting those pictures Paul.
  3. Nicely built. Not to piddle on your parade, but you do realize that you used the tropical filters on your 110 right? Did the Airfix kit not come with the correct ones? or did the carpet monster get her claws on them?
  4. Well, back again looking for some more help. I am looking for a few sets of the Jumo engine sprues (#QB) from Hasegawa's 1/72 Ju 88G-6 kit. Hasegawa packaged the kit with a choice of engine types, if you built it using the BMW engines, then this sprue would not have been touched. I need 4 of this sprue, if anyone has and it not planning to use these parts, please contact me, I am sure we can work something out. Thanks in advance. Cliff
  5. Nicely done! Is that the Hasegawa kit repackaged by Tamiya or is it their own?
  6. Thanks Paul, that would be great! and definitely most helpful.
  7. Very nicely done. This is a project that I've been wanting to do myself. Been trying to gather information, but there is not a heck of a lot out there on these 2 seater spotter planes. I picked up a Mini World Russian mg for the back of the cockpit and have been looking for some good drawings to replicate the interior of the Hurricane. As Miggers mentioned, the rear spotter sat on a sling, that should be easy enough to scratch build. I come across a few other builds online. I think everyone has had a tough time finding out information on this one.
  8. Further, I do not think the 2 sets that I have are "one offs" as the same image of the sprues that I received in my kits is on Eduard's website for this kit (Eduard kit #2122) :
  9. Well, that was my first thought, but if you look at the last picture (which is from Eduard's Rammjager kit), you will see the differences, there are quite a few. The wing in the kits I have is almost like some bastardized version of several wing types. If those additional rectangular openings weren't there, then I'd say is was the "smooth wings" type (which I think it is supposed to be), but someone at Eduard dropped the ball here, I really do not know. I have tried messaging Eduard for an answer, but they have been very quiet and not replied.
  10. In follow up, it's almost like someone punched those additional openings in the mold in error. I am at a loss on this one. 🤔
  11. I recently bought 2 Eduard #2122 1/72 Grunherz kits. While going through the instructions and sprues, one of them, for an Fw.190A-8 does not appear to belong, it is unique to this boxing only, it appears on Eduard's website's images for the set, BUT, this sprue does not match anywhere in the instructions. For that matter, I can not even find this exact sprue in any of Eduard's other Fw.190A kits: It's the circled rectangular openings. This wing is almost like a hybrid or mix-up cross between their Fw.190A smooth wing and the Fw.190A-8/R2 wing - even then, not a complete match: Fw.190A-8 standard wing: Fw.190A-8/R2 wing: 1\ I've written to Eduard for more information, but in the mean time, I had hoped that someone here could explain this for me.
  12. Does anyone know of a source for kits from a Russian company called "Modelist"? TIA.
  13. Thanks Paul. PM incoming.
  14. Seeing if any one has the Academy 1/72 Hurricane Mk.IIc kit to spare. I can trade or buy. Thanks.
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