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  1. Not sure if this works in 1/48, but I have contacted the Canadian distributor for Tamiya and purchased several of their 1/72 F4U Corsair sprues which contained the propeller. The prop in that kit looks heads above what comes with Eduard's 1/72 Hellcat. The sprues cost me $6 Cdn each, certainly no worse than a resin aftermarket set from Quickboost and I am left with bits for the spares box. Just a thought for any future projects. As an aside, I did the same with the Tamiya P-47 sprues and pinched the Hamilton Standard props for my Italeri F4U-5/7 Corsair kits. I really like your idea, technique and results for the stressed skin look. I think the results are spectacular. I plan to give it a try with one of my upcoming projects.
  2. Thanks Duncan, I appreciate the explanation. Think I will give this method a go on my next project, see if I can get similar results as you have.
  3. Duncan, could you please explain the idea/reasoning behind the black basing in this instance? I've seen Eduard do it to show off their photoetch sets and I get why it is used when doing a natural metal aircraft. But for a camo scheme, not sure that I see the reasoning, in particular Luftwaffe when the undersurface is a blue and there may be white or yellow wing tips and fuselage bands. I'd think that a black base would present a challenge for paint coverage.
  4. I've seen Leading Edge Models offer his 1/72 sets on eBay every now and then - reasonable price of $10.00 Cdn. plus postage. It does not include all the resin bits from it's original release, but better than nothing (considering that the only other aftermarket set was made by SuperScale and they quality was nowhere near as good).
  5. Maybe I should get you to contact them on my behalf??? LOL (just kidding).
  6. I have to say that you did a fantastic job of this kit. If I didn't already have a few too many of the Fine Molds kits, I'd run out to get one of these and hope my end result would be a fraction as good as yours!
  7. Well fellas, glad you had positive experiences, but I have been left ignored - this after numerous attempts to contact with plenty of time for a reply. Can't say that I'd ever recommend this company to anyone. Overall a very disappointing experience and not one that they will be given the opportunity to repeat.
  8. Just curious if anyone else here has ordered from specialhobby.eu? If so, any problems with your order and were they resolved? I ask this as I placed my first and what will be the absolute last order with them when the new P-40 and Kittyhawk kits came out. I ordered a few additional items, one of which was 3 1/72 injection canopy sets for the Brewster Buffalo kit. Instead of receiving the Buffalo canopy sets, they sent me 3 1/48 Albatros clear sets of some kind - total garbage to me and absolutely useless. I've since written them 3 times and have not had even so much as the courtesy of a response. Helluva way to treat a customer (first time no less) and run a business. Short of charging them back, what other recourse do I have? I'd sooner receive the items I paid for. Thoughts anyone?
  9. Those look really sharp. It's a pity that they do not scale them down to 1/72. There is such a void here for such figures, that I am sure they'd sell like hotcakes!
  10. I was in touch with Eduard recently, inquiring about possible future photoetch sets. I had asked about Airfix's 1/72 Ju.87B-2 kit and the new Sword 1/72 Fiat G.55 Centauro release. I have to tell you, I was quite surprised by the response I received for the Sword kit (it's a little back asswords, my initial inquiry is at the bottom and the lastest response is at the top): I have to say that I am really surprised at the response. Sword's 1/72 Spitfire kits are fantastic and they have one of the best Mk.Vc kits going (when you can find one!). The G.55 kit is really well done. Like many kits, it would benefit from some photoetch and resin (hopefully CMK will fill that void).
  11. Thanks Gadfly, I appreciate the offer, but I am more of a 1/72 builder.
  12. Although not a P-51, but what about the P-47D/M Thunderbolts that were painted in a blue camouflage? Haven't those been well documented? Could it possibly be that the P-51s here took a page from those blue P-47s? Just a thought.
  13. I would very much be interested in reading some of that - as I'd probably be one of those people making that mistake! I would not want to hijack this thread, but would you be willing to start another or to PM me? I'd appreciate it.
  14. I would lean towards disagreeing with you and Miggers. In this picture, I can see the blue, in particular on the fuselage: On the bare metal areas of the fuselage (below cockpit for example) I also can see what you are referring to as reflections from the sky above. To my eye, the blue, particular along the spine around the US insignia and C, looks to my eye to be a dark, almost flat blue. Perhaps something in the neighborhood of Tamiya's XF-8: Either way, this is certainly an interesting topic to discuss and has me re-considering picking up a decal sheet with markings for this particular P-51!
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