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  1. Oh! @mac1677, I forgot to mention: Those white-walls . . . . classy! As we say here at work in Kentucky, "man, you can't hide money, can ya?" 😉
  2. I'm not one for a/c in markings other than the nation of origin, but I've come to love RAF types in USAAF guise. Maybe it's my fetish for the Mediterranean Theater?
  3. I'm not one for kerosene-powered lawn darts, but that's a very pretty build.
  4. So sorry this happened to you Duncan. I got on evil-Bay in the late 90's. Had a blast buying and selling stuff, until I got burned really badly by a seller. I bought a "sealed" printer cartridge. I got the box, and inside was an empty printer cartridge inside the torn open bag it came in. I protested and asked for a refund. Seller claimed I tore open his bag and placed my empty cartridge in it. A very expensive lesson learned. Had some friends ship kits or militaria overseas (before postage from the U.S. went stupid crazy), and they got burned by the buyers claiming they never rec'd the packages, etc. I rarely, if ever, sell anything on evil-bay anymore, and I pretty much buy only from established vendors I've dealt with over the years (although if they have a hobby shop/website, I'll buy direct). Evil-bay used to be fun, but sometime between 2005-2010 management changed, and they more or less told individual sellers they could take a hike and get lost, they only wanted businesses on there, etc. So long to the great, fun garage/yard sale in the sky.
  5. I love those two kits when I built them in '73/'74. Still do now. You did a wonderful job.
  6. I love it! Glad to see this as I was under the impression that most of of this model of the late G's were NMF. I love the OD/neutral grey scheme!
  7. Beautiful build, and great collection too sir.
  8. Thank you very much. I do have access to the white, just have never seent this blue/turquoise/teal Milliput on my side of the pond.
  9. Thank you! I'm just left wondering where this "new" Milliput falls within the coarse/medium/fine grades of the previous iterations?
  10. Very nice Peter, and yes, that is a great book. That's the second one I've read by him (my first being the one on the USS Houston). I need to pick up Last of the Tin Can Sailors. I've wanted to build a Catalina or two, so many good schemes about IMHO.
  11. Same here, we're bibliophiles at our house, and I love research books. Jentz titles are usually pretty good, you don't like it?
  12. In truth, before they weighed it down with armor and self-sealing fuel tanks, it was a good performer. The Finns did well with it, but then they did well with whatever no one else wanted at the time. The all-time greatest sniper in history was a Finn that used an off the rack Mosin with iron-sights, so . . . . .
  13. No, the Albatros D series is the 109 of WWI. (The SPAD C series is the P-47.) Seriously though, I do get what you mean. Only 300, or less, produced, yet everyone knows what it is by outline. Along with Stahlhelms and Marschstiefel the Fokker Tripe is one of those iconic German things. I've got a few in the stash, and one day I'll build 427/17. Why? Because I want to. Same with B-17's here: everybody has to build a "Memphis Belle".
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