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  1. Tell that to the guys inside. If it was me inside, I'd pile it on!!!
  2. Ahhh yes, bustin' track. I've done it on M60A3's . . at night . . . in a thunderstorm . . . not fun at all, let me tell you. However, I sure wouldn't want to do it with rounds coming down around me.
  3. And quite an investment in Milliput if one doesn't go the resin aftermarket route. Can you imagine the stress on the running gear of all that extra weight? If memory serves, Patton was very much against this sort of thing because of the tearing down of transmissions, running gear, etc.
  4. Electric windows? On that car, I consider it blasphemy.
  5. Both look great Mike, at least IMHO. Be careful with the SH kit, I've not built it, but friends of mine say there are some pretty funny fit issues and you've got to be careful with the initial cockpit/fuselage assembly.
  6. @Sprocket, I fell in love with Rosemary Clooney decades ago while watching White Christmas. Her in the black dress by Edith Head. Oh. . my . . . word . . Looking forward to see what you do with the Beagle.
  7. Yeah, asked a buddy, and he said it was 1st AD, and also sometime in '44. Great weathering study as it's filthy.
  8. I love early war Shermans, I wish I knew where this one was. I'm assuming Italy. Great study in weathering.
  9. My condolences and sympathies to his widow, Sabine. Rowan surely fought the good fight. A great graphic artist and one that was passionate about WWI aviation, markings, etc. I have a magnum opus build planned, and their decals will feature prominently.
  10. Oh I absolutely hate to hear this!! :(
  11. If you've built a Hasegawa kit, that'll be how this goes together since it's the Hasegawa kit reboxed. I don't know which version of the Buffalo got shipped to Finland, but when the fighter started out, it was a pretty hot little number. However the USN/USMC saddled it with pilot armor and self-sealing fuel tanks, etc, which killed its performance. I once ran into a gentleman in the 80's that flew Buffaloes at Midway during June of '42. Guess that explains why he was a pastor. I look forward to see what you do with this.
  12. I just saw where Iliad Design had released a new decal sheet for this a/c. Pretty colorful stuff. This will be good.
  13. Yep. I remember some guys talking on a podcast that quite often manufacturers will put place holder text on decals as a proof, and then sometimes not change it, or even put something funny. If memory serves one stencil decal had the Star Wars intro paragraph, LOL!
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