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  1. dixieflyer


    One main reason I've stuck with 1/72nd. I don't have the display space.
  2. Great stuff, I do love vintage bikes. Reminds me of someone. In the early/mid=90's when I was working at a living history site we had a local gentleman, a WWII vet, that'd come out about once a year to do a class on split whiteoak basket making. Nice, great guy, but tougher than woodpecker lips. Got to talking to him, and he was a biker back in the 40's, 50's, and early 60's (in addition to farming, quite combo, huh?). He told me tales of customizing his bikes, and taking a road trip from around Cadiz, KY all the way to Atlanta, GA. Now, understand, our highway system back then was still
  3. Following along for sure. You also need to buy some scale rations (bread loaves, fruit, cig packs, bottles, etc.) along with letters, magazines, etc. I had a friend build one of those little SdKfz 247's in 1/72nd, quite a unique vehicle.
  4. Thanks for taking us along on this ride Tony, it's been enjoyable and instructive. Great build. I had no idea they used "anti-icing paste".
  5. @Jessie_C, I thought that's what it was, but wanted to be sure. @Grunhertz, again, that's a really beautiful build.
  6. Yep, there are a lot of factors to consider when getting one of these. As it is, I have absolutely no room for one, and my build rate is so abysmally slow it would spend more time collecting dust than anything. I figure I'll just have to rely on others to produce stuff for me in the meantime.
  7. Very nice, beautiful finish. What is on that yellow stripe on the tail?
  8. Wow! that is truly amazing. The other weekend, while on the way to the MMCL show/contest in Louisville, I was listening to the Sprue Cutters Union podcast, and they got to talking about 3D printers. Evidently there's one out now, the size of a beer can, and it prints at a higher resolution than a most models two years ago. Simply amazing technology. (Since I attempt to model in 1/72nd scale, a beer can sized print plate would allow all kinds of detailed seats, wheels, engines, etc. )
  9. dixieflyer


    If I wanted to model in 1/32nd scale I'd be all over this. Why? Look at the folks doing this . . . the WNW crowd, and they've produced some of the best engineered 1/32nd scale kits in years. I'd say that this has the potential to be the best Spit model going. Just my two kopecks.
  10. If memory serves, there are those that want to claim that the A6M2 Zero was copied off of this a/c, and I can see why. However, it wasn't.
  11. Good score sir! I have a family member that works for the Nightstalkers. Great on your for getting a Biggles book. One day I'll read that series.
  12. I've thought about getting that Franks book on the Fokker Scourge.
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