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  1. Great job, love these a/c.
  2. Great finish and a very unique subject.
  3. Nice, always love seeing some nice Jugs.
  4. dixieflyer

    Pfalz Diiia

    Very nice, beautiful job, and I love that scheme.
  5. What @RWG686 said, simply sublime. I've no idea why, but I absolutely love this little ship. Almost enough to make me a "shippie". Beautiful work sir.
  6. Wow! Just wow. That is amazing, and a fine example of scale modeling (as opposed to kit assembling, which is the best I can do.) Truly an inspiration. Thanks for posting this. Warren
  7. If memory serves, that is when just the halftrack came out. I got it, the 88, and the Hanomag all for Christmas in '73. I thought I had hit pay dirt! I still love the crew of that 88. I love seeing your progress on this build. Great stroll down memory lane.
  8. That's really very pretty, I'd hate to risk it by weathering too. I love Avengers, what a beast of an a/c.
  9. I too used to drool over that kit when I was young Steve, an oldie but goodie for sure. Looking forward to see what else you do with this.
  10. This is so great, I love it!
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