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  1. Same here, we're bibliophiles at our house, and I love research books. Jentz titles are usually pretty good, you don't like it?
  2. In truth, before they weighed it down with armor and self-sealing fuel tanks, it was a good performer. The Finns did well with it, but then they did well with whatever no one else wanted at the time. The all-time greatest sniper in history was a Finn that used an off the rack Mosin with iron-sights, so . . . . .
  3. No, the Albatros D series is the 109 of WWI. (The SPAD C series is the P-47.) Seriously though, I do get what you mean. Only 300, or less, produced, yet everyone knows what it is by outline. Along with Stahlhelms and Marschstiefel the Fokker Tripe is one of those iconic German things. I've got a few in the stash, and one day I'll build 427/17. Why? Because I want to. Same with B-17's here: everybody has to build a "Memphis Belle".
  4. Is that not a stereoscopic rangefinder running along the top of the turret ? Just being an armor geek here.
  5. What an interesting variant. I like your finish on this sir.
  6. So, is it another grade: finer or coarser than the three standard ones they offer???
  7. OK, I'm familiar with the white, grey, and brown MIlliput, but what's with the turquoise? I've never seen or heard of that before.
  8. SWMBO has a bad relationship with X-Acto blades at our house. So . . . . yeah, I get it.
  9. That is just amazing, truly a labor of love.
  10. The other night, while sitting on our back porch after dinner, with adult beverage in hand, looking at the stars, SWMBO asks me what's worrying me so as I have quite an expression on my face. I laughed and told her it was nothing really, just trying figure out a control panel problem on the 1/72nd Tamiya Zeke I've got on the bench. I told her I don't know why I'm worrying with it since no one besides me will ever see it, or know of the the work, to which she replied, "but you'll know it's there". Yep, that's me, but that's only me. I don't hold others or their models to the standards I have for myself. I am my own worst critic. Fun fact: in the reenacting/living history field we didn't have "rivet-counters", we had "stitch-nazis". Yep, I was a stitch-nazi too, but then I ran in a pretty rarefied atmosphere few would venture in to when it came to historical portrayals.
  11. And people wonder why I hesitate to sell anything on evil-bay. It used to be a fun garage sale in the sky, buyers and sellers both having fun, but those days are long gone.
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