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  1. Miggers!

                  If memory serves, wasn't it you that sent me some links to online, streaming WWII broadcasts?  During two PC meltdowns in 2020, I lost all of my links, and I can't find the thread or PM where you recommended the links. Do you still have them?  if so, could you please forward them to me?



  2. Well, it's not a car, so I thought I'd ask. (No, it won't be a military bus, or a militarized bus.)
  3. Thanks Grun, but I'm needing 1/72nd. ModelKasten did a gorgeous set of pilots in 1/48th, and then scaled them down to 1/72nd. I snatched them up when I found them, but I'm scared to paint them. I wish they'd create a similar set of groundcrew:
  4. Beautiful! I love those Dying Sun decal sets.
  5. Is a 1/72nd scale bus permitted in this group build?
  6. I've been reading this thread with interest. (Just got here today, been busy, so I'm late to the conversation.) Geez, that is certainly some crazy, stupid money over some injected pilots. However, we do suffer a dearth of *GOOD* RAF pilots, groundcrew, etc, IMHO. As for me and my house, I've been wanting some IJN and IJAAF ground crew. You can find pilots, but ground crew? Nada, zilch, null set. I did order the Red Box set, won't do that again. While I knew they would be molded out of the rubbery plastic, the moldings were horrible, and short shot. A significant number of the set were short-shot, some without hands and some even without arms. "Write 'is name down. Now, mark it off." To be honest, there's not a lot out there in hard styrene or resins for USAAF or USN ground crew. I've seen some interesting sets on Shapeways, very interesting sets. I wonder if we could get this guy to do some RAF, USAAF, and IJN/IJAAF ground crew sets. Here are what he does for USN and Royal Navy in 1/72nd: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/panzer-vs-tanks-2?section=1%2F72+Scale+Figures&s=0 https://www.shapeways.com/shops/panzer-vs-tanks-3?section=1%2F72+Scale+Figures&s=0
  7. I vote for Mattel, or Hasbro.
  8. Very nice Andrew! Very, very nice indeed. I wondered how one would deal with RAF rigging in this scale, thanks for mentioning about that.
  9. Y'all are hilarious, I love coming here. Heck, y'all even have me wondering about building a car, something I haven't done since 1971.
  10. Duncan, I can't find the link to them right now, but there is a miniatures company in Germany that's been producing some STL files of figures. Might be useful for groundcrew, etc.
  11. @Grunhertz, those were my thoughts exactly. It's all the victuals that count.
  12. Awesome! I thought she looked better than I remembered. Oh! Nice dog BTW. I'm assuming he/she is a Bernese Mountain Dog?
  13. Ahhhh, the memories of building this in '71 or so. You've done a great job, and you're lucky those decals were in such good shape!
  14. dixieflyer

    1/72 Hurricane

    Well done sir.
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