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  1. Well, what an interesting discussion. I was under the impression that folks should enjoy their hobby, and by that I mean spending their time (which is valuable beyond measure) and their money (which is theirs to with as they see fit) in a manner that brings them joy and happiness. If one enjoys building kits of whatever with just what comes in the box, great! If one enjoys building kits of whatever with what comes in the box, but is augmented by scratch-built parts, great! However, judging by the posts here, that if one enjoys building kits of whatever, but they purchase afterm
  2. Most manufacturers are aware of this, and they still don't want to do it. One one hand, I can see why they wouldn't want us involved, OTOH, it's a shame to waste free info.
  3. This is just so awesome Ziggy! I would love to be able to visit that Memorial. Fascinating that her fuel bunkers still leak fuel to this very day, as if she's still bleeding from her wounds. :(
  4. Jessie, you're not wrong!
  5. @mac1677, can't wait to see what you do with those. Maybe I can build the two FM Phantoms I bought earlier this summer and we can have a duel.
  6. @RWG686, I know the feeling. I lost my mojo a couple of months ago, and haven't found it yet. - The Nieuport 17's on the bench are calling my name. - The messed up Zeroes are in their boxes. - There are a couple of other builds (MAC SPAD VII, with broken trailing edges and a Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter with a messed up fuselage) that I started, but modeled myself into a corner, those may be goners for sure. I can't generate enthusiasm for any of them, but yet I don't feel like starting anything new either. I have been selling off some kits and books on evil-bay and the Facing Book.
  7. @Miggers, yes, they've provided decals for two of his F models: one in this boxing, and another in their initial double release, at least I think it's two different ones. Anyway, it's a gorgeous kit in the box. I'm struggling to find any modeling mojo, lost it in July, but when I do get it back, I'd love to dive into one of these.
  8. That's my friend William Adair. He's a goldsmith/silversmith by trade, he's helping me with my enormous 1/72nd Nie.17's. An extremely talented and generous modeler. All of his work is scratch-built, and there's more than WWI a/c too.
  9. @mac1677, well deserved! @Vaastav, glad things are getting sorted on the bike Great haul everyone else.
  10. Eduard has certainly done a good job of giving us lots of interesting choices insofar as decals/color schemes go in their recent 109E's and F's.
  11. @skwonk, that's looking really nice, I love the instrument panel.
  12. When we moved in our house in Dec. of 2002, there was a slight leak on the kitchen sink drain. (I blame myself since I built the house, and was the plumber's helper on that end for that.) I had just acquired some Milliput, so I decided to put it to a test. It stopped the leak, and was still there standing strong when that drain pipe had to be removed last year. Twenty years isn't bad.
  13. Well, what I want to know is: What set did you order, and for what model?
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