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  1. That is gorgeous! I love the really subtle chipping on the nose as well. Beautiful! Warren
  2. Looks great sir! (you could put what I know about Harriers on the head of a pin.) Warren
  3. @Jessie_C doing it up as a postwar ship certainly opens up a lot of possibilities. Warren
  4. That is something else! I used to collect US Army weapons and field gear from WWI - WWII. I eventually sold it all off. Why? I realized I'd never have a "war room" to display it in and enjoy it, or enjoy sharing it with others. Now I just enjoy myself vicariously through the collections of others. @Leo, thanks for bringing us these images. That's a great collection. Warren
  5. I was always amazed at how huge those things were, and how fast they were. I'm really enjoying your builds in the GB. Warren
  6. Glad you got that figured out. It would have frustrated me to no end as well. Warren
  7. Thanks for posting these Leo! I do wonder which Pour le Merite winner's uniform that is? Nice to see this museum making some of the same mistakes with their Fokker Dreidecker that many model kit manufacturers make (the while cowling on the red tripe). A wonderful museum, wish I could visit it someday. Warren
  8. Hmmmm, I do wonder: I'd venture to say that more aftermarket decal schemes have been done for 109's than any other single aircraft. Warren
  9. Perhaps the artist assumed that it went down that far. Without photos of it in dry dock, we'll never really know will we? Warren
  10. OK, its appearance makes sense to me now.
  11. I remember using that stuff when working as a plumber's helper while working in construction. Nasty stuff! Warren
  12. @RWG686, what's the deal with that last one? Awaiting a paint job? Warren
  13. I cast my vote for the Liberty ship. Warren
  14. As Gorby said, excellent recovery sir. Warren
  15. Under new management! I wonder what the black and yellow circle indicated? Warren
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