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  1. Hi Duncan, not Milliput, though I think that I May have used that on a previous build. This time I laminated a piece of thin plasticard onto each airbrake and sanded to fit. It's a shame that Airfix didn't mould them closed, as Sword did on theirs. it was rare to see them open.....other than coming into land.
  2. Sadly, This isn't turning out to be my finest modelling moment...but hey ho! Thing's go wrong sometimes don't they...never mind.Progress thus far. Paint and m,most of the decals on....had a bit of a mare with the underwing serials,...reacting badly to Microset. I should really replace them but not sure I can be asked to be honest! You'll note that the port wing tip has been painted blue, a particular feature of this individual aircraft, but not adopted by the squadron.... I have used Aeroclub's white metal undercarriage. I have had problems with this - all s
  3. I purchased the Barracuda cockpit set, and very please I am too with it!!
  4. Well, it's handy to know that I don't have to re-load all of those photo's, but any new photos are stored elsewhere.......
  5. Hi Mish, I've already started my Hunter F6 and Lightning F2A, but I have a third I'd like to do - its a Fujimi Phantom FGR2. I have already made a tentative start though. On the cockpit only, by adding Eduard pre-coloured instrument panels. This should be less that the required 25% already started. May I include this too? All three will be completed in 19 Sqn markings a bit of a mini-theme!
  6. Yes, I remember chopping, cutting and shutting the F2A and the older F3 just as Ali issued his sets. I wonder if the photo's are still up on the other site?
  7. Hi Miggers, the 1/72nd scale Lightning is a totally different kit to the 1/48th kit. The former is definitely "new' Airfix/Hornby. It's good, but no where near as good as the older 1/48th scale kit, which I think, along with Airfix's Spitfire 22/24 and Seafire 46/47 were their best ever kits. The 1/72nd kit is typical of Airfix over the last few years, softish plastic and detail, with deep inconsistent panel lines. Overall dimensions are good though. I've started a 1/72 F2A build on here, which I hope to correct the kits short-comings.
  8. I've built a few of their 1/48th scale Lightning's over the years - and still have one or two in the stash.....
  9. Another 19 Sqn machine. While I wait for the paint to dry on the F6, I thought I'd start a new model. This time its Airfix's lovely little Lightning F2A. These kits are nice, but not without a few issues.The worst being, for me any way, the inconsistency of the panel line depths. On the fuselage they are generally okay - still more pronounced than I'd like but not as bad as those on the fin and upper wings...So a job for Mr Surfacer 500
  10. Some progress. Paint mostly on. I 've used Xtracolor, for the first time in years - prior to this I've been using Xtracrylic. I have to say that Xtracolr is a lot better now than it was back then! Paint dries nice and quickly now... The PPAeroparts ladder. I need to clean up some solder and straighten it up a bit , but I'm happy with how it turned out. I've never soldered anything this small before!!
  11. Straight leading edge wings on the F6. I was aware that the initial batches of F6's were delivered minus the dog-leg l/e, but it's not until you look you realise just how widespread this was. I've been looking at every available picture of F6's and some very'famous' Hunters still have them,this includes XE597, the yellow and black chequered tail from 63 Sqn that is a subject of Academy's original kit.... Photo used to illustrate the point....
  12. No photo's to show, as I've been mostly filling and sanding. But, I should be at the primer stage tomorrow or Saturday. A change of scheme though.....I had planned on the glossy all black scheme of 'The Tremblers" 111Sqns Black Arrows, but.....in this scale I think a high gloss 'scale scheme' is difficult to achieve. I don't really think that toning it down by adding satin works, but neither does high gloss......so.......plan 'B' then, a camouflaged F6 of 19Sqn. I can get away with a less-glossy aircraft.... The relevant Xtradecal sheet has been ordered.........
  13. My Hasegawa Tiffie awaits its turn on the modelling bench, along with the Revell two-seater, looks quite a challenging kit Duncan. as you say, not something you would expect from Hasegawa........
  14. Thanks Mike, from what I can tell the nose blade started to appear from 1961-ish onwards. As such most remaining F6's would be flying with second-line units. The few front line squadrons remaining, 92 Sqn for example had the blade fitted on their 'Blue Diamond" display team aircraft at that time. It's frustrating, I have details of those aircraft converted to FGA9 earlier but none for the 'Brawdy Bunch" (see what I did there?) the 24 aircraft converted to F6A in 1975...I guess for us modeller's it's just a case of looking at photo's and serial numbers.......which sounds okay to me!
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