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  1. Tamiya 1/48, etch seat, belts and other small items added. Decals from Rising Decals Part II for the tail markings and the spares box for the insignia. Paints used were SMS Jet Black and Super Silver. This aircraft was captured at Clark Field in the Philippines. Repaired to airworthy it suffered an undercarriage failure and was grounded with it's ultimate fate unknown, but it was more than likely scrapped some time after the war onsite.
  2. I had some good weather so decided to finish her off. US insignia came from the spares box. Weather kept pretty light on as she was not flown. I was also mucking around with a little base made from tile grout, fine static grass and some individual tufts. I've also got some drums and stuff to add and I've been on the hunt for appropriate figures. Thanks for following along.
  3. It took me 3 attempts to get the masking right for the fin flash. It was done using 2mm Tamiya tape. Not bad. I will let this dry overnight before masking up the blue stripe.
  4. Shiney....SMS Super Silver is on and dry. It seems to be a pretty hard wearing silver, however it's a little less forgiving than my usual Humbrol 27002 polished aluminium, but it does look a bit better. Now on to painting the fin flash.
  5. No going back now. SMS Jet Black is on, now I should get some decent weather over the next day or so to hit it with SMS Super Silver......wow, also use in a well ventilated area as they are lacquers.
  6. Lots more smaller parts added along with a little more of the photo etch, just for parts that look much better than the kit supplied bits. Almost ready for some paint, but I will have to wait for some better days weather wise. Airbrushing anything but a small job with an evaporative cooler on is not an option.
  7. Ok up on it's legs and I've finished off painting the interior. Also might have some liquid refreshments tonight.
  8. Cockpit completed. Sorry its a little dark but you can see the seatbelts which make it look nice. You can pretty much only see the seat through the fuselage so the rest will be virtually hidden. The within about half hour of installing the cockpit, I ended up with this. I did pain the engine before installing but it's nothing special and you can't really see it either. Fit is quite nice. The aircraft was found without the underwing gun blisters and I don't believe there were holes in the wing, so I'm filling them in with some spure.
  9. The PE seat looks much nicer than the kit supplied part. It also comes with seatbelts. I won't bother much with the rest of the interior PE, you won't see it.
  10. Here's what I'm working with. Also if I get time, this might be my next build here. I managed to find the low wing N1K2 at a swap meet a week or two ago. I also have Dying Sun Part III.
  11. I'll be using the Tamiya 1/48 kit for this build, along with the Rising Decals Dying Sun Part II. I also have a small etch set that I picked up cheaply which might lend some parts to it. Unfortunately the 1/48 sheet only gives you the tail designation and writing for this machine, so I will have to source a few US markings elsewhere along with painting the fin flash. The aircraft will be the former yellow 343S-23 of the 343rd Kokutai based out of the Philippines in early 1945. Stripped and repainted in American markings it was brougth up to airworthy status. I believe the intent was to sh
  12. Captured isn't a restrictive subject, it's absolutely huge. I admin/mod several facebook pages on the subject; captured afvs, captured aircraft, captured artillery, captured ships and captured infantry weapons. It's so huge there is new stuff turning up still, someone just unearthed a picture of a G4M2 Betty in Nationalist Chinese markings. If anyone wants some ideas just let me know and I'm sure I can dig up some ideas.
  13. Waiting for the Under New Management GB, only problem is choosing what to build for it.
  14. I don't mind diving into my huge spares box for items to detail up models a little bit. I long ago stopped buying resin aftermarket parts and pretty much limit myself to aftermarket bits that I either find very cheap at second hand sales, or buying stuff that really adds to the external detail I can see in my cabinet; decals, vent screens for tanks, separate link tank tracks, ordnance or seatbelts. Could I also mention about modelling on the cheap; finding things that are the equivalent of those "hobby" branded stuff. For example, today I purchased a 250ml bottle of matt medium from Kmar
  15. Not daily, but I try to finish on average 1 model a month.
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