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  1. Fuselage fit is fairly decent. I might have to straighten the engine a little though.
  2. A bit of a start today. As you can see the interior is pretty basic, you can see the instrument panel so I will use some decals to give the impression of some gauges. I've used a yellow with some oil colour ontop to give the impression of wood. It could be better but once closed up you will hardly see anything.
  3. Well I like to be a bit different with my builds, so here's something you don't see every day, a Polish SE5a. About 20 aircraft were supplied to the Poles to fight against the Soviets when war broke out in the East in February 1919. To link it back to WW1, most of the conflicts in Eastern Europe directly after 1918 were the result of WW1 and much of it was fought with captured WW1 equipment or as in this case, surplus war machines were supplied or bought directly from countries looking to offload equipment and make a few bucks. I'm on a bit of a stash queen build at the moment. I've had this kit a long time, maybe 20 or more years. It's pretty basic but will make into a decent model and it's a good thing to practice my rigging on.
  4. BradG

    Meng 1/35 Whippet

    Aw yeh, whippet good.
  5. BradG


    Feb 1919 to March 1921..and war of independence not civil war sorry.
  6. BradG


    Would I be pushing the rules too much to include an SE5a of the Polish Civil War? I mean most of the conflicts in Eastern Europe right after 1918 were a direct result of WW1.....
  7. This is the old Airfix kit in 1/72 with decals that came from my spares box. The kit isn't too bad, the detail is fairly light but it was a bit of fun. The kit had been lurking in my stash for over a decade.
  8. BradG


    Just let me finish off a kit or two and I'll be starting. Maybe an an SE5 or Albatros DV.
  9. BradG

    1/72 Hasegawa P-51B Mustang

    This aircraft was flown by Captain John England while he was with the 362nd FS, 357th FG. He survived WW2 with 17.5 victories and added another damaged to his tally in Korea. He as killed attempting to land in bad weather while low on fuel in November 1954. England Air Force Base was named after him. The kit is the older Hasegawa 1/72 offering. It has very shallow wheel wells, but otherwise the detail is nice and the fit very good. I chose to paint the invasion stripes and the checkered nose because I hate decals that have to wrap around or hit areas perfectly; they NEVER do.
  10. I started these two models as something to do while my larger builds were sitting with wet paint or glue. They are both Academy kits in 1/72 and go together nicely. I build them straight from the box
  11. In the late 60's, Communism was the threat around the world and with it looking increasingly likely that New Zealand would fall to a Communist dictator, Australia decided that it needed to bolster it's carrier strike force. With the retirement of the Sea Venom ans Sea Fury, strike aircraft were limited so we purchased two squadrons worth of A-6 Intruders from the US, freeing up the Skyhawks to perform the dedicated CAP duties they were optimised for. In 1970 New Zealand fell to Communism and Australia, unwilling to have a 'Cuban Missile Crisis' in this part of the world launched Operation Sheep, the invasion of New Zealand. A-6's from HMAS Melbourne deployed to soften up the landing areas and interdict all forces moving around the target area. Australia's Intruders retained the outer pylon from earlier models that was wired for air to air missiles, this aircraft scoring a Skyhawk kill over the beach head. After a successful invasion and brief fight, the dictatorship was overthrown and democracy returned to the country, thanks in part to RAN Intruders. The kit is the old Fujimi model in 1/48, with weapons and bomb racks/missile rails added from the spares box. Decals come from a Red Roo Gannet set.
  12. BradG


    If we can include post WW1 use of WW1 equipment then I will play too. Thinking of an Afghani Avro 504 or maybe something from the Latvian Civil War. There was a ton of fighting just after WW1 in Eastern Europe too that used plenty of WW1 equipment.
  13. BradG

    Group Builds

    I'm always up for a Group Build. I'm only participating in 1 at the moment, usually it's a couple.
  14. I really enjoyed this kit, it goes together extremely well considering it's size, I just wish Tamiya did the later version also! It's pretty much OOB with the exception of some seat belts and all insignia but the tail number was masked and painted. This aircraft was based out of Malaya in December 1941.