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  1. I finally managed to finish this kit a couple of years after starting it. It's a complex model with many small parts, however, the fit of the parts is exceptional. I used lifecolor USN paint sets number 1 and 2, which go down very nicely with airbrush or standard brush. I decided not to use the deck decals, so the guide marks and the '73' at each end were painted on with masks I made myself, although if you want to, there is a commercially available masking set for the deck. I burned through a lot of Tamiya tape and I think my eyes still hurt from all the painting! Weathering was done with dry pigment and washes, cos I like a dirty ship. Gambier Bay was the only US aircraft carrier sunk by surface naval gunfire in the Pacific. As a part of task force 77.4.3, she was caught by Admiral Kurita's Battleship and Cruiser force during the Battle of Leyte Gulf in October 1944. It's reported she took hits from the Battleship Yamato, Battleship Kongo and Heavy cruiser Chikuma along with several other warships before sinking.
  2. It's no real loss playing without carriers, the term for them in the PC version is "sky cancer". To counter them, a new tactic has popped up called 899, where you division two tier 9 Musashi's up with a tier 8 CV, use the aircraft to spot and the BB's to snipe the carrier in the opening minutes of the game. Eurobeats on youtube has a good video on it. Fast firing HE cruisers are annoying that's why people target them for deletion. Mind you as a BB main I'm not much better running my Thunderer and Conqueror with 40% fire chance lol.
  3. You should buy the Musashi at tier 9 if you can, it's way overpowered. I picked it up for free with in game coal.
  4. That's nice. I'm a warships player too, working up the Italian cruiser line at the moment, up to the tier 9 Brindisi.
  5. This is an earlier effort from Trumpeter in the 1/32 range and boy, does it show. There are numerous errors with the kit, some of the worst being the engine included from their MiG 15, thus the tail pipe is too short. The break in the fuselage is also a full 2cm short of where it should be. I fixed this by closing up the fuselage, leaving out all the interior parts and sanding smooth the join. I also added the back end of a 44gal fuel drum to simulate the jetpipe out the end of the tail. Not 100% accurate but close enough. The windscreen is very poor, I did not replace it though. They also completely forgot to include the tail strake. I made out of out a spare from a MiG 21 kit. The tires are rubber and poorly molded and the canopy lacks the rear vision periscope. Fit overall is pretty poor and it requires a god amount of sanding and rescribing. I left out the interior of the nose intake as it doesn't fit properly and you need the room to fit in enough weight to avoid a tail sitter. I just cut out the top of the nose wheel well and added that after the fuselage was together. It's also disappointing that Trumpeter chose not to include any weapons or plyons. Decals come from Eagle Strike for the national insignia and from another Trumpeter model for the numbers. This aircraft was used as a trainer towards the end of the 1980's. Overall, this is a pretty poor kit. There is a fair amount of aftermarket available, but I'd really only recommend you buy this model if you can't live without a large scale Fresco.
  6. Ah nice....but the last time I complimented someone on their figure they were naked 30 seconds later.....
  7. A friend of mine owns a hobby shop called Gundam Plus. The seem very popular, not my thing though so I just stick to the "plus" side of the store!
  8. My first real crack at a diorama. This is the old Tamiya 75mm Pak 40 and crew, along with spares box weapons, ammo and extra crew member with binoculars. The grass is from Mininatur, the lighter roadway is tile grout, the darker dirt is just that from mums garden and the fence was made out of balsa wood. I'm not the best at figure painting but I'll get there. 1/35 is the scale.
  9. Another model I rescued off my shelf of doom, one of Dragon's older models, the Hetzer. It started life as a flame thrower but I bought it second hand from someone who had used that part for something else and included a resin conversion and metal barrel for a conventionally armed machine. I initially put this on the shelf of doom as it was before magic tracks, so I had to cut out and clean up about 200 track pieces. I guess I burned out on the model after doing that and it sat in the stash for years until I pulled it out again a week ago. Other than the tedious track link clean up, the kit is pretty good. The colours and markings represent no machine in particular. I kept the weathering fairly light, a grubby wash and some dirt here and there, enough to make it look used.
  10. This is the very nice Dragon Smart kit in 1/35. Despite it being a nice kit it has sat on my shelf of doom for a couple of years, but I decided to finish it off before starting anything else. The kit goes together really well, the magic tracks in it are already cut off the sprue so that's a good thing, but assembling them took more than a few hours and what initially contributed to it's shelf of doom residence. Looking for something different I stumbled upon the Bulgarian Army. When the Bulgarians switched sides due to the Russian advance into the country, many units simply painted their vehicles Soviet green, slapped some red stars on them and turned around. The Russians also re-enforced them with captured equipment. Many surviving vehicles were still in front line service into the immediate post war world until the Russians resupplied them with soviet equipment.
  11. This is the special edition of the Hasegawa kit, which includes some white metal parts for the 20mm cannons, flame damping exhausts and the different antenna for the top of the canopy. As usual the Hasegawa kits go together without much fuss with the decals and detail being just fine for this scale. I did add some seat belts to the kit though. The aircraft depicts one of Nachtschlachgruppe 9 in Italy that carried out night harassment raids against the allies. Camo was done free hand.
  12. Yes, 1/25, specifically a gas mask canister and water bottle. Drop me a line if you can help. TIA.
  13. The kit is the always nice to build Hasegawa model. Aircraft is that of Hptm. Adolf Borchers, who flew as the leader of Stab III/JG 52 in the closing months of the war and this machine was abandoned at the end of hostilities. Borchers flew some 800 combat missions scoring 132 victories, almost all on the Russian Front. He would survive the war and Russian internment to return home and start a ski school with his wife, Olympic gold medal skier Christl Cranz. Borchers passed away at 82 in 1997.
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