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  1. The kit is the always nice to build Hasegawa model. Aircraft is that of Hptm. Adolf Borchers, who flew as the leader of Stab III/JG 52 in the closing months of the war and this machine was abandoned at the end of hostilities. Borchers flew some 800 combat missions scoring 132 victories, almost all on the Russian Front. He would survive the war and Russian internment to return home and start a ski school with his wife, Olympic gold medal skier Christl Cranz. Borchers passed away at 82 in 1997.
  2. This is the Pearl Harbor version of Hasegawa's Kate in 1/48, but since they don't include the right torpedo fins, I went looking for another colour scheme. I stumbled upon pictures of this surrendered Kate in green cross markings and well, why not? I left out the rear gun but apart from that it's OOB. It's a very nice fitting model. I did paint the camouflage under the white, which is applied patchy intentionally. It also looked as though they had really roughly painted the spinner and prop with a brush, so I tried to recreate that look as well. I'm not sure the aircraft ever flew, but it did look scruffy around the engine cowlings with the rest of the aircraft fairly clean. Green crosses were painted on and the '2' on the tail was from the spares box.
  3. It's not really Christmas until two things happen; Hans Gruber falls of Nakatomi Plaza and Tamiya has a price increase.
  4. I just try to replicate what I see. Fairly clean combat aircraft. Rather weathered combat aircraft.
  5. I built dad the Tamiya "4x4 Light Vehicle" otherwise know as the Willys Jeep. I also built him the Monogram 1/48 MiG 15, except the kit scales out to about 1/42.
  6. Nice one, the only problem fitting the rigging after the wings are on is it's a pain to do. Also, the rigging will distort over time, helps if you only glue one end and use the little tabs, that way when the kit eventually settles the distortion will be reduced.
  7. I don't reckon there is anything better than Dymo tape.
  8. BradG


    Sure it will be popular, but no interest from me.
  9. Not a bad model from Trumpeter, but definitely one that can be improved upon. The nice things about the kit are; adequate detail in the cockpit with photo etch seat belts, lots of weapons with clear inserts for guided weapons seeker heads, plenty of detail if you want to leave panels open and a nice decal sheet. Metal undercarriage legs are also included along with plastic. Shortcoming of the kit are; difficult to eliminate seam in the engine air intakes and exhaust (unless you use covers like me). Trumpeter completely forgot to include the outer hard points for the air to air missiles despite drawing them into the box art and having the locating holes for them. It is also meant to be built with slats, flaps and all undercarriage doors down, which is incorrect for the Su 25 when on the ground. I have fixed all but the two main gear doors which would take extensive modification to correct. It also pays to drill out the locating tab holes as the fit of the parts is sometimes just too tight and test fitting can rip off the locating pins when you try to separate the parts again. Along with the slats and flaps, I also closed the gun bay, the engine access compartment, the cockpit ladder and speed brakes. These however were easy to do with minimal cutting. All up, it does make into an impressive model, I may still buy the aftermarket outer hard points to mount the K60 aphid missiles as it doesn't look complete without them.
  10. This is the Revell model of the P1099B, an aircraft that never left the drawing board in terms of design. It's a rather ugly aircraft but that's kinda what I liked about it when I bought the kit. According to the instructions this aircraft was from KG 76, a bomber squadron, so I found a much larger pistol packing devil for the side of the aircraft, I think it came from a KG 76 Junkers 88 kit. Since it was a fighter bomber, I also added a bomb and rack under the fuselage from an Me 262. Colour scheme is RLM 82 light green with RLM 83 dark green patches over RLM 76 blue. The squiggles are RLM 76 which I applied with a brush to get the nice hard edge. This was based off an Me 262 camouflage schemes that I liked. Overall the kit fits together well, although there was some filling and sanding required on the engine nacelles and the nose wheel insert. Some weight was also required to prevent tail sitting.
  11. Not a bad little model although for a new mold kit, the crispness of the detail was a little disappointing. I'm also not a fan of the plastic they are using, it's very soft. That said, they can be found at very reasonable prices even down here in Australia. Decals are from Hi Decal. Egyptian Mk 22's were handed down Rhodesian machines. They were painted overall silver and look to have been kept pretty clean, thus I did only minimal weathering. Also the first time I'm trying out my new lighting for photography. I'm very happy with the results. Thanks for looking. https://i.imgur.com/AHhjqmz.jpg[/img
  12. I had this sitting around half built before I got sick, so decided to finish it off this week. It's not a bad little kit, some minor fit issues but nothing that someone with moderate skills couldn't cope with. Decals were shot so these were from the spares box. The paint was said to come from Army tank units and therefore wore pretty badly on the aircraft. I've gone hard on the paint chips and probably could have gone a little harder, but that's enough.
  13. BradG


    I've found lots of people on many forums are generous. I've both received things for free and sent things to others for free. Most modellers are pretty good people.
  14. Haha thanks mate. After talking to family I realised that 3 of 4 grandparents had gallbladder problems around my age, guess it runs in my family too. GP wanted me to see a dietitian but only because I'm carrying too man kgs, but aside from that I was given no dietary advice apart from take it easy on dairy, high fat foods and spicy stuff. I do like my Indian food, but some butter chicken had no ill effect on me, the only problem I've had thus far is with milk. I rarely eat take away, so that's no problem.
  15. I really want to build it, but I did promise to have my Prince of Wales finished for a comp early next year, plus dad is bugging me to build his flint lock rifle kit and I said I'd participate in the LSP Group Build lol, oh man, lots of big kits to finish!
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