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  1. The old Italeri Mirage III/5 came with 2 1300L tanks I think.
  2. This is the biggest diorama I've built. The centre piece is the older Dragon IS-2 which is a very nice model still. It has a roughed up surface texture and the track links are impressive, being able to be linked together without glue and bent/shaped around the wheels. White aircraft ID stripes were freehand hand painted with the tank number being the kit decal. List of other items used are; - German solders from the Dragon Desperate Defence gen 2 figure set - Dragon Soviet Motor Rifle Troops Berlin 1945 - Verlinden Ruined house sections and sidewalk - Firestorm Hobbies bricks (repainted) - Unknown brand cobblestone street sections - Tamiya barricade set along with other Tamiya accessories (ammo boxes, cans, drums) - Eduard etched barbed wire I made the rubble by combining the bricks with a red and grey tile grout, HO railway ballast and soil sifted from mums garden. Base isan old picture frame I found laying around the house. I also did modify some of the figures slightly by adding different weapons, especially the bloke holding the magnetic mine, he was originally holding his MP 40. A nice touch from the Dragon figure set is they give you some empty pistol holsters so I put a pistol in his hand along with the mine, his buddy there is covering him with grenades. He was originally holding a K98 but I've put a G43 in his hand along with the appropriate ammo pouches. I also plan to put a tanker in the open hatch, but haven't been to the LHS yet to get some soviet tankers. I'll get to that though. Thanks for looking in.
  3. This is the Italeri kit in 1/72. Not a bad model although it does require some effort with a sanding stick to make everything fit nicely. Built straight OOB.
  4. This is the Hasegawa A6M5 1/48 kit with some Eduard etch seat belts with the decals from Rising Decals Dying Sun sets. The kit itself was rescued from the shelf of doom, I can't remember why it was put there as the model itself isn't bad. The decals are also top notch. ATAIU-SEA stands for Allied Technical Air Intelligence Unit -South East Asia and a number of Japanese aircraft wore these markings post war while being the subject of evaluation by the RAF. I believe that the centre section of this aircraft is now in the Imperial War Museum and the only section of the ATAIU's aircraft to survive.
  5. In stock at Red Roo, https://www.redroomodels.com/product/air-armament-school-mongilli-mustangs-1-48/
  6. I've had this kit in the stash for about 20 years and never really gave it much attention. Recently though I had a second look at it and despite a few parts suffering some sink marks, it didn't look too bad. Construction is actually pretty good, I used little in the way of filler, the turret required the most clean up but it is not beyond the most basic modelling skills. The driving lights suffered badly with sink marks, thus I pinched one from my spares box and re positioned it from the front armour to the top of the hull. I also left off the top bar securing the spare track links to the front of the hull, I guess crews left this off as it's 6 less bolts to remove when you need to change some track out quickly. I did like the separate track links in the kit as they supplied the flat straight pieces for top and bottom as a single bit, making building the track easier. One issue I did encounter is Italeri have left out the bottom pieces of the spare track mounts around the turret, thus I just left the top mounts on without any track mounted. Decals came from the spares box along with the two figures and the flag. Camouflage represents a generic Tiger sometime around Operation Zitadelle.
  7. That's why I use Gumtree for my stuff and specific cash only on pick up. No BS, no mucking around, if you want what I'm selling bring cash and come get it. Still doesn't stop the time wasters or people trying to low ball you, but mostly people who arrange a time with you turn up.
  8. Sometimes you need to be a rivet counter though. I've judged at local competitions for many years, including Australia's largest scale model competition and many times the competition is just so good, you need to start nit picking a model to work out the winners. That doesn't mean that I can't appreciate and look at all the models in the show though. However I find sometimes you get pinged as a rivet counter by people who don't win. I've had a couple of exchanges with people who's models haven't won and who didn't appreciate me telling them why, even though that was the first thing they asked me!
  9. Immediately after the end of hostilities in Europe, the allied powers scoured Germany for the remnants of their advanced technology. The American's set up 'Project LUSTY, which stood for LUftwaffe Secert TechnologY. Col Harold E Watson, a qualified test pilot was selected to head the mission. He picked a number of pilots, all combat veteran's and all Thunderbolt pilots, experienced ground crew, both American and German along with several experienced German pilots. He also carried a signed pass by Dwight D Eisenhower, stating that no senior officer or military police could impede him in his work. Two teams formed, one went after the piston engine aircraft, the other, jets. It was the jet pilots who were named the 'Watson's Wizzers' and adopted the squadron embalm of Donald Duck flying around the Earth on a Juno 004 engine. Me 262A-1a/U3 'White 30' was captured at Lechfeld. It was named Marge by the 54th ADS, and then Lady Jess IV while with the Wizzers with the aircraft being the mount of Captain Kenneth Dahlstrom. Declared surplus, it was transferred to the US Navy and designated 121443. State side, the aircraft was turned over to the Tactical Test Division at NAS Patuxent River where she was made airworthy and attempted to be flown on November 7th 1945. Failing to become airborne, it crashed into trees at the end of the runway and was subsequently written off. Because of this accident, no further attempts to fly Me 262's was made by the TTD. This is the 1/48 Dragon kit, which is the reboxing of the 1990's Trimaster kit, but this did not include any photo etch parts. The molds are still holding up well although there was some cleaning up of the lower wing required. These kits are well detailed but do require some work with the engine nacelles being a well known tricky part of this model. Test fit everything before committing glue and you shouldn't have too many problems. Decals come from Cutting Edge's Crossdressing Stormbirds and the seatbelts from Lions Roar.
  10. I finally managed to finish this kit a couple of years after starting it. It's a complex model with many small parts, however, the fit of the parts is exceptional. I used lifecolor USN paint sets number 1 and 2, which go down very nicely with airbrush or standard brush. I decided not to use the deck decals, so the guide marks and the '73' at each end were painted on with masks I made myself, although if you want to, there is a commercially available masking set for the deck. I burned through a lot of Tamiya tape and I think my eyes still hurt from all the painting! Weathering was done with dry pigment and washes, cos I like a dirty ship. Gambier Bay was the only US aircraft carrier sunk by surface naval gunfire in the Pacific. As a part of task force 77.4.3, she was caught by Admiral Kurita's Battleship and Cruiser force during the Battle of Leyte Gulf in October 1944. It's reported she took hits from the Battleship Yamato, Battleship Kongo and Heavy cruiser Chikuma along with several other warships before sinking.
  11. It's no real loss playing without carriers, the term for them in the PC version is "sky cancer". To counter them, a new tactic has popped up called 899, where you division two tier 9 Musashi's up with a tier 8 CV, use the aircraft to spot and the BB's to snipe the carrier in the opening minutes of the game. Eurobeats on youtube has a good video on it. Fast firing HE cruisers are annoying that's why people target them for deletion. Mind you as a BB main I'm not much better running my Thunderer and Conqueror with 40% fire chance lol.
  12. You should buy the Musashi at tier 9 if you can, it's way overpowered. I picked it up for free with in game coal.
  13. That's nice. I'm a warships player too, working up the Italian cruiser line at the moment, up to the tier 9 Brindisi.
  14. This is an earlier effort from Trumpeter in the 1/32 range and boy, does it show. There are numerous errors with the kit, some of the worst being the engine included from their MiG 15, thus the tail pipe is too short. The break in the fuselage is also a full 2cm short of where it should be. I fixed this by closing up the fuselage, leaving out all the interior parts and sanding smooth the join. I also added the back end of a 44gal fuel drum to simulate the jetpipe out the end of the tail. Not 100% accurate but close enough. The windscreen is very poor, I did not replace it though. They also completely forgot to include the tail strake. I made out of out a spare from a MiG 21 kit. The tires are rubber and poorly molded and the canopy lacks the rear vision periscope. Fit overall is pretty poor and it requires a god amount of sanding and rescribing. I left out the interior of the nose intake as it doesn't fit properly and you need the room to fit in enough weight to avoid a tail sitter. I just cut out the top of the nose wheel well and added that after the fuselage was together. It's also disappointing that Trumpeter chose not to include any weapons or plyons. Decals come from Eagle Strike for the national insignia and from another Trumpeter model for the numbers. This aircraft was used as a trainer towards the end of the 1980's. Overall, this is a pretty poor kit. There is a fair amount of aftermarket available, but I'd really only recommend you buy this model if you can't live without a large scale Fresco.
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