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  1. This is the Revell model of the P1099B, an aircraft that never left the drawing board in terms of design. It's a rather ugly aircraft but that's kinda what I liked about it when I bought the kit. According to the instructions this aircraft was from KG 76, a bomber squadron, so I found a much larger pistol packing devil for the side of the aircraft, I think it came from a KG 76 Junkers 88 kit. Since it was a fighter bomber, I also added a bomb and rack under the fuselage from an Me 262. Colour scheme is RLM 82 light green with RLM 83 dark green patches over RLM 76 blue. The squiggles are RLM 76 which I applied with a brush to get the nice hard edge. This was based off an Me 262 camouflage schemes that I liked. Overall the kit fits together well, although there was some filling and sanding required on the engine nacelles and the nose wheel insert. Some weight was also required to prevent tail sitting.
  2. Not a bad little model although for a new mold kit, the crispness of the detail was a little disappointing. I'm also not a fan of the plastic they are using, it's very soft. That said, they can be found at very reasonable prices even down here in Australia. Decals are from Hi Decal. Egyptian Mk 22's were handed down Rhodesian machines. They were painted overall silver and look to have been kept pretty clean, thus I did only minimal weathering. Also the first time I'm trying out my new lighting for photography. I'm very happy with the results. Thanks for looking. https://i.imgur.com/AHhjqmz.jpg[/img
  3. I had this sitting around half built before I got sick, so decided to finish it off this week. It's not a bad little kit, some minor fit issues but nothing that someone with moderate skills couldn't cope with. Decals were shot so these were from the spares box. The paint was said to come from Army tank units and therefore wore pretty badly on the aircraft. I've gone hard on the paint chips and probably could have gone a little harder, but that's enough.
  4. BradG


    I've found lots of people on many forums are generous. I've both received things for free and sent things to others for free. Most modellers are pretty good people.
  5. Haha thanks mate. After talking to family I realised that 3 of 4 grandparents had gallbladder problems around my age, guess it runs in my family too. GP wanted me to see a dietitian but only because I'm carrying too man kgs, but aside from that I was given no dietary advice apart from take it easy on dairy, high fat foods and spicy stuff. I do like my Indian food, but some butter chicken had no ill effect on me, the only problem I've had thus far is with milk. I rarely eat take away, so that's no problem.
  6. I really want to build it, but I did promise to have my Prince of Wales finished for a comp early next year, plus dad is bugging me to build his flint lock rifle kit and I said I'd participate in the LSP Group Build lol, oh man, lots of big kits to finish!
  7. Thank you. Feel much better, am no longer Homer Simpson yellow and I'm minus my gallbadder, but much better!
  8. I picked this up right before I came down sick and needed emergency surgery...good fun...not. I did get this for a cracking price though!
  9. The Academy kit in 1/48 is still a nice model and is a good cheaper alternative to the new Eduard model. It comes with several options for AAM's and unguided rocket pods, but no bombs. I pinched some FAB 250's from the Kitty Hawk Su 22. Decals for the nose came from Crosswind Hobbies and the find flash was painted. I was unsure if the aircraft carried any wing insignia, but as I didn't have any, I left these off. There is the chance the aircraft didn't carry them as it was most likely used in the Angolan Civil War, which the Cuban's had a hand in. Many of their MiGs were flown by Cuban pilots. C50 suffered a crash landing at some time during the conflict and was probably written off.
  10. I got a 1/48 Buffalo, Sea Fury and I-16, plus this painting at the show on the weekend.
  11. Lindberg 1/48 SE5a, Polish Air Force, Polish War of Independence, 1919.
  12. I got on with this and finished it off tonight after training. It's the first kit I've rigged fully, not as hard as I thought with a bit of pre planning. Decals came from the spares box. Thanks for looking in.
  13. Painting all the smaller parts and I'd also started drilling holes for the rigging which I will be using knitting elastic for. Wings and most parts now attached, as you can see I've started rigging. Had to stop at about 1am as I was starting to see double.
  14. I've only ever had two problems buying second hand kits at swap an sells. One was a sealed 1/350 aircraft carrier that was missing an entire sprue. I did get my money back on that one by selling off the individual sprues as spare parts and I'm sure it wasn't the sellers fault. The other time I bought a kit and asked if it was complete, the seller assured me it was, I bought it but went outside and checked it on my car hood and it was missing several major parts. I took it back and was begrudging given my money back, but I saw it the next year on the same table, with the same seller and when I checked, it was missing the same parts. That seller clearly tried to rip me off and is trying it again. I do not buy anything at his stands anymore.
  15. A little deck tan for the fabric. Some light green (yes really there is green paint on it) And a little brown.
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