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  1. Lindberg 1/48 SE5a, Polish Air Force, Polish War of Independence, 1919.
  2. I got on with this and finished it off tonight after training. It's the first kit I've rigged fully, not as hard as I thought with a bit of pre planning. Decals came from the spares box. Thanks for looking in.
  3. Painting all the smaller parts and I'd also started drilling holes for the rigging which I will be using knitting elastic for. Wings and most parts now attached, as you can see I've started rigging. Had to stop at about 1am as I was starting to see double.
  4. I've only ever had two problems buying second hand kits at swap an sells. One was a sealed 1/350 aircraft carrier that was missing an entire sprue. I did get my money back on that one by selling off the individual sprues as spare parts and I'm sure it wasn't the sellers fault. The other time I bought a kit and asked if it was complete, the seller assured me it was, I bought it but went outside and checked it on my car hood and it was missing several major parts. I took it back and was begrudging given my money back, but I saw it the next year on the same table, with the same seller and when I checked, it was missing the same parts. That seller clearly tried to rip me off and is trying it again. I do not buy anything at his stands anymore.
  5. A little deck tan for the fabric. Some light green (yes really there is green paint on it) And a little brown.
  6. I've managed to get the upper wing pretty straight. It's just sitting on the outer struts here. I've also cut off the machine gun from the rail and will replace that with something better. I've also decided to paint the upper wing before fitting it, it will make things easier that way. Once painted I can drill all the holes for the rigging.
  7. This is the very nice Tamiya kit in 1/72, built straight from the box but I used the excellent Blackbird Models decal sheet for the markings. Colours are Middle stone, dark earth over azure blue.
  8. The total opposite actually, it's very soft. I need to be careful cutting parts off the edges as it'd be very easy to take a chunk out of it.
  9. I've been slowly working on the struts, with the undercarriage struts on and the outer wing ones now drying. I also found a much better details machine gun in the stash.
  10. Thanks guys. I painted the yellow first then masked the stripes with rolled lengths of blutak.
  11. This is the old Monogram 1/48 MiG 15 from the 70's. Dad had this kit kicking around the house for at least 30 years and he finally gave it to me so I thought I'd build it. It's not too bad, but scales out to around 1/44, so any aftermarket bits you have in 1/48 will be way too small. The fit is decent but the canopy is fairly poor. I added some instrument decals to the cockpit to add a little detail. Markings are those of Maj I. P. Golshevskij who apparently flight night time interception missions over Korea. Decals from the spares box and I made the front FOD cover.
  12. Fuselage fit is fairly decent. I might have to straighten the engine a little though.
  13. A bit of a start today. As you can see the interior is pretty basic, you can see the instrument panel so I will use some decals to give the impression of some gauges. I've used a yellow with some oil colour ontop to give the impression of wood. It could be better but once closed up you will hardly see anything.
  14. Well I like to be a bit different with my builds, so here's something you don't see every day, a Polish SE5a. About 20 aircraft were supplied to the Poles to fight against the Soviets when war broke out in the East in February 1919. To link it back to WW1, most of the conflicts in Eastern Europe directly after 1918 were the result of WW1 and much of it was fought with captured WW1 equipment or as in this case, surplus war machines were supplied or bought directly from countries looking to offload equipment and make a few bucks. I'm on a bit of a stash queen build at the moment. I've had this kit a long time, maybe 20 or more years. It's pretty basic but will make into a decent model and it's a good thing to practice my rigging on.
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