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  1. BradG

    Who's up for weekend in a weekend 2

    Actually since it's coming up to that time, how about an 'Operation Bodenplatte' GB?
  2. BradG

    Who's up for weekend in a weekend 2

    So was there any thoughts as to the next GB?
  3. BradG

    Manchukuo Imperial Air Force Tachikawa Ki 55

    Thanks guys. My old man bought several books on the Manchukuo Air Force so I'm planning on doing quite a few of them. I've already got the Hasegawa 1/48 Ki 45 Nick and Ki 27 Nate with the decal options in the box, still on the look out for the Ki 43 from Hasegawa or FineMolds, also have decals and the Revell kit for a Junkers 86 and the old Nichimo Ki-9 Spruce. There's a few others I'm on the hunt for too.
  4. This is the Fujimi kit in 1/72. It's painted in gunze Japanese orange yellow with the Manchukuo roundels masked and painted with my compass cutter. It's not a bad little kit, but some attention needs to be paid to the windscreen which is probably the worst fitting part in the kit, but it scrubs up alright with some elbow grease. It certainly is bright, so I won't lose this on a contest table!
  5. BradG

    Who's up for weekend in a weekend 2

    Nah, I'm too busy summer weekends.
  6. BradG

    And the winners are

    Japanese aircraft in foreign use. Captured. Post war use of Axis equipment. MiGs
  7. This is the Hasegawa kit in 1/72. It's not a bad model, although I did have some issues fitting the engine nacelles that required a bit of filling and sanding, otherwise things went together well. Chinese markings come from the spares box with the fin flash being masked and painted. Surprisingly, the colour picture which my build is based on shows the aircraft in a reasonable condition, thus I chose not to highlight all the panel lines, just those around the engines as they appeared a bit grimey. I am lacking some white numbers on the tail, I couldn't find small enough decals in the spares.
  8. Not a bad kit. The plastic comes from the 1990's TriMaster molds.
  9. My first airliner build that I did for a little Group Build challenge over on Airliner Civil Aircraft Modeller. I used the stand from an Tamiya Spitfire and decals from Airliners Unlimited that I got from Hannetts for less than 2 quid. As you can see I had a little trouble with the tail decal, I had to cut out the name and apply it over the painted tail as the decal shattered. I also masked and painted the cheat line rather than use the decal supplied. I also think airliners just look better 'in flight'.
  10. BradG

    Jurassic Hill - 1/24 T-Rex & Triceratops - Pegasus Hobbies

    Cool mate I love it.
  11. This is the newish Revell kit in 1/32. I have some mixed feelings about this model, so perhaps I'll list the pros and cons; Pros - More detailed landing gear, wheel wells, drop tank and cockpit - Parts included for late G-6 as well; tall tail, rudder, wheels, tires, tail wheel surrounds, windscreen, armour plate, canopy and various antennas. - Nicer decals than Hasegawa. - Better fit of moving parts; radiators, flaps, slats and elevators in particular. Cons - Horrible attempt at molded in seat belts. - Bizzare parts breakdown leading to inconvenient joints to fill around the cockpit sill if you want the canopy open - Ungainly tabs to fit an open canopy on that are not present on the real aircraft (removed on my model). - Poorly represented cannon bulges on the nose. - Weak landing gear and tail wheel especially. Will need at least a metal rod drilled for the tail wheel and probably requires metal landing gear. Do not set the model on a smooth surface or the gear will collapse. (Tail wheel on mine collapsed after a week). - No 20mm cannon packs or 21cm motar tubes included. (mine came from a Hasegawa kit). That said, it's probably better than the Hasegawa kit, although there are lot more parts and it is definitely a harder kit to build. It can generally be found cheaper than the Hasegawa kit as well. I'm pretty happy with how it came out. All markings were masked and painted, except for the swastika on the tail. This aircraft was used as a single seat night fighter, hence the black lower surface and over painted markings.
  12. BradG

    Nakajima Ki84 Hayate

    It's a great kit, don't drop the box as it might assemble itself! lol
  13. BradG

    Supermarine WALRUS by HPH

    Wonderful. I really wish I had the cash to buy some of these HPH models, they look great.
  14. BradG

    Pegasus Hobbies Spinosaurus 1/24 Diorama

    Cool, looks like a nightmarish rainbow trout lol
  15. BradG

    Curtiss HELLDIVER by HPH models 1/32

    That's pretty sweet.