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  1. BradG

    1/48 ICM Mig-25 RBT

    super job mate
  2. BradG

    1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109G-10/T1

    This one comes from my imagination, made from the older Revell/Monogram Bf 109G-10. It's not a terrible kit, but it does show its age, lacking a lot of detail but I enhanced the kit a bit using Hasegawa 109 parts; Canopy with amour, main wheels and tail wheel. I also used some RATO packs from the Tamiya Me 262, as I figured this baby might need some help hauling that torpedo into the air. The torpedo and the center line mount come out of the old Trimaster Fw 190D-9 kit.
  3. BradG

    Pegasus Hobbies Great White Shark and Dive Cage 1/18

    Poor diver lol.
  4. BradG

    Pegasus Hobbies T-Rex and Triceratops Dinosaurs

    Cool. I'd pay serious money to see a living breathing Tyrannosaur! One suggestions, if you are able to, get some glass eyes, they really look great when put into these dino models.
  5. A few pix I took from over the weekend. I believe there were about 790 models entered, so it was a good turn out.
  6. Weekend purchases from Model Expo 2018.
  7. BradG

    KP 1/48 Su-7BM

    Nice, will keep your post in mind as I think i've got one of these floating around.
  8. This is the old Hawk kit, in the Testors box with new decals. For a 1/48 kit it's pretty small. Detail is pretty much non existent, there is literally no interior to speak of except for a pilot figure holding a control column, but I have omitted him. The outline of the colour scheme is also engraved into the surface of the kit, so it's all been either masked and sprayed, or painted freehand. I knocked up a small base for it to sit on out of a picture frame and some floch. It is still a little rough in areas, but I built it for a competition to support a category a friend sponsors, which is 'Non Military Aircraft', so it will do it's job.
  9. BradG

    Airfix Lightning F2A in 1/72

    A bloke in my old model club has had this happen several times to him. Best was when he was talking about that curse, then said how he'd just picked up the old Monogram T-28 for a pretty expensive price, but it was just as the Roden kit was announced and I, coming into the back of the conversation (not hearing the start part) said "you know Roden just announced a new mold kit right?"...everyone proceeds to crack up laughing as his face just dropped. lol
  10. BradG

    Finished builds

    Messerschmitt Me 262A Tamiya 1/48 with Cutting Edge decals. Aircraft flown by Lt Hans Dorn of 1/JG7. Captured by No. 616 Squadron at Fassberg, May 1945 and later designated AM-52.
  11. Done. I'm pretty happy with this, now I need to buy a few more 262's to fill the other decals in the sheet! More pics in the Gallery.
  12. That looks very nice. Just wondering what the idea was having low vis national insignia with bright red tail and wing leading edges? Seems funny to me.
  13. I did the grey yesterday, gloss this morning and decals tonight. I've been considering what I do with weathering and I think I will keep it light. Frankly the aircraft was probably almost brand new, it's pilot, as far as I am aware, saw little combat, certainly gained no victories and it looks pretty clean in the pictures, no real grime in the panels or anything really. I might do a little weathering on the under sides, some grease etc on the gear legs and some dust and dirt on the tires. I once was a modeller who would high light every panel line with a wash, but as I've continued to model and be around real aircraft, that's not always realistic, despite what an IPMS judge might say! I remember judging a model where the modeller had provided a nice sharp colour picture, he had highlighted every panel line in a perfect black wash, but you couldn't see a single panel like that in the picture he supplied....anyways, enough about the weathering debate.
  14. Ok the last of the camo was put on this morning. That should be dry by this evening so I'll make up some masks for the overpainted national insignia.
  15. Fuselage band and the RLM 83 on the fuselage done. I will mask up and paint the RLM 82 in the morning. I will heavily mottle the fuselage and tail with the RLM 82.