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  1. Finishing the A wing diorama

    Thank you Sir! emmm ... it is good, or bad for me?
  2. It is a long time project. I started it a year ago. And it is not finshed yet. I made the diorama base, but I planed it with wall. Here is the base. Now this is the time to make a wall. First of all, I started the hunting of the parts. And the result. The white plastic card will be the wall. It will be stone-rock wall. I have to make it the rock-surface first. Than I have to make all this thiniy things ... Kitbash, Level 1
  3. Fantastic! I love it! Really great scratch work!
  4. Chat

    Roger that Sir! I am very patient!
  5. Bandai 1/72 A wing - not finished diorama

    Thnak you so much! I have to finish it at march 2th. There will be a model show on march 3-4.
  6. Bandai 1/72 A wing - not finished diorama

    Thanks a lot folks. May I ask you waht it is means: OTT ? over doing something?
  7. Its a long project for me. I started it at the begining of the year 2017. Only the wall missing now. I'm working on it. Only acrylics are used.
  8. Chat

    Can we know anything about the winnings? (please forgive me, this is the first time when I won something. And I'm very excited! )
  9. JAS-39 Gripen HUAF

    Thank you!
  10. JAS-39 Gripen HUAF

    I'm a accredited photo-blogger of the Hungarian Army, and I was very lucky, whe I saw the UK ambassador flew with Hawk. That was in Hungary, at the "Carpatian Hawk 2017". At that time, I made a lot of photoes about the HUAF Gripen, and teh Hawks, of course. I think you know the Hawk enough. So let me show you the Gripen. The pcitures are jsut a display. YOU CAN ERAN THE WHOLE ALBUM HERE (CLICK) WITH FULL SIZE IMAGES
  11. MosonShow 2018

    I know this is so far far away, but who knows. MosonShow 2018 - Hungary - Mosonmagyaróvár HERE IS THE LINK
  12. The results are In!

    Holly crap! Thanks a lot! It was a great fun, and this is a honor for me! Thank you folks!
  13. 1/48 Spitfire IX.c Early Wersion

    Thank you all! It was a really good two days. I lovet it!