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  1. Parallel universes

    Thank you very much folks!
  2. Parallel universes

    Just a few pictures. It is not finsihed yet. I have to write the DIRECTOR at the chair, and I try to find a laying 1/72 figure, who will be a drunken painter.
  3. Parallel universes

    Now the MosonShow are over (there was more than 2400 models around the world, including Bayin Wu's 1/6 scale metal King Tiger, and t-34). I don't earn nothing with this idea, but I know, there is a lot of mistakes in the models. But it was great show again! I made a good quality pictures, so I'll show you soon. Cheers
  4. Parallel universes

    Thanks a lot!
  5. Parallel universes

    Just a quick pictures. Better pictures comes after the MosonShow. Now I'm on the road! :
  6. Parallel universes

    Thanks a lot!
  7. Parallel universes

    Thanks a lot! Here is te results. Yep. Not so good. Thats it. I have to repair some paint parts. Now it's time to the weathering. The deadline are coming!
  8. Parallel universes

    WIP Painting masking, re-painting, re-masking. After the re-painting and thats the finish before the markings, chipping and weathering. Unifide surface. MAsking ... again ... Next time I'll make a single color thing ... And the result before opening.
  9. Parallel universes

    Made some pre-shading-ish. This technique is the mix of the pre-shading, and black basing and black-and-white. I used three diferences gray, and white. I aplyied these colors with low pressure, highly dilluted, and a micro worm stlye. I used H&S Infinity airbrush, with a 0.15 needle. The under colors are done. I know, it is very hard to see it, but beliwe me, you can see it with your eyes. This is a good base for any weathering technique, especially when you working with acrilycs only. The whole proces was 4 hours. This marbel coats, and the under-colors. First coat of gray. This is important. You have to start with the DARKEST color. I think this is a good base for the black aircrafts, or sci-fi things too. All colors are done. As you see, you can made pre-weathering-highlighting-something. Okay, this is the base color. I think, the light of my desk lamps, are very shine. It is very hard to see, but there it it. Now try another light-up mode. Here is the base. And the end result ... ehhh ... I hope you see it. Thanks for watching! I hope you like it!
  10. Parallel universes

    Yes Sir! I have to paint black Spitfire (actually I had the Eduard 1/48 Israel Air Force Black) and black X wing.. On my bootlist!
  11. Parallel universes

    I'm working on it! There will be the MosonShow at 21th-22th April. It is the bigest model show I ever saw. I no have a chance to win anything, and I'm a jury in the sci-fi section (that means, I will not take the A wing in my section), so this is just for fun. I want to take they there, so I have to hurry.
  12. Parallel universes

    "I see your red door ... and I paintit black
  13. Parallel universes

    Now they are togheter. Next step; primeing, and painting.
  14. Parallel universes

    Thanks a lot! I'm on it! But now I have to make a pause, because of my work. Maybe I can continued at the weekend.
  15. Parallel universes

    Now the Spit-wing ar under construction. With some Eduard PE parts. And a heavy wahs.