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  1. Super build, looks just right πŸ‘πŸ‘
  2. Its a cracking wee museum, and you can go up into the Vulcan cockpit 😁😁😁 Will see you there Paul, will bring some kits for L&C πŸ‘
  3. Hi all, Sorry for what seems like the same 3 threads, but this will be the last Waffentrager build for a while 😁 And lastly, the trio together. Thanks for looking in πŸ‘
  4. Thank you Richard, I do like to do seldom seen schemes πŸ™‚
  5. Hi all, Here is another Waffentrager, clearly this one would never work as the V1 required a longer launch ramp...that aside it looks cool 😁 A great kit, looking forward to the next one. Thanks for looking in πŸ‘
  6. Cheers bud πŸ‘ That would be nice, we can only hope πŸ™‚
  7. Hi guys, Here is my latest build. Airfix 1/72 Avro Lancaster B.I/III (A08013A) built as B-033 from Escuadron I, Grupo 4 de Cazabombardeo, IV Brigada Aerea, El Plumerillo Airport, Mendoza, Argentina. In RAF service B-033 was PA377 and was delivered to the Argentine Air Force on 10 November 1948 and was grounded on 30 June 1965. Several references, although unconfirmed, report that the Lancaster’s were used operationally at various times during the 1955 revolution: The only known surviving piece of an Argentinean Lancaster is a FN-50 mid-upper gun turret which was discovered in Argentina and returned to Great Britain aboard HMS Hampshire. After restoration the turret was installed in to the BBMF’s flying Lancaster PA474 in 1975. Thanks for looking inπŸ‘
  8. Sweet, there was some talk about lack of spaces at the last show I attended. I think AMSIG are going to apply for space next year.
  9. Cool,glad it was a good show. How was the parking?
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