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  1. Great stuff Never fancied a vacform myself, they look far too much like hard work
  2. Cheers lads It is just a wee thing I have set myself, I am building one OOB using the main paints from the kit, the next one will use other paints and hopefully look a smidge better Hi all, The Spit is finished, more pictures in the gallery if you want to see them Thanks for looking in
  3. Hi all, The starter set Spit is finished. I am not sure the supplied paints are 100% accurate, but its what comes in the box. Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vc, flown by P.O Antoni Giowacki, 303 (Polish) Sqn RAF, RAF Northolt, 1942: Thanks for looking in
  4. Hi all, Bits have been painted and decals applied: Thanks, more soon
  5. Cheers Hutch Jane had to prep lessons for this week, so I was at liberty to do as I pleased today Hi all, Some more progress, I really don't like the Humbrol colours, they just look wrong to my untrained eye: More tomorrow troops
  6. Thanks Matthew Hi all, Some progress on the wee Spit I am intending on using the kit supplied paints (the little plastic pots) on this kit, but airbrushed not the dark art of brush painting Primed, pre-shaded and marbled. The underside has been sprayed with Humbrol 64: Thanks for looking in
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