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  1. Thanks chaps, and some great memories 😀
  2. That is very nice 😊 I have always liked the black Cat, when I were a lad in Hereford, one of the travel agents had one in the window next to a 747 😎
  3. Fantastic work Duncan and a great recovery 👍 I also prefer AK Xtreme over Alclad, I could never get Alclad to look right 🤔
  4. Hi all, Here is my latest creation and my first Eduard 109...it won't be my last 😁 Eduard 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf-109 G-6/AS (82163), flown by Hauptman Horst Carganico, Commanding Officer of I./JG 5, Herzogenaurach, Germany, May 1945: Thanks for looking in 👍
  5. mac1677

    Ki-45 Toryu

    Stunning Dean 👍👍👍
  6. Cheers chaps, much appreciated 😎 I dont get too bent out of shape about inaccuracies TBH mate, unless its a Starfix kit OMG...backwards Spitfire wings 😁 I am sure read somewhere that when Eduard released their 1/48 Bf-109's that they were diffy a millimetre off each wing and some people (I am sure it was "over there") were going bat poop crazy about it 😝
  7. Cheers troops, your interest and comments are most appreciated 😊 I did the modifications myself, hence its not 100% perfect. Paul has won, well done but no prizes 😋 I had bought this kit second hand and it didn't have a canopy, such is the way with these things. I looked through my spares but the only thing I had suitable was a Spit front canopy 😁 As for the bombs, I just like them so fitted them 😎
  8. Hi all, Here is my latest build, a modified Hurricane in Russian service. Revell 1/72 Hawker Hurricane Mk. IIb (04138), 2 seat Hurricane conversion with a 7.7mm MG in rear cockpit, used as an artillery spotter, Leningrad, 1942: Now the question in, can anyone spot what is wrong with her? 😋
  9. Superb picture, the noise must have been deafening 😱
  10. Cheers troops, much appreciated 😊 In a word...trying 😂 TBH I nearly smashed the ruddy thing trying to get it to fit. Dry fitted no issues, as soon as the cement entered the equation it all went to rat poop. I got there in the end but it is far from perfect.
  11. Great looking build, looks good in those markings 🙂
  12. Lovely build Duncan 😊
  13. Hi all, Here is my latest build, its taken a while as my grandson has been down for a couple of days, and we were busy building his 1/72 Sabre 😃 Revell 1/72 Hawker Hurricane Mk. IIc (04144), 336 (Greek) Sqn , Desert Air Force, Landing Ground 8, Mersa Matruh, Egypt, 1944: Thanks for looking in 🙂
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