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  1. TBH mine had the same effect on me, took ages to finish. She is looking rather nice BTW.
  2. Here is my rather moderate haul from Modelfest yesterday in Milton Keynes: The Spit, masks and paints were from @Grunhertz at the Topnotch stand. The 1/72 Gundam figure was only ÂŖ5 and I enjoyed the last one I built. The wee yellow box bottom left is 2 1/72 Hurricane PR conversions.
  3. Very nice 🙂
  4. Yes mate they can, there is plenty of room. Its the same on the Challenger. Oh, and great M1 BTW Steve, you just need an M2 to go with it 😊
  5. And mine 🙂 She is coming along nicely 👍 have you decided on a scheme yet?
  6. Not that I recall
  7. Great work Brian 👍
  8. Nice start 👍 Both my Vampire and Chipmunk had warpy wings ☚ī¸
  9. Great work on tge Grizzly 👍 Enjoy your break and the model show 🙂
  10. Nicely done Dan 👍👍
  11. Nice set of builds Rob, the Gripen is just fantastic 👍👍
  12. Ooooh this should be interesting 👍 Lots of modifications, the biggest I imagine would be adding the 6th road wheel.
  13. Looks like a great kit 👍 I built the Revell 1/48 version many, many years ago...it took my wife and I 4 nights to paint it with hairy sticks 😋
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