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  1. Nice start I built one of these a while ago, but what-if'd it as an Israeli nightfighter.
  2. Cheers lads Hi all, She has been glossed, decals added and a brown and black pin wash was added to specific areas. Also the fuel cap and lights have been painted. All that's left to do is slap some mud and dust on the beastie tomorrow. You will notice this is not the ERM I said I was going to do, but I couldn't be bothered to change it and TBH you wont see much of the VRN underneath the dirt/dust I have been working on trying to make a Ukrainian flag...its not going well Thanks for looking in
  3. Nice work Steve, good luck working out how it goes together
  4. Cheers Steve Hi all, I have decided what vehicle I am going to do, 23KK99, so I needed to modify the paint scheme slightly. The gun barrel, one of the turret bins and a bit of the side skirt needed repainting in dark green/black camouflage: More soon
  5. Hi all, The painting is finished. Next up gloss and decals. I have made a turret basket from plastic card and filled it with "stowage" and covered it with a piece of rubber cut from a glove and then painted. I am not too sure it works, might try a mk 2 version and see if it is any better. Thanks for looking in
  6. PTSD induced insomnia is a help Do it Hutch School boy error Steve Hi all, Black based and marbled: These AS-90's are fairly old and some of them have faded paintwork, so I have gone for a faded look: More later
  7. Hi all, I managed to remove the ammo tins from the roof, added an antenna mount. Some grey primer splashed about revealed a few areas that need some attention once its dry Thanks for looking in
  8. Hi all, A small bout of insomnia see's the build phase done, although I am going to remove the ammo tins from the roof as the GPMG is not going to be fitted, thus negating the need for ammo strapped to the roof...I need to think my builds through before starting them I have also decided not to fit the roof stowage area, they are not always fitted and the Trumpeter one looked like a propper faf to stick together You also get the option to do the Breaveheart version, but I have just gone for the regular gun. Complete for the most part, some titivating and a spot of sanding sti
  9. Hi all, Yet more armour from me, but this time not German or WW2 Not many options for this one TBH, plain NATO green (UK), NATO green/black camouflage (UK), plain desert (GW 1 & 2) or desert/green (BATUS). We have just sent/sending these to the Ukrainian army along side the CR2's, so may do it as an in service Ukrainian gun if I can find enough reference pictures. Box art: Lower hull, wheels and tracks assembled: Upper hull starting to come together: More soon, thanks for looking in
  10. Cheers chaps Hi all, Aaaaaand she is finished, more pictures here in the gallery. Thanks for looking in
  11. Hi all, Here is my build of this Academy reboxing, and what a great wee kit it is I have done mine in a non box scheme from Poland during the 1944 Warsaw Uprising. Pz.Jgr.Abt.743, Warsaw, Poland, 2nd August 1944. This is one of two Hetzer's that entered Napoleon Square on the second day of the Warsaw Uprising, in support of German troops that were being engaged by Polish resistance fighters. This Hetzer was knocked out and 3 of the 4 man crew perished, the 4th escaping back to German lines. The resistance recovered the Hetzer and made it serviceable, it never seen action with the resistan
  12. Oh I would get one of these, but I don't have much interest in the carrier island. Maybe if they do a stand alone Kate
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