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  1. Cheers guys 😎 I have seen these and they look great, but are quite expensive IMO. Hi all, Some masking has been done so the wheels wells and airbrakes can be sprayed white. I have also masked off the metalled area and will spray it later. Thanks for looking in 👍
  2. Hi all, Some more progress. The seats have been finished and added (I then remembered I hadn't taken a picture of them 🙄) and its had a coat of Alclad II black primer: More soon, thanks for looking in 👍
  3. A wee smear of filler and a light sanding and they look ok buddy...but lets see what they look like under some primer 😱 Hi all, Getting there slowly but surely, little by little she is starting to look like a Phantom 👻 Should have the build phase done by tonight with a bit of luck. Thanks for looking in 🙂
  4. I do like the look of this AFV, and yours is a superb rendition Steve 😎
  5. Hi all, This is a nice kit but it certainly isn't Tamiya standard 😏 That said she is starting to look like a Toom now 😎 I plan on getting another few hours in tonight once Zero Alpha has hit the Schlafplatz 👍
  6. Superb set of pictures Leo 😎
  7. Cheers Darren 😎 Hi all, Some more progress has been made...but not a lot 😁 The only issue I have with this kit so far is the forward under fuselage to the rear underside fuselage fit. There is no location points, its just a butt joint, so I added 3 white tabs as seen in the picture to help hold the parts in place. That's all for now, thanks for looking in 👍
  8. Hi all, I have made some progress...at long last I hear you say 😋 Whilst this doesn't look like much, it is about 3 hours work 😲 Next up will be a smidge of weathering 👍
  9. Thanks Darren, and I am sure she will look just fine mate 😎
  10. Thanks for the offer Darren, but I am going to build her clean 🙂
  11. Loving the terrible Pirate joke 😂 Hi all, Standby, standby the Vandy 1 build will start in earnest tonight 😎 This build should only take a few days as there will be very little weathering, one main colour and no weapons carried...easy build 🙂 I have come across a rather fetching picture of Vandy 1 at low level, but my question is, what are the white things hanging on the TER's? Any help would be greatly appreciated 👍
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