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  1. Thank you all 😎 I do try to be a little different Duncan 🙂
  2. Fantastic build Brad 😎
  3. Hi all, My next build is a modern aircraft, I was planning to use the kit decals but they were unusable, so some aftermarket decals were sourced. The kit is designed to be built wheels down but I decided to build her wheels up, which required some surgery to the gear doors and some filler, but she is finished... 26/21: Hasegawa 1/72 MiG-29 Fulcrum (K22X) Moldovan Air Force, 1995: Thanks for looking in 😎
  4. mac1677

    Tremblers 65

    A nice pair of Lightnings 😎 At the risk of sounding ignorant what does "Tremblers 65" mean?
  5. Hi all, Got these from Amazon Prime, £4 each. I asked the wife (she has a Prime account, I don't) to buy me 3, they turned up today and she bought me 4
  6. As well as the Mk VIII 'Grey Nurse', I think I will try these wee ones.
  7. Agreed Mish 😎 I also like how they run the competition, every model is entered regardless, and they have judges who visit each SIG/group. I don't usually enter competitions, but won best 1/72 aircraft a few years ago 🙂
  8. Hi all, JFYI this show was scheduled to be held on the 27 Jun 21, but the date has been rearranged to 01 Aug 21.
  9. Coming along nicely there 😎
  10. This is a superb build, I look forward to seeing the final result 👍
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