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  1. mac1677

    My January

    Well, one and a half 😛
  2. mac1677

    My January

    Thanks all, much appreciated
  3. mac1677

    My January

    Hi all, Unlike the aircraft, which have been many this month, the AFV's are a bit on the slim side with only one being built and another started Really nice kit, I went for the Desert Storm camouflage as I didn't fancy the 3 tone US camouflage. Thought I would tease you with the WiP, it is a Hobby Boss 1/35 VK 4502(P). Thanks for looking in. I hope to build more AFV's in February.
  4. mac1677

    My January

    Hi all, So far I have had a quite productive January, with 8 completed (one of which is an AFV) and one on the bench, so lets see the aircraft shall we... A kit of its time, but a nice build. Lovely wee Airfix Focke Wulf. Terrible PM kit, but aren't they all? What-if 40 anniversary of the BoB scheme. Another nice kit from Airfix. Not kean on Hawks, but I like the all over grey Indian scheme. The new Airfix Club kit. Thanks for looking in
  5. I have no idea what is going on here, but came across this picture whilst searching for F-4E pictures
  6. Very nice Brian 👍 I am currently building an Italeri 1/48 F-4F in Iranian desert colours...clearly the Italeri kit is no where near as nice as your Zoukei Mura kit 😂
  7. I joined the Airfix Club last Friday (13th) and the kit and extras arrived today, not too bad
  8. I am waiting for my Meteor to arrive sometime this week Having built the new1/72 F.8 I can honestly say it is a cracking kit and am looking forward to building the FR.9.
  9. Both are great, but I am a sucker for a Nachtjager 😁
  10. Nice The paint maybe interfering with the fit of the door mate, I built this kit many years ago and mine just popped straight in.
  11. Typical, I was going off someone else's review as I am an Android user, but I found this Colour chart, it is a very similar beastie by the look of it.
  12. I use the Hobby Color Converter app, it is avaliable on both iOS and Android.
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