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  1. Hi all, The build phase is finished, for the most part. There is still a few wee sticky out bits and dangly things left to add once the painting has been done. It is not the best fitting kit TBH, the canopy is terrible so will be posed open. I hope to get the primer on tomorrow. Thanks for looking in 👍
  2. Small progress is still progress mate 👍 Nice start, I will follow this build as I have the rather ancient Tamiya kit of this SPG.
  3. mac1677


    About 95% of the collective group I think 😁
  4. Cool 😃 I shall PM you my details just now 👍
  5. mac1677


    We can only hope Col. 😂
  6. Cheers Mish and thanks for the vote of confidence Gorbs 😂 Hi all, Next update, and she is starting to look like a Yak Forger 😋 She needed a bit of sanding to get rid of the step where the top and bottom fuselage joined. So far, and quite unusually for Airfix of this era, no filler has been required 😃 Thanks for looking in, more soon 👍
  7. mac1677


    This will make many people on here sooooooo happy to see another Spitfire kit 😂
  8. In a word...nope. But it is still somewhere near the top of the build pile.
  9. Hi all, I am going to join in with this GB with an Argie Etendard. Here are the preliminary shots: Box art: Kit in the box, not started: This is a tooling from the Heller days: Step 1 of the instructions done: Thanks for looking in, more tomorrow 👍
  10. Thank you all 😊 Hi all, I have finished the Turkey and have taken some pictures, but they are mostly bobbins...this is the best of the bunch, but fear not I will take some better pictures tomorrow for your viewing pleasure 😁
  11. Great looking build, the colour is superb 👍
  12. I look forward to seeing it Milan 👍
  13. Thanks all, glad you are enjoying the build 👍 Hi all, Plans changed yesterday for our visit to London so some modelling took place. Got another gloss coat on her and the decals...not that you can see many of them 😂 She should be wrapped up later on today sometime...then it is onto the third and final stalled 1/48 Italeri kit, an F-15C. I need to get myself to Hobbycraft to get a large piece of white card to use as a background for the final photos as my light box is only 40cm x 40cm and the Turkey barely fits in it. Thanks for looking i
  14. You are having a bubble Col. 😲 These ZM kits terrify me, TBH I dont know why I buy them 😂
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