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  1. Hi I have no connection to this shop just passing on the good news we have a new model shop opened Great staff and excellent prices and a good range Based in Camberley CBL Models 48-50 Obelisk Way GU15 3SG Camberley 0127650534 Car park near by which is cheap
  2. Stanley21

    Tamiya T-62

    That's quite good not naff at all like it
  3. Because I decide to tidy up the bench and tool drawer ----------BIG MISTAKE
  4. HiIf you buy the new Korean war Tamiya Sherman you will find a Russian Gaz 65 B scout car in the box as well in 1/35 scaleNot mentioned anywhere on the box or adverts , its the old Tamiya kit that came with a mg crew pulling a maxim mgTrumpeters kit of the Gaz is going for 25.00 on flea bat bit steep me thinks for what is a Russian jeep after all Dave
  5. Stanley21


    I thought so , every pic I,ve seen i cannot seed the spade fitted with the trailer Thanks so now I have to do two new Famo.s D
  6. Interesting There is a ramp at Duxford IWM museum Perhaps a conversion on the second V1 to the piloted version would not be too difficult , plenty cockpits canopies in that scale to use D
  7. Stanley21


    Hi I,m looking at building the Famo and trailer by Tamiya and was under the impression that the spade at the rear could not be fitted if the Famo was towing the trailer Right or wrong D
  8. Stanley21

    Yeovil Show?

    I think it was going to be organised by the local modelling club in a school nothing to do with the FAA Museum
  9. It started to go wrong when the submarine on station to watch the harbour left its position to recharge batteries , Hitler came up withe idea knowing that we would not be expecting a daylight run so would be caught flat footed
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