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  1. Probably best we don’t Richard, then at least folk will know which side of the void we come from. I’m all for whatever it takes to make a model look like the “real deal”, aftermarket, effects, pretty much anything involving physical skills. I might draw a line at photo-shopping but I’m still open to that in a modern world. You should tell us what your red-lines are so we understand where you come from
  2. You got that orange colour off to a tee Steve. I spent a good hour on the RNLI site this morning on the strength of your blog. Very worth while it was too. Thanks very much bud. Paul
  3. Out of date, out of touch and just rude Be good to see just how good that can be So what? Ah, but you did Been here before Richard, You still want to sell us the less is better narrative. You must realise by now that the ability to purchase aftermarket, weathering materials and the technical tools required for pushy modelling has no relationship to being able to use them, and in turn produce the wonderful results from such. You suggest that fab results are coming from the access to those products, where as most of those results come from spending many hours learning how to integrate those products. If you doubt it, prove it to yourself, buy a wedge of etch and see how easy you become a “fitter”. It’s just rude mate, every time.
  4. Really Paul? you still fighting against that race to the bottom.? Are you aware answering your own post may be a first you smuck!
  5. Nothing to see here for me, I’ll move along. That said, Good Tamiya kits were definitely available in rustic North Wales as early as 1974. I took a full detailed turret of a 1/24th ( I’m lightweight here on the scale as it’s a long time ago) Panther to an interview for an engineering apprenticeship at Pilkington Brothers. They told me that the kit clinched the deal and they offered me a start. My brother had already been using Tamiya kits for a while at that stage. He did racing cars, drag racers and armour. I think the shop was in Queen Street in Rhyl. It was called Poole’s.
  6. Fair does Darren, that’s as good a reason not to tamper as I’ve seen 👍🏼👍🏼
  7. Feels like an obscure place for this heading, if Darren hadn’t tagged me I would be unlikely to spot the question. I mean the whole modelling tips thing, not Gareth’s specific question. It might get more representation within the chat section. I don’t normally scroll this low, although I often stoop lower!
  8. Gareth, not sure without seeing a picture but; The above link, post 22 July 2018 covers soldering laminated parts via the tinning method. You can also hold the parts in tweezers and edge solder them. Pages 2,3 and 4 all have etch ladder builds but probably a bit different to yours if you can show a picture of what you want to do, I’ll try to be more concise 👍🏼
  9. I can’t remember the last time I did an omg, if ever, but that is a wow Gorbs. I’m still not sure your not mugging me over with a picture from the National Trust website
  10. Toolmaker

    My First Jet

    I don’t venture into the unchartered territory of planes too often as the clean lines scare me too much. I always enjoy seeing your builds but this one coupled with the fab back story is a biscuit taker 👍🏼. Plus Nige got a mention and he needs a poke now and then. Top job
  11. Yes Richard, back on topic and on a much more serious note I see another first here Gorby. I think you may be the only modeller that considers riveting wheels as consumables. Can we assume they cheaper by the dozen? I also noticed that shares in Archer decal rivets have plummeted since you exposed this build to an unsuspecting world. That said, “our” world is a better place for it.
  12. Fortunately I have been doing some reading recently or I might have thought this was something from Master Chef. Technical terms aside, you are doing a cracking job on this. When the detail looks that good in close up, you must be doing something right. How are your eyes fairing (see what I did there) up? regards Paul
  13. That’s coming along very nicely Steve. Rumour has it you need one of those plotter cutter thingies, then you can make your own masks and just spray on the markings. Just think no more decals 👍🏼
  14. Hi Ken, I’m definitely willing you on with this one but I’m not sure this will help. Could you use a fine marker pen in the “groove”. You might have to paint the main spokes first to get a usable surface texture.
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