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  1. Fantastic. Fancy having to have a shotgun license just so you can start the car 👍🏼
  2. I definitely have a soft spot for tractors. I’ve got one of me racing an articulated tractor somewhere but I can only find this at the moment. Never seen one in the UK but someone from further afield will know what it is. Yours truly in about 1982.
  3. Nice Paul, as you know I put a couple of those on the Whippet. They are really nice figures and I would suggest don’t try and do anything with the eyes. At 1/35 a general shadow is enough.
  4. I moved this little gem back into my workspace yesterday and spent a couple of hours looking at it. I felt I was in shock after the recent carpentry. It was back to being organised and disciplined or I wouldn’t be able to find the part I just put down. First task was to permanently re-affix the optivisor to my forehead and check for kit damage, just the one piece has blown away. Onwards then, drill a couple of holes that would be an interference fit for human hair. Another raid on the sewing kit for needles suitably small to apply ca and attach said drilled and pinned parts. Note to self; the human hair will come in handy to replace the missing arial. By this point I’m worn out, take a break and find myself looking at wooden boat kits! Nooooo.
  5. Russian roulette or not, you dodged the bullet and came up trumps. Very impressive result. I’ll have a go at your method one of these days although it recently dawned on me that I don’t have any gloss paint in my possession. Your progress here is a pleasure to watch. Thanks Paul
  6. Seen before or not I don’t know, but it stands out either way. It’s a fab from me 👍🏼
  7. Thanks Kevin. No, nothing so grand as mag/commission work. I think I just like doing something different most of the time. I went 1/700 because I haven’t done that scale before and then it’s just finding a subject. I also fancy doing a car sometime soon but I’m a bit concerned about getting the polished finish right and I’ve still never built an aircraft, rotary or otherwise. You might be surprised to know that the Fifie is 1/64 scale. Amati do a larger scale Fifie and I quite fancy that but I have plenty waiting in the wings already.
  8. I painted the same figure a few years back. It was a metal Pegaso figure back then rather than resin. A sign of the times I guess. Enjoy.
  9. Not much to say really other than “done”. As a complete beginner to this genre the only thing I can say for sure is that if you have been contemplating building a wooden boat but are unsure about complexity etc then this is the kit for you. Although plank on frame much of the wood is laser etched and better fitting than a lot of moulded plastic kits. The instructions are clear and a delight to follow. Buy it without the sails for an easier build if that suits. There is so much extra material included you will not run out of raw materials. I’m not going to create a RFI so I’ll just stick half a dozen pictures here; so in no particular order. cheers for dropping by and taking a look, it’s now time I headed back to the Lenin. Thanks Paul
  10. I think you should be pleased with yourself Kevin, it’s looks really good. I think your doing a fine job on what looks to be a very challenging build. I’ve just had a go a a wooden boat myself and although picking the simplest thing I could find it is still far from perfect.
  11. I really enjoyed doing the woodwork even with the false start but I can’t say the same for the rigging. I would do another wood build but will choose something with no more and perhaps less rigging than this one. No fancy man of war type for me. Onto the second sail now and the next post will see it done.
  12. Turns out, all that stuff you had hidden in the cupboard over the years, was in fact buried treasure. Must be very cathartic Steve, taking the unloved and bringing them on to take their rightful place amongst the greats. Your doing fine work whilst having fun.....perfect I enjoy looking at them, thumbs up all around bud Paul
  13. Feeling lost in the rigging department so it’s slow progress, but, progress we do have; an equally enthralling instalment next Thanks for looking
  14. Considering Richard’s mo, lurking around airfields camera in hand I reckoned he must be one of these (or both)
  15. A simple idea Steve that I had seen elsewhere/somewhere/can’t remember where. It’s quite effective for small scale where the traditional stuff isn’t available. Here it is 0.2mm black coated wire. Take 3 pieces and plait whilst trying to maintain a constant tension. Simples
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