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  1. The site had a hiccup earlier and the following small update on yesterday’s effort was lost, so here it is once again (glad it wasn’t one of my “million photo” updates) I put some final colour onto the engine room skylight; Once it is glazed it will be pushed into place here; If you get really close up, it looks like it has spent time at sea already and the slot is where it slides onto the leg of the tub containing the 2pdr gun. Slowly, slowly
  2. Toolmaker

    British Airways L1011 TriStar - Negus & Negus Livery

    It’s a real surprise how drawn to these I am. The credit of course goes to your excellent work, both in the build and the display. If it wasn’t for the “rod” I would be easily fooled by the realism. Great stuff. Thanks Paul
  3. Toolmaker

    S.M.S. Emden, 1:250 Paper Ship, HMV Models

    Stand out brilliance, a deserved winner. The quality you bring is something to aspire to. I appreciate seeing it here. Thanks Paul
  4. I stand corrected, back in stock and ordered. It’s good stuff to use 👍🏼
  5. Still faffing about getting the rear deck to fit. Touched up the camo scheme which is now generally finished. I put some paint on the foredeck today and painted the winch. The main gun was just placed for a general idea. The 2 thin angled cut-outs in the “wood” decking are where the breakwater assemblies will go and the shorter wider ones are for a couple of bollards. I have decided that I will build this in a used and in-use condition. I don’t intend creating a wreck but it will get “weathered” and a little knocked about. It’s a cop out really as it allows me to mask my failings. I have started adding bumps and dents to the plates and done some chipping but it will take some time yet. Thanks for the recent likes and comments, I’ll be back again soon but for now I’m off to try and find some colourcoats thinners as it appears to be sold out at the moment.
  6. Your right Col, it’s a tad over 12 months since I started this and to squirt some “main” paint at it does feel like a major milestone. I still have a major issue that I’m struggling to correct insomuch the afterdeck has a serious twist. Darren kindly offered me the excuse that I was grappling with 40 year old plastic, but more likely it’s just my bad workmanship. I may have to break up some work I have done and do some scratch building. Is there such a thing as a glue that will hold against the stresses of a twist?
  7. Toolmaker

    MK1 "Male" Tank, Masterbox 1:72 Scale

    In a quirky way this isn’t too far off your norm Andy, I believe in the early days they were known as Landships ! The “trolly” was supposed to help with the steering (it was controlled by wires and pulleys from inside) but once they realised it was equally effective to stand on the left or right side brake they sacked it off. Enjoy your build, I will keep an eye out.
  8. Today I got the initial paintwork done on the naked side. I have also done the basic painting on the rear deck and engine room. You will see that the lower rear deck has been dropped into position for this photo shoot but is not yet fixed. Plenty of touch up still to be done on the recent paint job, protective coat and weathering after that. However once what you can see here is all fixed and finished then the build-up can begin in earnest. I hope the pictures are in the least entertaining and at a push, useful. Thanks Paul
  9. Toolmaker

    AMC DH2

    Very nice Darren, I really like those dials. If you get fed up halfway through can I have them for my Corvette please? 😂
  10. Toolmaker

    Eduard Dawn Patrol

    Now where is that can of worms thing that Darren once used. I guess it depends how old the tank is and where it has been. I believe good quality alloy steel, in a uncontaminated environment rusts at around .05mm per year, so 20years for 1mm of rust. Salt air, dampness and other additions would accelerate this. Rust on solid steel works from the outside-in and if it’s regularly being prevented from starting, like an in-use railway line, then it should remain rust free. Now please don’t expect me to get into a deep meaningful conversation on this, you need a metallurgy forum for that. Somewhere you can discuss all sorts of steels and irons and why piers last so long 😂😂 However for rusty tracks on a Whippet, try here. The pictures are towards the bottom of the page. https://www.militaryfactory.com/armor/detail.asp?armor_id=233#armament
  11. Thanks for the comments girls and boys. I did have a little mis-placed masking as the green strike from bow to midships should have finished fully at the black and not be "squared" off. I'll correct that when I do the other side.
  12. Toolmaker

    The Stash.

    A slight misunderstanding Andy, me too for a moment when I read the OP "His family know nothing about the models". I believe the op was simply saying his friends family don't know what to do with them or what they may be worth. I have had a on-going discussion (disagreement) with 2 close modelling friends for years about stash build up. My thoughts are that if you collect, and by all means do, then do so for pleasure but don't count it as part of a financial plan. There will always be exceptions and examples to prove me wrong but in the whole the return has to be measured in enjoyment and not financially. Someone might believe that the iphoneX will be worth a mint in 50 years but I wont be buying one in each colour and sticking them in a draw in the hope. With the age of rapid prototyping and even rapid toolmaking its even more difficult to know what and when kits will become rare and sought after and because we are mostly collectors rather than investors, we hang on and don't sell them at the profitable moment anyway. As a non-collector (yeh, right), I still have around 40 kits in the queue........Mmmmm, 2 builds a year and I might be in with a shout! Of course there is no right and wrong in this, its a great hobby, there is something for everybody. For collectors, builders, researchers and even investors. Best wishes on sorting your sadly missed friends stash and its good to hear it brings back fond memories. rambling as usual Paul
  13. I’m still working on the White, where the hull joins the deck, but fancied a change. Believe it or not I do get impatient, so I decided to do some masking and have a go at the camo scheme. As per usual it’s all in the pictures but should any questions arise please feel free to shout out; All masked up and on with a bit of blue. Cover the blue bits to avoid any overspray. No need to “mask” them, just cover them. The 1st reveal. I have to point out that the opposite side still looks like this. Thanks for dropping by to take a look. I’ll be back when the other side is done. cheers all Paul
  14. Thanks Richard, but feel free to remain seated (those at the back will complain otherwise)
  15. A bit of both I think Andy. You could spend 3 months just on the plastic of the hull before doing anything with this kit....come to think of it, I probably have 😂