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  1. Yes definitely still in it Darren. If I’m going to change all the charges I need to order more styrene tube. This pic shows the basic arrangement of the davit/depth charge set up. The throwers got their final bits of furniture added and are now ready for the paint shop. You can see on these two pictures what the model throwers are looking to depict as well as the fixed davits finished recently. Enjoy Paul
  2. Earlier today had me cutting some 400 detailing parts from their frets. These etch parts “can” be used to detail the 50 plus depth charges should you so decide. I did think for some time about this, was I calm enough, was I steady enough, brain dead enough and sad enough. Seems so! To date my modelling has not really been about this type of detail but the challenge of these sets is to at least have a go. I have just done a few to see how it goes. I’m not sure how many bits will stay on and it’s hard to photo but this is how they came out. We shall see if I continue on this path, I think it will depend on my mental state each morning. Thanks Paul
  3. Yes, I understand, it’s gone on way too long already👍🏼
  4. I did a couple of hours today but not a huge amount to show for it, but hey ho, it’s all good practice. Put a shackle together and drilled .5mm hole to help hold it in place on the davit. Note the handwheel on the black plexiglass sheet. and here it is in situ....... cheers for stopping by Paul
  5. Toolmaker

    St Gabriel Master Korabel 1:72 Scale

    I’m not knowledgeable on the subject, but is this block filling a new idea? I ask as I mentioned previously that I have a mate who has done a lot of wooden ship building but has has not blocked or filled with his work. I think the first planking on his builds were done with fairly thick strips which were then sanded to shape and then the 2nd planking followed that. Thanks Paul
  6. Toolmaker

    Airfix 1/24 Spitfire Mk Vb

    Enjoying this one, great stuff 👍🏼 Thanks for sharing Paul
  7. Toolmaker

    IPMS Bolton 20th January 2019

    Our regular first full outing of the year, see you there.
  8. Like Richard, I searched hard for an appropriate word to describe the building of the depth charge racks; arduous seemed about right. I accept that state of mind is worth about 90% of my approach to model making but these racks have felt like a bit of a task. That said, they are in the finish straight. Too many pictures as usual but it’s cathartic after the past few weeks, thanks; Just a couple of wires to snip and then add these release levers and that is it; A little bit of cheating when it comes to painting?? Hopefully I’ll be back soon with more, cheers 👍🏼 Paul
  9. Toolmaker

    St Gabriel Master Korabel 1:72 Scale

    Hey Andy, that’s coming along nicely. Would it be feasible to fill those gaps with something that has the bulk, is not too heavy, that can be shaped and smoothed easy and possibly poured. I’m thinking some sort of filler or plaster and/or white glue. You can bulk it up to make more of a paste. Over fill and then smooth back with scraper and sand paper until the wooden bulk heads are seen again. You would have to fit the planking to the bulkheads as per usual but you would also have full support and something to glue onto in between the bulk heads. Paul
  10. Thanks once again Richard, most kind. I have been a little lax on this build for the past week, I’m hoping it’s not the dreaded burn-out you had asked about. This next week will tell as I’m free from the burden of work.
  11. Toolmaker

    St Gabriel Master Korabel 1:72 Scale

    Oh now we’re cooking! The laser cut planks have really opened up this type of build to mere mortals. You are definitely managing to engage the possibilities with these Andy. You won’t need a magnifying glass to see this one, I suppose you could tow the last one behind this when finished (of course they might be different periods). I’ll be visiting each update on this one, good luck Paul
  12. Cheers Ken, very kind of you to praise like that. I hope I can reach the finish line in similar fashion. Today I got the second rack up to the same point as the first without major mishap.
  13. Thanks Darren, it’s parts like this that brings etch to the fore like no other method. Moulding and printing just can’t bring scale the same way. Thanks Andy, it’s probably due to all the practice 😂
  14. Photo site is working again........ ‘Please ignore the .5mm styrene rod holding the release mechanism. I am waiting for some .6mm wire to arrive.
  15. After building the first rack I concluded that the white metal depth charges were a little short. That coupled with the fact that I would need to take the existing detail off the metal depth charges if I wanted to fit the detailed etch end caps led to my decision to make new depth charges from styrene. Pictures to follow as my photo host is running slow tonight, I’ll try again later.