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  1. Toolmaker

    Need helping looking for a kit

    https://nscaleships.com/n-z-scale-ship-index/c2-s-b1-459-cargo-ship-american-flyer-1944-1976/ Have you had a look around this place, you might find a “near enough” for conversion.
  2. Not a lot done since last time out, this is where we were at; Still nothing fixed or even fitted yet, including the main deck that was part worked back in February. By now I have settled with doing all the main etch sets before any final fitting and painting. I figured doing all the etch work first will keep me "in practice" with the forming and soldering. More importantly, once I start painting I will hopefully get into the swing with the airbrush. If I only did one part at a time I would likely be airbrushing one day and then not again for 2 or 3 weeks which seems less than helpful towards doing good work. Time will tell. I had seen models with these lights on both ways around, so I referred to original photo's to confirm correct alignment. Sure enough, I found photo's with them both ways up! Perfect impression of a warm soldering tip; I drilled some drain holes in the gun platforms; Tidied up the bridge voice pipes and the bridge rail posts; I don't know if it is standard kit build procedure but I decided to hot melt/weld the bridge support brackets; The first one was a little out but the rest worked great. As mentioned I have just opened up the depth charge set. It looks like this; In a couple of weeks we will see how (if) they build up ok. Thanks for dropping by Paul
  3. Toolmaker

    Tamiya 1/350 Bismarck

    This is coming along well. A brave departure from the norm. I don't know if these are any help regarding the turrets. Unfortunately not the Bismarck, they are from the Arizona;
  4. Toolmaker

    Tamiya king George v

    Looks like your starting to enjoy this PE nonsense Ken. As Richard said, there is a lot going on. It looks so much more realistic using the etch. Good stuff. Thanks Paul
  5. Toolmaker

    75mm Lifeboat Master Korabel 1:72 scale

    Hey Andy, good stuff. I spent ages looking at this latest update, jumping up and down the page, back and forth, back and forth, so I understood the construction technique. Really interesting. Cheers bud Paul
  6. Thanks Andy, yes it does feel like it’s coming together, albeit slowly. Not a lot of time at the bench this week but I had a couple of hours today at my local model club and opened up the “depth charge racks” etch set. Chatted more than modelled but freed a few pieces from the fret and made half a dozen bends.
  7. Toolmaker

    Wingnut Wings 1/32 Jeannin Stahltaube

    Some super paintwork on show there, matching the excellent build. Really nice. thanks Paul
  8. Toolmaker

    1:20 Dorade – 1931

    Another in-depth review done well, cheers, much appreciated. Plastic, wood, metal, cloth and thread; this kit has it all and looks to offer a great multi skill challenge. Whilst the subject matter would never enter my head, the construction aspect is certainly appealing, although a friendly seamstress would be a big plus. As has been said, a good return on your money for entertainment purpose. Paul
  9. Thanks Richard. I appreciate any and all comments, critical or otherwise. I must say, you are always positive and supportive with your posts, and not just on this thread. Cheers 👍🏼
  10. Cheers for the thumbs up. Your certainly right about the etch giving a better representation than the plastic. I also sorted that missing image from the previous-to-last picture post, the one of the instruction sheet showing the railing posts.
  11. Hi anyone and everyone, its a couple of weeks since I last posted so time to bring it up to speed via another picture post. Apart from a couple of ladders and one other piece already removed, prior to starting the bridge the etch sets looked like this; Now, some weeks on, the remaining untouched etch frets look like this; The most recent addition has been the bridge wing supports. They seemed to take me forever to do, mainly due to the fact I struggled to get my head around the instructions. Must be an age thing. So this is how they were built up. The 2 supports comprise 38 parts in total, the final 8 parts are fixed when the bridge is added to the deck. The supports are asymmetrical so I marked up to help with my confused state. Fear not, I wasn't so confused I got them the wrong way up. Here the bridge is inverted in my latest jig so I could solder the supports to the main bridge itself. After that the extended walk around looks like this; closer shot is this; so now I just need to add the ancillary stuff; Plus I have all the items previously readied for the bridge scattered around the room; That's it until next time when I expect I will have made a start on the depth charge racks. Thanks for looking Paul
  12. Toolmaker

    HobbyBoss F4F-4 Grumman Wildcat VF-6 USS Enterprise

    Everything to like with that result. Stand out quality. Thanks Paul
  13. Toolmaker

    75mm Lifeboat Master Korabel 1:72 scale

    Well you made a cracking start on this Andy, and that was before you got to step 1 (thumbs up on the refreshments). An interesting boat you have chosen, do you know what it was? Was it a service boat or something more, like a whaler? You have a lot of intricate work going on when considering the size. For a wooden craft it’s a petite kit which has got to add to the challenge. Wood is not particularly wielding so I assume sanding/test-fit/repeat is the order of the day. I have had a lot of exposure to this side of modelling through a friend who has been building wooden ships for 40 plus years. In recent years he has even been making his own frames in the traditional manner including using own made tree nails. As I think I mentioned before my only previous attempt failed miserably with a poor attempt at the Mayflower. That was also about 40 years ago and finished off by said friend. Once again, something of yours I will watch with interest. regards Paul
  14. Toolmaker

    Warren's New HMS Rodney Adventure.

    Lovely work throughout Warren. Top notch brass magic. I’m really enjoying watching this come to life. regards Paul
  15. Cheers. The lightbulb moment has really been sorting out the soldering. Without that this build would be doomed for me. I have developed a method which allows me to fasten the tiniest pieces together with relative ease.