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  1. Hand rails, posts, capping along with transom and colour. I think that sums up the additions, just plodding away. Very much a wip but it is evolving slowly.
  2. Not being a commercial vehicle mechanic I can’t see much wrong with this. These ain’t weekend kits. I’ve done some of the Mirror Model offerings which appear very similar and they take lots of time. Hopefully you will love it once the primer goes on and it will become a firm favourite. Im told the only difference between a chore and a challenge is attitude, so keep smiling at it and repeat “I’ve got this, I’ve got this” 👍🏼
  3. You would have to be hard nosed to knock those decals at 1/72. I did a bit of 1/72 scale last year and I would have been well chuffed to show that sort of detail. Mustn’t forget the builder, who is more than equal to the challenge of fitting the decals. Nice work all around. Do you think you could fix double tape to the back of the decal or is the fixing paper too thick? Just seems dry fitting them would be a good approach?
  4. The postie popped to my house today Andy. Speedy stuff my friend. I shall enjoy the read. I owe you one 👍🏼
  5. I reckon he bought some whiskey back from his holiday
  6. That’s a cracker, it’s looks a very appealing kit to me. Mind you I get excited looking at lathes & milling machines so that may not be a good recommendation. The red looks a great choice of colour, it’s coming on really well 👍🏼
  7. I’m all for it looking right, even when it’s not, it is. Thank you for the offer Andy, that’s very kind. I will message you. In the meantime I hope this link will take you to a book that you can save as a pdf. Lo and behold on page 70/71 is my Cutter and belief it or not, it has a Spitfire Jib. https://thenrg.org/resources/Documents/articles/TheArtOfRigging-Biddlecomb.pdf Another spot was this which I thought you might like; Slight thread drift here, but if we thought exploded view modelling is something new, note this one was done over 250 years ago.
  8. Tis looking good Paul. Quality takes time and it’s looking top quality thus far. Keep going, I want to see more and I’m in no rush 👍🏼
  9. A cracking update Andy with an impressive close fit on the rudder. Superglue has a fairly short effective life once opened and perhaps that was the issue. Nice of you to point out how long it takes to do some of this detailing, like you describe I can sit for hours with little to show sometimes. The wire for setting the gap between blocks is genius, not seen that up to date till now. Is there any particular book you would suggest for model ship rigging? I was chuckling when you wrote on the Alert thread that you might try spiling planks like I had, because I had been looking at kits that had pre-spiled planks to avoid doing it again.😂
  10. French kissing ended 40 odd years ago for some of us
  11. and it’s sporting a Welsh Dragon, beyond a shadow of doubt the case is proven your honour.
  12. Another classic blog in the making here. Never a dull moment with this fella. I would pay good money to visit inside your head Gorbs, but the pre-requisite would be; 1) knowing the location of the emergency exits. 2) knowing said exists were in good working order
  13. I think you got of lightly, last time I split up it cost half a house😂😂. I’m sure you could have built it, I think the trick with these kits is loads of patience and sharp tools
  14. Nice to have a good kit as a base, but it’s all your hard work that has made this yet another beaut to add to your collection. I really admire your consistent quality. I know this adds a bit more pressure/expectancy for the next build but that’s the price you pay for making me WOW! each time
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