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  1. I just had a go at what will be the final bit of detailing in this area. This is the first of two to be done on this side and once the second one is finished that will conclude this side of the engine room. Then I just have to repeat all the same detailing on the opposite side. So, a couple of hours ago I did the following; I made a couple of hooks from a bit of etch and some wire along side some painted and folded lead wire; Then it was some careful fixing and matching up; To facilitate I did try to flare one end of the “rope”. Fully rigging the first of the block and tackle sets has worked out ok but that’s about my limit. My health couldn’t take anything more intricate 😂😂 cheers everyone regards Paul
  2. On the subject of delicate builds, has anyone else experienced what was a first for me today; I was blowing clear some plastic swarf from some holes I was drilling when I blew away a piece of previously fixed etch. I worry a high wind will blow this build to bits.
  3. Just to prove, incase you were not sure. that I am indeed the “saddest git in the village”, today I found a piece of etch that needed fitting which I could not get to agree with me on the best route forward. My shaking hands would not allow me a clean fit. In response the resulting fix went something like this; take 4 pieces of styrene glued together in a measured manner. Needing a slot cutting I was lucky enough to find this/these photo etched blades which are a perfect fit in a standard scalpel blade holder which also happen to cut a loverly 0.25mm wide groove. The next few pics will show how it works, especially for people like me with some steadiness issues. The PE is loaded up into the slot, add some CA to the fixing points, offer up to the proposed fixing point with care and consideration. You can see why I had to step the fixture, so I could avoid the floor pulley. In position and gluing up. A couple of minutes later and once dry, gently remove jig and retire; Cheers Paul
  4. I don’t think I’m experienced enough to advise, but if I were able to I might suggest you (always) go with the paints you are most comfortable with. Note to one self “follow your own advice once in a while”.
  5. I’m not sure of your thinking here Kev, could you explain why the setting might dictate the choice of paint.? So far in my fairly short modelling career I have used all sorts of paints on top of all sorts of other paints without adverse effects. I do normally use varnish in between though. If you take as long as me I might not be around to see your completed dock yard scene 😂😂
  6. Hi Kev, I’m not sure what your colour scheme your ship is going to be; Lifecolor do a Western Approach set and I have used the white on my build for small pieces and some touch ups. https://starling-models.co.uk/en/tools-paints-and-materials/661-lifecolor-royal-navy-wwii-western-approach-late-war-set-2-22ml-x-6.html I like using a different shade here and there to suggest some in-house work having taken place on active service between refits. On the colourcoats I have found them straight forward to use. Using their own thinner helps and any offensive odours are kept to a minimum. Once put on plastic it is rock solid and can take any amount of handling. As for the brass, anything is only as good as the base coat. The only negative for me is the tins they come in which are not as convenient as some others but are a plus on the recycling front. I keep thinking mini laddles would be useful for taking paint out of this style of container, both for paint removal and measurement.
  7. Thanks fella’s. Thinking about this Andy, I realise I did it with the little Star Destroyer when trying to make it look like it was in flight. I came to the decision about using a stand rather than doing a seascape just recently. I’ve never done a seascape before and concluded this build wasn’t the place to start. 1/700th scale seems a more appropriate practice palette. You will have noticed that the mast is removed at the moment. It was never fixed but had been extensively worked. The kit mast is white metal but I am thinking I should replace it with brass. I would be a lot less worried about it coming apart if it were an all soldered construction. I’m not quite ready mentally to replace it but once it’s the only thing left to do (apart from rigging) I imagine I will. regards Paul
  8. Using some .7mm wire and some thin walled insulation the pipe work was made up. Because of the issue I had with the twist in the rear deck area, if I looked through the scuttles I could see the edge of the deck. With that in mind I decided I would make some scuttle plates to obscure the deck edges. They needing masking up separately to accommodate the camouflage scheme. I’d also like to take the opportunity to give a shout out for lifecolor paints. I have had these sets for a good five years and use them extensively. The Arizona was all done with these along with the Whippet build. Not to everyone’s taste but I like the way they spray, very flat finish but they won’t push through a fine nozzle airbrush. They brush paint really well and I use them for much of the weathering. The pots are handy with easy access and they have remained usable for 5 years or more after opening. The box sets even come with some instruction on the reverse of the box. The majority of painting on this build has seen me trying colourcoats for the first time and have found them nice and easy to airbrush with. The plates are then fitted and weathered to match the existing look. One of the last pieces to be assembled was this boat hook. Hey up, the Silver Surfer has snook aboard; One of the tasks over the past two days has been to knock up a usable stand. It’s finished apart from me adding the matching weathering to that on the hull.
  9. Beautiful work, everyone a real gem. I thought I was going extreme stating I would do 1/700 scale for my next ship and then these wonders come along!
  10. Very nice Warren. A bold choice for the camouflage scheme, definitely not for the faint hearted
  11. Been on a roll today so back again quicker than I expected. Subtle changes rather than anything earth moving but for me it’s good to drop things in place without mishap; Cor blimey, this looks wet, I got to a point when I was happy with the straps and how tight they looked. My friendly ship building guru informed me that seamen always slide down the ladder rails, so no paint on the rail tops and no rust either. Although it’s mostly hidden I made the adjustments to keep him happy. I was able to rendition the smoke drums as tied to the storage platforms. and finally a couple of noir shots I still have a few holes in the plastic to deal with. I plan to attach a voice pipe along the engine room at deck level which will hide them from view. I’ll also add down pipes at the depth charge firing points. After that I think it’s just a case of adding the boat hook pole. That will bring me to the stern deck area where I need to fit the two depth charge racks, a working davit, kedge anchor, another access ladder and a couple of general boat fittings. I’ll let you know when that’s all done. Cheers folks Paul
  12. My fault I didn’t explain clearly. Do the planks come as a bundle or are they laser cut. Some of the newer wooden ship kits have laser cut planks for the hull which already have the ends tapered to compensate for the fitting
  13. Thanks Andy, I can’t ask for more than that. Cheers Gorbs. The shortest build I have seen so far is HMS Sweetbriar laid down April 4th 1941, launched June 26th 1941 and commissioned Sept 8th 1941. All done at South Bank-on-Tees. So in answer to what you were getting at; Yes, they were a lot bloody quicker than me 😂😂
  14. Jolly (Roger) good to see you in this little section of the forum. I shall be watching and learning with this build. Plod away at a pace that works for you and us watchers will happily hang on for the ride. Are the planks for the hull pre shaped? I think there is a specific word for it but I’m not sure what it is. Best of luck with the build. 👍🏼
  15. Posting multiples of the same picture in quick succession doesn’t deserve such praise mate ✔️. Now corrected 👍🏼
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