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  1. A relative bargain that Steve, the regular cost for those is double what you paid. There is a early version boxing with the brass working differential currently for sale on eBay at £1249.00. So there you go, in comparative terms, cheap as chips mate 👍🏼
  2. Mark, too lazy to grab the photo etc, but if you go three quarters down the linked page there are some photo’s of a Whippet tank being recovered by a “Robey” steam truck. The coincidence was too much not to mention. Looks like Robey is in our lives now. https://tanks-encyclopedia.com/ww1/gb/British_medium_Mark-A_whippet.php
  3. Hi Si, link to some inexpensive spring benders if your other option doesn’t work out. https://www.micromark.com/5-piece-Spring-Type-Tube-Bender-Set
  4. Like I said, it’s a debatable point; https://tanks-encyclopedia.com/ww2-usa-improvised-armor-on-m4-shermans-in-the-pto/ with some debatable conclusions towards the end of the article. I have read of some period test results where it is stated that Panzerfausts could be a main beneficiary of this type of up armour as the burn was allowed to start with a small gap between it and the main armour. That said I have no expertise in this area.
  5. That’s the dogs! 👍🏼
  6. Si, it’s always good to see this back “on”. As for your tube bending, knowing the diameter would be useful. If it’s a reasonable size Like break pipe size or small bore central heating pipe you should be able to get a bending spring. Slide inside, bend and the remove the spring with a slight twisting action. 2 “U” shaped rollers is another way. The u has to match your tube so it encapsulates the tube denying it room to distort. Plumbing videos will show the idea but probably in larger scale than your thinking of. You could try and tape over one end, fill with soapy water, freeze, bend and thaw. Annealing the tube in all instances will help. good luck regards Paul
  7. Simple tools being used to good effect, nice job Ken. You and Andy have me seriously considering having a go at a plank on frame kit.
  8. I like the effects you have achieved in the cockpit Peter. 👍🏼
  9. Always enjoy drifting through these pictures every so often. Thanks for the posts
  10. I believe that Aberlour is on offer at Amazon at the moment for £60 so might be a good time to stock up if that’s your poison
  11. Nice one Steve, I like the subtle colouring.
  12. Cheers Warren, I’m glad you like it.
  13. Steve, I go through a few weathering ideas on pages 2 and 3 of the build linked below. I also show some green vehicle weathering too. I’m not saying it’s good or right but you might pick up some ideas.
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