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  1. Don’t worry too much about mixing paint Andy, I rarely do any of that myself. The term I use when I say “layers” is more akin to different processes. First you may do a pin wash all over, then maybe tonal variation, next some chipping, after that dirt, rust, dust, streaks, paint fade, etc etc. Any one of those layers on their own may not look much but when all added together a more complete picture emerges. I’m on a 2 week layoff at the moment as a few garden jobs needed some attention but I hope to get back to it this coming weekend.
  2. Sums it up for me and saves me writing it myself. Whilst really enjoying seeing this “as is”, I’m also looking forward to seeing all your hard work showing through under a coat of paint, keep on going man. Glad you found something interesting in the “Tank Hunters” too 👍🏼
  3. Starting to get busier now, how is the enjoyment factor so far?
  4. That’s a fair size question Andy. I guess most of the answers are somewhere in the million books that have been written on the subject. I think, like most aspects of the hobby, practice is the most useful tool in the armoury. It’s such a broad subject you can even find “school room” courses on weathering. YouTube is pretty handy as well. If you fancied it you might have a dabble on your recent tank build. Remove the tracks and give it a good going over with gloss varnish. Then pick out the rivets with a pin wash. That’s just a small brush and heavily thinned paint and let it run around each rivet. When you have done whatever you fancy to it, you bring it back down by giving it a coat of Matt varnish. Have a look at that “Tank Hunters” build I did. I go through a few weathering stages on that. Have fun and thanks for keeping up with this one. Regards Paul
  5. Ye gods man! That looks brill. The care and attention to detail really stands out.
  6. Bit by bit the layers of weathering are added, almost reached the stern with the latest additions. The opposite side is still fresh out of dry dock. Time to get on the road, I’m off to Cosford show today. Cheers Paul
  7. Discounting the dog, it has taken you only five pictures to get to the same stage that has taken me fourteen months 😂😂 That apart, it sure is looking good 👍🏼
  8. Superb Gorbs, Your making the layering of plastic an art form which I’m sure will open up ideas to the masses watching. I think the idea of printing directly onto the plastic was inspired, when I read that I I felt an untapped neurol pathway lighting up in me bonce. Apart from all the wacky-ness, there is also plenty of delicate accuracy going on alongside and to top it all off you give an very entertaining narrative.....nice one, thanks. strangely, I also have the habit of nesting brackets?
  9. Col, I so share your pain on this. Modelling without optivisors is like watching tv without my glasses......something is just not quite right!
  10. An intriguing question came up recently and I’m interested in the experience of the Brexit family. Now before I continue, if the mods feel this should be a new topic somewhere else then move at will. I’m a relative newcomer to the hobby with my first kit being built in 2013. Even more recently in 2018 I joined my first model club and experienced my inaugural show with them last month when I put this on the club table. During the show a member of the public asked if he could buy the model and if so how much. I won’t deny, that I felt a bit special, haha. That said, it was an easy answer to say I didn’t wish to part with the kit, however I’m interested to know how you might all put a value to your work. The obvious answer seems to be that one could just reply with “how much did you have in mind sir/madam” and review it from there. I’m thinking if you get an offer you can’t refuse, and that will be a very individual thing, then the jobs a gudon. So if this or similar has happened to you I’m genuinely interested in your views. please, no disagreements, just points of view. thanks Paul
  11. Thanks Col, subtle eh, that’s not a word normally associated with me. I’m looking forward to seeing you complete your first ship but struggling with the thought that you are likely to get there before me 👍🏼 I’m sure your right, but in my simple mind I can’t help think that if it was 1/700 scale I’d see the end much more clearly 😀
  12. The past 4 or 5 days has seen a bit more detail painting done. I can’t say it will look the same when finished as I am still adding layers of paint as I go. My usual mantra of “nothing fixed, nothing finished” still applies. Thanks for popping by to take a look Paul
  13. Thanks Darren. Disappointingly, it was just black 🤷🏻‍♂️. To be more accurate it was Mr Paint black. There is so much of it (the hull) that I just wanted something ready mixed that would spray easily and consistently. I could have easily chosen a rattle can for the task but I had the Mr Paint handy. For the rest of it I have used Colourcoats.
  14. Cheers for that. As for the dance routine, I think it might be original Gangplank Style
  15. Trust me, I’m an engineer😀”poking from behind” is definitely the best way forward 👍🏼
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