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  1. Two of these to put together and each made up from 20 pieces. Moments like these and it’s easy to see the attraction of the 3D printed options. However that would be far too easy! The ships lockers got some latches added and yes Andy, the lockers really are plastic. Not sure why but I chose this route to prepare the splinter padding. I’m still hopeful of lashing them to the railings as they would have been. These are white metal and will add some serous weight to the bridge. By the time you see the photo after this next one you will know what these small styrene pegs are all about. Unfortunately I didn’t decide how I was going to represent the flags before I fastened the flag locker to the bridge. Which explains why I am filling it up in this position. The shelving unit next to the Flag locker is the flotation aids storage rack and something has made me believe it was made from wood. The guns are still only at primer stage but this is how they will look. Finally for this update; the splinter padding approaches Thanks for your time; Paul
  2. Cheers chaps for the comments and also to those liking. I am “on it” so to speak, the last 2 days working on splinter padding and filling the flag locker but sometimes 8hrs work doesn’t show enough to make a worthwhile picture post. Soon begad, soon!
  3. I’m not exactly a go to person on this, but I have used MS2 for the Corvette which I believe is a 1941-1943 deck colour (sorry for not looking back to see what year you are depicting, even if it makes any difference). I don’t understand the coding references but in colourcoats that is Narn 29.
  4. Complex, delicate and very intricate, much like the membership here 😂. The gallery shots are icing on your cake. Great result. Nice one 👍🏼
  5. Might seem obvious, but if your doing something like this with white metal castings make sure to run to a drill through all the stanchion rail holes before fitting them to the deck. I used a .6mm drill. It’s a grim moment if you are threading the railing through the posts only to find that one of the “holes” is still solid!
  6. Done fooling around in the Sci-Fi build and yesterday raised the Corvette back into place. A few hours yesterday and a few more today has seen me doing all the bridge railings. 42 pieces of .45mm diameter wire cut and in some instances folded. Eventually I was pre-painting the wire and in hindsight would take that route. On the bridge there are 30 plus stanchion post and they take some time to clean up, straighten and fix as they are in white metal. The holes in the deck were too small for the cast post spigots. I found it easier to drill out the deck rather than trim the white metal due to the softness (too easy to bend and snap if your holding them to work on). Its good to be back 👍🏼 Paul
  7. You and me both Steve, the first ship I did was the Arizona and it still awaits its rigging. The current one, the Corvette is round two. I’m hoping that when I get to the rigging on the Corvette, that I will also finish the Arizona and get a 2 for 1 moment.
  8. Toolmaker

    Fantasy MMA

    Should this have gone in figures Darren?
  9. Now as it happens, although I have never built a proper car kit I do have 4 in the stash
  10. Toolmaker

    Fantasy MMA

    The face off began in an almost low key manner; Come on if your hard enough! What do you mean............dentist?
  11. Cheers chaps, now where did I put that Corvette.......
  12. For your perusal, I present; The Imperial Knight
  13. I didn’t quite live up to my promise and thought better than to close the build without any indication of the base work. The base was covered with some coloured polyfiller and before drying a few bits were impressed into the surface over a sheet of clingfilm to protect them. There was to be some logs, some rope, a bit of brick work and a piece of angle iron. No Ewoks were hurt during this build (nor were they successful). The rust is just a couple of minutes work so don’t be thinking it’s some fancy dandy voodoo art magic. There is plenty of skill in model making but the right tools and materials go a long way to helping out. Took more time to get the rope to follow all the contours than the rest of the base. As you you can see with my new Duncanesque blue screen, I have attempted to do some finished pictures. These can now be seen in the Gallery. Thanks a bundle Paul
  14. I had to drift back here after your recent conversation with Duncan and realised I hadn’t commented previously, no doubt due to being left speechless at the time. For the life of me I can’t understand the title when you are one of the ultimate detail aficionados 😀. The attention paid to that detail is just fab. It’s hard to believe your not going to end up doing a ship soon😂
  15. Brilliant Andy, I wouldn’t have believed you could get that many folds in a 2 inch (50mm) square. Steel origami well executed.
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