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  1. Great work as normal Chris. Any of these going to Telford?
  2. I had it on the calendar for ages but SWMBO ignored it and invited friends over for dinner 😢.
  3. Most definitely with Rivenhall
  4. That really does look very nice Duncan, super work.
  5. I think I saw this on the table at the show at the weekend? First time I have seen one built and it does look very nice.
  6. Very nice mate. I won't ask what build number this is 😲
  7. Looking very nice Duncan.
  8. Looking good Duncan. That is avery nice effect on the exhaust pipes.
  9. Great job Duncan. Certainly something different and a very nice finish.
  10. Thats the one, thanks Mike. I wasn't aware of the history behind it but understood it was the only one in AEF in the country. I did have a flight in it but preferred the Chimunk . What a prize to win in a raffle.
  11. I done my AEF at Marshalls, Cambridge, back in the day. Chipmunks and another high wing, four seater which for the life of me I can't recall what it was. Always the same for me Chipmunk and aerobatics. What a joy.
  12. Nice start mate. Should be finished for the next meeting
  13. Nice review Darren. As much as I would like to I am going to resist (for now at least, otherwise SWMBO will be on my case ). I do look forward to seeing this one come together though . Usual question, where are you going to put it ?
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