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  1. Great work Peter. Really like the wood effect
  2. Come on Bro, you got this . (see! encouragement) But if you need a 'get out' give it to the dog to chew 😁
  3. Glad you made it home safe Duncan. It was nice to meet you and have a brief chat. Hopefully it was worth your while and you will come down again next year.
  4. Have a safe trip Duncan. Look forward to meeting you at the show tomorrow (Don't forget my paint 😁)
  5. Great work Darren. I'm not sure I would have the patience for this.
  6. Very cool. The wing layout reminds me a bit of the Klingon bird of prey from Star Trek. Hope you get your mojo back Si.
  7. Typical! half a job 🤣
  8. Thanks Mac. Nice build thread and I signed up while over there. I'm not a prolific poster but do enjoy seeing peoples work. Interesting about TET not working with the plastic. I'll have to remember that. I may dig my Hurricanes out and have a go after I finish the two on my bench.
  9. Hi Mac that looks fantastic. I have a couple of the Italeri hurricanes in the stash. I have been put off starting them as reports seem to imply they can be a pain. How did you find your build? Also if I may, all except the shot of the underside show both ailerons in the down position .
  10. Have you tried using Liquid Gravity (https://deluxematerials.co.uk/collections/scale-plastics/products/liquid-gravity). I find it very useful when you are running out of the larger areas to put weight.
  11. Nice work Jamie. Agree with you on the PE front, you need a break every now and again.
  12. I'll be following this one Jamie. Good luck with the build you certainly have set yourself a project with all that AM
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