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  1. Steve Weston

    Telford. Who's going?

    . You know what you all deserve a .
  2. Steve Weston

    Telford. Who's going?

    I really enjoyed it this year except that annoying fellow constantly telling me he was 'in print' 🤣
  3. Steve Weston

    1:48 Tempest Mk.V Series 1

    It does look to be an excellent kit. I also picked up the new 'Glass' resin IP which includes another set of seat harness. After looking at the kit later that Saturday evening come Sunday morning I decided to get the wheels (just because)and a set of exhausts as that kit ones don't look too clever. Also available was the gun bays but I gave them a miss. The resin cockpit should be available next month apparently.
  4. Steve Weston

    Micro fibre pads

    I believe you can use them either way though I have only used them dry.
  5. Steve Weston

    Bf109E-3 "WEISSE 5" Obfw. Jakob Arnoldy, Mandal 1940 (Tamiya 1/72)

    Great job Paulo, well done.
  6. Steve Weston

    Mr Surfacer

    I don't know but the courier didn't seem to have a problem.
  7. Steve Weston

    Mr Surfacer

    Got 5 Ltrs off of Ebay a while back. Good price and included Postage.
  8. Steve Weston

    They call me mellow yellow (actually they don't!)

    This is coming together very nicely Duncan, you're doing a great job.
  9. Steve Weston

    Tempest Mk.V

    Another very nice build Darren. Look forward to seeing this in the flesh
  10. Steve Weston

    Mr Surfacer

    Another option is nail varnish remover (acetone?). I have a small bottle stashed away for just such occasions.
  11. Steve Weston

    Zero Interest

    Nice job Dean.
  12. Steve Weston

    Tempest Mk.V

    That is coming together nicely Darren .
  13. Steve Weston

    Tempest Mk.V

    Nice work Darren. You looking to take it to Telford?
  14. Steve Weston

    Telford. Who's going?

    Most definitely, another for the Rivenhall stand.
  15. Steve Weston

    Nakajima Ki84 hayate

    Another nice finish