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  1. Steve Weston

    IAI kfir

    Very nice Darren. 👍
  2. Great finish Peter. Love the Eduard Spitfires they can be a real mojo restorer I find because they do just fall together. 👍
  3. Very nice. Agree with you about the Fujimi kits. I had a wad of them in the stash from when they first came out. Unfortunately sold them all when I moved up in scale. I believe that Italeri has reboxed them for rerelease though?
  4. Great job Andy. This was one of my first builds when I came back to the hobby.
  5. Nice start Steve. I am in the same boat as yourself. WWI isn't really my scene but you see these things built and they do look awesome. I keep saying I should have a go and build one but keep putting it off. Then seeing Darren's DH2 and the rigging in that was enough to scare me away again. good luck with the rest of this one.
  6. If this comes out as good as the DH2 should be very nice.
  7. Great recovery Duncan. It really is looking rather good.
  8. Great job Ian. I have a couple in the stash that I plan to do one day.
  9. Great work Duncan. I do mostly enjoy painting on the markings when I can, I think it sometimes looks a lot better than decals. Your recovery looks good too. You can always say it was a BDR replacement panel.
  10. Look forward to seeing this come together Paul.
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