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  1. Len Thomson

    Spitfire XII

    My modelling has taken something of a back seat recently, due to a lack of mojo (it will return), but I did manage to finish this one. Here is the lesser known Griffon engine Spitfire - the rather dainty Spitfire XII. Not many were built, and they only equipped 2 squadrons. This is the Xtrakit version, which some say is unbuildable. It is eminently buildable, it just takes some care. The cockpit was detailed with some Eduard parts (from their VIII/IX/XVI kit), Master, gun barrels, Quickboost exhausts, Falcon vac canopy. The undercarriage also came from an Eduard kit. This is MB830 of 91 (Nigeria) Squadron RAF, based at Hawkinge in 1943 (not far from home). Comments and criticism, as always, are welcome.
  2. Hmmm, so no one noticed that I had put the undercarriage doors on incorrectly, or that the wheels were just plain bad. The model has been corrected and the photos replaced.
  3. Len Thomson

    Spitfire 21

    Here is the latest completion from my Spitfire workshop. I consider this to be the second of the 'cross-over' Spits - with the new wing mated to the older fuselage and tail grouping. This is the Special Hobby Spitfire 21 in 1/72 scale. The kit has been enhanced with a few Eduard cockpit parts, Mission Models gun barrels, Falcon vac canopy, wing tips re-shaped etc. Finished in Tamiya with Xtracolour satin/matt varnish mixed 50/50. Aircraft is from 41 Squadron RAF, Church Fenton in early 1947. One of only two regular squadrons equipped with the 21. Comments and critique always welcome
  4. The Spitfire 22 had the later 'Spiteful' type tail. so the fin was bigger than that on the Spitfire XIV/XVIII, hence the rudder from Freightdog will not fit the Airfix parts. I have the AZ Model Spitfire kit as marketed by Freightdog, and it matches the P Cooke plans pretty much spot on.
  5. Which is all fine and dandy Paul. But no one seems to be interested in answering my first point. Why is a 'moderator' allowed to say 'act like adults'? It is exceedingly offensive. What is the 'or else'? Undefined of course. Then there is 'deal with the miscreants.' Give me a break.... I am sorry, but it smacks of childishness. Which interestingly, I and others were accused of being. It borders on boorishness. If anything, it does not appear to go by the published 'Rules of the Road' for the site.
  6. OK Paul, but that does not address my first point. I have always considered threads to be the property of the site. Generally, the OP cannot close a thread. Of course, being in the position of a Moderator, your mileage may vary. I find it interesting that the person who I thought set this place up seems to have had no input in such decisions.
  7. 'Now discuss like adults or else.' Or else WHAT exactly? A banning? A 3 month holiday as MW would say? I am sorry folks, but when someone says that to me, I am tempted to leave. I am 62 years old, and I do not like being called something other than adult. This is worthy of 'the other place' as this site seems to like to call it. I thought this was better than that. This is just what I thought BXM was set up to be against. It was a discussion. People were being adults. There was disagreement. Funnily enough, that is a discussion. No children or animals died. But just because some folks disagreed, we are told to 'be like adults or else'. WTF? Surely a topic should not be locked or closed by the administrators (unless it is downright offensive). It will run its course and come to an end. Some of course might say that I should be careful that the door does not hit me on the way out. But this is exactly how the other place lost so many people who have valid opinions and input on modelling stuff. So many experienced modellers. I may not agree with many or all of them, but their input is valuable. Close topics at your peril.
  8. With respect Paul, it was only when I suggested that Airfix might not be considered a mainstream manufacturer that you started mentioning sales figures. Which had nothing to do with QC. I agree that if sales are not affected QC will be unlikely to change. But that is hardly the best business model for a mainstream manufacturer. If the first run has gone and there are no plans for another in the near future, that does not in my mind point to a mainstream manufacturer either. My point is that perhaps the QC issues are more reminiscent of a non-mainstream manufacturer. And I have stopped buying Airfix. And with respect Michelle, this is a modelling discussion group. We were discussing modelling. There were no personal snipes. There were suggestions of how to fix it. Don't be like the other place.
  9. And if you had said that at the very beginning it would have been clearer. All I seemed to see was that you were stating the sales were good. The original post was about the QC.
  10. So it begs the question, why do you always refer back to sales, which have no bearing on the fact that QC is bad?
  11. I think the financial reports which are available to all show that Hornby as a group is NOT doing well. I think the big deal is about the QC, which people are speaking about in reasonable numbers. Airfix QC is NOT doing well, and there seems to be quite a lot of evidence of that. Responding with the point that sales are doing well does not alter the QC issue, and at the risk of repeating myself adds nothing to that discussion. It also appears that the same discussion is on social media more and more, which is somewhat more than 'forums like this'. I looked at several kits over the weekend which were owned by a friend. The Airfix Victor looked superb in the box. The panel lines were as fine as I would like (especially on the fuselage). The Airfix Sea Fury - overdone panel lines (and rivets) and short shots. The Airfix Phantom, same story. My friend also bought a new Revell Mustang in 1/32. The quality was superb. Another had the Italeri Hawk in 1/48. Stunning. If they can do it, why can't our own 'mainstream' manufacturer? I recently obtained the new tool Revell Spitfire II. The comparison between that and the Airfix Mk I has to be seen to be believed.
  12. The fact that the Sea Fury and Phantom are on a best sellers list has absolutely nothing to do with the quality control. I see that a Copper State Models kit of a Lanchester armoured car is also in the top ten. Is that mainstream? No one is denying that Airfix new releases are selling. I was simply alluding to the fact that Airfix also appear to be doing fairly short runs of their kits would also perhaps indicate that they are becoming less mainstream. As I said in my original post, I do want Airfix to do well. I really do. But this whole QC thing is not helping them.
  13. Hmmmm, didn't we have a long(ish) discussion on Airfix QC a short while ago? A friend bought the Sea Fury last Saturday and it had the short shot fin. There was at least one other place in the kit with a short shot. The fact that it is easily fixable adds nothing to the discussion. The discussion is about Airfix QC, which appears to be somewhat lacking., not about what needs fixing. Like others, I want Airfix to do well (actually, I want ALL model companies to do well, it's my hobby), but they do seem to be shooting themselves in the foot somewhat. Perhaps we should see them as less of a mainstream manufacturer now.
  14. I have always thought of the FR XIV as the 'sports coupé' of the Spitfire marque. This is the old Fujimi kit (which is still very good) in 1/72 with a few enhancements - I replaced the cowling top with one from another (unknown) kit, Master gun barrels, Barracudacast wheels, Falcon vac canopy, Quickboost prop and exhausts and some cockpit interior from the Eduard Mk IX. Painted in Tamiya with decals from the decal bank. This is FR XIV MV375 of 411 Sqn, based at B.174 Utersen in late 1945 Comments welcome as always.
  15. I have been away from the forum for a few days. I think we should be careful about comparing Airfix Model World (which is published by Key Publishing and uses the Airfix name) and Airfix models. Or rather, let's not compare them as they have completely different ownership.
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