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  1. So, I finally got something done this weekend on both of the engines. I went slightly off instructions, as you do, so that I could compare the engines as sub assemblies. There are quite a few differences but I will discuss each engine on its own before moving to the comparison. The IBG Engine. The IBG Engine is spread across a couple of sprues (G and H) along with 2 pieces from the PE Fret, notably a bracket and the cooling fan. It's a pretty simple affair and on its own it looks like quite a decent shot at an engine. However, once compared to the Thunder Models engine it doe
  2. Thanks all. The real building starts today. Will try to get something up in next few days. The Thunder Models website seems to say they arent too chuffed with IBG as they didnt tell them the Pioneers were in IBG's plans. Still, choice is always good methinks so hope I can help people choose their favourite one somehow.
  3. Thanks Paul. I also got the replacement radiator for 1 Euro. Not sure this will be a fast couple of builds but I'll do my best
  4. Hi all, I got both of these kits for Christmas and so I thought I would do a comparison build on the tractor itself. I know there are a few differences, not least that one has a trailer and the other has a load carrier with a crane in it but I thought it might be of interest to some. I also got the Army Wheels in detail book and its pretty good so I will be using that for reference and maybe some detailing if I can fit it in. I doubt it'll be a fast build, may take me all yea for all I know as work is busy and once the flying season starts that usually takes up a lot of m
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