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  1. Starbug

    looks brilliant - I never knew there was a kit available of this
  2. SBY 2202 1/1000 Andromeda

    looking really cool but I have a question: How are you going to paint this with the pin head fibre optics already trimmed back? how will you mask them??? and where is that SSD ..... next on your production line I hope...
  3. Finishing the A wing diorama

    looking forward to seeing more - nice A wing - is it a Bandai ?
  4. Jawa Sand Crawler - "OOODEEENI" ! (1/96 Randy Cooper resin kit)

    Its a roof top Drama !! its really starting to crawl along now - I've started to figure out how to do this weathering stuff now albeit to no pro standard - these pictures take you up to where I am now - I added some orange browns last night and then started the grime pixels and pigments process around the top and rear external motor and engine areas - not shown in any pictures yet the darker panels going down - Vallejo model air - Dark Earth 029 outside bogie cover panel - the top lip needed to be trimmed off as non of these cover plates sat in the correct location to the drive wheels when dry fitted - the plates sat too low leaving the axle plate covers looking offset from the centres of the front and back top drive mechanism wheels bogie plate covers now being glued and pinned on - tracks dry fitted to set and position these plates correctly Humbrol Maskol being rubbed back to reveal lower shades and colours - "Those blast points are too accurate for sand people" the next photo shows the first of the black shades going down - and now the black brought under control by other shades of brown Tamiya smoke airbrushed over the rear engine work area sooner or later I am going to have to start cleaning up in between each track tooth of these 8 resin parts - this photo does not show how much flash needs to be cleared away - these were casted with the outside of the track at the top of the mould pour which means that every single tread link has to be cleaned up - Thanks for crawling along with my build once again "These look like the Jawas that sold us R2 and threepio"
  5. Jawa Sand Crawler - "OOODEEENI" ! (1/96 Randy Cooper resin kit)

    Another update from the Tatooine outer rim desert - home of the Jawas Below is a photo of the original ILM sandcrawler model that was smartened up for the remastered release of A New Hope. This is a superb picture from Lorne Peterson's magnificent ILM bible of a book ' Sculpting A Galaxy' - mine is still a good long journey away from looking anything close to this, but the picture below gives you an idea of where I am headed..... I hope my Humbrol Maskol method of working turns out OK once all peeled off later on. starting adding some of the grime layers below masking out some of the darker panel blocks lighter shades start being added to the bogie plates below and more panel masking Thanks again for crawling along here and a big Die Wanna Wanga to you !
  6. Jawa Sand Crawler - "OOODEEENI" ! (1/96 Randy Cooper resin kit)

    Oooteenie from Bucks one again Its all starting to change colour now - lots of Alcad II RAF dark brown, numerous airbrush refills, washouts and I have also had to use all 3 of my spare and surgically clean airbrushes to get the job done in an efficient method without spending hours having to strip down one single airbrush everytime the atmosphere naturally gets the better of the viscosity of the Alcad II paint. From Halfords brown primer below, onto the first of the lower shades of brown prior to masking the panels and adding the higher shades and weather materials in the future - all 4 airbrushes used and 3 pots of Alcad II - and that was not even enough for the bogie guard panels which await the postman's knock tomorrow with a fresh stock of various ALCAD shades Oooteenie and bye for now - John
  7. Jawa Sand Crawler - "OOODEEENI" ! (1/96 Randy Cooper resin kit)

    Happy 2018 to Brexit Modellers - With too much decent new telly to watch so far this year, my workshop and Sandcrawler both got neglected until mid January when I finally got the inspiration to chance the wind and rain between my back door and workshop - finally my mojo hath returned and I have ventured all 20 feet out to my workshop and the warmth of my oil filled radiator in it. Over the few dry days we have had so far since 24-12-17, I have managed to get a few good hours outside with my Halfords primer rattle cans. Now, with a base prime of grey down, I have now added a black and light brown prime for some base colours which have had chipping and masking mediums spotted on to them prior to the overall dark brown airbrushed top coat. There is a simple reason I never go near military modelling - I can't / never tried to weather models. However, this kit demands it so the process and stages I am undergoing are a very big new adventure for me. I have a MIG technique's guide book which should help too. Due to an oversight while adding the uprights, masking the control deck from the inside took 2 hours - it was very fiddly and this picture highlights how much tidying up is needed around the upright window pillars. This model weighs a ton now - and that's without the scooter battery installed. With the bogies now on the base, I am desperately trying not to knock them off every time I turn and tilt the crawler to get access to the sides which need working on at an angle or leaves me suffering a bent and stiff neck. primed bogie track cover plates. I got a load of chipping and masking mediums splashed over these the other night once all 8 were primed in black VALLEJO Model Colour Light sky Grey hand brushed on as a base colour for the metallic scratched and flaky areas - I assume this is the right way to work (lowest colour on first) - I intend to use Vallejo chipping medium to break up the colours where required later on in the weathering stages. HUMBROL Masking Fluid being dabbled on hereon the black, light sky grey and light brown areas Its nearly the weekend for the next stages: airbrushing the first base coat of the overall dark brown prior to adding the washes and pixels bye for now and thanks for crawling along with my model once again now we are in 2018 - Jawa John
  8. SBY 2202 1/1000 Andromeda

    Hi Hatter any updates to share with us yet please???
  9. SBY 2202 1/1000 Andromeda

    looking good - did you by any chance pick this up at Telford from Tony James stall - I'm starting to see a shape come together here that looked rather like a stack of kits he had up against the side wall?
  10. Constitution Class Starship ST:TOS

    superb model boldly made where no man has gone before top stuff
  11. SBY 2202 1/1000 Andromeda

    looks exciting and very intricate I am not sure what the end subject looks like and wont spoil my imagination by running a google search, so I will just enjoy watching your craftsmanship come together and wait to see what this turns out to look like. Happy 2018 John
  12. Jawa Sand Crawler - "OOODEEENI" ! (1/96 Randy Cooper resin kit)

    Bogies are all on now and I have rebuilt the control tower window pillars using Evergreen 143, 146 and 147 strips Bogies with nails in them to act as locating pins and to add some extra strength to the assembly process DSCF7483 by John Leah, on Flickr lower bulbs all masked out - rear 2 bogies now attached DSCF7482 by John Leah, on Flickr DSCF7484 by John Leah, on Flickr DSCF7456 by John Leah, on Flickr DSCF7458 by John Leah, on Flickr DSCF7459 by John Leah, on Flickr DSCF7460 by John Leah, on Flickr DSCF7462 by John Leah, on Flickr DSCF7463 by John Leah, on Flickr DSCF7465 by John Leah, on Flickr DSCF7466 by John Leah, on Flickr DSCF7467 by John Leah, on Flickr DSCF7470 by John Leah, on Flickr DSCF7471 by John Leah, on Flickr DSCF7472 by John Leah, on Flickr DSCF7485 by John Leah, on Flickr DSCF7486 by John Leah, on Flickr DSCF7487 by John Leah, on Flickr DSCF7488 by John Leah, on Flickr DSCF7489 by John Leah, on Flickr
  13. Jawa Sand Crawler - "OOODEEENI" ! (1/96 Randy Cooper resin kit)

    DSCF7489 by John Leah, on Flickr