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  1. Pegasus Hobbies T-Rex and Triceratops Dinosaurs

    Hi - I have just found another Spino in my collection so if these 3 don't drive me insane I will give the Spino a go too afterwards
  2. Pegasus Hobbies T-Rex and Triceratops Dinosaurs

    A good number of hours have been spent going around in circles trying to get the seam lines filled so that they are not so visible - I have also managed to decide how to display the trio and have made a few modifications to the T-Rex and Triceratops calf which I will point out below. What a great pair of models these have turned out to be TAIL ON THE 3 FIGURES TRICERATOPS COW HER BEAK COW ASSEMBLED THE DISPLAY The Triceratops cow is posed with her head down and looks a bit dull considering her calf has just been struck down and is being stood on by old Rexy so I decided to use pose her climbing upfil to defend her calf while taking on old Rexy dino to dino style. Using foam, plaster and resin, I came up with the basic base from which I can add rocks and other bits of foliage onto to make this a true classic fight scene resin icing added to the cake base THE CALF The calf is pictured to appear dead on the box art and certainly by the cast. I wanted to make mine look alive but pinned down - perhaps in the process of being rescued by the Cow so I cut the neck and bent it upwards so that the calf only looks to be pinned down but struggling to escape. The new neck pose REXY'S MOUTH Rexy's tongue was not right for me either so I heated and twisted it so that it will look like it is flicking sideways out of the opened jaws. Now ready for painting, and with their feet pinned for fixing on and off the diorama base, this is where the project stands today
  3. Jawa Sandcrawler - 1/96 Randy Cooper Models

    Hello - thanks for the kind words - I have just dug this picture out for you which pretty much shows all that was supplied by Randy
  4. Jawa Sandcrawler - 1/96 Randy Cooper Models

    thank you very much
  5. Jawa Sandcrawler - 1/96 Randy Cooper Models

    thanks Mish - catch you again at Telford later this year
  6. Jawa Sandcrawler - 1/96 Randy Cooper Models

    thanks very much my friend - I am glad you enjoyed it - I cant wait to get to work on Randy's new ISD but I have decided to take a sci-fi break and go back in time to modelling a few of my prehistoric creatures from Pegasus over on the figures section for a few months....
  7. After a good 2 or so years of storage I felt it high time I got on and had a go at building these 2 lovely kits from Pegasus Hobbies; the Triceratops cow and Tyrannosaurus Rex posed stood over and pinning down a slain Triceratops calf. I have sold off my Pegasus Hobbies Spinosaurus to a club friend making these 2 kits the last of my Pegasus prehistoric collection. The kits are complimentary to one another and are ideally suited to be built together or just as single display pieces. Cast in 100% solid vinyl plastic, both kits are very weighty and substantial. A lot of hot water treatment and dremeling was undertaken to get the various pieces fitted. Even after a lot of joint head shaving and heat treatments, the fits were so tight that virtually no glue was needed but I used long arm clamps overnight to keep constant pressure to the joint surfaces after a soak in freezing cold water upon assembly. Minimal filler was required at the time of assembly but I admit now to having to add a fair bit of Mr Surfacer 500 on top of the joint seam lines later on in the build after a base priming but not yet pictured here You get a lot of dinosaur for your money from Pegasus and old Rexy is about 2 foot long when it's tail is inserted. I hope these kits give me as much pleasure as the Pegasus Hobbies Great White Shark did which I have just completed and is up on the forum elsewhere. The slain Triceratops calf with chest foot print from old Rexy
  8. no-one here got away alive.....
  9. Great White Maneater - Pegasus Hobbies

    Thanks for the comments all - this is now complete and over on he main inspection gallery
  10. Great White Maneater - Pegasus Hobbies

    Impressive photo isn't it...? Feeling inspired to get on and complete my incomplete Great White Shark and Dive Cage Diorama kit by this recent photo I found on the National Geographic web pages, I decided to knuckle down and get this off the bench at last - you have probably seen it kicking around in the background of my workshop in my other WIP photos of my star wars models wondering what or if it will ever get any further into my intended diorama. The kit has plenty of potential however most builders seem to have built it as supplied with the diver in the cage on a display stand, with the shark circling or attacking using one of the 2 optional / different supplied heads, as a free-standing under water theme display. I wanted to get the most from the box contents and did not want to waste to unused spare head. I also wanted to make this an action packed diorama and settled on a theme whereby the spare head (dormant jawed shark) could be used pushing itself upward from within the invaded shark cage, pushing the cage up and out of the water by force, the diver having fled the cage by the top trap door, and then being immediately snapped up by the model of the shark using the head with the fully opened and biting jaw. I am hoping that this diorama will best demonstrate the might and power of the great white shark. Blood splattering fun... The Diver had to have his arms and legs moved around to get the look of being thrown around as opposed to treading water while submerged. A short run (and now hard to find and quite expensive) kit from Pegasus Hobbies, well worth every penny paid around 2 years ago - get one while you can if it appeals to you - it has lots of potential for the diorama builder or simply if you want to try something different for a change. There is still lots to do and the pictures below are not the most up to date; I will ensure to add a few more soon but the divers face and hair is now painted since taking the last pictures here, and there is a much larger water splash around the leaping shark which I have left to dry before adding the spray effects onto tonight. So what Blood Group are you.......!!!
  11. Jawa Sandcrawler - 1/96 Randy Cooper Models

    Now completed after many long months and hundreds of hours work - this is the 1/96 scale Randy Cooper Models Jawa Sandcrawler kit. Initially cast and supplied as a 50 odd piece resin kit, then assembled around a internal timber skeleton and then hundreds of custom pieces of plastic card, piping, special shaped Evergreen added to the panel surfaces to bring the kit to life. My 11yr old nephew and I to give you an idea of how big this model is for those that did, thanks for following the work in progress May the Force be with you, always... John
  12. Parallel universes

    hope you managed to get some work on these done over the weekend ..
  13. Millennium Falcon (Revell/Fine Molds)

    good to see this hunk of junk back on the production line - all those panel lines started to mesmerize me...
  14. Jawa Sand Crawler - "OOODEEENI" ! (1/96 Randy Cooper resin kit)

    It will be entered in the IPMS Telford sci-fi section this year if you want to see her and I intend to drag it along to a few IPMS shows this year too - Cosford, Thames CON, Model Fest etc
  15. Jawa Sand Crawler - "OOODEEENI" ! (1/96 Randy Cooper resin kit)

    cheers peeps - as soon as the Diorama base in done, I'll post the completed work on the RFI pages