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  1. Gimmie Shelter

    3 Big Boeings in 1/200 - Hasegawa Love Liner 200 series

    Hi - I had exactly the same but the other way around. The -200 was tight and snug but the -300 suffered exactly what you describe as "sloppy" fittings. Rather than burden myself with a load more work and masking, I inserted some tiny slithers in the gap on the lower-side in-between the fuselage and the wing joint. I'll try and get them photographed and up on the RFI forum pages this week.
  2. Gimmie Shelter

    3 Big Boeings in 1/200 - Hasegawa Love Liner 200 series

    much appreciated
  3. Gimmie Shelter

    3 Big Boeings in 1/200 - Hasegawa Love Liner 200 series

  4. Gimmie Shelter

    British Airways L-1011 Tristar

    I thoroughly recommend them - but go easy on the old PSI irrespective of what the bottle label says: 8-12 max - if you follow the guide on the label you will end up in a mess when using the Alcad metallic colour range
  5. Gimmie Shelter

    3 Big Boeings in 1/200 - Hasegawa Love Liner 200 series

    The last of the decals have been applied to the 777-300 now leaving only the final assembly of the wings and rear stabilisers tonight. These 3 mighty Boeings have been a great fun build despite the challenges faced with the 747's decals and then there was the added cost of having to purchase 4 sets of BA 777 decals to make up both a 200 and 300 variant along with the very expensive Nazca detailing sets which cost more than the 777-300 kit itself. Thanks for following along, the completed builds will go up in the RFI pages soon once photographed, The 777-200 (Wings livery scheme) The Chatham livery on the 777-300 Cheers - John
  6. Gimmie Shelter

    British Airways L-1011 Tristar

    Thanks - Alcad II in 4 flavours: Aluminium, Polished Aluminium, Hot Metal and White Aluminium all at about 8psi. I got talking to a retired BA engineer / Ground team member earlier this week who confirmed that BA's L1011's early Tristar Negus 100's fleet had an ever changing variety of shades on the outer casing of their RB211's. He explained that once an engine change was made, the aircraft would never have a matching pair of wing mounted coloured powerplant casings prior to the engine casings being painted partly in blue when the Landor livery came in.
  7. Gimmie Shelter

    Quantas Boeing 767-200 - Hasegawa 1/200

    The original kit is the old Hasegawa 1/200 American Airlines 767-200 kit from the 1990's. Bought for £8 from my local model shop in West Drayton (Aviation Hobbies) a few months ago, I have saved this in time for my Farnborough IPMS club's February Antipodean competition next month. Appropriately, I purchased the intended Quantas decals from Australia which only took 2 weeks to arrive by post - and they are the genuine down-under "ROO-DECAL" product! I think the seller must have been having a clear out as I received 3 sets of decals for the price of the advertised single set. Started last night in-between floating the last of the decals onto my last 777 on the bench, the kit has immediately gone together with all the ease and great engineering that Japanese kit manufacturers are well known for. Up against a 777-300 in the same 1/200 scale, the 767-200 looks rather inferior Thanks for looking in John
  8. Gimmie Shelter

    A320 easyJet 200th Celebration livery - 1/200 Hasegawa

    Thanks - was it in the days that you still had to fight for a seat before Easyjet learned about seat allocation and why selling 120 passengers speedy boarding did not work on a flight that had 120 seats !
  9. Gimmie Shelter

    A320 easyJet 200th Celebration livery - 1/200 Hasegawa

    Brilliant Andy I did hear that Ryan air were considering asking their passengers to bring their own toilet roll along later on this year at the beginning of the school summer holidays, or passengers will have the choice to order a journeys worth of bog roll while booking their ticket online on Ryan Air's website; it gets issued when boarding (£50p a leaf of 2 ply)
  10. Gimmie Shelter

    A bit of fun with a Star Destroyer

    smashing idea and quite convincing - can you make your photos larger to fill the screen for a movie still effect?
  11. Gimmie Shelter

    Tempest Mk.V

    That is a smashing bot of modelling there - the underside look amazing
  12. Gimmie Shelter

    Airfix 1:48 Bristol Blenheim

    That is an incredibly beautifully made model - such crisp masking up front - a sure competition winner for definite there
  13. Gimmie Shelter

    British Airways L-1011 Tristar

    some updates again here. The wings and rear stabilisers are completed and decaled up using Nazca decals L1011 corroguard detailing set and the 4 differing shades of metallic silvers recommended by Hasegawa for the early bare metal RB211's is now also completed. The engines decals should go on later this week one evening. Thanks for dropping in again John
  14. Gimmie Shelter

    British Airways L-1011 Tristar

    Many thanks there
  15. This is the 2012 edition of Hasegawa's 1/200 A320 which was released in the Japanese Peach Air carriers livery - I purchased Draw Decals 1/200 easyJet decals new release of the airline's 200th A320 delivery celebration colour scheme in an overall orange paint scheme. With all the outstanding Japanese engineering, the kit went together without any issue and the digital silk decals were a delight to work with, The kit is almost complete so this is pretty much a complete A-Z run through of a WIP for you here, needing only a final coat of gloss clear coating tonight. ********************************** Starting life as a Peach short haul carrier with Draw's 2018 celebratory decal set: The kit contents: Work started 2 weeks ago I have never worked in orange before and like yellow, it turns out to be a very unforgiving colour. After some testing, I used a lower toned undercoat orange under the intended top colour coats A bit blurry, The top coat is Tamiya's X6 Orange which turned out to be spot on for squeezy jet With the wings lower grey shade on, this is the corroguard masking process and the tail plane leading edge masking masking out the flap runners and then... Decal work starting A massive issue here. Draw's decal is 4 mm longer than the door recess (below). I had to trim this back and use one of the kits door decals to rectify this issue later on and now with the starboard side front door decal sorted and corrected Its a nifty little kit and I am pleased with Draw's decals. Thanks for dropping in for a look. I will put some photos of the completed model up on the RFI pages soon cheers - John