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  1. Jawa Sand Crawler - "OOODEEENI" ! (1/96 Randy Cooper resin kit)

    Hi Hatter thanks for the encouraging words - I'll check out the make of the pipe bender and let you know. It comes as a kit with 2 screws for fixing it down and 4 pins that allow different angles for different thickness materials. I bought it from a model railway exhibition earlier this year. Its very handy, takes only seconds to attach and detach from the bench, and like you say, it is a tool that could easily get a LOT of use - hence the extra pipework on my crawler. OOOOOOOOOOTEENI ! (or should I say, regards John) PS - that SSD of yours is now collecting dust - get it started ASAP !
  2. Jawa Sand Crawler - "OOODEEENI" ! (1/96 Randy Cooper resin kit)

    precisely Jockster - I'm loving making this a tad different than Lorne's original masterpiece - only the ultra keenies would spot the minor deviations I've made to give my own special touch. Like you say, this was the crawler that was edited out !
  3. Revell 1:72 Snow Speeder

    Hip-flask, cigarettes, lighter, nope. that's a snow speeder I've just popped out of my pocket! excellent pocket sized and very affordable fun
  4. 1/32 Industria Mechanika Dragonfly - Naked

    stunning modelling - makes my big lumpy resin stuff seem quite insignificant I love this - what a great display and conversation piece
  5. Revell Anakin Skywalker's Eta-2 Actis Class Interceptor

    Hi Mish - that's a great idea for a diorama - I can just imagine the noise it made grinding to a halt - nice work there, brilliantly different way for displaying the model
  6. A naked Dragonfly

    so sorry Hatter - I've only just found this WIP thread having loved your completed model on the Gallery - this was a stunning and most creative build - wouldn't it be brilliant if there really was a transport like this - I'd do anything to avoid a traffic jam twice a day, 5 times a week... superb
  7. Millennium Falcon (Revell/Fine Molds)

    I bought this kit then flogged it having never lifted the kits lid - so I'm trailing along with your build here now waiting for more...
  8. Jawa Sand Crawler - "OOODEEENI" ! (1/96 Randy Cooper resin kit)

    I have only now managed to catch up with my camera's memory card for an update here after being ill after scale model world last week. Despite the lengths I went to heat and treat the twists in the resin plates, this 7mm thick resin really wants to keep on returning to its original twisted form from whence I stored it through the summer in my other shed - so, I have taken the bull by the horns and made 3mm thick plywood wooden braces to keep this thing straight, square where needed and correctly profiled - its cost me loads of extra work and time, but who cares.. its all for fun after all. This is how the upper frame template started out - 3mm thick plywood, not quite thick enough to make a visual change to the overall height of the crawler and ended up aiding in securing the lower lip of the front section when it was attached later on in the assembly lower chassis lighting installed - upper frame wooden strengthener now attached I really cant emphasise how hard it was to lock this thing into shape - that resin is really strong stuff and needed a lot of force - I did not want to take any heat gun to it as the thickness would have needed a lot of overall heat and I felt the surface detail might melt in the process Lower chassis side plates now clamped on - the side doors had to be removed and added again later on as the alignment was slightly out from where I had previously glued the door onto the rear of these side panels. Don't ask me how, but this box of spaghetti does actually work - inside the crawler Control tower room now glued and clamped in position More scrap 2x1 timber used to aid in retaining the contours and correct angles - this turned out also to become a good battery support spar later on My first fibre optic instrument and LED test on the control tower - I felt it looked OK, unfortunately my camera has an over biased F2 lens and does not like taking photos of close up lighting 000TEENEE !! up front now and inside the bonnet with control tower room glued in place and controls fibre optics wired in The Lid - I've cut the roof piece into 2. The forward section needed to be glued in place to keep the shape straight but this section made an ideal lid which needed some scratch build work to produce a light tight lip with locating pins entrance corridor section now glued in place underneath the crawler More copper plumbing add-lib work This stuff is great for holding carpets together and dunking in liquid fibreglass, but also worked great to help hold the front section in place when attached so this is where all the extra engineering of those wooden frames turned out trump - no twists - its straight - phew sorry ILM but I've started to stray away from where you left off a tad here - this model just cries out for a bit of extra personal detailing That's all for now - thanks for crawling along once again here. John
  9. Jawa Sand Crawler - "OOODEEENI" ! (1/96 Randy Cooper resin kit)

    Hi Jockster - great to meet you last weekend at Telford - thanks ever so much for the encouraging words with the 2 resin builds - the ISD is now over on the gallery pages regards - John
  10. Jawa Sand Crawler - "OOODEEENI" ! (1/96 Randy Cooper resin kit)

    sorry Hatter - I caught a virus up at Telford and have only just crawled back to life from my sick bed - updates to follow within the next 24 hrs
  11. Thank you to all of you who followed the many months long build journey of my Randy Cooper Models 1/1500 scale Avenger class Star Destroyer that I have now finally completed and managed to successfully display at Scale Model World 2017. The hardest part being left to last; designing a display stand strong and sturdy enough to mount the model and allowing underside viewing of the hangar work. Many thanks to my friend Paul Martin of IPMS Farnborough for helping me lug around the huge wooden carry case, and to Sam and Josie for taking the kit home from SMW - my Fiat 500 is almost smaller than the completed model so many friends were instrumental in getting this monster to and from the display table top. Good to meet you Jockster and Mich up at Telford last weekend, its good to put a face to the forum name. here we go... again, thanks to all of you who commented and followed the ever so long build journey over on the WIP pages of Brexitmodeller.. May the Force be with you, always.. John
  12. Korbanth 38" Super Star Destroyer

    so... when are you going to start treating us to some WIP pickies... waiting, waiting, waiting, - you may well be living on the other side of the world, but that's no excuse for any delay you know !
  13. SBY 2202 1/1000 Yunagi

    Hi Hatter - this is on my Telford shopping list - I blame your build in advance for the expenditure!
  14. Imperial Star Destroyer - 1/1500 - it's HUGE !

    for sure - run a name check on the red Farnborough club shirts around the show - I'll look forward to meeting you there John
  15. Jawa Sand Crawler - "OOODEEENI" ! (1/96 Randy Cooper resin kit)

    A monster amount of work was successfully undertaken in the workshop this last weekend. Most spent wiring or preparing joints for epoxy gluing. Its really starting to come together now, a lot faster than I had expected thanks to the power tools during the prep stages (although I still have to clean up all the tread links with my bandsaw which might send my spirits on a nose dive - and I'm still waiting for a dry day to start the process off) and the bar clamps are an absolute must have for this kit. Thanks to a quick trip to Halfords to get a new soldering iron, the electrical work has moved along massively - my Maplins soldering iron blew up for some unknown reason. side panels drilled and screwed in for added bond - that gap was unavoidable, typical of resin casted parts I guess.. glued and clamped - screws added at rear lower lip to mount the rear section onto, and then pinned in with 1mm nails and fillered over The rooftop engine housing - lead pipe added for some extra effects - holes drilled for extra fibre optic lighting some of the internal doorway and corridor lighting work - blue LED and amber bulb fed fibre optics added Fibre optics added to the roof engine housing area The rear end with final pipework and kit parts installed, and 2 x amber LED bulbs installed on extraction fan heads A classic example of why working in 7mm thick resin panels has its draw-backs - this crater was unavoidable - Randy Cooper identifies it in his instructions expecting the modeller to use filler. I'll use filler but I also have other plans and had already invested in some plastic strip to add as a rim over the whole length of the top rim. I made some plates from plasticard to cover the screw heads with, even though the resin was countersunk, the screw stood slightly proud of the surface and needed a means to hide them upper exhaust port LED lighting and doorway / servicing panel fibre optics 2 x yellow LEDs installed in the entrance corridor LED holders fitted for the underside down lighting. All the outside edges will have Amber LEDs, while the inner mountings will have yellow LEDs. The large hole is the housing for the sucker vacuum pipe which the Jawas used to suck up R2-D2 Fibre optics and LEDs now installed to the mid panel corridor channels Clamping in 3 strips of 2 x 1 timber to each side panel to help keep these side walls from any further bending or shape distortion. Epoxy resin glue was used and then left for 10 hours to dry good and hard forward lower entrance doorway inserts glued and LEDs fitted The Headlamps - Amber on the Right side (outside bulb), yellow on the left side (inside) - same on both sides The timber strengthening strips in place after 10 hours of drying. I'm planning and making a shelf for the battery to sit upon in this area boiling water and clamping the rood panel flat that's a full Saturday and Sundays worth for you all folks - John