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  1. thanks Michelle - hope to catch upu at Telford
  2. I've been down in my Gibraltar office for a few days on business and forgot to update the forum entry - managed to remember my camera memory stick today so here's an update from the Kuat builders yard (no prizes if you can spot the kit bashing extras here before they were airbrushed in..) Tamiya waterline ships make great for tiny bits and here is her belly - This big kit has spent most of its time being pictured from the topside looking down - so this is what is below, now illuminated with the front and main hangars and completed tractor beam dishes. and finally with the boarding party gantry bridge added on the right side of the hangar clamp (The forward hangar will have a landed Tydirium shuttle sat on the edge) main port and starboard gun emplacement turrets now installed the hot end thanks for following along John
  3. Hi Simon Thanks for the words here and I am pleased another member knows the kit well enough to know just how much of an uphill challenge this resin build has been - the photos don't really reveal too many of the casting issues but there were many hence so much 3D replacement parts - needless to say, 3D parts did not put to rest the issues I faced with warped parts and differing thicknesses of hull plates - it has been an amazing journey building this kit, but in defence to Randy, he does make it crystal clear when you pay him that you don't buy his kits unless you have the talent, will to learn, patience, and can afford simply to give up and thrown it away really pissed off ! well, I seem to have made it through to the nearing completion stages now - loads of more pictures headed over to the forum soon now that the main bridge is fitted (that took 3 hours yesterday evening) - thank god all the lights still worked after all the wiggling of the T shaped bridge insert block with lots of wires and fibre optics very close to the connecting seams. As you say, hopefully Randy's new ISD will be better quality overall as opposed to just a revision of scale - needless to say, I have a back order with him and look forward to getting my hands on the new design hopefully in early 2018 Regards - John
  4. Hi - so I'm a newbie to the site but certainly not new to the hobby. I've enjoyed 3 or so years IPMS membership at the Farnborough club who are a great gang and really make the hobby fun and are a wealth of knowledge. I've been modelling since the age of about 5 having placed the hobby on pause for around 10 years or so in my 30's to focus on bringing up my family if ankle biters, however 2 of my lads got into war gaming which soon brought me back to the hobby bench and into mainstream modelling once again. The naughtier and more outspoken few at my club recommended this site as a good alternative place for modelling rogues to share in the hobby, noting that the forum may well be a place where you can be a tad more out spoken without being given an online detention for pointing out the obvious which others may have otherwise taken offence of. So here we have the Randal (Randy) Cooper 1/1500 Resin Star Destroyer kit which measures in at around 38" and costs around £600 once you have it cleared through the UK Customs and Exorcists officers. The price tag has not stopped there, now with about a further £700 worth of 3D printed replacement parts, wiring, lighting, fibre, resin glues, metal for stand, internal structure timber, plenty of Evergreen; all in all its worked out to be an expensive kit but worth every penny for the enjoyment and challenge it has presented. For me, this is my first "garage" type kit, my first resin kit and certainly a first in the amount of engineering and adaptive modelling required to put the kit together - it is not for the beginner, Randy Cooper makes that very clear on his website. Its a long term project build that requires a lot of tools, space and patience- as well as money. Randy is in the process of correcting this kit hoping to have a version 2 of his Star Destroyer out later this year which will be about 10" longer and shallower - more in line with the shape of the Avenger class from Empire & Jedi, whereas this kit has the tolerances of the original Devastator from A New Hope, but with the external looks of the Avenger class destroyer. When completed, the completed Destroyer will be on display at Telford this year at the Farnborough table, celebrating our anniversaries theme - 40 years ago since the Devastator first loomed over our heads chasing the Tantive IV. Please enjoy, I certainly am... John Sorry the photos are in a bit of a jumble - I have had to merge my photobucket library into my Flkr library which did not work very well this shows the kit engines vs the 3D printed set - that cost £280 for the 7 nacelles test fitting of the un-primed tractor beam dishes - 3D printed this is where the internal fibre optic lighting started - the main hangar is an enhanced 3D printed part and I modified the forward Shuttle hangar to accommodate a pair of 3D printed Imperial Shuttles The hot end more 3D expense - deflector shield generators first test of all 7 engines - really pleased with this now in daylight that's all for now folks... !