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  1. ArmouredSprue

    Me262-V3 Prototype (HiPlane 1/72)

    Thanks guys
  2. ArmouredSprue

    Me262-V3 Prototype (HiPlane 1/72)

    Terrible kit! Don't buy it unless you really want this version or you are a masochist (The one who have built/know this kit will understand). I didn't buy it BTW! I got it as our club holds an annual competition called Build a Bitch Model. The idea is to wrap up your least loved kit and put on pile, so everyone will pick up a kit from the pile. We do it on our last meeting of the year (December) and we have to build and put on the table in our first meeting of the year (February), we vote on the best looking model on the table and the winner get hi/her annual club fee as a prize. Needless to say I got this Bi#*h in 2014 and finished it only last month. Comments and critics are welcomed! Cheers Paulo
  3. ArmouredSprue

    Me109G-10/U4 "Weisse 3"

    Thanks all for your kind words. Like I said in my WIP link, the kit has its issues, but was a pleasure to build at the end and I'm very happy with the result. Cheers Paulo
  4. ArmouredSprue

    Spitfire Mk.IX "GABY"

    Very nice mate! the painting job is stunning!
  5. ArmouredSprue

    A couple of Spits and a couple Messers

    I'd second Duncan's comments. But overall looks good.
  6. ArmouredSprue

    Me109G-10/U4 "Weisse 3"

    Hi all This is my latest model completed. Promodeller 1/72 kit. Photo Etched seat belts, everything else out of the box or scratch built. Follow this link for the W.I.P. All critics and comments are very welcome! Cheers
  7. ArmouredSprue

    Bell X-1 "Glamourous Glennis"

    Thanks mate I never had issues with acrylics yellow. maybe it's because I used to paint in several thin layers instead of trying to cover it up in one pass. Cheers
  8. ArmouredSprue

    Bell X-1 "Glamourous Glennis"

    Thanks mates!
  9. ArmouredSprue

    Me109G-10 U/4

    Thank you mate
  10. ArmouredSprue

    Bell X-1 "Glamourous Glennis"

    Tamiya kit, 1/72 scale built straight from the box. All painting done with Tamiya acrylics. All comments and critics are very welcome Cheers
  11. ArmouredSprue

    Airfix 1/72 Gladiator Mk.I - Greek Air Force

    Great! What did you use for rigging? Cheers
  12. ArmouredSprue

    Airfix 1/72 Gladiator Mk.I - Chinese Air Force

    Nice model and the rigging is excellent
  13. ArmouredSprue

    Airfix 1/72 Hunting Jet Provost T.Mk.3

    Looks really good mate. Well done
  14. ArmouredSprue

    Airfix FW190D in 1/72 scale

    That's very nice and neat. For my taste, I would it to be a little more weathered, but that's only my personal preference. Good job mate
  15. ArmouredSprue

    Me109G-10 U/4