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  1. What they all said - amazing patience on the forest o’ wee sticky oot bitties - and, well, all of it!
  2. Crikey, that’s a very long snout, innit? Great work on the other one’s stripey thing, too.
  3. This was delivered the other day: Airix A12012 1/48 Blackburn Buccaneer S2C/D Woo-hoo!, as Blur say in ‘Song 2’. This was also in the parcel: Tamiya TS-6 Matt Black . The Buccaneer kit was a week or two earlier (at least) than I was expecting, and I had all but given up on the matt black paint. As I am only going to be one of the 1/48 Bucc monsters, I’ll be carefully selecting which of the four kit-supplied markings I’ll do: one of the Lossiemouth a/c, most likely. Cheers, @@
  4. Praps the forum should be renamed ‘Bonkers-R-Us’.
  5. Looks great, thanks for the comprehensive review. I’ve got one of the Roden 1/48 Mohawks (had all three, ‘had to get rid of’ two). Will do the US Geol. Survey-marked one. One day. Many more parts in this tiny one than in the 1/48 model(s). Good luck!
  6. It is the same scale, isn’t it? Isn’t it?
  7. Sith? That looks nothing like a Sith…oh, wait a minute, they knicked it (typical Yanks). And as to the filler, I’m shocked, absolutely SHOCKED, I rell you that you had to use more! What’s the world coming to? Looking great, RWG. I love the way that you wrangle rubbish into something spectacularly good. @@
  8. The WU-2A scheme makes it look as though the USAF invented the barcode, and a couple of decades earlier than I thought. Eye-wateringly good masking there, RWG. That High Planes kit looks like…well, a High Planes kit (I have a couple of BAe Hawks). Good to see some defined shaped being carved out of that morass of flash.
  9. Looking great! It reminds me of the Hornet in that finish, from certain angles.
  10. Yes, the RAAF is supposed to have got a couple so far…wait a minute, ye god and little dishes fishes, we have 50 out of 72 as of July this year 😱! Not sure if they‘re operational yet or they‘re still having trouble with ‘em catching on fire on the take-off run (true story). Source - Wikipedia, see Joint Strike Failure F-35, a.k.a., The Flying Lemon (looks like a mouldy one too, dunnit?). Should have got Eurofighter Typhoons. @@
  11. Thanks for the link about Topsy 😃👍🏼. I use the phrase ‘grew like Topsy’ quite often, always wondered where it came from.
  12. Overpriced, overdue, overhyped*… well, that’s what I hear, but what do I know… * The full-size, not the kit.
  13. Nice! The spokes look nice and thin in the top photos; in your last post I’m not quite as sure. Looking great despite its elephantine (or not - maybe rhinoceros?) appearance. @@
  14. Vallejo primer is widely reviled. Especially in the ship-modelling community, for some reason (I seen pitchurs). Looking really great, Kevin!
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