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  1. Dr Loopy


    Radios continued: 1. Radio bay floor with completed bench seat installed 2. Radio assembly glued in place on radio bay floor. Aaaaargh! 3. Radio set rear side and bay floor. The photos with the dodgy jar of 'Sandgrau' will persist for a while yet, I'm afraid... 4. Radio bay floor and radio unit installed in chassis - using glue! 5. Closer and lower view of the radio installation in the chassis 6. Installed radios, rear (outer) side 7. Steering column (Gunze Aqueous H18 'Steel') and engine bulkhead with one coat of paint each 8. The other sides, ditto. Gearbox assembly (top left) has had multiple coats of blobby paint 9. Dragon dashboard, AFV Club Sd. Kfz. 11 painting instructions. This photo is way out of sequence but I'm putting it in here in case I forget to add it at a later date 10. Filling in some ejector pin marks that will be visible That's things up to date as far as Flickr is concerned, but not as far as photos and where I am up to are. I am currently letting paint and filler dry until tomorrow.
  2. Dr Loopy


    Further trials and tribulations with the radios: 1. Gaping hole in the works 2. ‘Silver-grey’ Milliput to the rescue 3. Filled hole cleaned up a bit 4. Filled hole in relation to radio sets 5. First coat of paint smeared on 6. Broken rear frame - this is where things really go a bit pear-shaped... 7. Glued back together - first time. It looks all right here, but it kept breaking, and the frame got progressively more out of shape 8. Radio assembly glued up. Note the rather battered part of the rear frame 9. Radio assembly in place - but skew relative to the front frame. It went on square to the location pins on the rear frame 10. Radio assembly again 11. Rear side of radio unit - and horrible globby paint 12. Aft end of radio assembly. That paintwork is really upsetting :(... 13. Front end of radio assembly Some of the worst of the paint on the radio installation will be hidden by panels, I hope.
  3. Dr Loopy


    Hello @Grunhertz, LifeColor UA-202 RAL 7027 ‘Sandgrau’. I got a new jar of it out (luckily I had two) and that was a great improvement on the engine bulkhead when I applied it.
  4. Dr Loopy


    I've just added some tags to the thread, including 'Rommelmobile' as the first one .
  5. Dr Loopy


    Thanks as usual, @Grunhertz:). Thank you @Michelle Edwards! Welcome back. I've missed you! Um...😅...sorry about that @Miggers 🤣 1. Mr. Dissolved Putty plus spider moult-skin. This will also appear in my partially-paused Firefly* thread where @Paul Brown suggested it. I have, however used it here too. Jar has since been cleaned up and some Mr Color Replenishing Agent added to the contents and stirred thoroughly 2. Closeup of detail on radio bay floor with suspension access hatches. This has had two coats of Sandgrau, by the way - the colour temperature of the camera app slipped up 3. Various radio bay bits and pieces plus gearbox and engine bay bulkhead. Note the blobs of Mr. Dissolved Putty on the engine bay bulkhead. They are filling quite noticeable ejector pin dings, which would have been seen as the engine bay will be 'poseably openable' 4. Radio sets test-fitted on the rear (outside) mounting frame (this is before something awful happened after I removed some paint from the frame) 5. Radios glued up, cases part-painted. I am having (more than one) trouble with this particular paint - it takes a very long time to dry thoroughly, and remains sticky for days. Hence the fingerprints and other handling damage to said paintwork. I am also having problems with dried paint getting from the bottle mouth and leaving 'hickies'** (blobs) everywhere, despite continual wiping of said bottle mouth. 6. Front part of radio support frame. You can see the handling marks in the paint here too. In hindsight, I would have left the painting until a bit later, but I didn't foresee what was going to happen... More in a bit, I still am feeling my way back into the Forum after a slight break from it (I have been busy on the Rommelmobile, however). * I would really love to build one of these Firelfies ** Term that I learnt when I was working in an offset printing and cardboard carton-making factory in Adelaide many years ago
  6. Dr Loopy


    Happy New Year to everyone! Thanks @Grunhertz - but see below... Ah ha ha ha ha. I'm sprung, @RWG686-guv! The fix is somewhat overkill (see also below) but it was easy to set up and do. I had absolutely NO metalworking skills whatsoever when I bought the lathe - I got it (via an ad in "Airbourne' r/c magazine (Aus)) with a view to turning u/c legs and other bits and pieces for my scale radio control planes. It sort of took on a life of its own, and after several years of teaching myself to turn, I had also amassed a reasonable collection of 'Model Engineers Workshop' magazines and books. I have been using it to make tools to make tools to make tools to make tools...and also have developed a small skill-set. Oh, and I got a manual mini-mill which I was converting into a CNC machine until an unfortunate sequence and confluence of events thoroughly derailed that project after great expense. Thanks @Miggers See above re my comment to @RWG686... It's know as the Peatol lathe in the UK, and can be had from here. See also the redoubtable Mr Jeffrey's website here. Tony wrote a lot of the TAIG extension articles for MEW magazine. I am still building his leadscrew and dividing head mk 1 and Mk 2 designs. I've bought quite a bit of stuff from Nick Carter, here. All right. Back to the Rommelmobile. 1. Front seats in place, finally. really fiddly painting (and not very successful neiver guvs and guvesses) https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50797917558_161ec7135e_b.jpg[/img 2. Front seats again. I have since blobbed some paint onto the bare corners of Herr Rommel's handy storage box 3. Oh no! Yes. This is what I was alluding to darkly a couple of times, above. It's the other front wheel this time 4. Back on again - using Deluxe Materials’ Plastic Magic. I have to say that I an exceedingly impressed so fat by Plastic Magic. It has very securely fixed the wheel back on, such that I am not expecting to have to go down the lathe/pin route 5. Radio frames and work-bay floor painted (Sandgrau) 6. Rommelmobile radio set faces painted - Gunze Aqueous H18 'Steel' for the faces, LifeColor US 228 'Light Grey/Silver Grey 28' for the meters 7. Radio sets as they will be seen when installed in the model I also got another coat of Sandgrau on the workbay floor, and put a first coat on the radio support cage. Despite the careful washing and application of Plastic Prep(?*), the plastic is still highly LifeColor-o-phobic. The cage frames are very fine and will need a lot of careful handling when cutting off the runners and cleaning up. That's one of the tasks for the near future. Cheers, Dr L @@ * Maybe I forgot the latter step on further thought, will investigate further.
  7. Well — you then! Guess what I drive? And before that it was a Mazda. And before that another T*****. And before that, a N*****. Common as muck, me . Good luck with the build... And stay safe!
  8. Snap! Well sort of. I have one o’ these, but paid full price for it as a new kit from a ridgey-didge model shop. I will be watching closely and taking copious notes. Thanks also to @RWG686 for the links, bookmarked for future use.
  9. This came from a mysterious gift-giver the other day: Dora Wings 1/48 Mikes M.9 Master Mk. 1 Nice-looking glossy instruction book. Marking for four training aircraft including one from the FAA. I'll do that one.
  10. Yes indeed, @Walrus. Especially as this aircraft and crew - I think - are no longer with us after an unfortunate air-show incident. I'll have a look for the above mentioned kit for later, thanks. And thanks for the good wishes!
  11. Here's my contribution to the lessanatenna group build - Harifix's 1/72 Fairey Firefly Mk V. Wot looks like a SPITFIRE!!! at the front end. Snigger. I Got if for AU$11.99 when the AUD was a lot closer to parity with the Pind, but still nowere near, so I think that I'm safe wrt the titular 'tenner' stipulation 1. Here's the kit box: 2. Box end with treely rooly guenuine real not-at-all-fake price tag 3. Here's the kit...parts and transfers - instructions are around somewhere... 4. Ah, here's the instructions 5. Note the eye-rolling attention to detail - but the transparencies are so fick you woont see nuffink anyway 6. Note also the exquisite flush rivets and finely-engraved panel lines - and the heavy-handed sarcasm at no extra cost (bargain!) 7. Closer view of rivet and panel line detail 8. Jewel in the crown - massive sink hole(s) in (both) aileron(s), and questionably-placed ejector pin marks. Here's a Milliput candidate if ever I saw one. What a superb kit. As I've said above, what an exquisite kit I can't wait to start what a beauty. Um. Nothing that a box of Milliput, plus a sheet or two of wet-and-dry sandpaper won't fix, though. I have no idea of the accuracy of the outlines, but given that it's DHC-1 Chipmunk more-or-less contemporary (kit-wise) has been built into a stunner (over the road, and not by me), I am not tempted to sneeze at it straight away. All right, I am tempted, but not without applying some of the above mentioned remedies first. At least it's not an A-model... Nice box art, though. ATCHOO!!!
  12. Well, we're there yet! I thought that I'd chip in wi' this: Airfix 1/72 Fairey Firefly Mk V Fairey Firefly box-end wi' GENUINE!!! price tag honest* guvs and guvesses Even though the Aus $ was probably b bit higher than usuinal against the Pind around the tinme that I bought the kit, we have never even aroacjed parity with said Pind, so I think that I'm safe. As to what this little jewel is actually worth, I couldn't possibly say, but it is probably less than AU$5.00. I will start a thread on it, if there are objections then I can ask @Grunhertz to delete it. I have an AU$5.00 Dragon 1/48 FW 190 A5 and an AU$2.00 Lindberg 1/48 Gloster Gladiator Mk II senza l'Instruzione as fall-back options. Given the, ah, quality of this kit, I may yet exercise either of those options. * And I mean that most sincerely, I really do** ** And I mean that most sincerely*** *** And I mean than most sincerely**** **** shamelessly stolen from one of the late Spike Milligan's 'Q' programs (Q7? Q8?)
  13. And you didn’t pause and say to yourself*, “Hang on, this looks too good to be true”? * Well, obviusly not, or not for long** ** enough*** *** ENOUGH!!!
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