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  1. Your wish is my command, @Gorby! I nearly did use that, but was still unsure of my Legal Position(TM). Also better than ‘Carmine’ Woman’, ‘Rose Madder Woman’, ‘Alizarin Woman’, etc. 🤣 @@
  2. Thanks @Gorby and @Grunhertz. I was wondering if this was a mile or two too far into the nutty zone! This is a project that is going to take a very long time! It already has! The church below was constructed at least twenty years ago (see below). The repurposing to its currently intended use is probably ten years old... Superquick was the brainchild of the late Donovan LLoyd, and is well known in model railway circles (which is where I came at them from as a kid, building the big Railway Station as a terminus, the Swann Inn and the Church). 99% of the work has been done by Mr Lloyd - all
  3. My power tools, apart from an Elu router, an old de Walt circular saw in the Triton workbench and the Bosch palm router, are either Makita (predominantly) or Festool. I have a Bosch blue palm router too: it'is exceedingly good! I use it - usually with a 3 mm roundover bit - on my 1:1 boats. I just realised that the two posts above were several pages behind - I had failed to refresh this page the browser on the computer. I actually popped in here to rabbit on about this: Airfix A08001 1/72 Avro Lancaster B.II, as seen on @Tony's lovely thread, but got waylaid as
  4. Thanks Kevin :). Wombles o' Wimbledon, Common are we... Oh no*... I thought that before I got too advanced into the 'build' (such as it is) to make it too much of a sudden drift, I'd introduce some of the other 'characters' closer up: 1. Coal weighbridge 2. The other side of the coal weighbridge 3. The Signal Box o' DOOM! 4. The other side of the signal box. I seem to have got this particular chimney pot right (a first!). I'm not quite sure what I was using the Minicraft drill for... 5. Engine shed
  5. OK. 1. I'm a member of an oboe trio (in which I actually play the cor anglais). We had an instrument comparison day at the last rehearsal. Mine is the the leftmost one (I think! Waddya mean, how come I don't recognise my own instrument?). What's the relevance, I hear at least one person mutter? Nothing! Nothing at all! Just thought that you might be interested to see what the Recalcitrant Monster that I keep banging on about looks like: 2. Kiowa bits (and a Firefly runner) until a big clean-up (well, big for me) recently 3. I sort-of swept the board cle
  6. And the winner is: @Col. - but @Kevin guess so good that he get a joint first place and I will put some Womble-like creatures in! The main characters will also get other names too, as I'm sure that iTV has lawyers constantly on the lookout for a quick buck to be made on what they will no doubt view as Copyright Infringement(TM). Praps there's an Englische county called Endwinter or Openspring or summat... Here's some snaps of the Main Railway Station, built as a through station rather than the other (terminus) alternative offerd. It's rather a pity that so far only a signal box (with picn
  7. Ouch! Not what you’d expect from a conversion set . I’m sure that vast quantities o’ FILLER will spring to your aid :). The canopy-fitting looks a lot neater now that it’s glued in place.
  8. I’ve been following this build off and on for a while (what with my own periodic disappearances), I’m glad that you’re back. This is phenomenal work! Do you use some sort of magnification, given the size of this wee beastie. Cheers, Dr @@
  9. @Col. and @Kevin - one of you is right! 🤣🤣🤣 BUT: It could be that you both are. Or not. 🤣🤣🤣 I don't call myself a Nunfritigated Muitloop fer nuffin'...
  10. Welcome to the thread, Kevin :). "Carried away" is my middle name, along with "carted off" (I do in fact have two middle names) 🤣🤣🤣.
  11. Thanks Gorbs, and welcome to the thread :). I'll be watching yours with great interest! I have just been pondering a slightly different approach that would mitigate the lack of space - doing an online version of said diorama using Photoshop (or similar), and graphic popups on mouseover or right mouse click (and a sort of, er, 'treasure' hunt along the way). That way the thing could be done in segments, and spliced together. The sections could be clicked on to amplify and the mouseovers or whatever operating in the enlarged sections. It does seem like a lot o' work though 😬... There will b
  12. Right, without further ado, here's the first tranch: And the secondth: I have some 'build snaps' of one of these suspects, which I would like to share with you anon. Cheers, fwom der fwootwoop.
  13. After watching a number of series of an English TV program, I took it into my loopy head to do a diorama of it. This isn’t an isolated case - another Great Idea At The Time was to do a 1/35 diorama of the Trumpeter BR52 locomotive, the Leopold railway gun, a tank-turret railway car, the Mörser railway transporter, 4 Flak 88 guns, numerous 251 halftracks, searchlights, flak batteries - and a 1/32 Fisher Models resin Sea Fury disguised as a Tempest swooping down on the train, a rocket just about to pierce the boiler and blow everything to Kingdom Come. That was until - after assembling most of
  14. Ms Margoyles’ latest series - a sort of round-Australia road trip - is showing here on the AustBC at the moment. I’ve got it near the top of my watchlist. She’s a riot! She has dual citizenship here, too.
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