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  1. Ah, let's move on a few decades shall we? When are you going to start yer MiG-15UTI, then? Eh? Eh? Come along now me hearty! No pressure here, ye ken ;). Sez he, poking @Arctica 123 wi' a sharp stick,... Oh no! It's the Pathetic Sharks!* Where's the poking-with-a-stick emojum (:poke:) Mr Forum boss**? Or am I blind? The Sheep*** () would be nice, too ;). For which, I suspect, I will have to be more polite in my requests . Pretty please? Wi' sugar and a cherry on top? . Look, I buy you a (small, inexpensive) kit! How's that for nobbling the judges? 😮 * Mu-um! Mu-uuuum!!!! ** Or Bosses ***I think it's a sheep...
  2. 2(pac?)k is thoroughly poisonous stuff (full of isocyanates). I’ve used it once and once only with a full Tyvek suit and the 3M mask, and that was hand-rolling it. Couldn’t go back into the workshop for several days without the mask. Nice finish, but for me, really really not worth it. Well done that man! 🤣 👍🏼👍🏼 I trust that you’re wiping the outside wi’ methylated spirits, afterwards 😱🤣. Tomahawk sounds great! I’ve got an old Airfix Kittyhawk, but that has such a bad reputation that it’s buried in a removalist’s ‘tea-chest’ in storage somewhere. I’m going to be working away at the disaster zone that is the shed, today. I would put up some snaps, but you really don’t want to know!
  3. AAmodels Anonymous. Wait on, that’s AAA 😬🤣. This is getting out o’ hand! 🧥 🚪
  4. Thassa wee bunny! And dust prefilters to protect the cartrides. It’s brilliant! You can wear it all day coz it’s light, and can’t smell a thing! Not that I’m telling you anything that you don’t know ;). Which means — that I jolly well should have known better as a life-long asthmatic and worn the blessèd thing today 😬😬😬. Several puffs of Ventolin later...
  5. That's a novel idea! Something like this, you mean @Miggers? My heavy duty snout protector :). I of course couldnae find it when I needed it (read, didn't fink of it until way too late 😬 🙄)
  6. 1. Instrument panel transfer. I put it onto the unpainted plastic panel last night, realised my error and took it off, returning it to the backing paper. It didn't seem to like being disturbed again because it brole up into fragments so I tried to re-transfer it to the (by-now-painted) panel. By the time that I had finished prodding all the remaining bits together, the whole thing had shifted to the left quite a bit. I'm not going to fiddle with it further - it is 1/72 after all. And besides, I've already coated it with some semi-gloss clear acrylic to prevent further degradation. 2. Cleaned-up cockpit floor and joystick. After checking the results of overnight's 'drying' of the paint, some had, but most hadn't. Given that the Humbrol matt black dried within half an hour, I decided to sack Xtracolor[sic.] and use Humbrol enamels instead. Humbrol 78 'Cockpit green' went on well, but - of course - even the 'dry' Hannants' stuff bubbled, so I got out the Mr.Color thinners See previous page) and REMOVED IT ALL! That included a few hours scrubbing at the Gunze lacquer at the bottom of it all, using a toothbrush and cotton buds 3. Oil coolers painted. Gunze acrylic H14 'Steel' used. Tis ent on a bit globby but dried out surprisingly well. Theses will be all but buried in the chin intake in any case 4. Dangerously cluttered - I keep knocking stuff off when I reach over to get stuff. A bit of re-organising required, methinks... 5. Clutter on the other half of the shelf unit. Note the Seaf*** instrument panel and cockpit floor looming over me in a threatening manner. Maybe I should move 'em before they try to have my eye out! 6. All paint removed! Lots and lots of scrubbing with cotton buds and Mr.Color thinners... 7. More paint removed (and on the other side, too) Now I need to work out how to stop myself and everyone else here from suffocating on fumes.
  7. I’ve had coverage/flow problems with acrylics (Gunze) and lacquers (Tamiya, Gunze Mr.Color)
  8. I actually used Gunze acrylics to paint the oil coolers and put a seal coat on the instrument panel just now - but was lazy and cleaned up wi’ Mr.Color thinners (does enamels too). i do have more acrylics (and lacquers - and enamels) than you could poke a stick at. Ridiculous amounts, in fact 🥺
  9. I have been using a brush! It’s just that the thinners (for brush cleaning) have shot into the rest of the house (which isn’t very big) at a rate of knots. The Boss and I have just been out to the shed (boat/plane workshop) to see if ai can’t rejig something so as to be able to do the (brush) painting out there. She has made some suggestions (involving ‘tidying up’ and throwing stuff out’ - what are these two things? 🤣) about making some more space, which I will look ar mañana.
  10. Oops, sorry 😬. I've got some snaps to post later, 😃😃😃
  11. On a slightly more serious matter, things are coming to a grinding halt. I’m getting gassed by Mr.Color thinners, and there are loud complaints emanating from the rest of the household, too. Turps would be worse. What to do? This is a serious issue, as there’s is no room in the shed. I had to dismantle my wee model painting bench wi’ booth an’ everyfink, on account of having to repurpose the area - can’t be undone, sadly.
  12. Er, to paraphrase - How do you know that I’m not @Gorby using a different login?
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