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  1. They’ve even got a Luton Minor...
  2. Yum! Great job! I’ve got this kit on backorder - it sold out far too quickly! Looks as though it will be worth the wait .
  3. Timely (wimely*) surprise from @Arctica 123 - TARDIS Kit Back of TARDIS packet. It’s bigger on the inside * For those who know ‘Blink’
  4. Watching. Welcome back to the bench (kitchen table?), RWG686!
  5. 1. ‘Rubber’ window seals. In scale terms the window panes are made from 40 mm armoured glass... 2. More weathering items 3. Waving its legs in the air 4. On all four feet 5. Replacement stub axle - the driver hit a rock. Well, actually, the wheel fell off, yet again 6. Hole drilled in hub. Luckily for me, the hole in the hub and in the 'diff' were offset by about the same amount in opposite directions (with respect to which way up I wanted to glue the wheel so as to hide the bald patches). This meant that the car sits more or less level, whereas before, it didnae. Please ignore the tyre painting - it was done while the wheel was still attached at some point of other, and where the brush fell was pure luck (or not - in most cases not) 7. Stub axle sawed and filed to length 8. ‘Sanded’ seats, car solidly back on all four paws 9. More of the dusty seats 10. Maskoled windows - for me, the easiest way of masking both sides prior to glueing-in and painting around 11. “Hey man, Purple Haze!”* - Mr Snappy gets (part of) his wish (sort of) 12. Best left till right at the end...thus proving the bit that the Land Rover snap referenced in my previous post 13. (...speaking of prime numbers...) Excess AKI ‘Dark Aluminium’ paste - brushed on. Interesting. A little goes a long way Apart from spilling paint everywhere when trying to decant the bottle of Tamiya LP-48 Sparkling Silver to retrieve a rear light lens that I cleverly dropped right smack bang in the middle of the jar while trying to glue it on using said paint**, that's more or less where things are. A few bits and bobs of dirtying up and applying 'bare metal' scuff marks done as well, but that will be fiddled with further. * continuing on with the R-rated cult film classics theme ** I ended up using Revell Contacta Clear instead
  6. 1. Here’s Herbie! "Nah, get knotted! I'm from The Cars That Ate Paris!" 2. Better snap of speedo. I squibbed on painting the raised numbers in in black - that would have ended badly 3. Broken MP40 barrel - oops - and Albion 0.4 mm brass tube replacement. Ends up being mostly invisible anyway... 4. Ejector pin craters filled with Mr Surfacer 1200 - twice. At least. 5. Kommandeurs „Map” Tisch, gewettert mit AKI Dark Aluminium wax paste 6. Why I mixed up the VW construction sequence (Tamiya LandRover Ambulance - after many attempts at glueing it I'll replace the column with brass rod, eventually) 6. Clutch, brake and accelerator pedals 7. Blackout headlights in place, slightly maskoled 8. Flash view of dashboard, etc. 9. Driver’s seat cushion test-fit 10. Deep sink holes 11. Seats cleaned up and assembled 12. Seats painted using a LifeColor mixture (Schokoladenbraun and Raw Sienna) 13. Barrel replaced. I didn't replace the fiddly bits at the muzzle since they will be completely hidden once installed 14. MP40 submachine gun installed 15. Rest of undersides treated with Gunze Rough Sand 16. Both door linings glued in 17. Chassis cabin component complete 18. Driver’s seat tilted forward to let the rear passenger escape 19. Rear windows dry-fitted 20. Proto-mask for VW windscreen. Unfortunately, I got confused (not hard) and stuffed up the cuts for the wiper blade arc ends 21. Proto-mask cutting tools. Oh joy, I get to do that all over again(TM) 22. ‘Cabriolet’ top canvas folds as moulded (upper surface - lower one was smooth with a whacking great big giant enormous huge monstrous ejector pin in the middle of it) 23. Crude attempt to suggest the replication of the upper surface's canvas folds. If I were being really serous about this, I would have made frames out of wire and made a folded canvas cover out of rolling-pinned Milliput Superfine White. But I wasn't, so I didn't 24. I was going to end this post on a prime number, but found that I had taken this snap: RB Productions’ scribing tool in a small X-Acto knife handle. Wot is relevant. Guv. But wait! there's more!
  7. Thanks @Grunhertz . Sorry about the break, I haven't been well and wasn't up to posting as well as modelling. Seem to be a bit better now so there's some more stuff to follow.
  8. I love truck models - and yours is no exception. Great job despite the kit-supplied hiccups . This kit’s on my wish list .
  9. Given that, it’s a pretty good snap.
  10. Fantastic work, Invictaag! And I keep learning new terms that I never heard of before .
  11. I like her a lot (for what that's worth...0?)
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