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  1. I like new benches . I like new benches A LOT! Looking forward to seeing it :). The bench, that is - and the new compressor too . Oh, and the F4F-4 of course, he said hurriedly... Cheers, Alex. [ ] <-- Wot? no sheep emoji? I shall have to speak to The Management!
  2. I'm working on getting my TAIG micro-lathe going again after a 4-year hiatus... <---- Weirdly, the generic avatar looks identical to my silhouette...
  3. Um, isn't that a Seafire? Very nice, anyway. I made the mistake of clicking on a photo and got instant eyeful-o-girls. Well, wasn't a mistake exactly, but I wasnae expectin' tha' . Yes please
  4. Crikey, there wasn't much left of her, poor old girl. They did a pretty good an amazing job reconstructing her.
  5. Late to the party, yet again. I'll sit up the back with the and make loud disgusting crunching noises (I won' t really, but I have to keep up my loopy persona lest I be fahnd aht). In all seriousness (ahem), looking great just from wot I seen on page 1, Mish . I have this kit buried away in the lock-up with the rest of the overly large collection. Looked nice in the box, despite the snarly reviews (even of the re-release?). Cheers, Dr L.
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