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  1. In advance of a return to actually posting modelling stuff in this neck o' the woods - at some time in the unpredictable* future - would some kind admin please move this thread to Aircraft In Progress? Thanks in advance, Dr L (ribbet squeak). * as opposed to the predictable future, which would appear to be quite a while. Which will come first, I wonder: the predictable or the unpredictable? Let's open a book .
  2. Sadly, I am going to miss the deadline for this Group Build, too. I'm not at all happy about that, but in addition to a two week 'holiday' from the internet, I am currently having a second 'internet holiday'. Both have been an avoidance strategy to allow me to practise and work (a bit) on the boat). And to avoid a potential relentless deluge of stress-inducing confrontation (not on here I hasten to add), for which I am currently singualrly ill-equipped to cope with. I am hoping that that will change a bit in the next month or so but is going to require some hard work. I may be back with in that month, of course, nothing is binding. Best wishes to you all. Dr L.
  3. But Land Rover kits aren't usually moulded in yellow plastic...
  4. Thank you very much, @Miggers. I did some digging on the tug class, and (eventually) came up with this, the 'Felicity' (same diff) Class 'Water Tractor. Looks really nice . I think that I also found the website offering your plans. The Oz Racer II has been clocked at 10 knots(?) apparently, in rather extreme conditions on Lake Alexandrina south of Adelaide, Sth Aust. Mine handles well in mild conditions - the sooty Tern is another bucket of snakes entirely, being essentially a sea-going boat. Just to sneak in another snap or three, here's the smaller bits - cross-bearers and legs - for the building frame of the Sooty cut to length, with the help of home-made stops: And the main bearers cleared of stuff, ready to be united with the other bits. A bit of cleaning up done around the place done, too Each of the ten legs is in two bits - somewhat overkill, but I have a longer-term plan for the building frame, i.e., in another, slightly heavier, project
  5. Triffic . Really convincing painting and finishing, great job. And ah, yes, the TtWS WiP - never ending, worse than fending off the Carpet Monster and relatives!
  6. Thanks, @Gorby . Water has dropped, just waiting for another bout tomorrow. Funnily enough, I did get up to the workshop yesterday morn8mg before the rain got too heavy, and made a wee bit o’ progress. I have been measuring up the shed at home - the boat and building frame would actually fit with adequate space around it; not sure about the machinery though. A lot of rearranging to get that sorted. Doable, I think. The orchestra’s photocopier (I’m our librarian) would have to be relocated 🤣🤣🤣.
  7. Back yard starting to flood and water coming in through the roof. We’ve had a bit of rain here. Others have had their house sail away on their wedding day (I am not kidding), roofs blown off... many have lost everything underwater. I’m not sure that this would make anyone envious though. If there’s a more appropriate thread for this, admins please move .
  8. Looking great so far, looking forward to the skin tones fading.
  9. A few Star-Decals transfer sets. These arrived in the post from Sweden extremely promptly, around the same time that the Ninja bike kit did. A couple of the sets will allow me to 'rebadge' my AFV Club late Tiger I kit to a schwere Panzer Abteilung (s.Pz.Abt.) xxx version. And another to 'rebadge' a couple of early Tiger Is to Wehrmacht Heer DAK versions. Many thanks to Johan Lexell for getting them off to me so quickly.
  10. Tool bags on a surface table, blinking heck! . I can only dream of a surface table. I keep mine covered with a sheet of 10 mm plate glass except when in use, and wiil make a simple box and lid for it out of 15 mm birch ply offcuts from the boat moulds - er, one day. Soon 😬🤣.
  11. Ye gods and little fishes, the WB-57F was even bigger!
  12. Do you mean something like this, @Ian Campbell? Seen here sitting on a granite surface plate Close-up of height gauge’s scribing anvil and measuring mechanism I haven’t used it very much so far, but have at least worked out how to use it (he said hurriedly). And after 20 years of use I still have half a bottle of engineers’ blue and 99.99 % of a tube of bearing blue left 🤣...
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