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  1. Thanks, and yes - eventually 😅 Here's some snaps of the magazine and pages 1 & 3 of the article: Thanks :). Indeed. That'll teach him to co-nick an FAA Firefly! I have to confess that the clear parts masking is holding me up, as I find it an onerous and difficult chore at the best of times, and an abomination in 1/72 scale. I really don't know how people cope - practise and gritted teeth, maybe. Here's the masking tape wot @RWG686 was talking about in this or the Kiowa (yes, I know, I know) thread: 1. Clear parts glued o
  2. I had intended to put this in the usual 'In Progress' spot, but happened to see the Nigel Heath Tribute Build section and thought, well, Nigel liked helicopters a LOT, so why not put it there? Well, maybe because Nigel was such a great modeller would be a very good reason to not put it in the tribute - but he was a good friend, so I will make it my own tribute to the chap. Only there won't be any soldering! Probably 😅. I was shocked and upset to hear that he had died, although I knew that he was having health issues after a very nasty fall. I miss him. 'This' is my next intended onl
  3. Well, I decided to scrape and sand off the sticking up bits, with some exceptions (some panel lines, and the cowling and tail inspection plate fasteners) But first, I found this while doing some tidying up in the shed: 1. 1/10 Firefly plan - horizontal flying surfaces are on the reverse side 2. Plans data block - Mr Hughes is known to be accurate in his drawings. I also have his 1:5 Zero plans... 3. Fuselage sides glued together, and some Mr Surfacer 500 blobbed on with a toothpick 4. More Mr Surfacer 500. Rivets, etc., are mostly still in pl
  4. What's that naughty Loki bin up ter again? I have to say that I enjoyed the recent Loki six-parter (we go a cheap-ish deal on a Disney+ subscription, principally for The Mandalorian Season 2, this was an added bonus :). Topic? What topic? Um, in case anyone was curious as to the tiny track pins on the German prototype shooting-thing carter-abouter: Can't see 'em? Here they are, closerer up 10mm squares on ye cutting mat give the scale (in case yer din't kno) 🤣
  5. Did Tamiya make the Dax 1/6 scale because it would be invisible at 1/12?
  6. What a brilliant idea! I have a 1/24 Airflicts Hurri that would be just the thing! Next project sorted! 🤣🤣🤣
  7. Well, it just so happens that I just ordered another bee eye sea kay today - does that count? 🤣🧥 I also ordered the PE set before I saw this - oops! 😅😱 Having said that, I have several Part sets for the Roden Gloster Gladiators (complete with flying wires) somewhere 😬.
  8. Thanks, @Gorby and @Grunhertz :). I am becoming less enamoured with the idea of sanding off all the rivets, I have to say. We'll see. 'Progress' inches along at muy now customary snail's pace. In part driven by the glacial paint-drying times of acrylics, in part by sheer Loopy laziness >snore snore...<. 1. Another fuselage test-fit - note the spinner gap 2. Maskol blobbed on the exhausts. This may turn out not to have been such a clever idea in the end 😬 3. Tamiya XF-85 Rubber Black blobbed on 4. Rubber Black on the prop. Rubber Black and
  9. Some (more) Tamiya paints. Visitors to @Mad Steve Monster Kwaka thread will reckernoise one o' these... I decided on the blue before I actually saw what the Mad One from Jupiter had decided to paint his - honest, guvs and guvesses It occurred to me the other day that I was missing this from the collection: "PE rigging set not included" Bronco CB35062 1/35 Versuchflakwagen mit Flak 41 - abandoned prototype for carting the abandoned prototype Rheintochter about on (apparently). 654 parts for the tracks alone 😬 - each shoe is held onto its neighbour with tw
  10. Speaking o' pasties*... Comsumed the other day: 😋 *Warning - contained em ee ay tee
  11. That IS @Mad Steve 🤪😅🤣🧥
  12. Nutcase here again. This caught my eye - Bronco CB35962 1/35 ,Rheintochter’ German R-3p SAM. The original didn't get past the prototype stage. It's a lot bigger than I was expecting! Lots and lots o' tiny PE parts - I immediately thought of @Vaastav's Indian T90S MBT I din't have no Brit twucks, but I do now: 1 x ICM 35507 1/35 British WWII WOT 6 Truck Well, it's actually a Ford (UK) vehicle... I made the mistake of looking at @Mad Steve's recent-ish build, and, of course, had to have it! Tamiya 14111-3300 1/12 Kawasaki ZZR1400 Kwaka 1400!!! W
  13. Well, That's where my theory falls to the ground. Thanks @Jessie_C - good to know :).
  14. I had a bit of a spending spree recently😅, here's another couple of items... Hasegawa 66105 1/35 Hitachi Front Wheel Loader ZW100-6 with log grapples ICM 32035 1/32 DH 82a Tiger Moth My view of fabric-covered airframes is that the fabric is doped taught before painting, so that there is no sag twixt the members. This appears to be something that kit manufacturers Still Don't Get(TM). This example isn't extreme, but it's still noticeable. Maybe I'm simply cantankerous. Looks nice in the box despite my whingeing and whittering.
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