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  1. I got the 1/35 R75 out today to have a look at it - at the same time that I got out the Afrika Korps VW Käfir mit sechs Soldaten - and released that they would make a great vignette, especially with the Sd.Kfz. 250 mit Feldmarshall Rommel that I have lurking about the place... I have, however, ordered a Tamiya 1/12 Suzi Katana 1100 (I rode a friend’s around the block once, terrified that I was going to drop it - even though it wasn’t much heavier, and with a good deal lower CoG, than the CX500 that I had at the time). The Katana should be here in a few days. The ‘Italian Red’ TS paint ‘required’ for the Ducati is out of stock :(.
  2. You’d never know that there’d been side windows - great stuff! Continuing to drool 🤤 (must get a mop, sorry 😬) away in the corner here.
  3. I must find out what my nephew used to race 😃. Said nephew was rather tall, so may have been similarly cramped. I would have been sloshing around in the spare space: the CX500s were almost too big (heavy) for me...
  4. I like ugly too! I liked the Husky so much that I shamelessly copied you and sprang for one mysen. Only, it’s backordered, as it went out of stock between me adding it to my wishlist and ordering it the next day. Other people must like it, too.
  5. All beautifully square, Invictaag 👍🏼.
  6. Yes indeed, it's excellent! The suggested Tamiya X-8 Italian Red spray paint is out of stock here, and I am considering doing it in black anyway...
  7. Four more items (in three deliveries) - Tamiya 1/12 Ducati 916 - doing pretty well for 25-year-old moulds! This probably won't make the Motorcycle Group build; one of my nephews in Adelaide used to race Ducatis (black, though). Ryefield 1/35 Panther Ausf.G full kit. 'Full' is a wee bit of an understatement. The instructions and parts breakdown bear a very strong resemblance to those of Bronco Models (and possibly AFV Club), especially the bolt-heads moulded on runners. Any relationship there (cf. Trumpeter/Hobby Boss)? In any case, it has rather breathtaking complexity and parts-count 😱 . Both LifeColor RAAF WWII sets
  8. Thank you @Arctica 123. You won't believe what's happened (see below). I am pondering having a rest from microscope scale for a little bit! Right, I appear to be back (see also below). 1. Overview of LifeColor LC-27 Matt Cleat aileron, wing tip and tailplane test. I had been avoiding this after my Gunze 'matt' clear was anything but flat - but this stuff is the Real Deal(tm), so I am now a bit happier (but see also below) 2. LifeColor LC-27 Matt Clear test on wingtips and ailerons - nice and flat, and it has made the 'azure blue' a bit closer to what I think that it should be (although a bit more red would have been better) 3. Starboard wingtip and aileron test - and a luvverly close-up of the missing bit of transfer bang in the middle of the red bit of the rounderl 4. Close-up of matted tailplane undersides. The rest of the wing under-surface, and the well-cured enamelled topsides, will get a dose of the LifeColor matt clear in a bit 5. Some red paint (ModelMaster Insignia Red enamel) blobbed on on the roundel centres, using the finest brush that I could find 6. Some blue paint blobbed on on the roundel outer and fin-flash (MM Insignia Blue enamel) Right. Again. This is where it all goes a bit pear-shaped: 7. Painted-propeller-free zone. I looked and looked. In fact, I did some tidying up 😱, but to no avail. That dratted floor monster has been particularly active in my 'absence' You'll notice the unpainted prop on photo no. 7 above. I'll nick that from the second kit, too - and before I do anything with kit no. 2, I will either make a new one or have a look for a naftermarket* item. Some AM exhausts and canopy would be good, too. Everything else is fine. Well, maybe transfers, too. I think that the kit ones are far too old... A note on the wheel wells: in many instances, the circular canvas well covers were removed from aircraft for ease of maintenance, etc., apparently. I have a very strong suspicion (which is, ha ha, not back up by any evidence whatsoever) that the covers were left on in the Western Desert, to keep all the dreadful dust out of the wing as much as possible. Hence, the round wheel wells in 'dusty canvas'. Well, that's my excuse 😛. * spelling? who said anything about slegnilp?
  9. Back-orders gradually trickling in: As seen elsewhere on BxM recently: the Eduard 82102 1/48 P-51D Mustang(tm) ProfiPACK - The corporate lawyers and bean-counters are having a field-day with kit manufacturers at the moment - this one has territory trade-marks sprayed all over it by - Boeing. I wonder What Ford Motor Co. finks o' that. Or the horse breeders. Or... Eduard 8289 1/48 Fw 190D-9 Late ProfiPACK - no trademarks or other similar leg-lifting on this one ; probably why it's cheaper than the Mustang(tm)
  10. I’ve got a batch of ‘modern-ish’ German (Faun)! Russian, Chinese, and US trucks from Trumpeter, Italeri, AFV Club (all military though).
  11. Like what @Walrus said but a MiG-3 windscreen?
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