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  1. According to 'Winkle' Brown. Many may know my recent circumstances so I've just decompressed, slowed down and just been doing some simple stuff in slow time and enjoyed this one. The Tamiya kit which had old decals and broke in a few places so tried to hide/incorporate that into the weathering. You can see the two different cockpit blues here. Colourcoats is the dazzling French Cockpit colour and the toned down one is something like Mad Frothing Mollusc from Citadel which looks better in my view. A couple of brown splurges here. That'll learn me f
  2. Sadly the Grey Lady is no longer. Not on account of my clumsiness but my partner who has a mental health disorder decided to drop it on the floor then stamp on it prior to assaulting me. Thankfully I'm repairable but the Shack isn't. I may be away from modelling for a while.
  3. Hillman Superminx; ask me how I know. Anyway, It looks like a belter of a kit so maybe, just maybe I'll nab one. No idea where I'll display it though.
  4. Pairing up the airscrews. The aft ones are moulded slightly shorter than the for'ard ones and rightly so. I'm opting for yellow tips which were replaced by red and white later and to be honest, I'm not going to faff any more.
  5. Errm, yeah. No idea where this will sit. And sit it does despite a bay full of bolts.
  6. Looking forward to this one come to fruition. For such a large aircraft it has a surprisingly small weapons bay.
  7. In amongst all the filler are some nacelles. Still work to do in these areas. The first 'transparency' on. Needless to say it wasn't a stellar fit so Kristal Kleer being used to fill gaps around the edges. Another 'transparency' on.
  8. Fill, grind, rub; in that order. Knocked back as much as I could but still a bit bumpy in places. Plastic porridge necessary here. She's a big old girl and heavy too. There's nuts and bolts in the bay for ballast. Whether it's enough remains to be seen. Tail on and some work required at the joins.
  9. Eye test and prescription for new 'modelling' glasses. Now going to +5's from +3.5's. No wonder I can't paint eyes on figures any more
  10. Nice scheme. I did a Hasegawa one in French colours some years ago so always good to see Brit types in French colours.
  11. Plenty of filler and wet 'n' dry starting with 180 grade would be my starting point. Another session of filling and grinding to look forward to. Inner nacelles clamped and zapped. One thing to note was that the male locating pins were moulded to one pair of nacelles whilst the female location point were both on the other nacelle
  12. I wish it was Matchbox; a lot easier it would have been. Plastic porridge has been ground down. Test fitting of these to nacelles is yet another exercise in gap filling. At this rate I'll be on par with The Laird @RWG686 Got the tip tanks on. More gap filling here to look forward to.
  13. I've never made a Dak. This is looking rather good after the knocking back of the filler.
  14. I've got some nuts and bolts which will fit and may be heavy enough. More plastic porridge and rubbing ahead. There are still a few lumpy bits but any more rubbing and the shape of the fuselage will change. Rubbed to within an inch of it's thickness.
  15. Nice to see old kits given an outing. BZ old bean!
  16. I admire your perseverance when easier options are available.
  17. Got the old girl clamped, taped, glued and whatever else to hold her together overnight. Cavernous nose wheel bay. The for'ard and aft bulkheads for the weapons bay caused wailing and teeth gnashing so a bit of hacking necessary. Bu**er! I forgot to put ballast in on top of the bay (more room there) so now she's going to be a sitter.
  18. As @Col. said. I do like a Mig 19. Nice phots Milan, many thanks.
  19. Looks a nice little subject. I'm sure two can be fitted in that box; it's huge
  20. A bit of insidey stuff done. It's not going to be a showstopper by any means but it needs something inside. Splodging dark grey over everything. I have used bits of a 'Scarewaves' set with the instrument panel which needed the ends cut off to fit. The side consoles with the set don't fit if you have the seats and instrument panel in place so they're not going in. I have used the belts but have already lost one of the lap sections; typical. Copious amount of glue for attaching clear bits. I'll leave that stuff to cure for a while.
  21. 'Grinder' by Judas Priest (please, no videos of it, I have it on CD) seems to be an earworm at present. Taily bits rubbed down but not all the rivet detail has been knocked back. Not sure whether to scribe after looking at loads of rivety, lumpy and bumpy pics on tinterweb. Still a lot of rubbing to do. Got these decals last year for this.
  22. Nice Norwegian bird. You can keep those ruddy Merlins though.
  23. It's the Frogell Shack. Picked it up at Cornwall Aviation Heritage Museum last year when myself and the memsahib met up with Paul and Ann. It was the last time I ever saw him so hopefully I'll do a half decent job on it in honour of him. The rivet graveyard. Yes, it's supposed to be '40,000 rivets in formation but these are skin damaging proportions. Started off with 240 grade and there's a lot of rubbing to be done. So much so I'm hoping a genie may appear and grant me three wishes.
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