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  1. Has it changed much? Last time I was there Roker Park was still standing.
  2. That's why hardly anybody ever uses them in Cornwall-land. Tis a rare thing indeed to see them actually being used.
  3. I paid £12.50 for mine the other day. The original price still on the box is 80p. Yellow!? Junior service in this house! Good heavens man, never will I commit an act of treason.
  4. Cheers Darren. They look a bit daunting on the sheet but they were certainly a lot better than those of the Arado. Micro Set and Sol was used to nestle them down.
  5. Not a bad kit however, canopy has a seam which needs polishing out, intake trunking is see through and the canopy wasn't that great a fit. The latter may have been just me. Decals were flawless but... the small ones around the rear of the canopy and the airbrake were a hideous fit, the rest of them were fine. Touch ups with paint were required but hopefully they don't show up. Not much in the way of weathering as it is supposed to be a Tigermeet display aircraft. I really need to a Pusser's cab next.
  6. skwonk

    Revell Ar196B

    Was only in prolonged prototype form. I think some lingered on until 41-42, I may be wrong. There's an option of a two bladed prop in the kit from an earlier example which i was going to use but gunk ate it when stripping paint
  7. Fattening the squirrels up. I do need a haircut by the looks of things. Just landed on deck and wings folded awaiting 8 nylon lashings.
  8. skwonk

    Revell Ar196B

    Started out quite well but as the build went on it became apparent that it wasn't going to enjoyable. First things first; if you want to build one then replace the following; canopy, that is a must with all of it's silly joins. It probably could have been moulded as per the aftermarket one but seems like a 'ha'peth o' tar' to me. Exhausts unless you don't mind trying to hollow out grooves in the bottom, seats, resin ones are available or if you want to keep the kit ones than grind the moulded on belt off and replace with aftermarket. Instrument panel replacements are available as well. The carb intakes on the engine need hollowing out and a mesh frontage applied. The decals were atrocious and out of register, the ones which didn't break up in water silvered badly despite a gloss surface for them. Also, once you have the fuselage closed up then make sure it is absolutely spot on and lined up especially around the underside otherwise the fitting of the wings and struts will come back to haunt you. You could make a really nice kit if you spend a lot more on aftermarket than you do on the kit. I left the underside metallic as I really couldn't be monked with the thing anymore. You may notice the paint run on the starboard side of the main float. That was just the last straw, well that and I'd found I measured the white disc mask wrong for the Swastikas kindly supplied by @Grunhertz
  9. Looking forward to seeing this one come to fruition. If you have a look at the picture of Trebah Gardens I posted that's where Donald Healey lived and restored the gardens to what you see in the photo.
  10. OK, I'm in. No Sycamores though, be they seed or otherwise.
  11. Looks sinister in grey. Nice work, I like the outside privvy hanging off the back.
  12. Oh, alright then. Does this count? Looks twin rotor to me.
  13. If it's any consolation I finished the Arado....eventually.
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