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  1. 40 plastic shot glasses for paint mixing. £2 in Tesco. Also just ordered P40 canopy masks and an etched fret of ring and bead sights.
  2. skwonk

    My First Jet

    Excellent detail for that scale.
  3. Painted with Colourcoats Azure Blue, Roundel Red, Night Bomber Black for the prop and Xtracolour Dark Earth. Only added a harness and made a rear view mirror out of sprue and wire which is sitting too high. I like battered looking aircraft so heavily weathered it (you should see the Hurricane on theworldwars.net) with graphite pencil and various pastels. Oh and guess who forgot to lower the pressure when spraying the gun smoke on the upper surfaces. It's supposed to have only one 20mm per wing according to the instructions and the mismatch in camo on the lower port nose is as per painting guide. Used blu tak (other colours and taks are available) for the disruptions. I still have to add some rudder control cables though.
  4. skwonk

    My First Jet

    Looks splendid. I have to ask how did you fit that on your workbench if you're only just above the leading edge?
  5. Used Xtracolor matt varnish for the first time yesterday and it's ruddy good stuff.
  6. That is rather nice old bean.
  7. Not really, but what scale are they? And most importantly how does the box open?
  8. Just won some more figures on devilbay for the Desert GB
  9. No, a wooden one. Not yet. I do still have bin liners, bleach, rubber gloves and a spade though.
  10. My first suspicion would be a blocked nozzle. I use an old spare needle, inter dental brushes and white spirit to clean if it happens. Been using an Iwata Neo for years and have never had a problem with worn this that and the other at all.
  11. Some 1/35 figures for the Desert GB; I have a change of tack theme in my head as opposed to my proposed P40. Some 10A and 11 scalpel blades and a copy of Moonfleet by J Meade Faulkner.
  12. You've done rather well. I often use whatever is lying around for groundwork; cat litter (unused), crushed and mixed with PVA or not quite often.
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