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  1. I'm with you there. They often come up as 'rare' or for silly money on Fleabay. Thankfully i got the Siskin for just over a fiver.
  2. skwonk

    109 F2

    A Revell re-pop. Worth grabbing one. But don't forget to get aftermarket balances.
  3. I am as well but it's hard going. Anyway, today my new bigger light box turned up. May have to get a '32 scale kit now.
  4. Nice choice. Looking good so far old bean.
  5. skwonk

    Ten bob

    on a Saturday afternoon many moons ago. Enough for a kit and some Black Jacks. Last time I bought this kit I remember paying 35p. Siskin, complete with ropey painted man and thumb prints. First time I've used a chap for many years. I was going to fill up the cockpit a bit but changed tack. There is an instrument panel in there though, honest. Those Black Jacks are quite big compared to the fuselage.
  6. 'A Time for Swords' by Matthew Harffy and just ordered IBG 1/700 HMS Glowworm. And off shortly to pick up my order from here. @Blue Noser may remember it
  7. A bucket in 1/1 scale, black in colour for 99p. I did win the 'highly accurate' Cyber Hobby Sea Vampire last night though. The bucket is probably more accurate but it has raised panel lines and anyway, I wanted it.
  8. What Bob said. Tip socks as well, nice touch.
  9. Nice one. Good to something in a different livery.
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