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  1. skwonk

    Morgana of Avalon

    Resin Heroes and Villains figure. Excellent casting and no bubbles. Just be aware of some of the joins twixt parts should anybody be contemplating doing one; they are rather fine in places. Painted with acrylics mainly, a bit of enamel here and there and some pastel rubbing and dusting. You may notice the fingers are rather long and all the images of this figure I've seen are the same. May do another Viking next or a '48 Albatros.
  2. skwonk

    120mm Viking

    Tis a bit unusual after watching the Vikings series. I think he must have won a title bout in Wessex.
  3. Excellent build on an old bird. For some reason I've just added carrots to my shopping list for today.
  4. Turned out very nice. Like the scheme. What scale is the dog?
  5. Splendid looking beast.
  6. Tis good progress. I did one years ago. I had a bit of a gap along the port side of the canopy to fuselage. It may pay to really press it down for a decent fit, just don't break it.
  7. skwonk

    120mm Viking

    Ragnar Logbook; used Longboat salesman and dealer in 9th Century Cistercian and Saxon artefacts.
  8. Won an Eduard Albatross DII on 'The Bay' for a goodly price earlier today. Bought two pairs of trousers and some prawns and ne'er the twain shall meet twixt the two.
  9. Modelling wise; a Nocturna 75mm Viking with Longboat prow section. General purchase wise; milk, green top in top unscrewing bottle type, end opening if you lay it down on it's side though. Either way it's the contents which count.
  10. Not sure whether to laugh or say 'that'll learn ya...' I'm actually looking forward to seeing this one progress; partly out of the determination of others but more so out of a morbid curiosity.
  11. Very nice build and can concur; it is a lovely kit.
  12. skwonk

    Black Dragon

    Well, here it is eventually. A first for me doing one of these things but turned out rather well IMHO. Not as good as the people who do these types full time but nonetheless.. Anyway 'twas a rather splendid kit going together really well with only hairline join gaps to fill of which Perfect Plastic Putty was adequate. You get a choice of heads, tails and riders in the kit and armour for the dragon is optional. I left the latter off. Paints were a base coat of Revell matt black enamel with various Xtracolor, Games Workshop and Revell paints. A bit of pastel brushed into and onto some of the more obvious areas and that was it. First completed model in our new abode so trying out which is the best area for photos hence the flattened carboard box (lid type if anyone is that interested in boxes). Here it is for your perusal, scorn or otherwise. Darbs
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