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  1. skwonk

    No aircraft

    Phots from Trewidden Gardens today
  2. I'm glad this is over. It sapped the life out of me which is what vampires are supposed to do anyway. Not the greatest of finishes. I thought I'd sprayed satin over it but it turned out to be matt. Oh well. A little weathering along panel lines with pastel dust and slight chipping. It probably should be immaculate as it was the CO's cab but ... It's a tail sitter despite loads of weight. You can't see the solid links as they're hidden twixt U/C doors and wheels. Be warned, the wheels are handed. Colours are from an Xtradecal sheet for the CO of RAF Ouston for the resident 607 Co. Of Duha
  3. skwonk

    No aircraft

    After a rather expensive day out in Truro the environs a quick mooch around the inner gardens at Trelissick NT.
  4. Knees or the books? Got this today. A kit I haven't made for 40yrs which has a sentimental background forme.
  5. Got the camo on. Ruddy tak worms have left marks. I'm sure I can blend those out somehow. Intake strake snapped when removing masking. I have a spare.
  6. skwonk

    No aircraft

    More from the land of wizards, mushrooms and Poldarky stuff. A coastal walk from The Lizard to Kynance Cove and back.
  7. skwonk

    No aircraft

    Mooching about Poltesco today. A foxglove Wild chervil in abundance.
  8. Lots of lovely Xtracolor PRU Blue
  9. What about getting some plastic 'coal' chippings from a model railway retailer and sticking on top of the moulded surface.
  10. At a distance. Primed; never thought I'd get this far with it. Next up PRU blue by my favourite brand.
  11. skwonk

    No aircraft

    Out and about with the memsahib in the Moocher today and got her up to 75 whilst overtaking a 'real' car. Well, when I say real it was a VW 'pup' crawling at 55. Anyway, at Enys house and gardens with the bluebells having their last hurrah of the season so a load of flower phots. The side of the house with some of the former working buildings. The house is a very long term restoration project. Once used by the Dutch Navy during the Second World War. The clock tower. I tried hard not to get the Portaloo in shot. A view down into fern gulley. There was a pond at the bo
  12. That Z4 should appeal to the pensioners.
  13. Belt and seat in pit. Gunsight has been repositioned as the front canopy section wouldn't fit over it. maybe my mistake in original position but with this kit every day has it's unwanted surprises.
  14. Nice phots. That rail tractor interior looks more modern than my Minxie the Moocher. As for pillocks; have you ever been to Camborne?
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