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  1. A perfect example of why I shy away from aft cans. Alchemy, sorcery or witchcraft; I haven't decided yet.
  2. After priming I got some blue painty stuff on the bottomy bit. As I had ran out of my usual Xtracolor I had to resort to the 'tins of doom' box and used Colourcoats. Oh, and while digging around for paints I happened upon my US Interior Green; typical! It'll come in useful for my SB2C. Got some red painty stuff on the spinner and dug out these various type and size ring and bead sights.
  3. Nice job on a golden oldie. Heller did do some interesting subjects in their day.
  4. BZ on an unusual scheme. The world needs more unusual schemes.
  5. Nice phots old bean. Looks like that Merlin (814 NAS perhaps looking at the nose art) has a new thingy hanging off the stbd side. I recognise some of the background structures.
  6. Some filling rubbed down. That little notch in the port tailplane is annoying. More evidence of worn moulding. The windscreen framing is none to sharp in the moulding. The rest aft of here is fine however.
  7. I see what you mean about that green; it just looks green. The build looks good so far though.
  8. I did one some time ago in the US scheme and it was an easy trouble free build. I think the moulds may be a little worn on this as I've used filler around the chintake and upper cowling. Leaving that to set overnight now. I quite like DAF schemes so this just jumped out at me.
  9. I like glues. I'm guilty of browsing glues in hardware shops for quite some time. My uses are as follows; Tamiya ET for fine gaps, normal liquid for larger surfaces, Precision for dot applications and CA for resin, PE and hard to join areas, often accompanied with a kicker.
  10. After the Dauntless fiasco I started on one of those I got today. Not going overboard on the pit; just a belt, wash and chipping. For want of a suitable colour I resorted to Humbrol 78. I'll have to make a sight as well.
  11. That's a neat little number. Whiffery is very much an option here.
  12. The 'Middle of Lidl' today; £6.99 a pop so why not? I may have to look elsewhere for decals for that yellow thing and the Somethingorotherfire may have to have a change of scheme.
  13. I did; I binned it.
  14. I'm not and it's not. This is the last straw. One way flight into the gashbag methinks. Mind the gaps; they're easy to fall into, both upper and undersides. Even deploying the airbrakes can't hide it. See the resemblance twixt kit part and diagram? No, neither do I. There's just a vague placement arrow as well although it is easy to work it out.
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