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  1. A new pair of outdoor walking shoes whilst in Tintagel today. (other types of shoes are available e.g. brake shoes, horse shoes)
  2. skwonk

    No aircraft

    That time of year again; one thing I don't miss. Out at Tintagel today and all the King Arthur themed 'tut' shops. There was a vintage toy car shop where there were many from our childhoods. There was even a Basil Brush car in it's box for £97.50. I had one of those many moons ago. Anyway, here's Tintagel Old Post Office. Very 'wizards and mushrooms' I'd say.
  3. skwonk

    No aircraft

    Out blackberrying today and a goodly haul was had. On the SW coast path at Gunwalloe looking west towards Porthleven and beyond. Fisherman's Cove near to Gunwalloe.
  4. skwonk

    Sea 'dog'

    Looking a bit more 'Sea Vixen-ey' now. Those ruddy oleo scissors! Hollowed out and with some blood letting on my part.
  5. skwonk

    Sea 'dog'

    Not perfect but at least they're pointing the right way now. They need a bit of a clean out from debris build up.
  6. skwonk

    Sea 'dog'

    Silliness, just silliness. You wouldn't put your shoes on the wrong feet so why mould these back to front? Anti silliness measures starting with a splodge of gloop to be re carved. Wings together and that rectangle needs filling as it is for the fuel dump pipe pertinent to the FAW2
  7. skwonk

    Sea 'dog'

    Getting there; slowly.
  8. Midships cross passage was our 'tabbing area' on the upper deck. Leave it there. When you put the PE guardrails on they had a black plastic sleeve over them for their length. Only the extremities of each rail were uncovered. Aft guardrails on the bridge wings are solid alloy so a dull aluminium colour would suit, Humbrol 56 or Revell Aluminium would be a good match. Decks are a matt, and have 'camrex' as a non slip finish. Just a dark grey, Revell 77 Dust grey is a good likeness. Don't worry too much about exact shade of grey. The decks end up with all sorts of staining anyway especially aroun
  9. Which brand of sea dust (salt) did you use?
  10. Merlins are always a close fit especially on the earlier 23's which had some wooden runner and cable concoction supposedly to drag the helo into the hangar. I've heard of the tyres being deflated a bit so they could fit. I can't quantify that though. Not sure if that set up if left on any of them. The tail folds as well to fit. General image culled from tinterweb of the 'reichmond' (HMS Richmond). You'll see where the cables run and the wooden raised bits were alongside the length of these.
  11. Looks like Humbrol 127. I was involved in the supply of meteorological forecasts and sonar range predictions. Painting was generally undertaken by the dabbers. I see what you mean by reacting to ambient light. HMS Severn used to be topcoat grey all over.
  12. HMS Lancaster (image from tinterweb) gives you an idea. Note; ship screens I mentioned earlier are for'ard of bridge wing doors on this particular vessel.
  13. skwonk

    Sea 'dog'

    Gloop, and fettling; lots of gloop and fettling
  14. Don't forget your port and stbd nav light areas need to be black surrounds. If you want to replicate the light covers then do a red and green paint wrap around with a clear coat of corresponding colours over the top.
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