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  1. The one I got yesterday. A lot of kit for not many doubloons. Rather than wait for some to be delivered you may notice I've used an early Luftwaffe belt and dare I say, some bits from a French one.
  2. skwonk

    No aircraft

    Lamorran Gardens today on The Roseland Peninsula near St. Mawes. There were newts in many of the ponds which I particularly enjoyed seeing.
  3. I've got images of one crunching over a Jazz. BZ so far old bean.
  4. A quick soiree around Penzance today and a huge, and I mean huge and very nice fish finger sarnie at 'Waves' (highly recommended and the fish fingers aren't just fingers, they're more like mini battered fillets and the bread is well thick cut) popped into a hidden gem of a model/model railway shop and got these. They also stock all the tools, fillers, glues etc. you could possibly need and the chap has a magnifying glass on the counter for those of us who don't bring our glasses out with us.
  5. skwonk

    No aircraft

    Some phots from Trewidden Gardens near Penzance today.
  6. 1/6 Odin the Wanderer. Yes, he's supposed to have only one eye.
  7. Nice phots old bean; like the Landy and the yellow Bolingbroke.
  8. Firstly, a case of what did I just get rid of? The Tigw**k! Returned it to the dealer today and got a full refund. Got some good news (the first in a long time) today from my local garage regarding the Moocher; she runs! And the bonnet has been remade ready for a respray. A few other bits to tweak and she'll be snarling and growling towards emmetts (tourists) very shortly. Also, went to view some cars at a different dealer with a view to a Volvo (I know, I'm not 75 yet) but it had just gone however, a top spec 2L TDi Mondeo had just come in. Well looked after etc, etc. Bought it and
  9. skwonk

    No aircraft

    Just got back from Tregonning Hill. Twas the place where the china clay industry started all those years ago and even further back, the site of an Iron Age hill fort. Remains of rampart and ditchwork defence works. Part of the defensive ditchworks. Pathway to the upper ramparts. Part of the upper ramparts. View towards Godolphin Hill (centre). Useful and interesting distance and direction trig point. Memorial atop the summit. View across Mounts Bay with the hamlet of Balwest and it's Methodist Chapel below.
  10. And ultimately more reliable than Teutonic crud no doubt. And certainly faster than a Jazz even if it is a model.
  11. skwonk

    No aircraft

    Wild Garlic in abundance at Enys today; so much so there was a heady aroma in the air.
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