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  1. Not after my foot has been in it. Anyway, for the confused/uninitiated/ etc.
  2. I can't even begin to describe what I've just seen in the above
  3. Adding some plastic porridge to the gaps. This should set overnight.
  4. BZ on that one! Nice retro scheme.
  5. I'm no sabre expert but it looks good so far. I can share your pain though with the recent Cyber Horror 'Sea Vampile' I ended up ditching recently.
  6. A plastic box; lid opening type and a small bowl for the putting things in of type.
  7. Nay, nay and thrice nay chaps. I think this may count as >25%done. Closed up with extra bits of pit added courtesy of Paul @phoenix54 and a 1/32 Spit belt for a MklX which was a sod trying to thread etch through the buckles so gave up trying; it won't be seen anyway.
  8. Pity I couldn't get on the site earlier I have some etched ones you could have. You still can should you need them
  9. Moot point for some. Have the paints arrived yet?
  10. And I'm back! No thanks to BT and not this time as is usually the case Chromecr*p. A directed Vesuvial verbal eruption comparable to that of 79 AD seems to have worked. Now where was I? Oh yes, a Spitfire. Updated photos will follow later as there's not much to be see at present. A ropey phot but more of a test upload really
  11. Well, the images haven't uploaded and not via my phone either when logging in and I can't edit them on here (I've been forbidden by the mysterious 403). For some reason after a long delay they've uploaded here. And I can edit now. Chromecr*p strikes again.
  12. ... Spitfires. It's Xmas back in 197...something or other and I got the Matchbox kit along with the 109. This is the Revell rebox kindly provided by Paul @phoenix54. Clagged some engine parts together (it won't be seen closed up) and drilled out the stubs so far. a few more sub assemblies clagged together but they're internals which won't be seen https://i.postimg.cc/xjX9XZhk/20210508-131706.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/wMy49LWv/20210508-145014.jpg
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