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  1. I spy an M1C in a pic. Yayyy!
  2. Interesting but they have Techmod decals. Hopefully they're better than when I last used them.
  3. Cheers old bean. Can't do anymore tonight, the diazapam (prescription for muscle spasm in neck) won't be good for trying fiddley stuff.
  4. And there the horror lies. Started pinging with lacky thread and yes that PE bit aft of the mast flew off in the process and now has a curve in it. Bu**er! Got the earlier light bar from the Peter Hall set on atop the hangar
  5. skwonk

    No aircraft

    I wouldn't waste time and money on St. Ives.Even the town I find is dreadful so here's something a bit more pleasing from Cornwall-land today.
  6. No, definitely not. The more I do, the more I hate it. See those slightly browny long things attached to the port side just above the deck? Well, these are the bits which make up the back end flaggy pole thing so, if you decide to have a raised ensign then you need to remove these from the bulkhead. The white line is filler, a result of creating the slight outboard down angle and to make the outboard stanchions reach the deck. This is where the drilled out bit goes and I've tried to hide that gap with PPP and a dirty deck. I would have preferred a larger hole but couldn't
  7. A box of pies. This is how it happened. Memsahib and I were out for a ramble (6 miles in the end) and we happened upon Manaccan, a small village down here in Cornwall-land. We'd just come out of the church having left the lead roof alone and turned right instead of left. Behold, the smell of baking was in the air and there it was; Penny's Pies bakery! I've had them before and ruddy lovely they are. So, 4 steak and ale, 4 poachers pies and 2 quiches were purchased. Fresh out of the oven Needless to say the rucksack gained around 7lb in weight. It did get slightly lighter as we found a seat over
  8. skwonk

    No aircraft

    Penlee House Museum and Gallery in Penzance have a Walter Langley exhibition on until 01/10/22 and seeing as he's my favourite artist we went along. The small museum has artefacts from paleolithic times to modern day and worth a visit and the cakes in the cafe are superb as well. This is just a section of the full length painting which is absolutely stunning. The old dear bottom left looks so lifelike close up. Some examples of his work. You may recognise this one from the lid on a brand of tinned pilchards, Portrait of Walter Langley
  9. I give up as to what fit and timeline this kit is supposed to represent. Certainly not '98 when I was on her. I won't be making another one anytime soon. Added a tiger stripe to the FD. I'm going for a pre-Bowman fit which generally started around 2004 replacing Clansman amongst UK forces. Consequently I've had to plug the attachment points port and stbd so as a result that yellow decal which I made out of three bits is superfluous. Port sponsons on. The supports are ever so slightly too short. However, these decks are supposed to have a very slight slope down to ou
  10. Picked up this whilst at Penlee House at a Walter Langley exhibition in Penzance; useful when you get to a certain age.
  11. How many minutes ago did you start this one? I sometimes take a whole day just opening and closing a box before committing. Looking rather good for an old girl. And no filler?
  12. Trumpy catch me out again. The aft 911 tracker is too close to the mast base. So, I had to cut away the locating square for it and make it fit as best I could. And those outer half decks. Can you spot my glaring error? I fitted the winches on the boat deck and the boat deck winches on here. There is a notable difference and I'm not going to try and prise the boat winches off. Hangar is on and the aft yardarms look wonky but they do angle up in reality
  13. Have a look at the difference twixt Peter Hall PE hangar door and the kit one on the left (which I cut with a view to having it half open). The kit one is just too sharply ridged and would probably be better served as a washboard.
  14. Aiming to post all tomorrow. HMS KGV still available for those with a big shelf
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