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  1. Is this one of the new 1/35 range from them?
  2. skwonk

    Italeri Ju86E

    Finished last night but some retouching to do around the frame. The paint lifted when taking away the masks. For some reason every time I use Klear this happens. Yes that is a clear red panel. I saw a phot of one in flight with what seemed like a tinted panel and as this is a training school scheme then why not? Just noticed the gear door has pinged apart from the leg.
  3. skwonk

    Italeri Ju86E

    Done; more pictures tomorrow. Unfortunately some of the nose frame paint lifted when removing the masking so a bit of touching up necessary.
  4. skwonk

    Italeri Ju86E

    I think they may have turned out not too badly for their age. Hopefully one for the gallery tomorrow.
  5. I know I got something today but can't really remember. Probably wasn't important but I can certify they were all in 1/1 scale whatever they were.
  6. skwonk

    Italeri Ju86E

    I've a feeling these old decals will silver despite copious solutions.Hopefully a layer of matt varnish will hide that.
  7. A new tyre (1/1 scale). Ruddy great nail (also 1/1scale) in the thing. Three punctures in three consecutive cars all in under two years. Never happened when i lived in England.
  8. Different. Hoping S+M doesn't mean something more sinister (titter ye not) as the build progresses.
  9. Very nice looking old warbird. Glad to see a different scheme.
  10. skwonk

    Italeri Ju86E

    Dunkelgrun on. I'm going with the all over green as I particularly like early Luftwaffe schemes and anyway, the for'ard bomb bay is open revealing tails of bombs and the later scheme was use as transport at Stalingrad. Doesn't look very 'dunkel' does it? Noticed the canopy is slightly wider than the fuselage and seems to sit vertical once fitted. However, a trawl around tintyweb found a good close up of the canopy and nose. The panel line on the Italeri kit shouldn't be there as it's supposed to be the bottom of the canopy and not further down as they have it. Notice the front of the nose; it looks as if the vertical panels are retractable. Also, overall the aircraft is quite smooth in real life.
  11. skwonk

    Italeri Ju86E

    Another wee gun. (wee as in small that is). Wheels and props. Light drybrushing on the prop edges. Exhausts drilled and enlarged. Warlock Bronze base with metallic powder then a blue oil based pastel to try and replicate heat.
  12. Had flu once just over 20yrs ago. Didn't particularly enjoy it so haven't had it since. Has it changed much since then?
  13. I did like my Iwata HP-SB 0.2mm with side cup back in the day.
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