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  1. Nose weight: nasal congestion. Tail sitter: stubbornness to move off sofa and stop eating crisps to restart SoD kit. EZ line: another term for irony. Etched fret: condition brought on by last minute bidding on that 1/72 Matchbox kit you never had as a kid.
  2. Not sure to be honest. Saw one on evilbay earlier and was nearly tempted.
  3. Looking forward to this one. I did the Monogram one years ago and that was a nice kit for it's age.
  4. skwonk

    KK138,No 1 PTS

    Nice little dio. Looks like the Dak has bulged wheels as well. Have they been on a duty free landaway?
  5. skwonk

    EDUARD 1/48 SE5a

    I've only ever been to Wales (south) twice and that was under duress. What's the north like?
  6. Bulged wheels: something that happens to the car after the memsahib has been shopping.
  7. They're ugly because they've been around for a lot longer
  8. Despite being of the 'junior service' that looks rather nice in that scheme.
  9. 1/72 Italeri Ju86E at last! My favourite German aircraft and the first Italeri kit I ever did.
  10. By Jove! I think he's done it! Fine result I'd say. Like yourself I've seen a few ways to replicate stressed skin but the above seems easier than scraping and polishing.
  11. Stretched sprue: something that happens when you bend down to find 'pinged' part. Airbrush: used for brushing yer 'air.
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