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  1. skwonk

    'I'm not going first...

    Cheers. Sometimes you have to have a bit of humour in modelling. I'm quite prone to it. Greebo?
  2. What a pleasing alternative.
  3. A haircut in 1/1 scale.
  4. skwonk

    'I'm not going first...

    ...it's ginger.'
  5. Soviet helos have that 'get out of my way, I'm coming in' look about them. Nice angry palm tree by the way. I like seeing Iraqi markings on aircraft.
  6. skwonk

    Bon Retour, A/L

    Not yet. I think it's going to be a retirement project for when I leave 'The Grey Funnel Line' in Jan 2020. I just hope it doesn't catch shipworm by then.
  7. skwonk

    Bon Retour, A/L

    Really rather nice.
  8. skwonk

    Trumpeter 1/200 USS Arizona

  9. skwonk

    Pfalz Diiia weekend edition

    Always thought the Pfalz looked better than the Albatros. Always the bridesmaid so to speak.
  10. skwonk

    Ludendorff's Black Day

    Initially started as Masterbox WW1 Hand to Hand but grew to include Meng Stormtroopers, then the Emhar Whippet and finally Tamiya WW1 British Infantry. I think the allies have the advantage here as the O/C is wielding a stick.
  11. skwonk

    1/350 HMS Imperial D09

    You could always blame it on top part of ship.
  12. skwonk

    'I told you not to...

    ...steal the Wrens nutty; now look what you've unleashed!' Just a bit of irreverence using a simple base and Zvezda's 1/35 Soviet Naval Infantry. Some outdoor and indoor shots. T-shirts and collar stripes were a bit of a 'divil' to paint but had fun along the way. I think one of them looks a bit like Lenin. And some of the hands look huge. Anyway, here they be.
  13. skwonk

    Revell 1/144 AN-124

    What a beast!
  14. skwonk

    Bon Retour 1/25 scale Artesania Latina

    Bosun's Call is used on a daily basis; colours, sunset, rounds, piping the side, the still etc. Used as well to get the OOD to the gangway ASAP, more noticeably on a port visit, especially foreign. A couple I haven't heard for a fair few years now are 'piping hot' and 'pipe down.' The former I last heard on Marlborough in '98 and used on a daily basis at lunch time and the latter on Cumberland in '92 at 2230.
  15. Nice spot on the Marsh Harrier. Latest purchase; Tamiya 1/35 WW1 British Infantry for a dio that has expanded beyond the original plan