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  1. That looks menacing. Did you have a nasty dihedral issue with the wings? I did an Airfix one a few years ago and the wing to fuselage needed a lot of trimming to gain any sort of dihedral.
  2. If the decals are missing I would recommend a search for Invincible Class deck markings on tinterweb. You'll probably see real photos plus some builds as well. If painting them then masking very thin lines and a circle cutter will be the way to go probably. The ramp was a slightly different colour than the deck as well.
  3. skwonk

    TSR 2 XR220

    And smokey and I thought my Landy was high on emissions.
  4. Anybody need one free for the Ki46 lll Hasegawa kit? It's the full length canopy version.
  5. A haircut in 1/1 scale then found this book also in 1/1 scale for ten bob in a 1/1 scale charity shop. A quick flick through and it has a load of interesting photos, diagrams etc. The book that is not my hair
  6. Just added one of those Tigers to the stash. Just be wary the tracks are 'handed' left and right. I recently did some 1/35 Sikhs in the Desert GB as a nod to the Indian contribution in WW2.
  7. Top drawer stuff! I wasn't expecting those roundels.
  8. Even Gert can't understand the decision.
  9. My late uncle was on board Ajax providing NGS on the day.
  10. Well worth the work I'd say.
  11. I think they got on the wrong side of the artillery with a few aircraft thrown in for good measure.
  12. Nice job and scheme.
  13. skwonk

    1/72 Dinah

    Got a bit of reddy-brown on for the interior under the large clear part and now primed it.
  14. skwonk


    Nailing the tail is the thing cos that's where everybody looks first on F4's.
  15. Cheers; I just decided to have a play with the airbrush and went to town a little. Just looked up the 2nd Pz div. and they were in Normandy and took a bit of a hit around Falaise.
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