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  1. Won a 120mm Verlinden Viking on Fleabay for a goodly price; rather pleased at that. Also bought a pair of cotton wax jackets and a pentagram car sticker. the latter to ward off the 'Jam First' hordes.
  2. The 'Good Lady' is English by birth but has been ingratiated into the 'Jam First' culture since moving here in her early years. She does admit however that my way looks a lot neater. My latest purchase last night was bread in an end opening packet; my favourite type of opening packet. Tempted by the new ICM Israeli Police figure in 1/16 so may buy that over the weekend. I don't care how the box opens though.
  3. Nice job on a not often seen early scheme.
  4. A green car in 1/1 scale. Unusual for me as I normally buy blue cars.
  5. Cheers chaps, my good lady suggested painting my Warhammer Black Dragon in a girly pearlescent for some bizarre reason but I'm trying to stick to my guns and go with black.
  6. Anybody know if there is a suitable type for squirting through and airbrush? Enamel preferable but acrylic may do.
  7. Unleaded petrol (10 litres). Other fuels and other amounts are available.
  8. Nice job. I did that one in that scheme last year. There are a few things about the kit which aren't insurmountable and it looks like a Sea Hurricane in the end.
  9. Quite easy access in a completely open plastic crate in Trashco's (other supermarkets and root vegetables are available).
  10. Something totally off piste; just ordered a Games Workshop 'Sorceress on Black Dragon.' A bit different from 1/16 figures. Oh and I bought some parsnips yesterday amongst other things.
  11. skwonk

    Airfix BIG Stuka

    Top drawer stuff old bean!
  12. Now there's a thought! The new scampering pixie lady in my life has really long dark hair. I knew there was a reason I was attracted to her but just couldn't put my finger on it until now. I suppose that EZ Line is just going to gather dust now.
  13. I think it looks rather good albeit with a passing resemblance of me if I go without tea for too long.
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