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  1. Hi folks, I have been chipping away at this build... most of the main painting is done.. detail parts to do and the decals.
  2. Hi, Its been a while since I posted.. I've been busy with this build.. AM's Yak 1. A nice kit but a bit fiddly in places... Here it is I went for an early version with the early canopy and no radio in generic VVS markings... It's painted in Akan VVS colours.. Thanks for looking.. Cheers John
  3. Looks great... all the completions so far look great and are really diverse
  4. As Jessie says the build features the kit decals. You get that scheme plus a shark mouth option and extensive stencils.. The kit decals are fine to work with. HTH
  5. Hi, Thanks for the feedback on the air brakes. I’m not going to move them.. Cheers John
  6. All finished.... Great kit everyone who like 1/48 Aircraft should build one... Thanks For looking...
  7. Thanks all. The casting of a vac form master went well... The RTV silicone mould is top left.. The resin casting is middle and the original kit canopy is bottom right.. ill trim up the casting and then have a go at making a vac form copy.... cheers John
  8. Thanks... I have sanded off all the surface detail now on the wings and went over the milliput joins on the cowl panel with CA and have now sanded this smooth. so I have a blank canvas for the surface detail... Ive bought some RTV silicone so I can cast a vac form master to make a new canopy.... not used that before so that should be fun...
  9. Thanks for the feedback... So some progress this week. I added the outer lower wing parts.. One went ok with a minimal gap the other needed a bit of a plastic card shim and filling with CA. I had 1/2 hoped to preserve the wing surface detail but it wasn’t possible so I have sanded it off the lower wing totally. here is the shimmed join.. I had to fettle the tail planes as they are handed and Revell has the detail on them correct when referring to the Bentley plans but upside down... so I chopped off the locating tabs and butt joined them to the fuselage. This has resulted in a better join.... Im now sanding off the kit detail on the upper wings... one done so far.. Once I have the surface knocked into shape I’ll unify everything with a coat of primer. Before I make a start on reinstating the surface detail. Still it’s starting to look like a Typhoon now. Cheers John
  10. I got to go along to Pioneer Aviation the other evening for a look through their workshop / Hanger at the stuff they are currently working on. Pioneer are based at Ardmore which is South of Auckland NZ. It’s the hub of Warbird stuff in NZ and the centre of a lot of the Warbird restoration business. The recent Mosquitos were rebuilt at AVSpecs also at Ardmore. And the Bristol Freighter now back in Bristol was sitting in a paddock here for ages. Anyhow Pioneer are P40 experts having restored. Around 1/3 of the current Aircraft flying. But they work in other stuff in this case a P-39... The hanger is incredibly busy... currently the P-39 is getting its cockpit fitout and the engine bay. one wing is on.... The other.... is complete and waiting fitting. if you fossick around you find neat stuff on shelves like this P-39 control column.... a can of interior green paint....no agonising over colours for these guys More P-39 goodness... Real panel lines.... real rivet detail. The aircraft was originally from the USSR but the owner has run with a USAAF scheme.... https://flic.kr/p/26FXTYo more details.... Apart from the P-39 there is an OS2U awaiting restoration.. along with a couple of P-40’s And a Strikemaster in for service... It’s pretty cool to get involved in looking at aircraft like these... hope you enjoy the images cheers John
  11. Find out what bit of kit the antenna connects to. Then find out when this was in service and you have your answer...
  12. XF418 is the problem child.... In that Scheme it’s an F.6A. Parabrake housing, notched flaps, large tanks.... Of course if Airfix give us the bits in the box for a true F.6A they also give us the bits for a FGA.9
  13. Hi, I have joined the fuselage and added some bits of wing.... The wing breakdown is the most complex bit of the original kit. I added the central portion to the fuselage once that had set off I have adde the upper wings minimising the gap at the wing root. Once these have fully hardened I’ll add the lower wing outlers and deal with the gaps.. as you can see I’ve stripped all of the kit detail off of the fuselage. I’ve sorted the join with CA as this stays stable under lacquer paint. I may try and replicate the lapped panels on the fuselage with primer layers.... But I’ll get 99% of the constriction done first... cheers John
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