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  1. Potatoes and Do Nuts...you live well sirResus....nah just joking. I'll see myself out.
  2. I think he means the Accurate Miniatures kit by the looks of the interior detail? I built one to the point of painting but for some reason it never got finished.
  3. Focke Wulf 190's and late war Luftwaffe are a long time favourite of mine...but the French keep slipping on to the table too!
  4. I kept about 100 back to bring with me when we moved...thats now north of 200 odd...and counting. I need a bigger wardrobe
  5. I agree, showing panels, rivets etc (except hatches and removable panels) is a touch unrealistic at scale but (for me ) its more about breaking up a smooth, 'bland' surface in much the same way as a faint mottling (pre shading whatever) breaks up an even surface finish. It gives the eye something to focus on and adds a certain amount of 3D effect. I reference art painting techniques. highlighting those panel lines with very dark or black lining can be a bit overdone so I use grey or dk brown wash style.
  6. Thanks all. Since about 2016 I have taken photos of all my newly finished builds and then they go in one of two cabinets in my "work room" As the cabinets fill up I cull the models into a large tub with foam balls, all this because we now live in a smaller house. I use a Canon SX 510 HS digital camera that my wife gave me as a birthday pressie, one day I will read the manual for it...... Back in the day I had a huge home built shelf set up on the gnd floor and a double garage for the stash. When we downsized I sold some 1000 to 1200 unbuilt kits of all scales to "Modelnerds" a co
  7. My thought exactly. I'm 70 odd now, we have no debts to speak of so my 'disposable' income is a little more. I model for physical and mental fine exercise and therapy it keeps me sane and keeps the osteo arthritis at some remov too. I know my current stash will never get built but hey WTH! Even the Gen Z health professional types say a hobby is great for the well being of retired burdens......
  8. Clean!! bu**er I never thought of that...I give em a scrape now and again and wipe up fresh spills (frequently as it happens) When they get too scruffy I buy a new cheapie one and cut the old one up for....err various purposes.
  9. Hmm, I have a small drawer full of drag scribers (the 'hooked' jobbies), metal work scribers and pointy scribers... all have their uses. I also have various rolls of scribing tapes....with varying usefulness. As well I have a small pile of soft drink cans that I washed and cut into squares and strips to use as 'straight edges' around curved surfaces like fuselages. The drink cans can be cut straight with a ruler and hobby knife. Then theres my collection of scribing templates...circles, ellipses, squares, rectangles with and without rounded corners.(via ebay and good hobby shops) As an ex dra
  10. just posted a couple of new ones...So many choices on Imgur so I went for Mega Thumbnails!!
  11. Not as yet but think of the underside wings of Italian WW1 aircraft
  12. Still getting sorted with this picture posting.....now trying sizing....Hmm might be too big now.....ah well at least you can see the warts This is the 1/72 Hasegawa Fw 190 D9 with markings from somewhere?
  13. Hopefully I've done this right. I'm in Aust so most things I like come by post from elsewhere. recently received the KP Fokker S-11 1/72 in Dutch markings. Also I have a pair of Eduard overtrees Aero L-39 Albatri (troses?). I've been after the Eduard kit for yonks and then they released overtrees for it. Built the KP version (aaargh) and currently trying put together their L-159 Alca (double Aaaargh) Though I have picked up a couple of AZ Bf109 f and G on special at my local hobby 'emporium'
  14. Acrylics of all types require a primer or at least an undercoat of matt enamel in order for them to 'stick' Its a bit of a bu**er as primers are mainly enamel based so there goes any 'green' preferences. I have spent some time recently investigating primers and found one non enamel but I havent tried it yet . This is because since we downsized I have sole use of a small bedroom cum office in the house so odours need to be minimised
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