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  1. Great Kit and Fantastic paint work!
  2. 39 centimeters long, 40 centimeters wide
  3. The tooling is from 1978. Not sure if the new release is from Revell-Germany, that might be why no metric measurements.
  4. I love 1/72 scale aircraft models, the detail on this kit makes it seem like a larger scale, Great Job!
  5. I meant to finish this model in time for the IPMS show in Boise, Idaho. I did not allow enough time, I will continue to work on it. I'm almost done with the wings, then I can sandwich them between the upper and lower fuselage halves, more to follow...
  6. Thank you, I plan on modeling the 'tears' on the finished diorama.
  7. Thanks Guys, I have done some work on the other Arizona... I'm going to make my own decks, so I removed all the plastic from the back of decks, so I can use them for patterns
  8. Thanks Guys, for your kind words, I did visit Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial when I was 12 back in 1973, I feel old, any how I have more photos...
  9. Here are some more photo of the Arizona wreck At the top, you can see the Memorial and the moorings The forward deck from styrene, modifications to the hull and aft deck Adding the boat deck more modifications Beginnings of the base More to follow...
  10. Here are some photos I took on Saturday... DOOLITTLE RAID
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