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  1. Madhatter Mk2

    ModelCollect 1/72 B-2A Stealth

    It is a straight forward enough it build and probably a bit to simplified for my tastes but it wasn't without its issues. There are no locating plugs/tabs etc but more often than not the pieces fall into place except one of the wings. No matter what I did there was a Testors quality gap left over. Im putting it mostly down to builder error though but partly due to as lack of of locating guides. If not everything is aligned perfectly it'll cause issues down the road. Overall I enjoyed the build and I've always wanted a decent kit of the B2. I just think the price is just a bit to hard to swallow for the kit. You shouldn't have any issues shifting a couple of these if the price isn't to high
  2. Madhatter Mk2

    SBY 2202 1/1000 Andromeda

    Well, here are the lit shots. I had a minor emergency with this as I couldn't get the lights to work. I had to break it open to get inside to see what was wrong. As it turned out, the main power lead hadn't been soldered on properly and it had come off completely. As a result of not doing things right the first time, I now have to replace a missing greebly from the back end and fabricate one of those little sensors from one of the rear guns. Fixed the lighting though! That's all I have sorry. I did take more but they weren't worth showing. Once I have my fleet base all done I'll include some pictures of that too Thanks very much for stopping by and having a look Si
  3. Madhatter Mk2

    ModelCollect 1/72 B-2A Stealth

    Whoops - wrong section. Could this please be moved to Aircraft? thanks
  4. Madhatter Mk2

    ModelCollect 1/72 B-2A Stealth

    Hi everyone Well, it's finally done and dusted. Completely OOB with the exception of some wiring to the rear wheels. It's come out quite nicely I think. It's hard to make grey not so boring but I managed to get some variation here and there Now for the final pics [/url Well, that's it but thanks for looking in Si
  5. Madhatter Mk2

    SBY 2202 1/1000 Andromeda

    Hi everyone Well, she's pretty much done now. I am still working on the base which will house 3 ships for now with room for a Dreadnought later on I'm not going to weather it much now as I like it the way it is I'll take some lit shots later on and post them up hopefully tonight Let me know what you think - good or bad I think that's plenty of pics for now, but as always, thanks for looking in Si
  6. Madhatter Mk2

    Revell 1/144 AN-124

    thanks guys I'm going to find some mojo and fix those wing roots. I know I should've done it before now but I couldn't be bothered
  7. Madhatter Mk2

    ModelCollect 1/72 B-2A Stealth

    Sorry for the lack of updates - I have been busy with other projects of late It's almost done now - just a few more bits to add and it's finished. Still needs a semi-flat coat to go over the decals but that won't take long Overall, I'm pretty happy with it. If I'd had more enthusiasm I would go the whole detailing hog but I just can not be bothered. OOB is fine for me. Besides, none of the Eduard AM stuff had been released when I had started it so never mind I accidentally broke off the crew ladder and went to place the cover over the resulting hole but then the piece slipped off and went inside - so out came the Milliput and I covered over the hole. The decals performed beautifully and are surprisingly resistant to moving. That's it now until it's finished but thanks for tuning in Si
  8. Madhatter Mk2

    Revell 1/144 AN-124

    Hi everyone I built this recently as a side project from the B-2 and Andromeda. It's not my best work by any stretch and has numerous issues but it's in a scheme I really like. The decals are from a small company in the Ukraine (which I have forgotten the name of presently). They're just fine all be it a bit on the thin side. I had to buy another set of decals because I tore the original set in a stupid, novice masking mistake. I also just realised that I had forgotten to paint the white sprue points on the tires black. I shall remedy that later And the cockpit before it was installed I did do the interior and gave it detail etc but in the end I thought the clean lines of the closed up version look way better Well, back to work on the B2 which is almost finished As always, thanks for looking Si
  9. Madhatter Mk2

    SBY 2202 1/1000 Andromeda

    I had the camera out today so I thought I'd snap a few pics of where I am with the Andromeda. It's almost ready for paint. I just need to add some details to the bottom and then it's all ready for painting. I'm pretty happy with how it's coming out. I know some people don't like 'borgifying' clean lines, but that's OK. That's all I have for now but I think it'll pass as an update Thanks for looking Si
  10. That is just awesome John! By far the best display of this kit I have ever seen to date. I'll have to go look through the WIP to see how you dud the water and the blood effect under that. It looks so very real. I'm sure I will have questions
  11. Madhatter Mk2

    SBY 2202 1/1000 Andromeda

    thanks Andy! I did a lighting test last night and it looks awesome. I'm super happy with how its coming out I'll hopefully be updating this again soon Si
  12. Madhatter Mk2

    SBY 2202 1/1000 Andromeda

    thanks guys. I'm pretty happy with how its coming out so far. Still a long way to go yet though
  13. Madhatter Mk2

    SBY 2202 1/1000 Andromeda

    wow - it's been a long time since I last updated this build thread but then I haven't been working on it much due to other commitments/builds. However, I am aiming to get this done for Expo in June, so I have picked it up again in the hope of just getting it done. I've also picked up the Garmillas set 2 and 3 and I am chomping at the bit to start set 3 as it has the best looking ship of the Garmilla fleet in my opinion. I'll consider doing a WIP thread for that one when I start it Back to the Andromeda, all the lighting is installed and working and now it's time to finish off the surface detailing. I haven't lit the Wave Gun because I just couldn't be bothered with the hassle. I lit the Yamato WG and I can count how many times i have used it on one hand since it was finished. Surprisingly, I have had to use a fair amount of putty to fill in the gaps. Thank goodness for the Perfect Plastic Putty product as it cleans up with water and cotton buds really easily. Its a great product and I highly recommend it. Time for some pics Well, that's all for now. Hopefully, the next update will either be the last one or the finished item. I'm looking to do a fleet display with this , the Yunagi and also a destroyer. Maybe even a Garmilla ship too. Thanks for looking Si
  14. Madhatter Mk2

    Parallel universes

    Very very cool! Well done
  15. Madhatter Mk2

    Ak Etreme metals

    Tamiya now also offer the lacquer jars (like their acrylics) of the same paint they use in their spray cans which I find is a good base for metallics