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  1. I know I've already posted a fair bit over the past couple of days but I thought I'd share my successful lighting in the one part I had strong doubts about getting lit. The part itself is only 8mm x 5mm x 4mm and there was no way I was going to be able to thread nearly 20 fibers through it, so I went with the flood light method which is cutting off 4mm pieces of single strand fiber and sticking and gluing them just 1mm into the wall and then sealing off the bottom with a strip of styrene (that has some al-foil stuck to the bottom to better reflect the light up). Inside the rear of th
  2. wow - certainly a change up from green. I thought you were a fire fighter though. Mailman was a close second I wish my WIPs were that fast Great result!
  3. thanks everyone Quick couple of extra shots showing how high the SD sits above the base:
  4. hey again Got one building done and primed and have started on the second one. I'm hoping to have the first one painted by the weekend. I have already drilled out the holes where the fibers will be going. I lost count after 50 and 8 drill bits later The good news is it won't require a lot big lengths of fiber. I am contemplating sticking in just little bits of fiber and flood lighting the entire inside but I am not sure I can get much light through the top sections. They'd require longer lengths I think. Also, there would not be enough room to angle an LED bright enough to fill the s
  5. I've seen these at my LHS and have been tempted but only to have seen the price sticker and go white at the cost. They're hideously expensive here in Oz. Am happy to watch this instead. All 5 minutes of it until the RFI post anyway...
  6. Thanks guys for the kind posts. I found a magnifying lamp recently and have started using it, and I really like it. But for most of the time, no, still using the ol mark 1 eyeball (for now, but probably not for long) As for the structure, yes, it will be lit. Its mostly why I used ship superstructure parts as they're hollow. Makes life a little bit easier, although it'll be a tight fit for the fibers
  7. thanks for your thoughts Col. I am trying to keep it the same scale and so far so good. Once the texture has been added in, it'll look less rough to
  8. Hi again all For the past 2 weeks (well, more like 6 days when combined) I have been working away on the top plate. I decided to make something to go on top as I feel it needs more visual interest. Yeah, I know its the DS tiles I'm using but I don't really want this to BE the Death Star - more, my own interpretation. I wouldn't go calling my display a battle-station. Probably more a mechanical planet It's far from being finished - I still have heaps to do, but before I really get lost in this and put more energy into it, I thought l'd just get a general gauge if this is a good ide
  9. Hi all Quick update The edging is all done and putty applied. Still a couple of spots to clean up but nothing dramatic. I've started to add some more detailing to the surface, with some gun batteries which i thought could be quite cool. I'm not trying to replicate the DS or its surface to its filming parents, so the relevancy of their existence is mute. Looking at them, I do need to change the shape slightly to mask their origins though. Just on the bottom front corners I think I'm looking at making some kind of central building structure, like a control center of sorts, ag
  10. Thanks guys. I have almost finished the edging and will start moving towards bracing the plate and detailing the surface some more, and fix up the gaps in the tiles.
  11. wow - it has been a while hasn't it? Hi all, and thanks for stopping in. First of, sorry for the really long delay in doing anything to it until recently. RL has interfered a lot as have other projects blah blah. We all know the reasons why etc that things go on hold but, I do have an update that's worth showing So, I am unable to paint anything ATM due to weather and other such stuff like getting ready to move up north to Brisbane at the end of the year, plus a reno and as such, that limited my options. But I have been chomping at the bit to get restarted on just something to do with thi
  12. Keep those stairs as they make great vents for starships etc Great work so far. This was the star of Greyhound and I personally really enjoyed that movie, despite the negative reviews it got.
  13. Thanks Sebastian, I like it, despite the glaring paint issues with it
  14. Thanks everyone The photos have emphasised the faux rusting more than what it is in person.
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