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  1. Yeah good question, and one I don't have an answer for at this stage. I have 50 warm white LEDs for the main body plus orange red and one other yet to be confirmed. Might need more or maybe I'll get lucky and not use all of them
  2. I am happy to say that I have added all the detail I'm going to, to the bottom hull plate. I do have some stuff to add to the upper lips where the sidewalls meet the hull but that won't take long. All that's left to add detail too are the sidewalls themselves. I won't be going to mental there as the space is pretty short but enough to make it more interesting, and then it'll be the joyous task of adding the fibers. Anyway, that's it for now. I'm still casting pieces for the base and that is taking up a fair whack of time but the ship detailing is nearly finished! Sorry for the not-so-great pictures, I couldn't be bothered getting the photo tent out etc thanks as looking! Si
  3. Thought I would show you where I'm heading with this. Got some good basic structure work done and am now working on the larger details before moving in to do the finer stuff. There are some casting holes here and there and will need covering etc which will be done with details. Most of this will unlikely to be seen but it's better to be safe than sorry and have visibly empty spots of nothing Anyways, that's it for now, but thanks for looking Si
  4. Hi everyone Thought I would update this quickly while I had some spare time. As I have said previously, I have made a good start on the base. Most of my time has been spent making casts but I have actually cemented stuff together. The main service trench has been made and I am now making the lower level details. I've tried to make it look under construction but I think I may have made it also look like it's destroyed. Not sure which yet.naturally, there will be some lighting in amongst all this to give it more life. I've quite enjoying making the base so far and if it goes like what's in my head, then this will be awesome. Maybe even better than the ship? Too early to say but here's where I am at currently: Well, that's it for now but once I'll update again once I have something worthwhile showing As always, thanks for stopping by and having a look Si
  5. Thanks for the kind posts guys I finally got to walk into an actual shop today. The first time in nearly 3 months that we're allowed to, and to break the cherry, I went to a model shop and spent way to much money on things I probably don't really need but have wanted. However, I did buy stuff I do need inclyding my metal stand which I have successfully bent into shape already. Its not a tube l like I wanted but a solid rod which I will attach the power wires to and secure them with heat shrink tube. I've also done heaps of casting with plenty more yet to do, but my output has tripled since I did a twin mold. I have made a solid start to the base and I'm really excited to see it coming together so beautifully
  6. I was lucky to get some free time this afternoon, so I took some pictures of where I am currently up to I have been working on this as well as the Batmobile and have actually got quite a bit done. I have cemented my base plans and I'll show you a picture later on of what I have in mind. So, I have been casting multiple copies of my very expensive 3D printed DS tile ready to layout on the sheet and that has consumed a fair amount of time so far, but TBH, it's not hard to mix up a batch of resin and make a copy while waiting for the spuds to cook or what have you. The surface detailing is coming along nicely. The main concentrations have been finished and now its just time to fill it out and then crack on with the side walls (what I have also started but not got very far with) And this is rough layout of how the base is going to go: Well, that's it for this update, but the next one will likely be the completion of the lower hull and more work on the base As always, thanks for continually coming in here and having a look Si
  7. thanks guys! This is the only Batmobile that held any interest to me. I also grew up on the old 60's version but looking back on it, it was truly awful. There's one of those original 'the other place''s in Melbourne that does the rounds quite a lot. It was in my little neighborhood last year and I took some pics of it with my son inside. Then the following weekend we went to the Ferrari showroom and we both got to sit in the new SF-90. He proclaimed to like the 'the other place' more than the Ferrari. Go figure
  8. Hey everyone Here's my latest side project - the 'the other place' V SM Batmobile - without the guns and in a more fun paint scheme. I bought this a few years ago with this idea in mind to turn it into something less sinister and more interesting. I was going to do it in red and black, but I felt the metallic blue was better. I've always liked the basic shape of the Batmobile but prefer it without all the fenders and guns - and the roof. Anyways, it was just a fun build - except for the rear wing: that was a nightmare to get on. Oh, and ET cement ran right down the inside of the windscreen as I was putting it in, so I had to sandpaper it all out and then get is clear again - which I think I did a pretty good job of doing Excuse the dust that managed to get on the surface right before I photographed it. Anyway, that's it but as always, thanks for looking Si
  9. Very nicely done indeed! I have one of the older Revell boxed ones in the stash but haven't had the energy required to make it into a passable K2. Should've waited for this new tooling to come out. I think this is the nicest scheme to be worn on it and you've weathered it perfectly. Great work
  10. While I wait for my new 3D printed tile to arrive, I have been quietly working away on the ship and have finally finished one side. Now I just need to start the other side.... Trying to get a shuffle on this one as I want it done for Expo next year (providing its on of course) Well, that's it for now, but as always, thanks for looking! Cheers Si
  11. Sadly the casting didn't work due to the resin being too old. I've had to buy more resin today so am now waiting for that to arrive. However, I'm also going to cheat and am scrapping the original base and have ordered a 3D printed tile in 1/2700 scale which I will take a mold of and cast numerous copies. This will give me a much more detailed base than I can make by hand.
  12. Hi everyone Well, my replacement grid sheets finally arrived last week and I have now finished my master which I will make a cast of tomorrow and hopefully, will be able to produce enough copies to cover a large area. Started off with this: Ended up with this: Will post the results of the casting even if it fails Thanks for looking Si
  13. yeah - I think that's what's bugging me about it. I will try to fix it and make new struts as well. Not sure I have enough carbon decal left though but I like the idea
  14. thanks guys. After reviewing it more, I am going to remove that rear wing and remake the struts for it as I don't like them the way they are. They just don't sit right
  15. Well, after a whole year has past, I found this on the shelf the other night and decided to finish it. It hasn't come out nearly as well as I hoped but TBH, I just wanted it finished The base colour is from SMS Paints (Blue/Green) and I sprayed a light coat of clear blue over the top. Cars are not my strong point but I've always wanted to do an NSX kit ever since it came out in 2016, so that's now off my list of "to build" items Thanks for looking Si
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