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  1. I have finished building the machinery stuff for the hole section on the right side of the base. It's made up of 2 layers which will be sufficient to give a scale of depth. You won't see much if it but I will be adding some lights under the first floor to make it more visible and for some interest (gotta have more to look at than just the ship right?) This is now all ready for paint which I will do tomorrow night. Ground floor: First floor: Together: And with the top plate on: Simple but effective I think. I'll take some more shots once it's all pai
  2. I've made yet another amendment to the base and have scrapped the buildings in favour of smaller structures like this:
  3. thanks Kevin. In a way, so will I but I'll also be glad to see it done. Coming up 5 years already in August which is when I started it back in 2018. Longest build for me yet.
  4. OK, well, I have finished putting in all the panel lines and I am really happy with how they came out. It was a fair amount of work but IMO, worth every minute. I reckon it took a total of about 4- 5 hours to do the whole ship - which given how long its taken me to get this far could be considered mind blowingly fast then you put it all together and you get this: And finally, the obligatory bridge shot: Well, that's it for now. I'll continue working on the base until I get some more fiber.
  5. Its been a while since I last updated this and a fair amount has happened. Still waiting on my fiber optic cable which I think will never get to me, so I will have to order from somewhere else In the mean time, I have been working on the base and also the hull. I have finished penciling in the panel lines using a 0.3 mechanical pencil and a cut up credit card And as for the base, I have been playing around with some make shift buildings, trying to work out where everything will go
  6. thanks guys :) If I were to own a GT, I'd have it in this colour for sure
  7. hey everyone It's been a while since I last completed a car, so whilst waiting for more Fiber Optic to arrive, I thought I'd build this Tamiya Ford GT I was never a big fan of this car until I saw this one in a YouTube video set in Dubai about rare cars on offer. It really stood out from the usual blue ones you see a lot of online. I used the Hobby Design AM set with it. Painted in Zero Paints Graphite and Tamiya Red and utilizing the black stripes that came with the kit, I ended up with the below subject. I am really happy with how it came out and it was my first time using SM
  8. Paint arrived this morning, and now the misted base colour is now on. Couple of spots to add more on but yeah, am happy with how it looks. I'll add a clear coat, wash it and then pencil in some lines where needed
  9. all masking done and now waiting on delivery of more paint so I can get the final coat on her:
  10. Sing it with me: "ooh oh, we're half way there...."
  11. mate, I have been working on one for the past 4 years (on and off - mostly off lately). Its a nice kit but pretty basic in terms of details in places. But, add some styrene chips etc and you can really make it stand out from everyone else's. I really should get off my butt and crack on with it (definitely no pun there)
  12. The wrong shade of yellow - that's pretty bad and a tad too trivial for me. If he'd seen what I do to some subjects, he'd probably have a heart attack
  13. yeah, I'm anticipating a hefty price sticker, so I'm starting my saving now for when it does get released. I'm also hopeful that Trumpeter could also release a Conqueror (the planned successor to the Prince of Wales). That's be so cool. I guess those people don't complain about sci-fi because by its very nature, its a what-if. Although, to be fair, there are plenty of other people who complain about Star Wars kit subjects. You should check out the RPF forums and read some of the posts about the recent Zvezda Star Destroyer kit - people whining about how the angle of the bridge is out by 5
  14. yeah, it was a fictional ship - although there were actual designs made for it, just Germany didn't build it. Personally, I don't take any notice of the above mentioned whiners. They just suck the joy out of modelling, so I ignore them. I'd like to see Trumpeter continue with the fictional boat series and give us some of the Russian what-could-have-been boats like the Vladivostok or the Lenin (Russian version of the Nelson)
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