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  1. I won't tell you how much the Korbanth SSD was then. You might faint it makes the Bandai kit seem like a bargin. I've never spent as much money on a kit as I did that one and likely never will. Well, that is if I don't cave in and buy the 1/200 Scharnhorst.....
  2. *cough*BandaiPG...... Take one for the team mate We'll be behind you all the way
  3. I had the top on briefly tonight whilst I was marking out where the next load of floodlights were going to go and I added the roof etc just to see how its looking. I am really happy with how it's looking! (just do what I do and look past the current gaps ) I thought it's looking pretty frickin' cool myself. I just took those 3 pics just then as I thought it looked good enough to share. Never mind the extraordinary orange wall behind. I try to forget it myself thanks again Si
  4. Hi everyone Thought I would update this while I have some spare time. Work continues on the sidewalls with only one wall left on the starboard side and only 2.5 left to do on the other I am pretty happy with how its coming along. I haven't quite finished the one above but I'm pretty much there I'll post another update when I have finished the whole side thanks as always for looking Si
  5. I'm a bit late to the party as I haven't been in this section of the forum in a long time but glad I did as this is fantastic! I really like this. Some figures would go well with this to really bring it to life - but that's just my opinion. Great build of a great ship
  6. Does he do one of those as well or do you mean Randy Johnson (Korbanth)
  7. LOL, give in to the temptation of what ever it is you're resisting! You know you want to
  8. thanks guys So, I finally got round to finishing off the spot lights up front and thought I'd do a dry fit /light test, and thought I would share my happy results Yes, I probably should have gone with cool white, but I prefer the look of the warmer white. Well, that's it but feel free to share your thoughts - good or bad. As always, thanks for looking Si
  9. Thanks guys Darren, you should definitely buy one! You don't have to go to the excessive detailing levels I'm doing to make it into a nice kit. I've seen a few OOB builds that have just lighting and a great paint job that I would happily have on my shelf.
  10. hey everyone Dusting this one off to show that I have actually started back on this yet again. Have begun the fun task of detailing the side walls, starting off with the front. This is pretty much where I left off in the last update but I am now more advanced along. Although it may not look it, a heap of small details have been added to the lips of the 2 hull halves. Whilst they don't look like much on their own, when you add the rest of it together, it fills the spaces nicely. I'm almost done for the front with only the right side front panel left to do which won't take long. Then
  11. thanks everyone! It was a nice break from the usual. There were a couple of spots I see I missed with the weathering but I have taken care of that since
  12. Hey everyone I have been taking a break from the Star Destroyer to built the all new Cordoba kit from Hasegawa. For those who have no idea what this ship is from, it's from an old anime series called Crusher Joe. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crusher_Joe Its a really nice kit and is the second kit of this ship made in styrene. The first, smaller kit was released by Takara which I happened to build way back in 2012 or there about. There was also a larger resin kit made by Soy-ya which is hideously and prohibitively expensive if you're lucky enough to find one The Hasegawa ki
  13. Oh whoops, I see, my bad. I obviously missed that bit in the WIP
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