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  1. Continuing along now with the painting and installation of the main hangar bay. It's been drilled out in places for lights and I'm waiting on delivery of my LED tape I've also started on the top layer of the superstructure - or wedding cake as it has been referred to by others. Test fitting of the neck shows there could be some issues ahead, but nothing insurmountable Anyway, that's the end of this update but I will post more pics soon enough Thanks for looking Si
  2. Hey guys It's been a while since I last touched this but after numerous side projects (some successful some....not so much) I figure it was about time to get this going again and maybe even finish it this year - although being over half way through I doubt it. I'd just like to finish it all together really.. So, I have finished detailing the hangar bay and it is currently drying off the black base coat ready for the light strips to be attached. I am waiting on 2 new ones as I screwed up the first set by cutting it in the wrong place. I had the right number of LEDs for the amount of holes but the strip requires another 2 at the end for it to work properly, so the last 2 LEDs didn't light up. Good thing they're cheap! I'll have to black out the last 2 LEDs once I install the new set. As you can also see, there is a lot of artistic license going into this. None of this stuff is on the filming model but then I am building this for me and not a paying person so it's kind of irrelevant really The TIE hangar is installed and it actually works. Just need to tidy a few things up and then that's done. I had made a start on the side walls in Jan before I lost patience with it and they haven't moved since these pics were done I also painted (badly) the Blockade runner. This will need a lot of touching up before I'm happy with it Still a long way to go yet but hopefully I can keep up some momentum and get something done. I was looking at the photos I took of the Super Star destroyer and started to drool at the thought of starting it. Then I remembered it's resin and there is a fair amount of work to do on it and the drool dried up pretty quickly, but I will start it hopefully once this one's done - if I haven't over detailed myself out by then. Anyway, that's all I have for now but thanks for sticking around and having a look-see Cheers Si
  3. hey there - welcome aboard I haven't touched it for months since the last update. I've had other projects on the go as well which has contributed to the stagnation I'm assuming by pen you mean a paint pen for the window frames? I used a paint brush from memory. Very carefully applied. Any spill over can be cleaned up with a toothpick soaked in thinner. In regards to the hull, I sprayed and masked the white before spraying the red which was then masked ready for the Tamiya Midnight Blue in the middle. Don't spray black in the middle because it isn't black. Its very dark blue. I really must get back to building this beautiful ship. I saw one today for sale at Expo and it reminded me of the neglect I have shown this. Hope to see yours one day!
  4. that looks really awesome - I love the colours In regards to your pictures, what kind of camera are you using? Most cameras are pretty OK so long as you have a decent light source. Shooting inside isn't the best and whilst not always practical, I personally take mine outside or at least anywhere where there is a lot of light. Try to open up your exposure time.
  5. thanks guys Wait till you see my NSX - if the paint stays the way it is now, it'll be way better than the BMW
  6. thank you I have just started the newish Tamiya NSX which I will use the same paint process with clear blue in place of Red, although I am also thinking Clear Smoke might also look cool. Hard choice
  7. Hi guys This is the latest machine off my work bench - Revell's BMW DTM done as a street machine. It's a hard to find now kit and I'm sure a few hard core car nuts have groaned at what I've done to it, but I like it. Its Tamiya Clear Red over Alclad Stainless Steel. I love the look myself but I leave it for you to decide. [/url Next car up will be Tamiya's new NSX with LB Worx Body Kit (once I've built it that is) Thanks for looking Si
  8. Yeah, it is a WHIF or IMO a "should've been" You should buy one - it's a great kit - despite the negative reviews. I had a very slight warping issue with one of the wings and the tail but some boiling water over the top will fix that. I will say though that it's not small. You're lucky that your wife actually would want you to buy one - I've never heard anyone say that ever. I have 2 left over tail decals should you want to paint it in this scheme
  9. Hi guys This is my second to last project for a while before I take a much needed modelling break. I've had this in the unfinished pile for ages and decided to get it done. It was originally going to be in the RAF 20th Anniversary scheme but I got tired of looking at BOG, so I decided to liven it up somewhat into this. I went with the Landor scheme as I thought it would suit it nicely. I used a custom mix of paints and the decals are a mix of Draw Decals for the BA writing, 26 Decals fir the windows and a friend of mine did up the tail logo from an image I found. Kit very kindly offered to do it for me, however, my other friend jumped in and completed them for me I had to do the doors myself using a custom mask based on the dimensions of the 26 set (British Caledonia). They aren't the best but they'll do Anyways, enough talking, here it is - my Landor VC-10: That's it for now, but thanks for looking Si
  10. Thanks guys I think my next build will be more interesting for you - I hope
  11. thanks guys Yes, the F-35 was never a pretty bird. Hopefully, I get some mojo back soon. My SD will be all the more finished for it if I do
  12. hey guys I have been playing around with this F-35 for a few weeks now in between another project I have been tinkering on which will also soon be finished. I've often thought the F-35 was pretty ugly and so decided that I may have to do something about that. I'm not sure it's as pretty as it could be, but I am happy with it I've reversed the wings and made them out of sheet styrene. I added some canards because canards are cool and reversed the tail fins I also added some body panels which you can't really see under the paint. The decals are from an F-15 kit I had lying around except the roundels which I painted on It was just a fun project to help try lift my stymied modelling mood of late. Anyways, tell me what you think - good or bad thanks for looking guys Si
  13. That's gorgeous! Those windows look awesome but it's the wings that are the biggest draw card for me - that pant work is fantastic and the dropped flaps, slats and so on look great Looking forward to seeing more airliners from you John
  14. I have pretty much given up looking for an exact match (excluding Xtracolour as no one here sells it and the last time I tried it I hated the way the paint performed) and have just made up my own custom mix of paints. Seems to have come out OK but I will leave that for you to decide when I put pics of my project up in the coming weeks
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