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  1. Jawa Sand Crawler - "OOODEEENI" ! (1/96 Randy Cooper resin kit)

    you and me both Jockster! I'd love an RC ISD but it's never going to happen - unless I win Lotto and build a bigger house (warehouse that is)
  2. Jawa Sand Crawler - "OOODEEENI" ! (1/96 Randy Cooper resin kit)

    man that looks amazing John! So super impressed with this even though its not my most favourite of the SW machines I could not get away with buying a chest freezer as compensation to the missus if I arrived home with an ISD that size - no matter how much tofu she could put in a freezer!
  3. NOVA MODELS Vulcan B2 Vac Form

    I can't offer you any practical advice on building a vac-form kit what so ever but I will say that I am still enjoying this one. BTW - cool music video (I know that's on another thread but I'm here now and I'm gonna say something! - although I was hoping the girl would get away. Defeats the purpose of the song but still)
  4. ModelCollect 1/72 B-2A Stealth

    Infinitely better! Still, I wasn't minding the Testors version too much. This is just easier by far. Not sure its worth the price tag though
  5. Jawa Sand Crawler - "OOODEEENI" ! (1/96 Randy Cooper resin kit)

    very nice John! Its just getting better and better I wish I had room for a Randy Cooper SD. I could never one home without the wife seeing it
  6. Imai Macross Destroid Phalanx (1:00)

    that's quite clever really. The insert really looks so much better than what you get. What are you designing and printing it with? What medium is it? I'd love to be able to design my own parts like that
  7. Parallel universes

    Impressive base! I agree with Mish - this ought to be interesting. I have a couple of X-Wings to do - both T-65 and T-70 (?) and one of them will be a WIF Looking forward to seeing what you do with these 2 kits
  8. Make 'em jealous! What did you just get?

    Don't resist - give in to your temptation! It'd be an impressive piece once done I don't know if this would make anyone jealous but I scored a Halcyon Alien Queen kit for $150 AU which is almost $100 cheaper than previous ones I've seen
  9. ModelCollect 1/72 B-2A Stealth

    Thanks guys. I have started to paint it but I have to fix a few things first otherwise it'll bug me forever and I just won't have the will power to fix it later if I don't do it now
  10. NOVA MODELS Vulcan B2 Vac Form

    I look at that and I tip my hat to you and everyone else who build vac form kits. It sounds and looks 'easy' enough to do but I just couldn't bring myself to do one - I am just too lazy Which is why I will watch with interest and see what you do with it I am not sure what to make of the plane at the bottom there. It just doesn't look quite right somehow (not the kit - the plane) I think it's the tail. Somehow it looks clunky and less elegant than the fin I'm used to seeing
  11. Revell 1/400 Queen Mary 2

    Thanks for sticking around. I think this is just one of those builds that just keeps going on and on with lots of small details everywhere that need attending to, a seemingly endless supply
  12. Revell 1/400 Queen Mary 2

    It's been almost a year since I last updated this. I have been working on it on and off again in the time since but I have had to wait a month or so for the replacement clear frames from Revell in Germany. It was quite a process to get it done, but worth it. I royally screwed up the first frames using the wrong tint and paint but not so this one. I've run a dark euro Vallejo wash over the wooden decking to give it a richer colour than pine. It has soaked in nicely and I am very happy with how its come out A couple of the pools have the railings and water added as well The power socket for the top half of the ship lighting has been installed and ready to go: The bridge is almost ready for lighting: I have also added clear plastic strips and pieces as windows for the bridge and the forward facing part of the super structure: The back lighting for the Ship name is done: The (dry) fit is less than stellar here: And the sides are done as well: There are other smaller sub structures done as well but not worth photographing yet. I'm trying to move on with it now in time for Expo, but it may not get there this year. That's all for now, but thanks for looking Si
  13. ModelCollect 1/72 B-2A Stealth

    I finally managed to squeeze in some time today to upload the last set of WIP pics. I tell you, these WIP threads are becoming harder and harder to keep finding time to update. Anyway, this is almost it since last post. It has wings on it and black undercoat, and a broken front landing strut. That piece is the worst part about this kit. It has zero support and it just sits on the top. No lugs or depressions to help keep it there. I had to drill a couple of holes in the top of the strut and use some brass rod to help. It was working well until I accidentally bashed it against the side of the work bench while moving it (and it is not small by any means). That and the Testers quality gap that arose from a builder error (I hope). Annoying but manageable That's all I have right now sorry. Thanks for stopping in and having a look Si
  14. LF Revell 1/144 AN-124

    Hi guys and girls I am searching for a reasonably priced Revell 1/144 AN-124 for an upcoming project All offers considered thanks! Si
  15. Jawa Sand Crawler - "OOODEEENI" ! (1/96 Randy Cooper resin kit)

    I'm not sure you have enough paint there John. You mighty need to buy some more... Great work on the crawler - am looking forward to seeing the end result