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  1. Thanks Col. For many years I've maintained I am crap at painting and not much has changed. I am happy with this so far though
  2. Thanks guys! Kev, yeah man, I still have to wash it and dry brush as well as pencil is some panel lines. What you see here is just the basic paint work. I also liked the contrasting panels but given the subject matter and general consensus, it needed to be toned down some.
  3. the effect is a lot more subtle in the plastic than in this photo
  4. Yeah, and that's also kind of my issue - it is a bit digi-camo, despite trying to avoid that. It's why I'm leaning toward the filter more and more. There's nothing wrong with digi-camo when that was the intention
  5. Well, the experimental masking is done and the results are here. There are some panels which require a paint touch up because - as feared - the paint was too thin for the masks and ran under them in places. Lifted the paint off in others. Over all though, I am pleased with how its turned out. I'm still debating whether or not to run a very thin filter coat over the whole area to tone down the enhanced panels. I still have small detail painting, washed and dry brushing yet to go, so the look will change even more but what do you guys think? Should I leave them like they are or run a f
  6. It does look very insectile in a way. Kinda flea-like. Is this meant to be some offshoot of SBY2199? Mate, great to see you adding extra detailing. I always smile when I see someone adding their own flavour to a subject
  7. I got this kit for my son as he is a big Mando fan and yeah, it's tiny alright. I'm still waiting patiently for my pre-order Revell kit to arrive one day. I may get one of these Bandai one's in the mean time for myself. The detailing is beautiful
  8. I actually laughed out loud at this. My missus isn't interested in anything modeling related - finished or not. It's why I post here 🤣
  9. Thanks everyone - yep, it'll be a herculean task for sure - but hopefully worth it. Kev, I'm flattered you wanted to share and discuss this with someone. Can you not because you're in a lockdown of sorts or it's just one of the small downsides to living on your own?
  10. As this is as exciting as it gets, the next update should see these panels finished - or very close to it. It's going to be a lot of fine masking which I hope actually works. These photos also help me to remember where I placed all the masks..... As always, thanks for stopping in and having a look Si
  11. Hey everyone Some people have been wondering what kind of approach I'll be taking to painting, so for those who wanted to know, I took a couple of pics which should help answer it. I'm going to spare everyone the boredom of taking shots at every stage and just show you the first one. You'll get the idea from that. Needless to say, the painting process might take longer than first thought.
  12. Thanks Darren! Wait till the colour coats go on and then dry brushing then they should really pop! I just hope my painting skills don't make it poop
  13. Thanks Col. I'll admit, I'm pretty happy with how it's coming along
  14. I had some free time this afternoon so I took a picture of the rook panels under the black base coat. Excuse the dust that seems to have settled on all of the pieces. I have no idea when or how it got there but the damp brush will be coming out after I've finished posting to clean them all up before the first splash of grey goes on Anyways, that's it for now but thanks for stopping in and having a look Til next time Si
  15. thanks very much guys. I started to install the rear upper floodlights last night and I have almost finished one side. Ill take some pics of this later
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