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  1. It was a neat little show with plenty of room for additional display tables. Terry (Caravellarella)
  2. Uncle Grumpy, how grumpy are you in truth? Your Noratlas model is GORGEOUS! Terry (Caravellarella)
  3. Dear Boys & Girls, have any of you attempted combining the current Revell 1/72 Halifax BI/BII kit with the wings of the older Matchbox Halifax BI/BII kit to achieve that slimmer engine & full-chord aileron look? Terry (Caravellarella)
  4. I was at the Telford show the whole weekend, but I couldn't really find anything that I wanted to buy (again). I did manage to get trodden on in the kit swap (again) and I narrowly avoided being run-over by a mobility scooter in the competition area scrum (it wasn't you Michelle). Otherwise I was the taxi-driver for a bunch of Frexiters who like to frequent Indian & Chinese restaurants. I missed a few long-time friends who were unable to attend through illness, age or misfortune (the list gets longer every year)...... Terry (Caravellarella)
  5. Dear KitGuyJohn, did you use the kit's ejection seat as is? I ask as I have some kits of the T-2 trainer version & I was told at Scale Model World last month that the Weber ES-7J seat is very plain & simple in reality, just like the kit's parts. Terry (Caravellarella)
  6. Unfortunately I missed both opportunities to meet at you all at midday; my apologies...... Terry (Caravellarella)
  7. I posted as much on one of the IPMS facebook groups, was censured for intolerance of rancid, smelly, putrescent creatures and barred for 24 hours! Terry (Caravellarella)
  8. New hair-do - check Car polished - check Kit-swap items - check Shopping-list - check What to wear - still working on this one Which shoes to take - indecision Setting off at midday - wishful thinking...... Terry (Caravellarella)
  9. The problem I've found with this is that there is no option to "save changes" so no matter how many times I edited to deleted images & text, the selling post reverted to it's original form......
  10. Why am I unable to delete my selling posts? I've tried editing out all the content, but there is no "save changes" option......
  11. Ew, gross me out dr_g! More like dieting, new haircut, new outfits, new shoes, new front tyres for the car, new bag!
  12. On second thoughts I might give the kitswap more-of-a-miss this year after the torrid stampede of last year. Midday would be fine; what do others think? Terry (Caravellarella)
  13. I would suggest that some will be stuck in mindnumbingly endless kitswap cashtill queues at midday......
  14. How on earth are we supposed to recognise each other (to find each other) at such big venue? Only Michelle has a profile picture of herself as far as I can tell...... Terry (Caravellarella)
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