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  1. Is it possible that Southern Expo will now/soon be cancelled given the current Covid-19 advice? Terry (Caravellarella)
  2. I bought this last November as I wanted to see what it was like; I think I now prefer my Mustangs shallower, flatter & pointier. This most expensive kit I've ever purchased, but I've damaged it already trying to remove the main undercarriage bays Terry (Caravellarella)
  3. Dear Paul (if I may), is the recommended AS186 compressor quiet? Terry (Caravellarella)
  4. I bought this about a month ago on e(vil)Bay...... Terry (Caravellarella)
  5. Dear Boys & Girls, I am seeking your recommendations for an airbrush compressor please. Returning to proper hobby modelmaking after a 22 year break, my old compressor is nasty. I'm looking for a compressor with a tank, regulator & moisture trap that runs silently/quietly. I have an unused Iwata airbrush to connect. Terry (Caravellarella)
  6. *Exceptional* Terry (Caravellarella)
  7. *Gorgeous* Terry (Caravellarella)
  8. Hello, I'll be there. It's right by my office. Terry (Caravellarella)
  9. I want to make one of these, but not with all that stuff inside & not with all those rivets. Terry (Caravellarella)
  10. Dear Boys & Girls, any of you lovely people planning to attend this show next Saturday? Terry (Caravellarella)
  11. YASSSS QWEEN, I'll be there assuming my French former colleagues can bring their kits/display/products though a brexity-UK border. Otherwise I'll be in the kitswap looking for kits that never appear there. Terry (Caravellarella)
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